tagLoving WivesAnother Night Out for Barbara

Another Night Out for Barbara


I smiled at Frank and he pushed the door closed. He took my wet body into his arms and pulled me to him. His cock was hard; it pressed against my belly. His fingers found their way into my now wet pussy.

I moaned as his skilled hands brought me quickly to a place of pleasure. "I want you more than I can express," he whispered in my ear as his other hand squeezed my hard breast. I could feel his hard cock pushing against the material of his jeans.

"I want to take you now!" he demanded in harsh whispers.

"The kids are up, they may come in!" I scolded him.

"Damn!" he cried then pinched my clit to remind me of the delights from last night. He knelt on the tiled floor and spread my lips. I stood there my legs open to allow him entrance to my garden. When his hot tongue touched my clitoris fire rushed down my legs.

I placed my hands on his shoulders for support as his tongue played on the head of my erogenous zone. My knees became weak and my weight fell onto him.

"You want this, don't you!" he whispered.

"Yes! Please give it to me!" I sighed.

"Mommy! Mommy!" the kids cried outside the door.

"I'm coming babies, just one minute. Go see daddy and I'll be there," I managed to say in a normal voice while trying to pull my pussy away from Frank's mouth and not wanting to at the same time.

I pushed him off of me promising that he could have me when I put them down for their nap. "I need to go feed my children now," I said as I gathered my wobbly legs under me so that I could attempt to walk out.

He allowed me to leave, but slapped my butt playfully as I walked out.

"Uncle Frank, Uncle Frank," the kids cried as he came out of the room. They jumped on him and he took one on his shoulders and the other in his arms.

I kissed Richard hard on the mouth and then slid my hand between the waistband on his shorts and his belly. I found his cock. It was hard. I'm sure he had been imagining what was going on in the bathroom.

"I'm going to suck your prick dry tonight," I whispered in his ear, while running my index finger over the opening at the tip of his hard dick. I felt precum and gathered it on my finger. Pulling my hand out of his pants I stuck my finger into my mouth.

"Mmmmm, you taste delicious!" I said licking my lips. Then I kissed him once again ramming my tongue down his throat.

Looking around, Richard ran his hand under my robe and found the wetness that Frank had caused. He placed his fingers there and swirled them around in the thick excretions there. He then stuck them into his mouth. "I love your taste!" he whispered.

Pulling open the top of my robe he sucked in a nipple and bit the tip. I took a deep breath to keep from crying out in pleasurable pain. More juices filled my pussy.

Frank and the kids came running into the kitchen and I turned to the stove. I mixed the oatmeal for the kids and cracked some eggs into the pan for Richard and Frank.

"Damn, I wish I didn't have to go to work today," Richard said watching Frank and the kids playing.

"Call in sick," I suggested.

"I can't have that big board meeting this afternoon," he protested.

After breakfast, I followed Richard into our bedroom. As he took off his T-shirt and shorts, I kneeled before him and took his cock into my mouth. I licked its head and sucked hard on the shaft. My fingers found his heavy balls and I gently rolled them around in my hand.

His hands squeezed my head, his fingers wrapping themselves in my hair. He slid my head back and forth on the shaft forcing me to take all of his length down into my throat. I gagged at first, but soon enjoyed his head slipping there.

Richard was so aroused that it didn't take long for his hot seed to explode in my mouth filling it to capacity.

"Auggggg! He cried as the release assaulted his body giving him so much pleasure that his legs gave out and his weight fell on me.

Catching his breath he said, "Thank you Barbara, I really needed that. I get so hot knowing you're doing things like that to Frank. I have masturbated two or three times a day just thinking of you with him," he confided in me.

"Oh, that makes me hot, just knowing that you're masturbating. Can I watch you do it?" I asked.

"Now?" he asked.

I smiled and shook my head up and down.

"I can't do it now, I just came!" he whispered harshly.

I looked at him with a pout on my face.

"I promise to do it when I get home this evening. By then I'll need the release because I will have thought about all that you and Frank will have done while I was working," he whispered.

I licked my fingers and ran them into my pussy. "That makes me so hot!" I smiled and rubbed my clit with the other hand.

Richard kneeled in front of me and he pushed my hand away. His tongue found my hard clit and her ran it around the head sucking her into this mouth and nibbling on her.

"OH BABY!" I whispered so the kids and Frank couldn't hear. My heart raced and my legs were weak. I placed my hands on his head for support. His tongue darted all over my stiff clit and his fingers fucked my pussy good. Then all of the sudden, he pushed away from me.

"I need to get to work. I am going to be horny all day long. This is the sexiest, best morning I have enjoyed in a long while. I like Frank being here!" he smiled, pulled on his suit and kissed me good-bye.

I walked him to the door. "Kids, daddy's going to work!" I called.

They came running. "Bye Daddy, we'll be good all day!" they promised him because they knew that if they were, he would bring them a treat.

Richard took them in his arms and kissed them, then told them that he loved them. He kissed me once again then walked out.

Once he was gone, the kids ran back to Frank. He picked the up and rolled around on the floor with them. I went and cleaned the kitchen while they played. I could feel Frank's eyes on me from time to time.

I knew he wanted me and I had this gnawing want in the pit of my stomach as well. I couldn't wait until naptime.

After I had the dishwasher on, I went to place some clothes in the washer. I heard Frank say, "Let's play hid and go seek. You guys hide and I'll come find you!"

I heard the kids screaming and running for a place to hide while Frank counted to one hundred. His voice was coming close. I turned and he was walking into the laundry room. He reached for me and opened the front of my robe. His lips encompassed my nipple and he sucked it in his mouth. His hand fell to my pussy, fingers separated my lips and stroked in and out of my hot box.

My knees went weak and I had to hold onto him for support. All the while he was counting. "Seventy-one, (finger into wet pussy) seventy-two (finger across clit) and so on, I didn't know if I could make it to one-hundred without falling on my knees.

"One hundred!" he cried, "ready or not, here I come!" He kissed me and went looking for the children.

They played while I cleaned house so the day went by smoothly for me and naptime seemed to just come. It was nice not having them begging me for this and that while I was trying to get the house in order.

While I put them down for their nap, Frank said he was going to call an old friend that lived in the area. When I walked out of the kid's room, he was still on the phone. "Great I can't wait for you to meet her; I know you are going to like her," I heard him say.

He hung up the phone and motioned for me to sit with him.

"You were great with the kids today, Frank, thank you for entraining them while I did my chores, it made the day so much easier," I said and kissed him hard on his mouth, my tongue going for his throat while juices filled my pussy.

"Now it's your turn to play!" he said and threw me back onto the couch, while pulling his belt out of his pants and releasing his cock.

He spread my legs and his mouth covered my cunt. His tongue slipped into my luscious sugarwalls and he licked deep in me. I closed my eyes and my hands went to the top of his head, forcing him deeper into my coochie. "Oh god, you do that sooooo good. Suck my clit!" I cried as I pushed my hips toward his mouth.

I don't know how long Frank licked sucked and fingered my pussy. I let him take me there on the couch, my legs splayed wide open with no regard to the rest of the world. My hands played with my nipples and squeezed my full breasts. I forgot about my children in the other room, I forgot about the clothes in the washer. I just sucked in his attention like a sponge. I wanted his cock!

I finally found the strength to push his head off of my pussy and reached for his jeans. I unzipped them and tore them off him. I pushed him back on the couch and then straddled him. His pole standing at attention waiting for my moist pussy to consume it.

I knelled over him and positioned his cock head at my opening. I lowered myself over his shaft and when I felt it break through, I was able to release my breath.

His hands supported me and helped me push my body up and down on his manhood. "Oh YES!" I sighed as his stiffness broke through. Using my legs I slid up and down on him. His hands on my waist and tits supported me as I rose above him then came down on his pubic area.

I was so horny. I wanted to spend the rest of the day just enjoying his cock. I felt his fingers as they found my clitoris; he pinched her and hot lava filled my cavity. Then he flipped me over and rammed his shaft deep into me. Fast and hard he pumped me and I could barely hold on. He plummeted me with is dick and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out.

When he finally shot his wad there was so much and it was so thick that it dripped out of me like molasses. "You need to save that for Richard when he gets home," he instructed me.

I bent over his staff and started licking his salty head. Up and down my lips and tongue explored his cock and the tastes of his skin and sperm. Like a thirsty dog I lapped at his seed.

"Mommy!" came the cry of my children as they awoke. Frank was licking my clit and I had to push him off and tend my kids. He was not happy.

I fixed lunch and everyone sat around the table playing and laughing. I kept running my hand between my legs. The want there was so demanding. After the kids ate, Frank and I took them to the park to play. The day was beautiful and we had fun watching them run and swing in the sun.

Returning home, I started dinner while Frank bathed them. When Richard arrived, I met him at the door and drug him into the bedroom. Frank and the kids were still doing bath time.

"Come here you! I have a warm appetizer for you before dinner!" Ripping off his shirt the minute I closed the door, Richard pulled my skirt up. His cock was standing out like a pole.

"Did he fuck you today?" he asked excited.

"Yes, while the kids took their nap. But it wasn’t' enough. I need more. Now LICK ME!" I related and demanded.

"Yes, Ma'am, Mmmm" he said as he spread my legs wide. He slipped his finger under my panties to feel the stickiness there and then he popped it into this mouth. Instead of tearing them off, his tongue licked at the outside of my panties and my clit stood tall to reach his mouth.

"Come on Richard, I want you so bad!" I cried out and tried to push my panties off my butt. He refused me that.

"Slow down, I want this to be good for both of us!" he directed.

"But the kids and Frank! Hurry!" I begged.

"No, I want to enjoy this," he said. Then he rolled off the bed, left the room, then returned.

"What did you do, what is more important than cleaning my pussy?" I inquired upon his return.

"I turned off the stove so that we will all survive the time it is going to take me to lick you clean and you to suck me off afterwards," he smiled.

His tongue went back to the wet spot his tongue had marked before his little trip to the kitchen. Again, without taking them off the point of is tongue slowly licked my hard clit through the thin fabric. A shiver ran up my spine.

His finger ran around the elastic of the leg and wormed its way to the tacky cum in my cunt. Richard ran that finger in and out of my wetness and then pulled it out and tasted Frank's seed.

"Mmmmm, he sure tastes good mixed with you," he whispered. "I want that good stuff. I want to smell it, feel it and taste it. And I want to take my time doing it. Just relax!" he told me.

I closed my eyes and lay my head back onto the pillows. Richard's hands, tongue and fingers continued to explore my hungry clit and tacky pussy on the outside of my panties.

When he would place his fingers inside and explore my cunt I would shove my hips high and engulf his digits. Up and down I would gyrate until he pulled away. "No, not yet!" he would whisper in my ear.

"Please, I want you so much, Richard!" I cried reaching for him.

He ran his fingers around the band at my waist and I was sure he was finally going to pull them off of me. I lifted my hips off of the bed to help him pull them off. He pressed on my pelvic bone and pushed me back to the bed.

"You're frustrating me!" I cried.

"Slow is best!" Richard whispered and blew onto the wet fabric. Then his tongue once again came in close contact with my throbbing clit.

My nipples were becoming hard and I reached up to squeeze them and fondle my heavy mammary.

Lightly Richard licked and fingered my panty covered pubic area. He would blow gently on the silly material and my clit would react, my pussy would spew more juices. My nipples grew harder.

I placed my hands on either side of his head and held it tightly over my pussy. "Lick that pussy NOW, RICHARD!" I begged quietly, as I tried to force him to take me into his mouth.

His tongue flicked out and ran across the head of my clitoris with the fabric between the two.

I reached down to pull off the panties and his hands held fast to the elastic band preventing me from pulling them off.

Finally, his fingers ran under the elastic around the inner part of my thighs. He lightly rubbed my clit then he pulled he patch of fabric to the side and his tongue licked at the sticky cum that had settled at the opening of my orifice.

"Ohhhhhhh," he sighed deeply, "you taste so good!" I felt his cock as it reached for my leg.

"Then eat me!" I pleaded.

Richard pulled the fabric to the side, opened his mouth, licked his lips, and dove into my smooth shaven muff. Tongue out like a serpent he struck the electric clit and the power flowed through my limbs. My body shook with the pleasure of his tongue coming in contact with my little prick.

Then his serpent tongue snaked around and down the slit that ran there with the buried treasure deep in the cavern between my legs. My body shook as if the electric wire was connected to my clit. I had never experienced so much pleasure from Richard. I imagined it must be the presence of Frank that gave him these new aggressive tendencies. I was still in control; he was just testing the waters. I sort of liked this.

Once started he lapped at my cunt like there was no end to the treats there. He smashed his nose on my clit, which gave her some pleasures, and his tongue squirmed all around the terrain of my womanhood. Each new avenue brought him more treats and me more pleasure.

We heard laughter in the hall and knew the kids and Frank were lose in the house. Richard's head shot up like he had been goosed. He shot off the bed and closed the door so that we could dress.

Casually, I walked out in a pair of slacks and T-shirt followed by Richard with his jeans and also a T-shirt.

"Well, what's for dinner tonight," Frank asked with a smile on his face.

"The roast is nearly finished and the potatoes just need to be mashed. So it'll just be a few minutes I assured everyone.

After dinner, Frank cleaned the dishes while Richard and I played with the kids before bedtime. We all sat together and watched a kid's movie until they had drifted off to dream land.

Richard and Frank took showers while I tucked them into bed. I read them a bedtime story and kissed them good night lowering the brightness of the nightlight.

I tiptoed out of the room and Frank grabbed me. "I am ready to take you and make you cry out for more!" he whispered in my ear from behind me.

I turned and said, "I think I want a threesome tonight; let's invite Richard to join us so he can see how my face beams as you fuck me with your wonderful dick!" I said excitedly.

"Mmmm, that sounds good. He must be out of the shower by now," he agreed.

I went to our bedroom and Richard was lying on the bed stroking his cock. I quietly walked up to him and on the down stroke; I placed my wet lips on the head of his cock.

His head came up in surprise. "I want you to come join Frank and I tonight, baby," I smiled and led the way out.

Frank had discarded his rob and lay on the bed stroking his cock. Must have been an epidemic that night.

My hand went to my pussy she started juicing when I saw the size of his dick that I liked so much.

Frank motioned for me to lie beside him. I took my robe off and lay facing him. He kissed me then turned me away from him, spoons like. I felt his finger in my ass then he placed two fingers in my cunt.
"Mmmmm, good!" I sighed. I felt his lips on the back of my neck. His leg divided mine. He pushed the top leg high above me then scooted closer to me. I felt the pressure as he pushed his cock head into my now wet pussy.

"Oh, I really like your pussy, baby," he sighed as he pushed his large cock deeper into my cunt.

We saw Richard loitering at the door. "Come join us man; you can lick her tits and clit while I fuck her pretty cunt," Frank urged him.

Richard came into the room his cock was poking his jeans. "That must hurt, honey, come take those tight jeans off and make me feel good," I encouraged him.

Like a robot, Richard undid his zipper and mechanically, pulled them off his body. He climbed onto the bed with a glazed look in his eyes. He licked his lips as he lay before me.

Frank had a hand over my body and was pinching my nipples as he slowly fucked my pussy from behind. Richard licked his lips as he lay in front of me.

"They're all yours Richard, make those tits happy, my man!" Frank encouraged him. I held one in my hand and invited him to suck my nipple.

Richard licked at the hard point of my tit then sucked it into his mouth. His cock still stood up and as he sucked it bounced up and down. After he had sucked each breast sufficiently, he scooted down to find some flavor in my clit.

As his tongue touched my excited female dick, a shock ran through me and my legs twitched. He sucked her into his mouth and licked up and down on the head. I was moaning from the pleasure both men were providing.

Frank was fucking me really good. I wanted to share this with Richard so I told him, "Richard, I want you to do a sixty-nine so you can lick me and massage Frank's balls at the same time. I'll make you glad that you did," I said as I licked my lips. His cock responded.

He turned his head to the foot of the bed and brought his mouth even with my cunt and Frank's cock. "I want you to lick me then lick Frank," I instructed him. "You know what to do!"

As Frank fucked me, Richard licked him and me. Each time Franks cock would show its head, Richard covered that acorn with his tongue and tasted my juices and the precum on his cock. Then he licked my clit and sucked her tiny head.

Seeing Richard's bouncing cock in front of my face was too tempting. I opened my mouth and sucked it in. He froze when he felt me pull him into me. Quickly, though, he regained his wits and I heard him moan with pleasure as he twirled his tongue around my clit and then swallowed Frank's acorn head.

The three of us were stimulating one another. I tasted his precum. The bitter salty taste made me wet. I moaned and sucked harder. I longed to swallow Richard's cum. I hadn't done so in a long while. Even before Frank came into the picture.

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