tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAnother Walk in the Park Ch. 02

Another Walk in the Park Ch. 02


The jetlag and the burger kicked in. I hurried back to my Hotel room. Thinking that I would grab a quick nap I kicked off my shoes and closed my eyes. They opened again at 10pm. I was alone, in Rogers, on a Saturday night.

I flicked through the channels on the TV. By 11pm I was wide awake. There was nothing worth watching. The view from my window was even less entertaining than the TV. I realized that I wouldn't get back to sleep that night so I changed into a fresh pair of jeans and a thick jumper. I patted the key in my pocket as the Hotel door closed behind me. The girl on reception carefully ignored me as I headed out the lobby and into the heart of Saturday night.

I walked past a couple of bars before I found one that looked like my sort of place. I ordered a Bourbon and Coke. While it was being assembled I glanced round the bar. There were a few couples but they were outnumbered by single men, mainly sitting in groups of two or three. I heard some noises from a corner as I picked up my drink. I looked over and spotted the four guys that had taken advantage of Dee in the park.

The largest of the guys waved me over. I thought about finding another bar but then thought about it. At least I had met these guys before. I walked over and they made room for me at their table. Brief introductions followed and we swapped a few details about why we were in Rogers on a Saturday night. I told them my sad tale of corporate downsizing and they told me their story. It was much more interesting than mine.

Their names were Rob, Alan, Wayne and Marty. Rob and Alan were married, the other two were recently divorced. They were all retired, or semi retired, having worked for the same Construction Company. They lived in the same town and regularly played golf together. The two divorced men, Wayne and Marty, had started going interstate for golf weekends and had gotten lucky a few times. Rob and Alan, bored with their relationships and envious of their friends, had started tagging along. Over the last couple of years the weekends had grown longer and the golf games fewer. They were basically sex tourists nowadays.

After a few drinks we were all quite open about our sex lives. Rob told me how much they had enjoyed being sucked by that cross dresser in the park. I started talking about my preferences, I liked women but, if none were around, a hot guy in a skirt was just as good. They all agreed. Alan told me that they had experimented with group sex. They told me some of their experiences. I wasn't sure where this was heading but I leaned back and listened, feeling my cock harden.

Alan told me about a cross dresser they had recently picked up in a park. They had actually played a game of golf late on a Friday afternoon. After several hours at the Nineteenth Hole they took a short cut through a large park. It was dark and they navigated via the lights of the undercover picnic tables. In the middle of the park, on the edge of a parking lot, they spotted a tall, well bit woman in a large red skirt. She was all alone in the dark.

Not wanting to scare her, Marty walked up to her while the others stayed back and watched. She was sitting on the edge of a picnic table. As Marty approached he coughed. She turned and looked at him. When he was standing next to her she lifted her skirt to reveal tight black knickers covering a thick penis.

Marty started with some small talk about the park but she interrupted him.

"Babe" she said loudly as she spread her legs and leaned back on the bench, "you know why I'm here. If you want me to fuck you, just bend me over and pull down these panties. You can tell me all about the park while your friends put their cocks into me." She ran her hand over her cock and it strained against the panties.

Marty was too shocked to move but she waved the other three over.

"Hurry up, I need cock." She hissed as her erection grew under the thin material.

Marty came to his senses and started taking charge as he unzipped his jeans.

"Swing the bitch around and bend her over the table" he barked out as he started pulling his cock. "That's it, slip those panties down. Wow, look at that bare arse. Taste it." In a moment Wayne had two big handfuls of her butt. Her knickers were on the concrete and his tongue was tracing juicy circles around her puckered hole. Rob stood beside her and grabbed her balls in his fist.

"Oh, baby, fuck me" she half whimpered "I've been waiting all night for your cocks."

"Do you want to be our cum dump?" Marty whispered as he grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair. Wayne had his cock out now. It was fully erect and pointing between the cheeks of her arse. "Do you want that cock?" Marty continued to ask her, "Will you take his seed deep inside your hole?"

"Yes, please, fuck me, cum in me, all of you" she tried to keep speaking but her mouth was now full of Marty's cock. Inspired, Wayne shoved his dick into her soft hole and started to pump. Rob had one hand on her balls and the other on her cock. He was stroking hard.

Marty grabbed her ears and started to pull her head onto his pole. He face fucked her to the rhythm Wayne was bounding out in her arse. Marty blew first, making her eyes bulge as she tried to swallow his load. This sent Alan over the edge and he filled her with cum. She loved it, Rob squeezed her cock as it shot semen onto the concrete next to her panties.

A few seconds later Rob had his cock deep in her warm, wet hole and Alan was feeding her his cock. The pair soon exploded into her. They then ordered her to lick their dicks clean. She heartily obeyed. As they were doing up their jeans they were amazed to see her lick her own cum off the concrete. She put her wet panties over her butt.

"Any of you guys want to go again?" She laughed. The answer was no. They walked off into the darkness toward their motel, telling her what a slut she was.

Alan continued to relate their adventure to me. Apparently they had sobered up by the time they got back to their room. They sat around chewing the fat for a while as they got horny again. This suited Rob who had bought one of his wife's bra and panty sets with him. He went to the bathroom and returned in a tight pink g-string and lacy bra. The other three had their cocks out in an instant. Rob swallowed three loads of come before Alan returned the favor.

These were my sort of guys, all right. Rob went to the bar for another round.

"Since then, we always bring at least two sets of lingerie with us" Alan said as he leaned toward me and grabbed my thigh. "I have some fishnet stockings and a short leather skirt to put on when we leave here. DO you want to come back for a night cap?"

He kissed my lips. How could I refuse.

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