Another Very Different Massage


"Yes Sam, just like that," he replied, finding and pressing my clit with his thumb as he eased his fingers up and down my soaked passage. "It was incredible. I had forgotten about my gay concerns, I had forgotten he was a man as I was, I had forgotten about women, tits and pussies. As he started to wank me, nothing but my cock and his hand seemed to exist. It felt absolutely exquisite."

"What like this as well?" I asked holding his cock as I ran my mouth more quickly up and down its length.

"Oh yes Sammi, yes just like that," DD moaned back, his fingers finding my pace and rhythm in pumping up and down my cunt. "I was getting so near and I think he knew that," he continued as I felt his hips surging his cock against my mouth

"I was thrusting against his fingers and lifting my bum off the massage table as I started to fuck his hand. It was just like fucking a cunt Sam, or so it seemed at the time."

Momentarily taking his cock out of my mouth and slowly wanking it, I replied. "Or like fucking a mouth is it?"

"Yes, it was like that but different. It was like fucking you, but also different," he grunted

I put his dick back into my mouth and he resumed lifting his hips up and down slowly and rhythmically as he began to fuck my mouth. I was squirming against his fingers, which were plundering my cunt, wiggling inside me, pressing my clit and caressing my inner lips.

DD went on. "I was getting near; it had taken no time really. He never speeded up, but continued wanking me slowly and purposefully,"

Was he good?"

"Yes Sam, he was, but then I guess a man knows more about masturbating a cock than women do."

"Hmmmm," I managed my mouth full as I felt his cock go rigid reading itself to make its delivery its seed as I heard DD saying.

"I sort of went into a trance, in limbo if you want, as I felt my balls tighten and my cock start to throb in preparation. I was grunting, my eyes were tightly closed, my head was rolling from side to side and I was muttering. Yes, oh yes. That's fantastic as those wonderful feelings surged out from my balls, up my cock and all over my body."

I was now sucking my lover's cock hard, licking the tip, and taking its length as far into my throat as I could. I was moving faster, using my lips and tongue to suck and lick him and my fingers to wank him."

"Oh God Sam I am near."

"Good darling, so am I" I groaned pushing downwards onto his fingers as I started to cum."

"Cum together Sam, cum with me," DD whispered."

"Did you cum with him?" I croaked. "Tell me as I cum."

"Yes, yes of course I did," he moaned, his spare hand pulling my hair quite hard and in a way that other in a time of sexual ecstasy would have hurt me. He went on "I said to him that I was going to cum and he said 'good, cum for me right now.' He rubbed me, slower and slower as I thrust myself so avidly into the surrogate cunt that he was making with his fist. I started to cum. I felt it welling up and then suddenly I was spurting everywhere."

"Then do that now David, do it for me, cum for Sammi."

"Yes, yes, yes I will," DD sighed holding his fingers rigid inside me as his cock exploded.

"He held my cock," DD was continuing as we both started to cum and as his spunk poured into my mouth. "He held it still, merely sort of shaking it, easing every last bit of cum out of my balls and cock and onto my chest and stomach. I did a lot."

He came a lot in my mouth as well. It poured out of him onto my tongue, into my throat and down it as I swallowed my lover's sperm. That put me right over the top and my climax exploded.

We lay there for a while as his cock softened and my pussy stopped throbbing.

"Would you do it again?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, I think the spontaneity was a lot to do with the amount of pleasure I got from it," David replied.

"How about if I was there as well, next time?" I whispered.

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