tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAnother's Misfortune

Another's Misfortune


It was one of those painfully hot summer days, one of those where the air would just be a thick mist of sweat and delirious thoughts.

Knowing my exams were coming up and my room having turned into an oven, it only felt natural to escape the heat into the blissfully air-conditioned university library in the town centre.

All the pretty girls were wearing colourful summer dresses, the guys loose shorts. I wished I had been one of those guys, having unfortunately forgotten my jeans at my parents' last time I went to visit. I also wished I had had the liberty to enjoy the summer as everyone else did. But no, the economics' exams just had to be scheduled during the last week of July.

From the amount of time that I spent that summer in the library, one might've thought I liked it in there. This couldn't be further from the truth. The old library, designated for economics and law students specifically, was in no way stylish or comfortable. The simple steel shelves were cold; the dusty old carpet floor had its distinct aroma that could've only been the result of years of negligence and redistributed maintenance funds. The building itself was practically malformed, failing in having any particular shape or form. It was a small wonder that the building hadn't already crumpled into dust.

Despite its lack of cohesive structure, I had already spent enough hours there to have found my own little corner. While most students chose tables near windows, I couldn't bear to be reminded of the lovely weather outside my prison cell. In the quieter corners in this maze of book shelves I found it easier to concentrate.

I set up my things in my usual corner; a tiny square table with just enough light coming from a wall lamp to be able to work. With my reading glasses on my nose, I slowly started going through the books, completing exercises and consulting another book for answers.

It was a couple hours until I finally got stuck on an exercise, not understanding the solution or how one came up with it. My head was aching from all those formulas and graphs. It was high time for a break.

I left my things as they were.

Although my books were worth a fair buck I knew it was highly unlikely that another student might stumble onto them, and even less likely that this student might decide to hold onto them. Economics as a subject just wasn't that sexy.

Lazily I went down the stairs into the "cafeteria" or, as I liked to call it, "the room with the two vending machines". But perhaps that name would've been too long to print out on a sign.

This was the only room where you could eat and one of the few rooms where discussion was tolerated. Hence the room was always fully packed.

Today my eyes immediately directed toward a table with a small group of girls working on what appeared to be a presentation. This was remarkable for a couple of reasons: one, presentations just aren't that common in this line of study; two, girls were a rarity in this building, let alone a group of them; and three, whenever there were girls in here they were never this hot. And mind you: I'm an economist in making, I know my probabilities.

It had been over six months since my relationship with Rebecca had ended and as I saw those girls I felt like my hormones were on overdrive. And, I must admit, maybe that may have had something to do with my sudden attraction to all four of them. I didn't even see them as individuals, just as a fairer sex that I would very much like to bang, if they would please.

But for some reason I couldn't find it in me to talk to them. Not a single word. I just took my water and left the room as swiftly as not to look like I was running from my greatest fear.

I rationalized with myself that there would've been no proper way to go about it anyway. There were four of them and there was no way I could've asked them all on a date. That was simply not the right time or place, or at least that's what I kept telling myself.

So I argued with myself on my way back to my corner (of shame). I remembered I should probably pick up another book that might shed some light to the problem I was having earlier. I walked deeper down the hallway toward the economics section.

It was completely quiet in these parts of the building. Old computers and other dated technology was placed on tables beside the wall, equipment that had been replaced by a simple personal laptop. The dust on the books seemed thicker. It was almost creepy, especially with one overhead light flickering while others were completely out. But I had skipped through here many times in the past. It was just a section of unloved reference books.

But then I heard light thump which made me freeze on spot. You never heard a single sound in here, not even your footsteps echoed through the hall thanks to the thick carpeting. I sharpened my hearing to make sure I hadn't just imagined it. Soon enough my suspicions of another presence were confirmed by a long, passionate...


The hiss of that S brought shivers down my spine. I remembered how I could pull similar delicate moans out of Becca as I kissed her neck. I found myself immediately hard, conditioned like Pavlov's mutt.

"This alright?" came the whisper of a male voice. I carefully creeped closer until I could locate the sounds behind a bookshelf, quite invisible to a passer-by. Surrounded by shelves from all directions, the young couple might've avoided detection hadn't the girl been such a loud moaner.

I knelt behind a bookshelf and peaked through the books to marvel the magnificent view in front of me. The girl was gorgeous with pale skin and raven black braid neatly going down the back of her neck. Her pink nails were clawing into the guy's shirt, desperate to have it off. As he backed off from her to pull it over his head, I caught a glimpse of her perfectly shaped breasts and the brown nipples that crowned them. I felt my cock ache eagerly.

"Fuck, Alex," she moaned as he took of one of her nipples in his mouth.

Despite the tinge of jealousy in my chest I savoured every glimpse she gave him and moved around the books to have a better look.

"God, you're hot," he muttered as he played with her breasts.

"I can't wait to have you in me," she gasped between his kisses, "But first..."

She pulled him on his back on the floor and started immediately undoing his shorts. The guy gave out a nervous chuckle.

"And look what we have here," she said teasingly with a devilish smile on her lips.

She pulled out a fair-sized cock out of his boxers. Pink and shiny yet needy for more polishing.

With a quirky smile on her face she lowered herself between his legs and started gently caressing his manhood between her delicate fingers.

The guy, his face blushing, looked at her wide-eyed as she toyed with his most cherished possession and wider still as she bent over to place her glossy pink lips around it.

"Ohhhh... Fuck," he muttered, as his cock disappeared in that hot-looking mouth.

She merely giggled, obviously loving the response of his dick to her handling.

Painfully I watched her go down on him, my cock throbbing. I carefully slipped him out of his cage and gently caressed him, wistfully imagining how soft her mouth might feel. Like dipping it in hot sweet honey.

"Oh... OH FUCK."

I knew that face. I knew that face even if I had personally never seen it. He was cumming already. The white fluid was dripping down the corner of her mouth as she backed away from him.

"God... Laura, I'm so sorry," he said, evidently embarrassed.

But she responded with a sweet smile.

"Oh, don't be sorry," she giggled and wiped the cum off her mouth. "Just a small warning would've been appreciated, that's all."

I felt a little relieved for the guy. That could've been disastrous.

"Yeah, I'm sorry, it's just... You're amazing at that."

Laura smiles to him sweetly. "It's really okay. You'll make it up to me soon enough."

She adds a wink. My cock twitches happily at the sound of what is being implied.

"Sounds good," Alex agrees, relieved. "How about tomorrow?"

Wait. What?

"Tomorrow?" she asks him confused.

"Yeah, won't tomorrow suit you?"

"Ehm... No." she laughs nervously. "I was thinking you'd fuck my brains out right now."

Damn straight.

"Or in a minute," she adds with a bit of laughter. "As soon as you're ready."

Alex looks at her a little bit embarrassed. "Oh."


"I'm sorry but I don't think I can."

"Excuse me?"

Excuse me?

Alex, still lying on the ground, looks up at her awkwardly.

"You serious? I'm like so fucking horny."

"I could finger you," he offered.

"Yeah, I don't think so," she snapped with so much ice in her voice I could hear it cracking. "You don't understand, I'm fucking desperate for some cock."

Completely helpless, Alex tried to explain to her: "I'm sorry... It's just I... I can only once a day..."

"Yeah, whatever. Just go."

Humiliated and having missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime, Alex got his things and, with numerous apologies, excused himself.

As his shadow disappeared in the end of the hall, I thought that show was over and started planning my exit. She was already adjusting her bra back on and slipping the straps of her white dress up her arms. I tried to hurry.

But it was in that faithful moment that it happened; a book I had slightly moved earlier to get a better view fell on its back-cover which resulted in a metallic bang.

Alarmed by the sudden sound, her head snapped right where I was kneeling, immediately distinguishing my shadow through the gaps between the shelves. If I hadn't heard my heartbeat in my ears, I might've imagined that it had stopped beating.

"Who's there?" she whispered coldly.

I could see her narrow her eyes, evidently displeased.

No voice escaped my lips. My throat was completely dry.

"Reveal yourself," she demanded angrily.

My knees cracked as I rose on my feet, making me cringe at myself. My leg had fallen asleep. With a bit of a limp I uncertainly walked to the end of the bookshelf and showed myself to the girl standing behind there with her arms crossed, a disapproving frown on her face.

She eyed me from head to toe, her eyes quickly darting toward the massive erection that my jeans hopelessly tried to restrain.

"Who the fuck are you?" she spat out.

The way she spoke to me made me feel like a disgusting insect. Each word that fell out of her mouth felt like it was designed to crush me.

"Oliver," I finally managed to speak out. I crossed my hands in front of my crotch in a desperate attempt to cover my boner that was painfully slowly shrinking away.

She shook her head as if holding back the anger, she walked a few paces back and forward as if trying to think of a way to deal with the situation. Her hands were placed on her wide hips.

She finally turned back to face me: "Did he tell you?"

I looked at her confused.

"Who? What?"

"To come here," she said with annoyance, as if it had been strikingly obvious what her question had meant.

"No," I replied carefully, wishing not to infuriate her further. "I was passing by chance."

"And, of course, you saw the whole fucking thing," she stated.

I simply nodded in response.

She sighed and began muttering to herself: "By what fucking right..."

"This could've all been avoided if you hadn't been fucking in the library."

The words just slipped out of my mouth, without much thought. As soon as they were out, they just floated there in the air, in the deafening silence compassing us.

She stopped on her tracks and stared at me. I couldn't believe my own tactlessness. I pursed my lips shut as if afraid that something more damaging might come out.

"Excuse me?" she hissed.

"It's true, isn't it?" I went on, realising it would be pointless now to pretend my words have meant anything different. "Unless of course you wanted to be caught."

A faint disbelieving smile formed on her lips. She took a couple of steps closer to me.

"Are you serious?" she said with a faint chuckle. "Are you seriously excusing your pervy behaviour by claiming I wanted to be watched?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying," I replied, my voice oddly steady, in my heart unsure whether I was making a humongous mistake.

I don't know where my courage was coming from but something about that sly smile on her lips and the softening of her eyes made me push even a little further.

"Pity it ended so quickly. You looked fabulous."

She looked up at me with a disbelieving grin. Absent-mindedly her eyes fell on my crotch, where my cock was finding new life. She let out a deep breath and her entire body seemed to relax. When our eyes met again, a naughty smile had appeared on her lips.

"Think you can do right by me?" she whispered with a soft flirty tone.

"I will if you want me to," I assured her.

My answer seemed to please her. She took a few steps back, back into her love nest.

"But no blowjobs this time," she added with mock-seriousness, as if I had been the one guilty of premature ejaculation.

"Very well," I sighed and took off my shirt.

Immediately her arms wrapped themselves around my neck and she kissed my mouth with more passion than I honestly could've expected out of her, especially considering how we were practically strangers and the circumstances of our meeting having been less than ideal.

Greedily my hands felt her body, the lovely breasts and the marvellous full cheeks of her ass. Her body was to die for, being as curvy as it was. I remembered how she had moaned as that guy had kissed her neck so I decided to do the same, much to the same result if not even better.

I grabbed her braid gently and pulled her head back to better suck the whiteness of her skin. She responded to my handling with ecstatic moans.

The air seemed filled with the scent of her sunscreen and that of the dusty old books surrounding us. I will never forget that smell.

I scrambled her out of her dress, got away with the white bra and buried my face in her chest. Her nipples were so sensitive. I only brushed them with my thumb and they'd turn into hard, smooth little pearls. Her skin was miraculously soft. Not a drop of sweat could be seen but I could taste the salt on her skin.

She, in turn, began hastily unbuckling my belt and pulled my jeans and boxers in one suave move down to my ankles.

"Fuck yes," she squealed, her eyes sparkling with excitement, when my pink member was out of its wraps.

"Think you can keep your dirty lips away?" I teased.

She raised an eyebrow and simply went to lie down on the floor.

"Nah, I'd rather you just fucked me already."

"As you wish."

I knelt down on the ground, and she rose up to drag me down on top of her. It was close that I didn't crash down and squash her, even if I wasn't one of the beefiest guys, nor was she one of the most delicate of girls.

Her fingers buried themselves in my hair and guided me down her breasts and stomach, all the way down to the border of the yellow lace thong. With my fingers I gently grabbed it and slowly rolled it down her thighs revealing a pretty dark landing strip ending in a perfectly pink cunt.

"How lovely," I muttered as I admired her little paradise. She giggled.

The lips were all chubby and ready to go, glistening from her juices. I pulled the undies down her long legs and off her. My fingers dug into the soft flesh of her thighs and pulled her closer to me.

"Oh, haha," she exclaimed in amusement.

"You ready?" I asked her.

"Ready as ever," she sighed.

That blissful moment as I stuffed my member in her for the first time was euphoric. God had I missed that feeling of a girl's juices enveloping my shaft. That whimper she made as I filled her up meant the world to me. Her depths were warm, cosy and welcoming like a fire place on a winter night.

She looked at me with huge puppy-eyes, pleading and grateful at the same time. She clearly needed this and God did her body deserve it.

I thrusted in her slowly at first, her body moving beneath me in a steady rhythm. Slowly she got used to my width and I did my best to thrust in deep. My hand went to the back of her beautiful neck to keep her in place. A chain of blueberries was slowly but insistently forming around it.

I picked up speed, allowing her moans get louder. Her breasts jiggled with each thrust which only inspired me to push harder. Not too fast though. It's not about the speed, it's about the rhythm, as I remembered Becca lecturing me.

Eventually I slowed down and pulled out. She looked at me with a confused smile.

"Turn around on your fours," I ordered.

She raised a cheeky eyebrow.

"What are you planning? I'm not okay with anal."

"Fair enough but do what I say."

She chuckled charmingly and turned her magnificent bum at me.

I couldn't resist playing with it a little, running my fingers slowly up the bare flesh...

"Stop! That tickles!" she giggled charmingly.

I grinned at her slight discomfort and gently spread those cheeks to marvel at the bull's eye. Did you ever see prettier a sight? Her asshole was cute as a button as well.

The position allowed me to reach deeper into her cunt. And the enthusiastic response I got from Laura was in the form of porn-esque dirty talk.

"Fuck yeah, deeper honey. Fill me up to the brink with cum..."

I was too ecstatic to find it silly. Instead I smacked her on her ass with the palm of my hand.

"Mmmm," she moaned pleased.

"Be quiet, slut," I whispered to her teasingly, grabbing the braid in my hand and pulling her hair back, riding her.

"Oh fuck," she couldn't help muttering as my hips repeatedly hit against her cushioned behind, my balls slapping against her.

"Are you going to come soon, baby?" I whispered in her ear.

"God... Yess..." Laura visibly trembled.

"Good," I breathed out, "Cum for me."

I smacked her ass one more time before I grabbed her hips. My dick sunk effortlessly into her, the cunt so wet I watched her cum drip out and fall like raindrops on the dust grey carpet.

Her moans had gotten so loud you could probably hear it in the entire floor. It was a wonder nobody came to bother us. I don't know if I would've wanted us to be discovered, but the possibility of it did excite me. It added a whole new flavour to it.

"Oh, fuck me, yes, just like that!" she invited me.

My member was on fire. The heat of hers only accentuated mine. My teeth were clenched together, as I was giving her my all. Sweat was rolling down my back. Her butt cheeks were all pink from my pounding.

"Oh, fuck. Yes, YES!" she yelled.

The walls of her vagina began to spasm around my cock. It felt like she was milking me to cum with her. How couldn't I? With her cat-like body stretched out before me, I emptied my load in her depths. I was gasping for air, feeling like all the heat was finally letting go of me. All I could feel was satisfaction spreading through my blood stream. I could feel myself effortlessly smiling.

Laura just collapsed on the floor in front of me. She rolled on her back. She was gorgeous with her hair all dishevelled, sweat glistening like pearls on her skin. A naughty blush decorated her cheeks.

"You alright?" I asked her.

A quick, disbelieving smile appeared on her lips.

"Alright?" she asked, "I'm wonderful."

I admired the pleasure glowing off her. She had herself spread on the floor, probably because of the heat still overwhelming her, but tidily keeping her thighs together to keep cum from dropping on the carpet.

"You think someone heard us?" she asked me as she grabbed for a pack of tissues out of her bag to clean up after herself.

"Someone must have." Even if no one had come to investigate the voice.

"We might want to do this again, don't you think?" She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and looked me in the eyes, her eyes filled with kindness. I had truly gotten to her softer side, I congratulated myself.

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