tagGay MaleANR Ch. 04

ANR Ch. 04


Disclaimer: These are fantasies of mine at a real-life adult video store in Dallas named Adult New Releases. The setting, environment and devices described are all real. These stories describe extremely unsafe sex practices which is why I am "living them out" thru these words. In a perfect, disease free world, I would absolutely submit willingly to each and every one of these. Have amazing, mind-blowing sex everyone, just be safe out there.

This particular book store has an arcade right as you walk in, movies and toys to the right and a hallway leading to the left that has preview rooms for couples or individuals that want to pick their own movie to watch. When you walk into the arcade, it is laid out in a square with rooms primarily on the inside of the square. Each room has a leather couch, some are a full size couch and some are love seats. Each room has a big TV to show your selection and another big TV showing quick snippets of other channels so that you can switch to another video right away. What attracted me to this arcade is what is inside of each room. I was completely shocked when I first saw it. Each room has one of 7 different items in the room. They are always located in the inside corner of the room, by the door, next to the couch. They items are one of the following:

* A floor to ceiling slab of wood making a makeshift wall with a glory hole cut out and a stool to sit on (you are still in the same room, but can enjoy the anonymity of the glory hole if you so choose and then if you want more, you don't have to change rooms). The stools are toilet seats on metal legs so I imagine someone can lay under it and eat your ass or you can partake in scat fetishes.

* A square stage with a stripper pole.

* A massage table but with no head rest.

* A smaller, square, lower to the ground massage table, better for being bent over and fucked.

* A large rig with a harness that you can lay in on your back, be suspended in mid-air at waist height and have your arms and legs strapped in.

* A platform with a large "X" made out of wood with wrist and ankle straps so that you can be tied up and restrained while standing (either face forward or facing back)

* A stockyard (for those that don't know what a stockyard is, it's an old device used to display criminals in the middle of town. It had two pieces of wood with holes for your hands and head that were big enough for your wrists and neck, but too small for you to pull out when the top piece was fastened to the bottom piece.) When in the Stockyard, you face the couch and your ass is facing the wall with the door on it putting you parallel to the back wall of the room.

Now that you know about the place, we can move on to each adventure.

Chapter 04: The Stockyard

I have had 3 mind blowing experiences since last Friday night at my favorite adult book store and all were filled with such amazing degradation and debauchery. I again got myself ready, cleaned myself inside and out, put on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and some sandals and headed up to the store around 10:30 on Saturday night.

I arrived and noticed the parking lot was extremely full and my cock twitched with anticipation. Tonight was the night that I was going to try out the stockade.

I went inside and scoped out the men lingering in the halls and I saw a lot of great candidates as well as some pretty nasty ones too. Nowhere is going to have 100% prime choices, but I was glad there were a lot of good ones.

I saw two average looking white men standing on the wall across from one of the rooms with a stockade. They were talking and I walked in front of them and stopped. They looked at me and smiled and I looked at their faces, then directly at their crotches, licked my lips and walked into the room. I turned around when I was in the room and looked at them again and they moved from the wall and entered the room.

I placed a $20 in the machine and then immediately stripped and got to my knees. They walked over and I placed my hands on their crotches, rubbing their decent sized bulges. I undid the pants of the guy on the right and pulled out his 6" cock and immediately engulfed it. I slobbered on his cock as the other guy pulled his out. Once it was free, I held on to the first one with my hand and took the other guy in my mouth and took his all the way to the base. His was slightly larger, maybe 6.5". I moved back and forth between the two and moved them closer and eventually took both heads in my mouth.

"Do you like to get fucked?" the second guy asked.

I pulled off and in an excited, breathless gasp I said," yeah, I want to be used while in that," and nodded towards the stockade.

"We can do that," he said and they pulled me to my feet. I grabbed my bottle of lube and handed it to him and walked over to the stockade. They lifted up the top piece of wood and I bent at the waist and placed my neck and wrists on the appropriate places. They dropped the slab down and I was trapped and fully exposed to these strangers.

They moved behind me and began to grope my ass. They grabbed it and squeezed it, pulled it apart and then I felt a hand smack me hard on the right cheek.

"You wanna get fucked boy?" asked one of them.

"Yes, please, fuck me," I said.

Another smack, this time harder. "I don't believe you. Say it louder. I want everyone in the hallway to know what you want and what we are going to do to you."


They spanked me a few more times and then I felt the lube being poured on my ass. One of the men stepped up and ran the head of his cock up and down my crack before pushing the head past my rim. I moaned in delight and he then grabbed my hips and began to roughly fuck me, his thighs slapping against my ass as he plowed into me.


He plowed me for a few minutes before he started to shake and I felt his shoot the first load of the night into my ass. He pulled out and slapped my ass with his cock and then stepped aside. Almost immediately, I felt the other guy line his cock up with my freshly fucked ass and drive his cock deep into me. His felt larger so I knew which guy this was. He fucked me hard and fast and in just a few short minutes, he too unloaded in my ass.

I stood there bent over (honestly, I had no choice as I was locked in the stockade) and he pulled out. I could feel the cum dribbling from my ass and start to run down my legs. The men zipped up and went for the door and I said, "Hey, wait, aren't you going to let me out?"

"Nah," said one of them, "I do believe you said you never wanted to have cocks stop fucking you, and I bet since you yelled it loud enough, there are probably plenty out there ready to make your wish come true."

They laughed and then left, leaving the door open. When you are in the stockade, you face away from the wall with the door and because of the wood, you can't even look back. I was literally on display for anyone that walked by.

"Holy fuck, look at this tied up, naked white boy in here," I heard a somewhat familiar voice say. I heard some rustling at the door and then heard it shut. I saw the face of a very large black man peer around and look at me.

"Oh, no shit, yo, it's that faggot slut that we throat fucked last week," he said to his friends.

"No shit, it is?" asked one of his friends and then I saw another face pop around. "It is! I almost didn't recognize him with out his face covered in cum. Damn, white boy, I told you I wanted a piece of your ass next time you were here, but I didn't think you'd serve it up on a platter for us."

Truth be told, I was a little scared, but extremely turned on at the same time.

"Now, we gonna fuck you nice and hard. I love breeding little white boys. We even gonna pimp you out to anyone and everyone tonight that wants a piece of that prime white ass. How many loads have you taken so far?"

"Two," I managed to squeak out.

"Well good, lets get started on the next three," he said and walked behind me and slapped me hard on my ass. One of the other two went to my pants and removed my poppers and saw the rest of my money in my pocket. He stuck three more $20's in the machine. I was going to be here a long, long time. He walked over to me and had me inhale some poppers and the warmth ran down my body and I began to wiggle my ass back and forth.

"Look at this little bitch shake her ass. You are dying to have some big black cock in your little boy-pussy, aren't you?"

"Yes, please fuck me," I moaned, the poppers betraying my fear of my self-placed situation.

He stepped behind me and I heard him undo his pants. He began slapping his cock against my ass and I was reminded of his size. The weight alone was frightening, but then he laid it between my ass cheeks and I could feel the size and girth of it. He humped my ass cheeks and the other guy came up and had me take another hit of the poppers.

The man at my ass lined up his cock and started to push into my ass. I was well lubed, twice fucked and coursing with poppers, but it still hurt. I tried to squirm away, but there was not really anything I could do. He grabbed my hips and continued to push. He was not pulling out, he wasn't going to try and warm me up, no he was trying to bottom out on his first try. I gritted my teeth and sounds of distress escaped me, but I did all I could to try and push out like taking a dump as I knew that this was better than clamping up.

I felt his pelvis make contact with my ass and I knew he was completely inside of me. I was more full than I had ever been in my life. He began to pull out and then pushed all the way back in. "I knew this faggot would have a nice ass," he said and then picked up the pace. Pretty soon, he was fucking me hard and fast and I was moaning so loud as his cock kept hitting my prostate.

He fucked me hard and fast for at least 10 minutes and even applied more lube twice during the session. He continually slapped my ass and called me all sorts of degrading names. He finally roared, buried his cock as far as he could and unloaded several large blasts of cum deep inside of me. He pulled out and within no time, one of his friends took his place and immediately went to fucking me hard and fast.

The first guy then told his buddies he was leaving but to listen for his knock. As he left, his buddy was still fucking me and the other guy was still giving me hits of poppers. The cock in my ass kept hitting my prostate just right and I finally peaked over the edge and my cock started erupting cum. As my body convulsed, this sent my ass-fucker over the edge and he let go with several hot blasts in my ass. He pulled out and the third guy stepped up and as he placed the tip of his cock at my gaping asshole, there was a strong knock on the door.

The second guy went and opened the door and apparently number 1 was back. "I found the slut more cock," and he stepped in. The room filled up with at least 10-15 guys. When the door closed, the guy at my ass wasted no time and plunged into my ass. He began to fuck me hard, slapping my ass and plunging in deep with every thrust. This spurred the men in the room and they cheered him on and joined in the fun of calling me names.

Because of the way that you are in the stockade, you are not bent entirely in half which means unless someone is really tall, my mouth was not at the right height to use, but these men were not going to let that stop them. A few of them moved the couch over and one got up and simply said, "Open up."

I opened my mouth and this stranger began to fuck my mouth. It's a strange sensation when you realize there is no way you can get away from these men or pull away when you want to catch your breath.

These men used me, relentlessly and I ended up coming one more time. I lost count of the cocks that used me that night. Guys fucked me hard, men of different shapes and sizes. Some cocks were so small that I barely felt them as they fucked me and added their cum to my ass. I know I swallowed at least five loads that were forced down my throat and several more men who couldn't wait their turn had jerked off on my face.

The first black guy that had fucked me was continually shuffling people in and out but finally ended the gang bang and I was glad. I still wanted to keep getting fucked, even if my poor ass was sore and tender, but my body was too tired and too used. They guys removed the top brace and helped me out.

"Damn man, I've never seen someone take so much cock at once, not even the sluttiest bitches I know," said the first black guy. "You are some sort of super cock whore. I lost count, but you had at least 15 dudes fuck you after we were done with you and that don't even count the guys using your mouth or face."

I quietly acknowledged him and walked on wobbly legs over to my clothes. I heard his phone chime and he said, "Hold up, I got some buddies that wanna get in on this and they're here."

"Oh man, I couldn't possibly fuck anyone else or even suck a cock right now. I'm about to collapse from exhaustion," I said.

"Oh that's cool bro, you ain't even got to do all that. All you gotta do is sit your ass down on the ground, that's it," he said.

He opened up the door and they turned on the lights. The main guy came over and pushed me down so that I was sitting down, my folded legs underneath me. I noticed that there were three more big black guys in the room making six total.

"You got us three all ready to go again by getting fucked the way you did. All we wanna do is take some photos of you with our cocks and then cum all over you. You ain't gotta do nothing but sit there and occasionally let us put our cocks in your mouth for a photo and then we'll dump our cum and you can be on your way," said the main guy.

I couldn't have put up much resistance even if I wanted so I just nodded and they all stripped and pulled out their phones. They took turns taking pictures of me with their cocks individually draped over my face, with the head of their cock in my mouth, etc. Then they started adding more and more cocks to my face and would snap pictures. Two cocks, three cocks, finally I had all six monster cocks lying across my face. You could barely see me under there except for an eye maybe.

The main guy then said he wanted to show his boys how good of a bitch I was and came over and told me to open up and look up at him. I did as he asked and he put his cock in my mouth and his hands on the back of my head and slid his cock in slowly, his friends all taking multiple pictures as the black snake disappeared into my mouth and down my throat. Once fully in, they took more pics. Each guy tried out my throat and everyone recorded the events with tons of pictures.

Once I had deep throated each of them, they went back to taking more pics of me with two or three large, black cock-heads lodged in my mouth. All of them were stroking their cocks, the smallest around 8" and the largest probably over 10".

"You ready for your cum shower faggot?" asked the main guy.

I nodded and closed my eyed and tilted my head up to present my face as a target for them. They called me all sorts of dirty names and I heard them all stroking their cocks. I heard one of them roar and large amounts of cum started landing on my face. Shortly before the first guy finished, a second guy stepped up and unloaded on me as well. All six of these hung black men unloaded large amounts of cum across my face and hair, laughing as they finished and slapping me with their cocks and shaking them off on my face.

They finished and the main guy said,"alright,that was awesome, but we are definitely gonna have to play with you some more. I noticed you ain't got no cell phone in your pants. Give me your cell phone number and make sure it's real cuz I am going to call it and send some of these pics. Now, you don't have to give me your cell number, but I also don't have to give you your clothes or anything to clean up with and you can figure out how to get your naked, just-been-whored-out, cum-covered ass home," he said.

"Jeez, you could have just said that you all wanted my number so we could fuck again and I would have gladly given it to you," I said and gave a tired chuckle. I gave him my number and he called it and left me a message that simply said, "that's a good cock-whore."

They handed me the toilet paper and I started cleaning off my face and my poor dripping ass and they got dressed and left. As they walked out, the main guy said, "See ya 'round faggot."

Even with almost a full role of toilet paper, I couldn't get myself fully cleaned off, but it was good enough to pass a brief inspection. I left the room and arcade and walked like a complete idiot, legs wobbly and partially numb, to my car, got in and drove home.


I hope you liked it. Let me know if you want to see anything else from the series. Remember, this is a work of FANTASY and depicts extremely unsafe sex practices. BE. SAFE. OUT. THERE!

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