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Another Pizza Delivery Story



Harry sat in his van thinking of the two stories he had read online before coming to work that day. It was odd because both stories he read were about pizza delivery boys, persons, or whatever was politically correct at the time... men in his case he guessed. Of course what made it odd was that Harry was a pizza delivery man so in all likelihood he was stuck in the middle of a pizza delivery story too, making that the third of his day.

On occasion he imagined himself working as a pizza delivery man after burning out as a CEO of some multimillion dollar company where he was never happy and somehow found happiness just delivering pizza. Harry didn't like thinking like that, things just don't work that way. Well, you aren't going to see Donald Trump delivering pizza to this neighborhood, Harry had it covered instead.

He did enjoy his job, or at least the delivery part of his job. Seeing those hungry, often stoned people just sitting and waiting for him to arrive was great. And then to hear the comments: "Sure smells good," "Wow, it's still hot," and "Oh boy pepperoni (or sausage, or cheese or, etc, etc) I love pepperoni."

Tip or no tip Harry always walked back to his van smiling and ready to deliver another pizza. One day he might tell you it was the people that made him the happiest, other times he'd say it was the aroma of the pizza that permeated his van, or maybe it was just the warmth created by the little heating boxes that plugged into the cigarette lighter. He did seem especially happy on cold, cold evenings.

Harry especially enjoyed the nights when Kristy and John worked making the pizzas. They would always slice each pizza so there was a very thin slice which Harry could slip out of the pizza disc and then press the remaining pieces together. The pizza wasn't a perfect circle, but who really noticed those things.

On a good night he might save enough of the small slivers to take the equivalent of an entire pizza home to share with his wife. Even with the free pizza, his wife wasn't happy. Something inside her just didn't seem complete. Last night she even said a man from GE called, something about wanting him to come back to work there.

What Harry didn't like about his job was his boss, which is why he often sat in his van just outside the pizza kitchen before coming into work. It was just yesterday his boss got onto him for coming in late.

"But I was right outside in the van waiting for a pizza to deliver."

"But you have to come and sign in. Besides, how did you know we didn't have a pizza ready to deliver?"

"Steve, Kati, Kristy or John would wave at me if they did."

"Well, you waited out there an hour before coming in today, so I'm docking you an hour."

Harry wanted to say, "Fuck you Ed," but Kati was standing right there, so he simply said "Eff you Ed," saying only the first letter of fuck so not to cuss in front of Kati.

Ed understood what he meant because he replied, "You know if I could find anyone else who wanted to do your job I would Harry. Just no one wants it."

That was all yesterday afternoon, today he just sat in his truck waiting for Steve, Kati, Kristy or John to wave at him telling him there was a pizza. In the meantime he could thing about the two pizza delivery stories he read. While he remembered the stories the phrase Operating Practices in Contract Administration kept popping into his head, throbbing there on his mind like a headache or something.

He then looked into the pizza kitchen window and saw Ed waving for him. Ed never waved for him when a pizza was ready, it must be something else. Harry suddenly remembered it was Tom Sutherland from GE that called for him, that's what his wife told him the night before.

Ready to go to work now, he reached into coat pocket and pulled out the revolver. Snapping it open, he spun it like he had seen detectives on TV do it. He then snapped the gun closed, checked to make sure the safety was off and he walked into work.

The newspaper headlines finished Harry's pizza delivery story: "Four Dead in Pizza Delivery Kitchen."


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