tagNonHumanAnother World Ch. 02

Another World Ch. 02


Megan was standing in the living room waiting for her husband to get ready. There was a neighborhood BBQ and Leif was on the phone with someone from work. She was wearing a soft green dress, which accented her red hair nicely. She was almost twenty-three years old and had a small, petite body. She was wearing three-inch heels, but her husband was still over a foot taller then her.

"Sorry baby. Work emergency." Leif kissed his wife on the cheek and they walked hand in hand towards the conference center. They lived in Falconcrest Estates, a prestigious gated community in Arizona. They had been married four years and she was a stay at home wife. Megan really didn't know what her husband did for a living. It had something to do with intelligence and computers. All she knew was that he made enough to give her the life she always wanted.

They entered the back area of the conference center and all the neighbors were there. They separated and Megan immediately noticed the newest member of the community. Marianna was short, with brown curly hair. Megan had always been a social butterfly so she walked up and introduced herself. As the afternoon continued, the yard was split in half. On one side the men drank beer and chatted about their work. They all worked for the same company and not as if Megan noticed, but they were all very similar in their physical features. All were very tall, blonde hair, blue eyes. The women were all petite, but varied in hair color and age. Marianna looked to be about twenty-five, but there were women who were as young as eighteen and as old as thirty-five.

"So how do you like the neighborhood so far?" Megan and Marianna were sitting on a bench together sipping wine.

"It's beautiful. More then I can imagine. So tell me about yourself."

"Well I'm twenty-two years old. Leif and I have been married for four years. That's about all."

"What about before you were married?" Marianna tried not to be so demanding, but she needed some information.

"Oh that doesn't matter. I don't remember a lot really. Just normal childhood stuff."

Marianna made a mental note and they continued to chat for the rest of the afternoon. When dinner was served they all sat around a large outdoor table. It was a perfect day.

As the sun set, Leif and Megan made their way home. They entered their house and made their way upstairs. Leif went into his home office to check on a few things and when he returned, Megan was lying on the bed on her hands and knees wearing this sexy black crotchless panty. Her pussy juices were dripping down her thighs and her clit was poking out from her pussy lips.

"Fuck you drive me crazy baby." Leif yanked off his clothing and pulled Megan so she was perched on the edge of their king size bed. He thrust inside her hard and fast. He stood on the carpeted flood and gripped her hips. They were facing the dresser mirror and could see her facial expressions. After four years, they still could never get enough of each other.

"Your little green dress today drove me crazy. I wanted to grab you and fuck you so badly."

Megan grinned. She was close to cumming and Leif knew it. He reached under and rubbed her clit hard and fast. She came hard, crying out loudly.

"Tell me what you want baby."

"I want you to cum inside me."

"Tell me why."

"So you can make me pregnant."

Leif groaned and thrust himself completely inside her. His cock swelled and he felt himself cum inside her. He knew he wouldn't be able to make her pregnant for a few more months, but it was the turn on of knowing that some day she would be pregnant and give birth to three or four of his perfect offspring.

Leif and Megan lay intertwined in bed. They had had sex three more times and Megan was too sore to continue.

"So what were you and Marianna talking about?'

"Oh just random things. She likes the house and loved the neighborhood. I'm going to go over and visit her tomorrow. She's very friendly."

"I'm glad you make friends easily."

"We're thinking of going into town for a spa day."

"Oh baby why don't I arrange for someone to come here. We have the money and it will be so much more relaxing to get a pedicure and manicure done here as opposed to some impersonal spa."

"Good idea Leif. Good night." Megan kissed her husband and settled into sleep. Leif stayed awake for a few minutes hoping she wasn't getting too suspicious. Because of the lock down, no one could leave the estate. It would be too easy for them to find this place.

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