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Another World


Another something different from me. Sometimes I just wanna try something new. So many things on my mind, I just wanna play with ideas. Hate what I'm doing, or actually like my marshmallows fluff, let me know...I do listen, smiles.


We had been lost for about three hours now. And as was always the case between Lynn and I we had been squabbling and snarling at each other the entire time. It was a toss up in regards to which of us hated the other the most.

She kept ranting on that I was a redneck country boonies hic, and wasn't I supposed to be able to read the moss or something and figure out where the hell we were?

I retaliated by pointing out that if she hadn't gotten scared by a fucking harmless bloody woodchuck and gone crashing off away from the clearly marked trail, causing me in my saintly concern to chase after her, we'd be safely back at the camp site with our firewood eating smores.

"Chocolate is bad for the skin." She'd retorted snottily. "And this just proves I run faster then you!"

"Hah!" I'd retorted inelegantly, and briefly entertained the idea of hip checking her into that tempting patch of poison icy we were passing by.

Then I pictured being lost in the woods with the rich bitch from hell, and her covered head to toe in poison ivy, itchy rash, and hastily steered her safely away.

"Only thing it proves is that you're fucking deaf. In three miles of running like a moron, you never once heard me screaming at the top of my lungs, it's just a wood chuck?"

"What's a wood chuck?" She snapped.

I gaped at her speechlessly for a moment. "Augh, kill me now!"

"Quit whining, you're giving me a head ache."

Well, that was the point I lost it. To be honest I was readying myself for the leap at her throat when she made this small, choked, hopeless sound. And leaped back ramming full body into me so hard I tumbled back onto my ass.

"What now!" I snarled in a rage, rolling to a crouch and rubbing my throbbing butt. I figured it was prolly a fricking hedgehog or something, but still...

"What, did you see a squirrel?" I snarled viciously.

"What is a squirrel?"

"Oh please! You better be kidding me! Whoa! Who the hell are you?"

I took as good of a second look as I could while lunging fierce and frantic back on my feet, with Lynn scrabbling backwards pushing me along with her.

"Quit shoving damn it! And on second thought, what the hell are you?"

It was obviously male, but I was pretty sure it was not from around here!

His eyes were pure silver, with pupils like a cat's eyes but horizontal, rather then vertical.

And he was huge! Over seven feet tall, with shoulders that would have him going through sideways, most of the doors I'd seen.

And you hear about men with thighs the size of a woman's waist? Will here was proof that actually could be true. I eyed Lynn, who was a bit shorter and more delicate then me, having the crazy thought that those thighs might actually be a bit thicker then her waist.

It's not like we don't grow them big here. You get the wrestlers, bouncers, body guards, foot ball players. But this man's massiveness was just flat out wrong. It was alien, for anyone with half an eye to see.

This body was made for, meant for some other place. Some world much different then Earth.

He didn't belong here.

And when those cold, hostile eyes flicked to me, I found myself wishing for someone to beam him up and off to where the hell he did belong!

"Be silent." He growled.

His silver eyes slid back to Lynn again, and then he smiled.

Oh fuck. I desperately wanted to never see that man smile again. And as much as I honestly did loathe Lynn, I still felt bad over being grateful that he was smiling at her and not me.

"I told you I would find you again. You should not have betrayed me."

He smiled at her with a conquers arrogant grin, and I shuddered.

"I'll make you scream for that." He purred to her in dangerous promise.

Now I'm not known for holding silent, nor thinking before I blurt out whatever comes to mind, so what happened next, was kind of inevitable. And when you add in the Irish temper, unavoidable.

"Lynn, do you know this freak?" I demanded.

Those viper eyes flickered back at me.

"I told you to be silent slut." He growled and took a quick step forward to backhand me.

He hit me the way you'd chasten a kitten for nipping too hard, that gentle flick to the nose. Or how you'd gently tap a naughty toddler's rump.

He'd used the barest portion of what only an idiot wouldn't see was formidable strength. If he'd have struck me as he'd have hit what he considered an enemy, or a true threat, I'd have flown thirty feet and been dead of a broken neck before I landed.

But I have issues with anyone, no matter how big, hitting me. Plus I have this Irish temper that I seem able to lose under any circumstances, no matter how, the question begs, are you fucking insane?

And ask anyone who knows me...no impulse control at all. It's a given that in any situation I will act first and then think about the world of ways I went fucked up wrong later.

So when he called me slut, and hit me...

I guess he didn't consider either one of us anything of a threat. He knew Lynn wasn't, and even though I was almost three inches taller and twenty pounds heavier, I was still merely just another female to his eyes.

But for all my flaws, which I admit are rather profuse, I have an extremely quick brain.

I'd noticed that he appeared to be normally "male" down there. Couldn't exactly fail to get that considering how tightly the thin fabric of his trousers clung to his lower body.

Hey, I'm a female with normal sex drives, sometimes you notice that stuff, even when freaked, tweaked and totally confused!

So I did this split second considering, contemplating and computing while he ignored me, his eyes totally on Lynn. And then I took a fast step forward and kicked him between the legs as hard as I could!

And bottom line where that matter is concerned, when an athletic young woman wearing steel toed hiking boots connects with the jewels head on, it's going to hurt!

He folded in half and I stepped in and rammed my knee up under his dropping chin, then punched him in the nose.

"Fuck, damn it ouch!" I yowled, never having actually hit anyone before, sucking on my aching hand and jumping around.

The body that crashed down on its back made as much noise as a young oak being sundered in a summer storm.

It made me forget about my stinging fingers and gawk for a moment. "What the hell does that guy weigh?" By this point, I think I'd slipped into loony land. Stupid, unimportant things kept grabbing my attention.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" Lynn was hyperventilating. "You just punched out a Kull."

"He hit me first." I whined. "And hey technically I think it was the knee..."

Hey, so that was what he was. I slapped myself literally upside the head and forced my mind out of the dazed shock it wanted to melt comfortably into.

"And why are we still here?" I grabbed her arm. "Come on Miss-faster-then-me...RUN!"

Her eyes flashed up to me, for a moment still filled with hopelessness, then she turned and was off with that sprinter's burst of speed.

I yelped, and took off after her.

Both of us still totally lost in a 400 acre state park.

We just kicked it in, and kicked it on. The fuck where we were, hell with where we were going. Being a sprinter, Lynn was still for the moment ahead of me. And she was flying through the forest, hurdling bushes or just flat out bashing through them so that she fed me with her panic.

I didn't have to waste time asking questions. What ever it was I'd managed to knock out back there, we needed to get far away from it!

We hadn't even been running for five minutes, not even starting to breath hard, either one of us, the sprinter or the cross country runner, when we heard a strange, yodeling howl coming from behind us.

"Holy hell!" I yelped, tripping over a patch of moss when my eyes whipped across to Lynn, who was racing just barely ahead of me. I stagger step ran a dozen yards before I got my feet back under control. No way was I going down with that behind us!

"He's up already!" I tried to yell.

I'd kicked him so hard a human male would have laid there clutching his balls for half an hour!!

"He's Kull!"

"He isn't fucking human!" I tossed back.

"No shit, twit!"

Oh cool, the bitch was back. Lynn was obviously coming out of the shock that had grabbed her when that...person, had appeared.

Or at least she was until we heard the second , answering howl. This one coming from somewhere ahead and to the left of us.

"Oh god!" She gasped out. "They never travel alone! How could I have forgotten that?"

She did her own hip check on me, the instant the trees thinned enough that we could start running to the right, away from the yodeler up ahead of us.

We were both runners.

But Lynn ran sprints. She did the 100 yard dash, the 200, relays for one or the other, sometimes the 400 yard dash if the couch needed to fill an opening.

But she was a sprinter.

My sport was cross country. I did track in the spring mainly to keep in training. I ran the mile, or 800 meters. I wasn't as fast in a quick sprint as Lynn was. But I could run for miles at a decent pace. Lynn couldn't keep up with me when the miles piled on.

So I was still barely winded. Lynn was keeping pace with me, but she was starting to gasp and pant.

And the two Kull were closing the gap. Steadily pulling nearer to us, like two jaws of a trap closing.

"They don't stop yodeling to each other I'm so going to kill them!" I panted to Lynn. "Way to tell us we're lame!" I snarled painfully.

"That guy was a mountain lion!" I panted. "How can something that big move so fast...and keep moving"

They're Kull!" She gasped, barely able to run and still speak.

I snarled silently to myself. Well hey, I know now what I hate most on God's green fricking earth!

Was amusing to chant to myself "hate Kull, hate Kull" with every stride, but didn't do anything about the fact that the fuckers were gaining on us!

We could hear them now, just barely.

They made almost no sound moving through the woods.

Lynn and I were crashing through like a pack of tabloid photographers after Bigfoot,

"We have to separate!" Lynn panted out.

"What!" I looked at her sharply, almost lost my head to a low limb, ducked and swerved under it and kept running as fast as I could. "No! We stay together!"

"They're after me Katt. They don't want you."

Nobody wants me, I spat silently, then shook my head, trying to regain sanity, yelped, and ducked under a mass off branches, running hunched over.

"Where the fuck are we! You and that fucking hedge hog!" I snarled. ""I am finding that thing and..."

"Maybe You can find help?" Lynn gasped out, sucking air hard as she ran.

I was trying to suck in enough air to really howl at her when she tossed in the kicker.

"I can't run much longer."

Ah hell. Fuck me sideways.

Her breathing sounded horrible. She was gasping, gulping, and fighting for air.

She wasn't running smooth any more either. She was stumbling and dragging her feet, catching them in the rough patches of weeds and fallen limbs that I was still leaping almost easily over.

Lynn was used to running maybe 15-20 miles a week. I ran 40 or 50. I wanted to run marathons, and I trained hard.

"Lynn, I can't just leave!"

Lynn tried to smile, panting, sweating, a smile more then she could manage. "I don't want you caught up, even if I still do hate you, you redneck bumpkin!"

I looked at her for a second, then veered off at an angle, nearly killing myself on trees and bushes trying to get my stride back

I knew she did honestly still hate me. You can't just erase years of loathing. If she wanted me to get away, I was going to run like the hounds of hell were after me! When you get involved with things even your worst enemy doesn't wish upon you....RUN!

I did feel bad leaving her.

But I kicked it up, running hard and fast. Even though I still had no idea where I was or where I was headed. If it was away from either of the Kulls, seemed like a good idea to me!

About five minutes after I veered away from. Lynn, I heard that howl again, this time sounding savagely, gleefully triumphant.

Seconds later I heard a female scream....which was almost instantly cut off by a hand, or a mouth. I froze for a second, almost slamming myself out cold on a massive tree, slid past it and kept running.

What was I supposed to do? What could I do?

Not like I could pull the same trick twice on a seven foot plus giant.

All I could think to do was keep running, even having no clue where I was.

I just had to hope he wasn't hurting Lynn. I'd seen the lust in the Kull's eyes. He'd had her before.

I tried to run faster and hard, but I also tried to run more quietly.

I just wanted to get away now. I didn't even care about finding a road, or the camp site,

or cops.

Away was what I wanted. As far and as fast as my runner's body could take me.

And then suddenly I heard that yodeling howl behind me, so close I lost focus for a second and almost smashed face first into a huge pine tree, missing it only at the last second.

I swirled past the tree, cross country mets with ballet. And I ran so hard I wondered if my lungs would explode.

Forget about being quiet! That howl was less then a hundred yards away!

Why was this second Kull still following me? And who the hell would believe me?

"Well you see officer's there are these aliens. Well yeah I hate Lynn, but I didn't do anything to her, honest. It was the Kull!"

"What the hell happened to they don't want me!" I yelped out loud.

And the sound that greeted me had closed half the distance.

And suddenly the only thing that mattered was running as fast as I could!

Ths wasn't the howl of the Kull I'd just barely managed to knock out.

This was the second one. So why was he still in pursuit?

I burst out of the trees into a clearing, thought abstractly, oh that stream is pretty, ran about half way across the clearing, still moving strong, before being tackled from behind.

We went down in a whirling tangle of limbs and flying hair.

I hadn't even noticed that I'd lost the tie that contained my waist length braid, too busy running.

His long hair was also loose.

I had a moment of thinking good thing I wasn't on the bottom of the pile, god he's larger then the other Kull, before I was suddenly in a battle I was sure to lose.


Good stuff next time, I promise! 3-4 hours of this, I'm tired...lol. Hope ya all don't hate it.

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