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Answering My Questions With A Quest


I hate it, when she answers my question with a question. Without thinking, she does it every fucking time. No matter what the question is or the answer she answers my question with a question.

She does it for everything.

Megan, what's for dinner? Does it look like I cooked?

Megan, where do you want the chair moved to? Harold, where did I say I wanted it?

Megan, you look hot in that teddy, how about we mess up the sheets? What, don't I also look hot my flannel PJ's too?

It doesn't matter the subject, my questions are always answered with a question. The only time she wasn't able to answer my question with a question, was the very last question I ever asked her.

What's the question? Six simple little words with a question mark but the hardest question to answer, "Why", would I want to stay? That's one question she didn't have an answer for. The bad thing was, I knew she couldn't answer it. Cheaters never can. They can give you the typical bullshit. But when it comes right down to it, they know the answer. It's just getting them to see the truth.

From the beginning, I should have known it would come to this. My marriage was doomed from the start. I should have just listen to my dad and follow the rules.

My father taught me the ten rules a man should live. 1.Life is fun till you fuck it up. 2.Work is only hard when you don't want to do it. 3.If you want to know what your wife will look like in 20 years, look at her mother. 4.It takes a strong woman not become her mother. 5.Friend are a dime a dozen, but a real "bro's" are forever. 6.Never give your wife all the money. 7.No cheating pussy is worth half, no matter what the judge says. 8.Looks fade but beauty last forever. 9.If it looks like a duck, walks and quakes like a duck....it's a fucking duck. 10.No bitch is worth dying or going to jail for, so always plan, plot, figure out the best way to get revenge and don't leave any finger prints.

My dad always said if mom disappeared, and her purse was left behind, then it was one of two things. She ran away or he chased her away. If he chased her away, her purse would be left behind because he wasn't giving her shit. My dad always talked loud enough for my mom heard him; Son, she'll leave with what she came into this marriage with and "NOTHING MORE". I always wondered, what makes a man so hateful. That was one of life's little lessons I would learn later.

I've never been a fan of telling my life story so I won't. But I will give you the gist of it. I was born in North Texas into a good family and my dad kicked my ass every day. When I deserved it and sometimes when I didn't. My mom was the backbone of our family. My sisters Kelly and Anne were all ways there for me and my little brother, Carlton. Carlton is a dork but an overall a good brother.

Then there is Megan.

I met Megan in the 8th grade. She had those big teen tits and for me it was love at first sight. We didn't get together till my 2nd year in college. From that moment on she was my girl. For those of you wondering why it took us so long to become an item, ask her dad.

That man was like "OLD YELLER", you know the dog from the classic move. If a male came within one foot of his daughter he was barking like a fucking blood hound. It took three years for him to let me sit on their porch, then another year, just to call her. And then it always sounded like he was listening on the phone, before she could ask him if I could take her out. He would yell, "NO". So believe me when I tell you that he surprised the hell out of me, when I asked permission to marry Megan, he said "Yes, Son you can", "Son", this fucker just called me son. For the last 6 years, I've been called, "a bastard, a fucking moron, dumb assed fool and last but not least King of the shitheads". But now, I'm his son. Figure that shit out.

For me married life was great, our honeymoon was fucking awesome. Megan wanted every hole used, and used well. I was 22 at the time. By the time she finished with me, I needed a B-12 shot.

Life with Megan was anything but boring.

Over the next 15 years, life was hard but good. We worked, we played, we made love and we had kids. Three kids as a matter of fact, Tommy, Jessica and Paul our little angels. For those without kids, kids have a built in "pussy radar." Anytime I or the misses are in the mood and things are about to get hot and heavy, their radar went off. Most of the time, I would only get one boob out of her bra before the knock on the door. I can't count the number of time I should have gone to the hospital because of a 4 hour erection.

It wasn't till our 25th year when things blew up. The only thing that kept me from leaving the country we're the kids. Two of the three kids were out the house and the third was on his way out. Tommy was at Florida State, Jessica was at UT Knoxville and Paul had just graduated from high school and was heading to Gainesville to be a Gator. But being a male child he just had to party hearty on his last night at home. Paul was acting like an ass and tried to drive home drunk. He hit a pole and was in the hospital. He was in critical condition.

Megan and I rush to the hospital. He's spleen had been removed. He had lung damage and needed a kidney. His were to damaged and he needed a donor fast. The doctor asked if he could do blood work to see if I was a match. Megan gave us a strange look, like she was trying to figure something. Then she said, "shit, shit shit". You don't to bother. He isn't Paul's father. I backed up and looked at her. I went to grab her, but the doctor stopped me and told me not to do this now. I asked her what the fuck she was talking about. The doctor told her she needs to get the father here to save Paul.

I turned and walked away. Then I stopped and turn back, dropped my wedding ring on the floor and walk in the room to see Paul. I could even think about him not being my son at the moment, I just wanted him to get the help he needed. When Megan and the doctor walked in the room, I turned and left. The doctor grabbed my arm and told me that I needed to stay. Because Paul needed both of us right now, so I stayed.

Later that night Paul's father came in. About an hour later my brother Carlton showed up. I was about to go fill him in on what was happening, when I saw that they had drawn blood from him. Paul's father was Megan's brother in law, my brother Carlton. Then he, the doctor and Megan left the room. I had my answer. Carlton came in trying to explain what happened. I walked out of the room; this was too much for me to deal with. As I walked out into the waiting area, Carlton's wife Abby was sitting there with her head in her hands crying. I didn't know if it was because of Paul or because of what she had found out about Carlton and Megan. It didn't matter either way, both problems were fucked up. The doctor came up and asked if he could speak to me for a second. He told me that I needed to man-up and be there for Paul and Megan. They were going to need me. I asked him, how do I go about that? You're so much of a "big fucking man." Tell me how can I be there for that slut? She just told me, my son is my nephew? She has been fucking my brother for who knows how long. But we know at least 18 years because Paul is his son. And how do I deal with Carlton, I can't call him my brother anymore. What kind of brother fucks his brother wife and leaves him to raise he children? But since you're the doctor, maybe you can give me something for that. Maybe you can get me some slut detection goggles. Do they have an after the affair, get this slut and my brother out of my life pill? Maybe you know a way to wipe the slut from my memory. Humm, I thought not, so go the fuck away me and try to fix Paul. You can't help my marriage or my life. The doc shook his head then turned around and walked back into Paul's room. I walked over to Abby and asked what Carlton had told her. She said that all three of my kids where his. Carlton said Megan told him I was sterile.

This was new to me and how would she know. I had only been in the hospital for one thing and I was 10 then. It was something going on and I needed to find out the answers.

It was 11:30 in the next morning before the doctor told us that Paul would be ok. Carlton's kidney was a perfect match. I headed for the exit when Megan and the doctor ran over to me just as the door was closing. Megan went to grab me when the doctor stopped her. I would have spit him her face. Megan asked where I was going. What about our son Paul? It struck me as funny, "OUR SON". I turned and left.

I got to the house around 2:30 that afternoon, after a quick stop at Home Depot for a couple of lock sets. I changed the locks to the house. Then I started packing Megan's clothes. I had 4 bags packed before I got the first call. It was her father wanting to come over and talk before I did something stupid. Some like what I asked him? Come on "DAD", what reason would I have to do something stupid. Before he could say another word, I slammed down the phone.

While packing Megan's crap, it got me to thinking about Paul and everything that happened. It took me be back to all the long discussions in Psych class.

Nature -vs - Nurture, did DNA make Paul my son. Certainly in my heart, he was mine. From the first moments of his life, the first steps, the first time he caught a football. His first fight, his first date, his first kiss, talking to him about the bird and bees, all those things made him my son, didn't they? But, when he really needed his father, the truth was I wasn't, was I. When he need blood and kidney both things that I would have gladly given him, I couldn't. In his real time of need, I could only sit there helpless because Megan turned out to be a cheating whore. The moment the doctor said he needed a kidney. He wasn't my son. My family's name would go on, but what about my branch of the family tree. There wouldn't be a Harold Paxton branch. Of course Carlton's branch had 7 sprouts on it. The 4 kids he had with Abby and the 3 kids with Megan that made Carlton the family stud. I had to stop thinking about things for a while because I was giving myself a head ace.

I went to the frig grabbed a beer and sat in my recliner. I had just turned on the TV when I heard some cars pulling up. I didn't move. I sat there drinking my beer, listening to them knocking on the door. It sounded like there were 4 or 5 people out there. They had been knocking for about 10 minutes when Megan pulled in. I think it was my dad that told her to use her key to open the door. I'll bet they were really surprised when her key didn't work. After I finished my beer, grabbed my pistol from my desk, walked over and opened the door. I asked my father, what did they want? My dad asked, "Why", I had the gun. I told him it was to keep out intruders. I asked them once again "What", did they want? My dad was the spokes person, he asked if they could come in and talk to me. I told them sure, as long as Carlton and Megan weren't with them. Megan sat on the porch crying while Carlton was going to show me how much of a man he was, that was until he heard me pull back the slide on my dessert eagle. I think that was the moment they realized things weren't going to go as they thought they would.

So for the next 2 hours they spilled the beans, they all knew except Abby and I. I couldn't believe that these people were related to me. Abby, understood how Megan felt. My dad the man that taught me how to deal with a cheating wife, now wanted me to live with one. It's strange how being a grandparent can cloud you thinking. Son, she did what she had to; to give you the family you wanted. You need to calm down and understand how Megan felt.

I didn't and was about to try to. I was done, fuck'em all.

I will never understand how a woman wanting a baby is grounds for her to go out and get fucked to achieve her goal. Is there any difference for a man that wants have a baby with his wife; only to find out she can't give him one? Opps, I forgot only women can allowed to cheat under those guidelines, it seems only another woman can understands how it feels not to be able to give birth. I guess men don't want families, that don't want to watch their child grow in their mate's belly. They don't fine joy in taking care of their loved one, their lifelong mate during this time. I guess, I'm not a man then because I shouldn't hurt.

With all the bullshit they were talking and it was just that, "Bullshit", about how I needed to think about the kids and how to keep the family together. They gave me all that bullshit about a woman not felling whole when they couldn't have kids.

And how women are emotional creatures and need to procreate. Then they hit me with it a blessing for above. That's when I lost it and told them all to get the fuck out. She is a fucking cheating whore and had my brother babies. That is a blessing. If that a blessing then I need to change my beliefs.

It turns out that my mom told her, I wasn't able to have kids because I had Yellow Fever when I was ten. She told Megan but forgot to tell me, humm what a mom. After I put them all out, it was about an hour later the kids showed up. They told me Megan had called them, but told them to come to her parent house first. They came home first.

I spent the next hour explaining to them what happened, I didn't hold back anything. Jessica didn't believe it. She called and set an appointment to have blood drawn for a DNA test. Then she was going to see Megan. Tommy said it didn't matter because I was his dad no matter what. But he went along with Jessica's plan because he needed to know.

We all went to the hospital the next day, we checked on Paul and then had blood drawn. After that Jessica went to see Megan, Tommy and I watched Paul for a few hours, then we went back to the house.

Needless to say things were very tense around the house for the next few days.

On the third day we got a call from the hospital, the results were in. It turns out that only Jessica was mine. So much for shooting blanks, Tommy got pissed and walked out, because it meant the Megan had been a cheating whore since the second year of our marriage. Not even two years, she got pregnant with Tommy after 18 months.

I filed for divorce the same day the result came in. I gave my attorney the DNA results. I didn't want 50/50, I wanted it all. You see, I'm a firm believer in equal rights. When a man cheats, everyone yells, "Take him to the cleaners". Don't get mad, get everything, but when it a man being cheated on, it's "what did you do". Are you sure, maybe its hormones? You need to get her some help instead of divorcing her. I can't tell you how many friends I lost in the days following.

I lost both parent and in laws, because they had known all along.

In the final meeting, Meagan asked for 30 minutes alone. After 25 years of marriage, 23 years a 4 months of lies, but who's counting. I could sit down and hear one more lie. Even in our last meeting, everything was a question. Harold, haven't I been a good wife to you? Harold, think about, did you miss out on anything? After all the love we have shared, do you really want to give upon us? I mean really? Harold why would you want to leave? I let her have 30 minutes but in the end I asked her one question. It wasn't a hard question, but it was the only one she didn't have an answer for. I spent the next 10 minutes summarizing everything that happened in the last 2 years of our marriage.

Then I asked Megan, Why would I want to stay?

Then I got up and left. The divorce was granted 90 days later. No alimony on my part, no child support, no nothing. Megan ended up paying me $350.00 a month alimony for 5 years. There wasn't a home to put up for sale. I gave the house to Jessica. I live there rent free. When it comes to our finances, I had no job, so no salary. I quit the day before the DNA results came in. She had cheated on my for 20 plus years and some judge was going to make me pay her for it. I don't have any money in the bank. I used it for Paul's medical bills. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

The one good thing was that Abby came by to let me know the parents along with Megan and Carlton plan to ambush me into talking with them and becoming a family again. Abby and I spent the next 3 hours plotting and playing. Carlton was stupid because Abby had 38ddd's. I won't tell you what else she had because I wanted to use it again. But by the end of the day, Paul, Tommy and I would be on a cruise during their visit.

When we got back from the cruise, Jessica let me know that my lawyer was ready to file suit against Carlton for 23 years of back child support. We were asking for $350,000 per child. College, cars and all after all kids are expensive. Once the lawsuit was filed, Abby filed for divorce.

I never adopted Paul or Tommy, they didn't want me to. They knew I was dad, if not in blood, then for love of being there for them. Paul said, he couldn't make me a true cuckold, just because his mother was fucked up, he wasn't. Tommy agreed.

10 years has passed, I'm 62 with a 5 and 10 year children. My wife, Abby is 52. "Yes", I said Abby. I'll never admit it but I love spending Carlton's alimony on nice things for my kids and no I didn't marry Abby for revenge. It doesn't hurt me one little bit to rub our relations in Carlton's face.

Megan, well she told Jessica, she'll wait till the end of time and she'll get me back some day. Even Jessica laughs at that.

My parents are burning holes in Jessica's and Abby's ears, "Please get Harold to come see us", we'll be dead soon and he'll hate himself for not being here. Hate myself for missing out on the lives of those who wanted to cuckold me while calling themselves my loved ones, not likely. I'll think about forgiving them on their death beds but it's a long shot. After all their 80 and 82, besides they have Carlton.

I have to go now; the kids are going with Jessica and Paul for the night. I've had a 30 minute hard-on waiting on Abby to get back. She went to put them in the car. If I still have a hard on like this in 4 hours, fuck the emergency room, call a coroner.

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by Anonymous

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by Seeker110703/10/18

Third time

It should have had a few add on. First ask his father what he would have said if his mother pulled that on him. Second, dear mom, make sure to tell dad just who is the real father! As for Megan the slut,more...

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by aptonthe50311/15/17

College Aged Children

So one child in Florida, another at Tennessee but both arrive home within minutes of being called. Beam me up Scotty!
Otherwise a fair tale, short and mostly enjoyable.
Please write again.

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by looking4it09/10/17

Lol...SK3, did you really just ask an author to pull a story posted 5 years ago, fix it and resubmit it?

I liked how the kids sided with the dad or at least knew that there is a difference between dadmore...

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by StormKing3309/10/17

3* Due to Rampant Grammar snd Spelling Errors.

You have a good story plot, but you need some critical proofreading. Pull the story off-line, correct it, and resubmit.

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by IndyOn08/08/17


An example: "Later that night Paul's father came in. About an hour later my brother Carlton showed up. I was about to go fill him in on what was happening, when I saw that they had drawn blood from him.more...

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