tagLoving WivesAnother Night in Her Service

Another Night in Her Service


"Come here", I heard her call from the bathroom. She was getting ready for another night with him. I knew already what she would be wanting before I got there, so I dutifully got onto my knees and crawled down the hallway towards her.

She was standing at the basin doing her hair. Her g string hid a small stripe on her backside but the rest of her was on full view. Jesus, she was amazing to look at. Slim and tan, with amazing curves to the side and front and back. My wife was gorgeous. "Help me get my bra on", she ordered. I picked up the black lace lingerie piece draped over the bath and with shaking hands, helped her complete her underwear. Sometimes when I'm held in chastity for too long, my hands shake uncontrollably. She laughed.

"Ben and I will be late tonight. Make sure everything is clean. I've left you a present in the laundry hamper". Lately she had become more adventurous with her torture of me. As our relationship and the power dynamics therein deepened, she became more comfortable sharing the less glamourous side of herself with me. She finished doing her makeup in silence, disregarding me for the rest of the time; slipped her short black dress on, and left the house.

In the laundry hamper was a pair of her soiled panties. She had clearly been excited about tonight as there was significant residue on them. She expected me to clean the soiling; they were still warm as she had worn them today, including on her run earlier. I bought them to my face an inhaled her scent. With shaking hands, I licked the stains until they were clean, tasting her anticipation for tonight's events. Then I scurried around the house making sure it was spotless for when they returned home.

At some point after 11pm, I heard the key in the door. Ben and my wife stumbled through the front door, a little bit drunk. I knelt near the shoe rack in the entry hall in silence. Ben slipped my wife's high heels off and handed them to me, followed by his own shoes. I put them away as they walked giggling hand-in-hand to the bedroom. Neither acknowledged me more than that.

As more recently they had enjoyed my presence in the bedroom when they went at it, I crawled through to the sounds of them making out and my wife moaning. I was greeted with the scene of her already having taken her dress off, taken down Ben's pants and started kissing down his chest towards his massive member.

Ben was spread-eagled on the bed with my wife on her knees and her glorious arse in the air. As she encountered Ben's dick and eagerly placed it into her mouth, she wiggled out of her g string. I had been involved in their antics enough now to know what she wanted. She peered round at me with disinterest, dark hair in a tangle over her face now, and worked on Ben's cock. I approached her from behind.

Given the dancing and the excitement she had been engaged in earlier, her pussy and arsehole were slick with a mixture of sweat and her secretions already. I could smell the dank odour of her arsehole and the stale sweat of her excited pussy. Fuck it was amazing. She moaned as I placed my mouth over her and began to tongue her brown rosebud.

I have always enjoyed the taste of my wife's arsehole, even when it was less than clean as in tonight. But the humiliation of cleaning her holes for another man whilst she pleasured them was another element. I think she also got off on the fact that she had her whimpering loser of a husband tending to her behind- the power of having another human stoop to such a low level in service of her.

She had previously told me that I served no more purpose to her than a piece of toilet paper. Long ago, she had grown tired of my ill-fated attempts to satisfy her, and gradually over the years I had been reduced to her slave. As part of my submission, I needed her and her dominance over me to feel at all useful to society. I fed off the humiliation, and she either fed off the power it gave her, or tolerated my presence so long as I served my purpose. There was only the occasional show of affection now, like that of a master to its puppy.

My chin grew more soaked with her juice as I lapped away. Ben's breathing quickened and he moaned, filling her mouth with his cum. My wife continued polishing his cock while I slid down to give attention to her overflowing pussy. As she enjoyed giving Ben blowjobs, she didn't need long. After several minutes, she came with muffled screams and jerked her arse to and fro against my face. She collapsed onto her side as Ben, satisfied, made room for her on the bed. She motioned lazily with her hand for me to come to the bedside table.

For a second I thought she was going to kiss me as she brought her face close to mine. Instead she spat Ben's load over my face and laughed at my complete degradation. Ben chuckled at his girlfriend's cruelty. I could taste his cum as it trickled down into my mouth. "I want you to leave it there", she whispered, with almost disdain for me at the depths to which I was willing to dive for her. She turned from me and snuggled into Ben's chest, the latter now breathing heavily as sleep approached. I crawled to my bed, a small dog's bed in the corner of the room, and listened to the sound of my wife and her lover slowly fall into a deep slumber.

At some point in the night my wife got out of her bed and kicked me awake gently. She was naked now, her bra somewhere under the sheets. She stood over me with an expectant look on her face and motioned impatiently to her pussy. I got up onto my knees and placed my mouth obediently onto her vagina, attempting to make a seal. Ben's cum was dried on my face, and I could see, with some humiliation that my wife noted this and was smirking trying not to laugh. She then began to piss into my mouth.

Becoming her toilet had been a difficult phase in my break down, and as I swallowed the acrid, salty fluid, and tasted her bodily waste, I recalled the first time she had made me her urinal. This was some time ago, and during a particularly cruel phase in her escalation to dominance when she did not have a regular lover. She was menstruating at the time and called me in to the bathroom where I saw her sitting on the toilet having removed her tampon. She instructed me curtly to lick her pussy, which I hesitated to do. I was chastened with one sharp look from her and approached her soiled, bloody lips.

As I tasted the steely, earthy fluid, my wife relaxed back. Her pussy become slicker and I could tell she enjoyed it. Again, the total depravity of it had me shaking with arousal and I eagerly lapped her juices. After she had loudly orgasmed, I continued cleaning her. Then for the first time, she pissed in my mouth. I struggled to keep up with the rush of fluid, but knew she wanted me to swallow it. She had her hand on my head and was keeping pressure on to make sure I didn't pull away. The taste I wasn't used to, but the new humiliation made it possible to swallow what I could. After she had finished, and I had licked her clean, she patted me on the head. "Good boy".

My wife similarly finished and patted me on the head silently, turning around to go back to bed. I swallowed the last of her piss and went back to the dog bed. Ben stirred, and they shuffled in bed, and started stroking each other. Soon the noises became that of their sex, with the slick juicy pumping away of his cock inside her willing pussy. Shortly thereafter, they both screamed in ecstasy and fell silent. I awaited a signal to come and clean but none came. Almost with disappointment in my exclusion, I fell asleep. Maybe I was just a toilet to my wife now.

Morning came and I was again awoken with a kick to the bed. This time Ben stood towering above me, his member angled down towards me. It was coated with my wife's dried ecstasy and a pang of deep-seated jealousy struck me. I got up onto my knees and with a feeling of dread, placed his cock into my mouth. I could taste the stale remnants of their sex, and there was a residual sliminess to his member that made it unpleasant. I softly sucked it to clean it, and felt the gush of his morning piss hit the back of my throat. I could smell their pleasure and sweat on his trimmed pubic hairs, and then the acrid smell of his piss overpowered all else. He finished up and then slid himself out of my mouth. He grabbed my hair painfully and directed me towards the bed where my wife still slept.

He roughly pushed towards where the sheets had slipped way and revealed my wife's glistening pussy and arsehole as she slept on her side with her knees pulled up. I could see the mess he had left during the night, and could smell the odour of it as it had stewed through her slumber in her moist hole. Though it would ordinarily have been offputting, the smell of old sex and secretion, my arousal and the eagerness to wash away the taste of Ben's piss helped guide my mouth to her warm behind once again.

My wife stirred as my tongue met her soiled pussy. Ben's cum and her slime made for a strong combination, but I dutifully lapped away at the mess. The taste was unpleasant and I felt that strong sense of degradation, but also the strange comfort in knowing it was for my wife's pleasure. She slowly awoke and moaned with satisfaction, realizing what was happening behind her. She relaxed, and allowed me better access to her creampied pussy from behind. Eventually, she came again and a small gush of fluid came flowing forth into my mouth. Ben had returned to bed and was kissing her and stroking her shapely breasts. I backed away, letting them continue their ministrations.

With the taste of cum and piss in my mouth, dried cum on my face, and a deep sense of shame and humiliation, I went downstairs to prepare my mistress and her lover their breakfast.

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by Anonymous

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by ToddHoffman08/14/17

Very Hot!

Shorter story, but packed with action. Please post more!

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by Anonymous08/11/17

so lovely to keep her clean

Cleaning her lovers cork is the best offering I can give my wife. It's so nice to keep her fresh for her lover

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by Anonymous08/10/17

Triggered idiots

Such idiots comment in here

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Wrong category

I am pretty sure this is fetish category not Loving Wifes !
in the future please post there.

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by Anonymous08/08/17

A Deliberate

Attempt to offend. Wrong category. You failed to get a reaction from me other than to say that I found the story worthy of one star. I would vote zero, or negative if I could.

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