tagGroup SexAnother Swinger's Party

Another Swinger's Party

byRonnie 1946©

It was one of those swingers' parties, at Mark & Jocelyn's place, where I was at a bit of a loss. The spunky little South American chick I'd fucked a few times before, at previous parties, had been swept off to a bedroom by George, my Lebanese mate, and there wasn't anyone else that I particularly wanted to fuck. Don't get me wrong, I'm not really that picky, I just wasn't really in the mood this night.

The invitation had come from Mark two weeks previously and their parties are usually such good fun, a great mix of people from jockeys to company directors, labourers to lawyers. When Mark rang to invite us Catherine, as usual, wasn't that keen, but she never is to start with. She never seems to be that enthusiastic, to go swinging, but once she's made the decision to go she really gets into it. She does all the preparations that ladies do; shaving everything, including pussy of course, make up, selecting the right perfume, sexy lingerie, the right dress and of course the stilettos to accentuate her great legs.

She always looks stunning and oozes sexuality!

Unfortunately, as the date for the party drew near, I was having major problems with my business, only in the sense we had so much work on and I had key staff missing. As a result I wasn't in the mood for any partying, even swinging which I really enjoy.

Just digressing a moment, I really enjoy it because I love seeing Catherine have such a great time. She's usually one of the ladies that are the centre of attention because of her stunning good looks. In her mid forties she's 5'5", shoulder length dark brown hair, expressive green eyes, straight nose and a mouth that seems to be made for sucking cock. She's an average size 12 (don't know how that equates in the US but here in OZ it means she's about 38 -- 24 -- 36), C cup boobs which still don't sag even after three kids, long shapely legs, cute bum which loves to be fucked and the tightest pussy ever. (All three kids were by caesarean section, not through choice just the way nature dished it up)

Getting ready, on the night in question, Catherine could sense I wasn't really "into it". She came naked out of the ensuite where she'd been shaving pussy, preening etc.

"Honey, don't you want to go?" she queried.

"To be honest, not particularly darling. Nothing to do with anything other than the fact I'm worried about work."

"Well we won't go then."

"No, don't be silly, you've been looking forward to it. Why don't you go on your own, I think I'm gonna be lousy company."

"That's not on and you know it. We either go together or we don't go at all!"

"Well I'm not going to spoil your night, so finish getting ready and I'll get in the mood."

"You sure?" she queried again.

"Yes I'm sure, you gorgeous spunk, now finish getting ready or I'll have to smack your bare arse."

She flopped face down on the bed, sticking her shapely bum in the air.

"OK, smack away."

I grinned at her, "You're incorrigible, get off that bed and get dressed or we'll never get there."

Grinning back she stood up, slipped her feet into her stilettos, faced me hands on hips.

"OK, I'm ready let's go. I'm going to end up naked sooner or later so I may as well save myself the effort of getting ready!"

Looking at her I just shook my head, "You really are incorrigible, aren't you? We might just get arrested if you travel in the car like that!"

"Oh, alright, I'll put a coat on then," as she flounced off grinning, towards the walk-in wardrobe.

(Memories came flooding back of a night we'd left another swingers party in the inner western suburbs to drive back to our home in Castle Hill. She hadn't bothered to get dressed, not even a pair of knickers, just put on a short, waist length mink jacket, her high heels, gathered up her clothes and walked out to the car, which was in a reasonably well lit street, much to the amusement of the remaining guests. As we drove home through city she exclaimed "God I'm hot," and nonchalantly slid the jacket off her shoulders, bearing her magnificent breasts, and sat there almost stark naked. We got hoots and hollers from occupants of other cars at traffic lights, and from pedestrians, as we travelled slowly through the inner suburban streets, which she totally ignored. When I glanced across and saw her shoving her fingers up her pussy it got too much for me! I turned off the main drag, found a quiet street in Leichhardt, parked the car, leaned over, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her passionately. She returned the passion and grabbed for my hardening cock, rubbing it through the light fabric of my slacks.

In the dimly lit street I reached over her and released the catch on the side of the seat, letting it fall back, I rolled over on top of her unbuttoning and pushing my slacks down as I did. I pushed my rampant cock into the depths of her tight but well lubricated cunt, thrusting hard into her, my balls slapping against her arsehole. Her hands grabbed at my butt cheeks, pulling me harder into her depths, as we kissed passionately, our tongues exploring and intertwining.

Pumping furiously in and out of her I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching, in spite of the fact I had already orgasmed three times that night with two different women. Catherine's clutching cunt muscles indicated she wasn't far from her own orgasm, her muffled cries as we kissed.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard! Give it to me! Give it to me baby! Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck I'm cumming! Oh god! Oh god!"

Her legs wrapped well around me, her hands clutched at my bum holding me deep inside her as her body stiffened in the throws of orgasm. As her cunt muscles clutched at my cock I thrust myself hard into her cavity and erupted my own stream of spunk into her waiting, pulsing pussy.

After we'd regained our breath, and composure, I looked down at her

"What prompted that?" I asked a little breathlessly.

"I don't know, I'd already been fucked four times tonight, but I just felt incredibly horny and wanted more. I wanted you!"

Ah, memories!)

She came out of the walk-in robe, dressed to kill this time, and looked at my erect cock.

"I thought you didn't feel like going tonight, looks like you've changed your mind by the size of your dick," she said smirking.

"I'll tell you about it later," I answered, snapped out of my reverie, and proceeded to get dressed myself.

So like I said at the start, I was wandering about Mark and Jocelyn's house, not really in the mood to fuck anyone. Catherine had gone off with some young guy I hadn't even met, she often jokes about me picking the twenty somethings but she's not adverse to the younger ones herself. Anyway he must have impressed Catherine because there had been three or four of the regulars trying to get her to the cot.

I heard some noise, and what sounded like clapping, coming from one of the bedrooms. I pushed the door open and stuck my head inside.

There was Loretta (not her real name) a reasonably well known Sydney newspaper journalist who loves to be gang banged, dripping spunk, in the centre of a queen sized bed. She was lying, on her back, on top of some guy who obviously had his cock up her arse. Another guy was kneeling between both of their outstretched legs with his cock up her cunt; she was sucking some other dudes cock and wanking another at the same time. Plus there were two other guys wanking themselves over her tits.

I wasn't interested in that scene, as I said earlier; I just really wasn't in the mood.

I wandered back out to the bar area to get myself a drink and saw the young guy Catherine had left with earlier. Pouring myself a JD and coke I asked,

"How'd you go with Catherine?"

"Fuck man, she's hot," and obviously not knowing who I was went on, "she sucks like a vacuum cleaner, has got the tightest cunt and goes off like a firecracker. Have you had her yet?"

"Yeah, I've been with her a few times, you're right, she's pretty good."

"Fucking good! She's fucking sensational! I'm just waiting to get my stamina back to go an 'ave another go!"

No you won't mate, I thought to myself, if you've left her in a bedroom by herself she won't take kindly to that, she likes her lovers to be attentive.

I heard noises coming form down the hall and thought, that sounds like Catherine going off!

I wandered off to see where and what my beautiful wife was up to.

After peeking in a couple of the rooms I found her in the last bedroom, she was on elbows and knees, her forearms flat on the bed, her shapely bum in the air. A young guy, another one I'd never met or seen before, was kneeling behind her, hands holding onto her hips giving it to her up the arse, he was really giving her a pounding.

I walked around the bed and looked down at her, her face was contorted.

"You OK?" I questioned.

She tilted her head to look at me.

"He's so big," she stammered, through what appeared to be pain.

I glanced down at the cock fucking her up the arse, she was right, it was big! I'd guess it to be at least eight inches and very, very thick!

"Do you want me to get him to stop?" I asked her.

"God No! No! Don't stop him!" she gasped between thrusts, "I've already uh, cum uh, three uh, or four uh, times!"

Her face was level with my cock which was now rock hard! I love watching Catherine have sex, whether she's giving head or getting fucked, it really turns me on!

I reached down, took my cock in my hand and, holding her head still, pushed my cock into her half open mouth.

She glared at me!!

"Oh, Oh," I thought, she's got the shits!

I didn't give her the opportunity to reject me, I just held her head and started fucking her face, pushing my cock down her throat.

My wife is one of the world's greatest cocksuckers! I know that's a bold statement but I mean it! She gives the greatest head and takes you right down her throat 'til her nose is hard up against your pelvic bone.

It doesn't matter how long your cock is, she'll swallow you!

She started sucking me, her mouth sliding up and down the length of my cock, taking me down her throat each time. At least, now with her mouth full of my cock, she stopped gasping each time he rammed it into her

Anyway, here I am not feeling anything like sex at all five minutes ago, now watching some young stud give it to my wife up the arse, and I'm being sucked off by my own wife at a swinger's party!

With my hand lightly holding the back of her head I moved my hips back and forward as I fucked her mouth. Each time I felt her shudder and moan, with another orgasm, it brought me closer to my own. I looked across at the young stud, the muscles in his neck, chest, stomach and thighs all seemed to be bulging. He wasn't far from cumming either!

I really don't know who tipped whom over the edge first, but I do think it was me! I looked at the stud, who appeared to be right on the brink of his orgasm.

I looked down at Catherine's face, it was full of lust, her green eyes were on fire, and she appeared to be in a state of constant orgasm!

She was just holding her head still now, not moving at all, as I fucked her mouth. That was it for me and, with a guttural groan, I emptied a stream of spunk down her throat. As I began to cum the stud pulled her hips savagely back on his cock and shot his load deep into her bowel, pumping her hard as he spurted continuously into her depths.

Catherine kept her kneeling position, totally immersed in her own pleasure, swallowing greedily 'til we finished emptying our fluids into her and withdrew our organs from her body.

She glanced up at me smiling then fell face down onto the bed, cum dribbling out of her arse, shaved cunt, and some out of her mouth onto the sheets.

She was totally out of it!

The young stud looked at me.

"She's fucking wild isn't she? Oh, I'm Jack by the way."

"Yeah, she's wild alright; I'm Rob, her husband."

"Oh fuck mate, I mean I'm sorry about the arse thing an' all."

You could see he was nervous, worried.

I put him at ease.

"It's OK Jack. Catherine does what Catherine wants to do' and she has my complete blessing to do whatever she wants."

He was still nervous, trying to explain himself.

"I mean I'd already blown in her pussy, which was sensational, and she asked me if I could go again. I said yes, I was still hard for Christ's sake, and she said good 'cause I want to see if I can take that thing up my arse. I mean mate, what would you do? I've just fucked this drop dead gorgeous woman and now she wants me to fuck her up the arse, and it's such a beautiful arse!"

"It's OK Jack, as I said, this is the reason we come to swingers parties, so we can both get it off with others. Oh, and Catherine loves it up the arse, the only thing she likes better is DP!"

"When you two have quite finished discussing my sexual preferences and kinkiness, I'd like to have a shower," a muffled voice said from the bed.

I grinned at Jack, he nodded and left the room.

I leaned over Catherine, kissed her lightly on the cheek, "Come on, you horny little slut, I'll help you to the bathroom."

"That's good 'cause I'm very weak at the knees, don't think I could make it on my own. Oh god, my arse is on fire!"

I helped her to the shower, turned on and adjusted the water and eased her into the cubicle.

"So how did Jack come about, he wasn't the one you left with?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Is that his name, I never did bother to find out. The other wimp, telling me out in the lounge how bloody good he was. Got him into the bedroom and as soon as I touched his dick I thought he was gonna blow so I just gave him a little suck and let him climb on. Talk about disappointing, the moment I squeezed my pussy muscles he blew his load. Then within a couple of minutes he's hightailed it out of the room. Well, I waited a minute or two to see if he was coming back and nothing. So I'd just gotten up and gone to the door and saw, what did you say his name was?"


"Yeah, well I saw Jack in the hall, and his very impressive cock even on the slack, and asked him if he knew how to use it. He gave me a nice smile and said he'd like to try, so I grabbed his hand and dragged him into the room and we got at it."

"So, was he good?"

"Well darling, let's just say he didn't blow as soon as he got into me. In fact, he went down on me first, even though I warned him I had someone else's cum up my pussy. I had two orgasms while he ate me. After I'd cum a couple of times I wanted to return the favour but he just wanted to fuck, so I accommodated him. Because his cock was so thick I climbed on him and lowered myself onto him but I was so well lubricated I slid right down on it 'till my pussy lips were on his pubes. He filled me up nicely and the way I rode him his cock head alternated between hitting my cervix and rubbing my G spot. I started cumming almost immediately, you know in my usual quiet manner."

"Yeah, that's what prompted to look for you, figuring it was you I could hear."

She grinned at me through the steamy shower cubicle, "Well after I'd cum a couple of times he rolled me over and really gave it to me, I just kept cumming. When he finally blew his load in my pussy, he was still hard in me, so asked him to fuck my arse, you know I love it anally, and he was only too happy to oblige. But he was big, and it was hurting, but I was cumming and cumming and cumming. That's when you showed up and you know the rest. And shit, my arse is still sore!"

"Then I suppose we'll be going home after you finish your shower, will we?"

She opened the door of the shower slightly and looked at me, a mischievous grin on her face, "Not bloody likely, I'm just getting warmed up!"

And she was!

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