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Another Step in the Water


(This story is not quite at the level of reporting most are, though it is far removed from being imagined.)


Closing the door to the upstairs bathroom, my wife had already undressed and adjusted the water to her taste, grinning, since she knew it was far too hot for me. She stepped inside the shower while I undressed, not having actually planned to share the shower with her right now, though I wasn't about to turn down her invitation.

She removed the detachable showerhead from its holder, directing its pulsating stream over her body. She likes really hot water, though the temperature she prefers is just a bit much for me to handle. As she began to run the water over her body, I could see how the stream would linger when it was between her legs, tending to land there more often than anywhere else.

Naked, I moved to just outside the shower, one small enough to require care when using shampoo, as she was doing right now. Generally, she prefers being by herself, though watching her get off to the nozzle is a more than occasional treat. She leaves the shower door open, resulting in a bit of splashing, especially when she is finding just the right angle, resulting in her caring about nothing else in the world but the sensations originating between her legs, her expression reflecting her animal bliss.

Completely understandably, much as I ignore the sprayed water when stroking my hard cock while watching. I have tried to take pictures over the years, but the camera lens is much less tolerant to splashing, resulting in generally blurred images. Though the photographer is more than occasionally part of the problem, losing his own focus in the wetness so clearly on display.

Finished wringing her long hair out, she invited me in, shifting a bit as I entered, forcing my naked skin to slide against her wet body. She closed the door, my hands feeling her luscious ass, rising slowly to her breasts. A stream of water began to hit my swelling cock as her other hand began to play with my balls. After all, she isn't the only one to enjoy getting off in the shower.

I moved to the back, quickly washing my hair, getting used to the hot water. Wiping my eyes after rinsing the shampoo out, she began soaping me while I watched her tits bob and jiggle as her hand moved over my body, lingering over my nipples. The water jet was hitting my horny cock again, and I felt her tongue begin to slide along my neck.

Leaning back against the tiles, I heard her say 'you liked that, didn't you?,' her body rubbing along mine, using the soap's slipperiness to glide her erect nipples against my chest. She held the showerhead between our thighs, the jet directed upwards, slowly sliding it backwards along my balls. Her mouth was covering my ear when her hand began to touch my well nestled cock, causing me to quiver in temptation and desire. She again said 'you liked that, didn't you?' and before I could even begin to reply, she let the pulsating hot water stream play over my asshole.

What really turns me on when she does that is the water's heat, just on the edge of what I can take, but once it starts, the desire to indulge is irresistible. I began to move against her, and she matched the rhythm, letting the stream play back and forth. She began to bite my neck gently, growing harder as I responded, my erect cock pressing against her bare skin.

The words 'can't stop moaning, can you?' slowly resolved in my mind, bringing back a bit of detached awareness. Bending my head, my tongue reached the top of her wetly exposed earlobe, I replied 'it's a weakness .. you know that.' Prompting her to center the jet on my ass, proving the point as I surrendered to the sensations.

When she shifted the water towards her pussy, it allowed me to return to the topic, saying something along the lines of my not moaning all the time, at least in public. This is not completely true, as during a visit to a Jugendstil sauna where she had to keep hushing me, though that was about the only exception I knew of. At least when viewed through a proper filter of how 'public' is defined - at a bathhouse, I can rarely stop from moaning in front of other men when enjoying male to male sex, though there, I'm pretty sure it isn't really a problem.

'You moaned .. just .. last week' was her slightly disjointed reply, the water stream affecting her in its familiar fashion, her hips beginning to move in a certain rhythm, one we both know leads to her cumming, her pussy spread and pulsing as the water keeps her button pushed, sprays of water flashing as the angles change, her eyes closed and mouth slack, totally turned on.


'Yeah, every time I .. I touched .. your .. your .. cock.' The pulsating water was clearly making it harder for her to think, leading me to reach for the soapbar to begin soaping her sexy ass cheeks, not so subtly letting my fingers play between them. My wife loves having her asshole fingered when she is turned on, though she generally denies any interest in such 'dirty' things.

'Really? I didn't know.'

'You were .. were drunk .. and .. and horny.'

'You're horny now, aren't you?'

Her own gasps were a sufficient answer to my query, along with the unmistakable shuddering of her orgasming, her quivering making my cock feel so good as my finger circled her sensitive anal ring, feeling its pulsing invitation, slipping inside as she began to sag a bit against my thoroughly available finger. She became utterly captivated by the pleasure of her ass being finger fucked, letting herself seek it now that she was so turned on, another familiar game for both of us.

Unlike her toy, the jetting water creates a shallower orgasm, one whose intensity and duration is considerably less. On the other hand, the water stream is much more available, and ever since she discovered its addictive properties, easier to enjoy. For some reason known only to herself (I, for one, don't understand this in least), she only plays with her toy when asked to.

Using our showerhead this way is the first truly independent style of masturbation my wife discovered, and it took her at least 6 months to confess she was enjoying herself this way. She finds this subject much more private than her various experiences with other men, which she generally shares the first chance she gets. Jealousy is not really part of my make-up, especially considering how horny I get listening to her talk about her sexual experiences with other men.

Like with a married pair across the street, starting years ago when she came home drunk and horny one night, Having woken me up to fuck in her particularly irresistible drunken way, she talked about how close she had come to a threesome, until Robert had to deal with the effects of drinking far too much red wine. Effects specifically brought on in large part by eating a bar of dark chocolate, after having spent at least a quarter hour kissing and feeling up my wife in front of his own, her legs happily spread as he played with her wet pussy, his wife on the other side of the sofa. This was then followed by excusing himself for the evening as he headed quickly for the bathroom.

My wife was extremely horny after coming home, Elizabeth seemingly and expectedly uninterested in my wife after her husband left.Though as my wife explained, guiding my cock into her truly sopping and wanting cunt, Elizabeth was really drunk by that point. Though she was sitting with spread legs, observing what was happening, my wife explained, though she remained unsure of how much Elizabeth was aware of what was going on, even when my wife and her husband were fondling each other, tongues entwining.

Not that it made any difference to either of the women later - as a joke shared between his wife and mine, Robert received a bar of 85% pure Lindt chocolate at his birthday as a comment on how the evening turned out.

My memories of that night remain considerably more enjoyable and sharp, even after having smoked an organic bowl while listening to music, going to sleep several hours before she returned. She woke me around 2am, getting me hard quickly, wriggling her naked body against mine, babbling about how close she had been to fucking in a threesome, and how much she wanted a cock inside her pussy, fucking her hard.

My hand slid between her legs, and as completely expected, she was sopping wet, moaning as I slid a couple of fingers into her. Her breath had a scent I find irresistible, a fruit like essence of pure availability. Especially when pressing her tongue deeply into my mouth, hand at my expanding cock, being finger-fucked.

Occasionally, my wife is totally slutty, something I really appreciate, even though it always seems to be a temporary state, not a consistent one. And one she tends to deny after it occurs. But in the moment, she can be purely animal in her needs and responses. She bent to suck my cock, my other hand beginning to play with her hanging breasts. 'Rougher' she said, her mouth now touching the very tip of my cock. I began to squeeze, and she opened her lips and slipped her wet mouth over my cock head.

Playing with her slippery pussy and clit, pressing her breast against her chest and rubbing her hard nipple between my index and middle finger, her cocksucking was getting sloppy, making it possible to slide out of her mouth while pushing her hip down with the hand that had been playing with her pussy. After figuring out what I had in mind, she spread her legs wide, her hand guiding my cock between her pussy lips, talking dirty - 'yeah, oh yeah, fuck me now, fuck me hard.'

After just a couple of minutes of being fucked on her back, our lips sliding with our bodies, our tongues weaving in and out of contact, tasting, she said something that sounded like 'fuck me .. fuck yeah .. from .. behind.' Pausing, cock quivering at the entrance to her horny cunt, she turned, my hand helping guide her leg across my body. It took her just a moment to put her ass in the air, her wet pussy and spread labia begging clearly to be fucked again, an offered temptation my cock delighted in indulging again.

Filling her with my hot cum as she rocked on her hands and knees on the bed, slamming her against the rigid length of my shaft, surrounded in her heat and wetness, she kept loudly repeating 'fuck me .. fuck me hard .. fuck me deeper,' my hands controlling her hips as my cock pumped pulse after pulse of cum into her.

After recovering just the slightest bit, my wife, head against the pillow, nakedly sprawled and starting to turn thoughtfully drunk, mentioned that sex with the neighbors would be a complex situation. My cock, still in her, stirred a bit, before listening what she was saying.

Her thoughts displayed a degree of plainly admirable wisdom which hadn't even occurred to me while we fucked. Though this turned back to the more immediate, as her talking became ever more explicitly detailed about how slippery and wanting her pussy had become while Robert fingered her through her skirt and wet panties in front of his wife. She also talked about how hard she had made him, setting my cock to swelling inside her tight and now squeezing cunt. She began giggling about how good it was to be so wet, so that her horny cunt could keep fucking, as long as she could find an available hard cock.

Which mine was rapidly becoming, as she kept talking about how hard she had made Robert, then letting slip how when she went to the bathroom, she had taken her panties off to make it easier for Robert to finger her sitting on the softly L shaped sofa, positioned near the curve, between the other two. Such thoughts were unbelievably arousing, forcing me to move my extended cock as she kept using her pussy muscles to encourage me.

I could feel the blood beginning to pound again, wanting to pound her hot and well fucked cunt the way she wanted it, utterly unable to resist her charms, her arms and legs spread as I pressed down against her ass, feeling my cock grow in the essence of sex, beginning to move slowly, making her moan as I thrust deeper on each downward push, sliding into paradise again.

Generally, my wife is quiet in bed, but in the right mood, horny and drunk like then, her words can be really arousing - 'Fuck me .. harder .. pump me .. yeah .. pump me .. harder .. fuck me harder.' This stream was pretty much running through and over and between my own stream of equally sexy words, letting my cock guide my mouth's direction. She can get really interested in fucking like that, especially since it was obvious her mind was wandering through a number of memories and fantasies.

That particular occasion had provided a nice balance to another night, more than 5 years earlier, when I had woken my wife to fuck her after finding out a mutual friend was bi, cumming deep inside her cunt as I told her 'Kathy .. fuck Kathy .. fucks women .. bi .. she's bi.' A woman we both know, who I had always found unbelievable sexy - in part because of her habit of going braless, and swimming nude at a local lake, something I had only done recently with her at the time.

Recently, my wife has begun preferring to shower alone - much like her friend Elizabeth, who doesn't want to be 'bothered,' which make some sense. I'm not a real fan of showering with my wife when the soapy water is splashing in my eyes, something that occurs far too often. Though watching is generally not 'bothering,' as we grow older, it is fair to say that attractiveness becomes a subject of some introspection.

Elizabeth remains very attractive to me, particularly now that she has stopped dyeing her hair. She is somewhat taller than my wife, with shorter hair and similar sized breasts, though unlike my wife, she always wears a bra. Which doesn't necessarily detract from my pleasure enjoying her breasts, having seen them uncovered before.

But even the faint chance she might go braless is a mild turn-on - very mild, compared to the turn on of a lover without a bra. But it is a sort of game, one which I play, unavoidably. Appreciating every second of it.

As happened a few days before, helping her in her front lawn in the afternoon, after riding home from work. She was finishing at what the time seemed to be the year's final yardwork, much later than normal this warm and dry year. We loaded their trailer to bring to our town's composting yard, the work going quickly. The necessary bending offered plenty of opportunity to notice her nicely tight and scooped cut black shirt. I spent an enjoyable while determining that yes, this time too, she was wearing a bra - logically, considering she had been working the entire day.

Elizabeth didn't seem to mind the attention as we talked and worked. She mentioned that sitting in the whirlpool would be nice, providing an opportunity to not quite invite my wife and I at some point in the future, like at the dinner we planned a month ago. All four of us have never been together, something I wanted to remedy, but the outdoor jacuzzi, much like motorcycle riding, is not always an attractive option in a storm or when it is too cold. Then there is the matching of periods, another discussion never held in the context of a whirlpool at a male only sauna.

Neither my wife nor I see much reason not to be fairly open, at least in terms of other people and their attractions - generally, sex brings complications into established relationships, but denying its presence among adults is silly. Finding the proper balance is important, including just not caring about the long term when turned on.

Like now, enjoying our mutual time in the shower, indulging in familiar marital pleasures in private, starting to moan as she started sliding along my stiff rod. 'You moan a lot, you know,' drifted into my ears, my wife pressing her wet ass against me, 'like last week.' We were enjoying ourselves, especially her reawakening of memories I had barely made, a wonderful turn-on.

The dinner at our neighbor's house had been delicious, lamb and a variety of Spanish wines, fading into a mild evening that invited us into the jacuzzi, though chill enough for tendrils of fog to drift over the water's surface after the gray padded cover was removed, the bubbling crystalline waves illuminated by the patterned LEDs.

We all undressed, entering the water swiftly. Robert was in the reclined section along one side, Elizabeth in her preferred corner, my wife across from Robert, myself in the other corner, facing towards the unoccupied side, back towards the house. As always, I found the true body temperature water (98°/37°) to be quite hot, almost too hot.

Bringing our glasses of prosecco out with us, we toasted after finishing settling into the hot water. The wine was delightful, as it had been in the past sitting with Elizabeth and Robert, a perfect complement to our shared nakedness in the hot water. My wife and I drank together, while Elizabeth rose and turned to press a couple of controls, starting one of the jacuzzi's pressure jet/current/bubble routines.

Holding my glass up a bit longer, I couldn't help but look at her attractive exposed ass just underneath the water, seeing a bit of sexy hanging breast, sipping more as she pivoted to sit down again, noticing the fur between her legs. Turning my head towards my wife, it appeared she had a faint grin. We kept drinking, the bubbling cool wetness sparkling in our mouths. Soon, we each took a sip, then bent our heads to kiss, the wine mingling in our mouths, running over our kissing tongues.

Robert moved over to his wife, my wife starting to giggle a bit drunkenly, then shifted onto me, her naked skin a fantastic thrill in front of people we knew. Actually, I had asked my wife not to do anything in the jacuzzi before we went over that evening, and the first time she moved my cock between her cheeks, it was basically related to her own comfort as she sat on my thighs. Though the effects were fairly predictable, something she also knew.

Not that it made any difference by this point, as it didn't take long for me to start moaning, helped by my face being covered by her back, providing something of the illusion of privacy, since it wasn't really possible to look at Elizabeth. Who was also sitting down on her husband, having stood up to allow him to slide behind and underneath her, her naked body dripping water, her nipples just beginning to crinkle when Robert pulled her back down into the water.

In the present, my wife wriggled and turned against me in the steamy shower space, her back to my front, hot water running between us, putting me between her sexy ass cheeks, turning me on much like before in the whirlpool, positioning my cock between her cheeks in the bubbling jacuzzi of our neighbors. I started moaning again as she moved against me, the sensations resonating along my shaft, feeling her labia against my cockhead.

Women who have nursed children have the sexiest breasts to me, in part because of how the aerola become more prominent, in part because of how erect the nipples become, and in part because of how sexy the shape of their breasts become, particularly when braless, or even better, naked, like now. The other factor is that a woman with the tits of a mother is also a woman who undeniably fucks, a real turn-on for me.

Robert didn't take long to use his feet to again play with my wife's pussy, making her shift on my now lengthening and increasingly horny cock. Though I could see nothing but the very top of Elizabeth's head, it was plain she must have seen what her husband was doing. The thought of her sitting on her husband's cock was making me hornier, making it impossible to guess whether it was my hardening cock that was making my wife giggle or Robert's questing leg.

This resulted in my shifting also, making my wife begin to roll her buoyantly supported ass over my thighs, my cock nestled between her softly spread labia. I tried to say something along the lines of 'please stop,' but the idea of my cockhead sticking out between her pussy lips for Robert and Elizabeth to see was too arousing for the words to actually reach my lips. Lips that were buried against her neck anyways, as my teeth nipped at her sensitive skin, one of her favorite turn-ons.

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