tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAnother Ride At Night

Another Ride At Night


Several summers ago, during one of those rare hot August nights in Minnesota, I enjoyed a late night ride with my naked wife. It was almost midnight, and we were both hot and sticky after sex so we went out to sit on the back steps for a little while and cool off. She was wearing a light cotton robe, and I had on a pair of shorts.

Although we'd already had sex it wasn't long before I'd taken off Sam's nightgown and she was sitting beside me naked. I suggested that we go for a little ride to help us cool off, and when she said ok I quickly grabbed the car keys and headed for the garage.

She was still sitting on the steps naked when I backed the car out of the garage, and when I opened the door for her she looked at her nightgown laying on the steps and looked over at me. I told her to leave it, that I wanted her naked, and she quietly got in the front seat beside me.

Most of the time when she's been riding around nude we've been in my truck so she's sitting up above most of the other traffic. But this time we had the car so she would be more visible. The car doesn't have A/C so we had the windows down to get a breeze. I backed out of the drive way and drove through our neighborhood without meeting anyone. Once we were away from home Sam seemed to relax a bit more and leaned back into the seats while the wind cooled her naked body.

We hadn't gone very far when we met our first car, this caused her to tense up a bit, but after a few more cars passed, and no one saw that she was naked she relaxed once again.

By now we were a few miles from home, and faced with turning around and going home, heading into downtown, or heading off into one of the other suburbs of the city. Sam didn't want to go into the city, and I didn't want to go home, so I turned onto a road that would take us farther from home. We'd driven for about 20 minutes and everything seemed to be going well. Sam had cooled off enough that her nipples had gotten hard, and she even rolled her window up part way.

After a few more minutes we came up to an intersection with a stoplight that was red. I happened to be in the left lane, and before the light changed someone pulled up to stop alongside of us in the other lane, on Sam's side of the car. She slide down in the seat a bit, but since she's short, only 5ft tall, she was already covered by the side of the door and they didn't see her. She let out a sigh of relief when the light changed and the car drove off.

By then we were far enough away from home that I had to either get on the belt line freeway or head completely out of town. There was a bit more traffic on the freeway, and in the north country a lot of people have 4 wheel drive vehicles that sit up quite high. It wasn't long before one of them would finally see that a naked woman was in the car alongside of them. As usual I drove in the left lane, staying just a little below the speed limit. After a dozen or so vehicles had passed by one of them looked into the car and saw Sam.

The driver had looked rather tired until he looked into our car, but his eyes opened wide when he saw Sam. He quickly looked over at his wife, but she hadn't noticed so he kept on peeking at Sam as I drove along side him for awhile.

We soon passed a well lit intersection which gave him a good look into our car. Sam had been ignoring him, while knowing he was looking at her, but when I asked she waved at him and we slowed down. He couldn't slow down like we did or his wife might wonder what was going on so he kept going down the road.

By now we were almost 45 minutes from home so I took an exit that would head us toward home. At the same time I also noticed that we didn't have enough gas to get home so I started to look for a gas station. When I pulled into the station there were a couple of other cars there so Sam quickly grabbed the blanket from the back seat and covered herself.

When I got out of the car she told me to get the restroom key because she really had to go. I finished putting in the gas, and paid the attendant who was sitting in a small booth between the pumps. He gave me the key for the ladies restroom, which was in another building near the side of the property.

I got into the car and handed Sam the key. She looked over at me and asked if I wasn't at least going to drive closer to the bathroom. I knew that she was willing to make a run for it naked, but had hoped that it wouldn't be quite so far. Since there weren't any other cars around, and no traffic going by, I dared her to go for it.

She quickly threw off the blanket and jumped out of the car to run across the pavement. The attendant was treated to a quick flash of her getting out of the car and then a few long seconds of her naked backside as she ran over to the rest room door. I think it took her longer to open the door than it did to run over to it, but it was a nice view of her naked ass.

I told the attendant that I hoped he didn't mind, but she'd left her clothes at home. I could already tell by the grin on his face that he didn't mind at all, in fact that he had enjoyed it. He just waved and kept on grinning at me, and watching the bathroom door. About that time another car drove in and started to pump some gas. His back was toward the rest rooms, so he wouldn't see Sam when she came back out.

She soon peeked out the around the door, and after she'd checked everything out she calmly walked back toward the car knowing that both I and the attendant were watching every step. I motioned for her to give the key back, so she walked over and tossed it through the security slot. Just as she was getting in the car the other man turned around and noticed her. Too bad for him, as he'd missed the sight of a naked women strolling across the pavement with the restroom key in her hand.

She quickly hopped into the car and asked me if I was satisfied with her performance. I told her that I was not only satisfied, but that she'd also made this a night to remember for the attendant. I kept on complimenting her on her boldness, and her great she looked.

She was wonderful to show herself off as she'd done. I asked her if she was happy with her performance and she finally said that she was a bit turned on by it all, knowing that she was totally naked in a public place like that, but still in a very controlled situation. I asked it we could try something like this again sometime?

She agreed that it might be fun to do again some night when it's late and not too many people are around.

Ahhh yes, if you are familiar with St. Paul, Minnesota the gas station doesn't exist any more, but has been replaced with a new station/store just south of Hwy 94 on Snelling avenune.

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