tagErotic CouplingsAnthea Shocks Father James

Anthea Shocks Father James


Anthea is a 41 year old divorcee. She had been married for several years but in the end the marriage just sort of fizzled out and they went their own ways. She started to get involved in the local church and ended up helping Father James with the day to day running of things dealing with bookings and enquiries for weddings and christenings and general clerical duties.

She has always been a very dominant person but to look at her you would never in a million years believe that this was so. Her sex life when she was married was very much based round her dominant personality. Her husband was a very meek and mild man, so his submissive nature and her dominant side made for a very satisfying sex life.

Now that she is divorced she struggles to come to terms with not being able to express her dominant side but once a week or so she gets her bondage clothing out and wears it in the evening at home. After she's put on some heavy makeup with deep blue eye shadow and slutty red lipstick she is ultra horny and with the help of her nipple clamps and one of her many dildos and vibrators manages to give herself the orgasm her body so badly needs.

As she dresses herself she often thinks that the others at the church and particularly Father James would never believe she was this sort of person.

She is very attractive with shoulder length brown hair and is always demurely dressed. To everyone she knows she is Anthea but when she's in her dominant role she's 31 year old Cindy.

She had been having a fairly straight forward day at work doing the usual office jobs but suddenly she felt the weekly urges creeping up on her. The first sign was the hardening of her nipples and soon followed by the dampness in her panties. She knew straightaway that tonight was one of the evenings when she was going to be Cindy.

She finished work at her normal time and said goodnight to Father James who said, 'Goodnight Anthea, hope you have a good evening, have you any plans?'

'No, a quiet night in in front of the TV,' she replied.

Anthea smiled and said to herself, 'If only he knew.'

She took the short walk to her flat but before she started preparing her evening meal she took her bra and very damp panties off. She loved the feel of her hard nipples rubbing against her dress and before she dropped the panties in the dirty washing basket she held them to her nose and inhaled the musky aroma of her pussy.

For a moment she wanted to do more but she knew that if she ate first then she would have the rest of the evening to indulge her passion and take care of her sexual needs.

She finished eating and sat watching the news on TV and finished the glass of wine she had poured herself. She went into her bedroom and opened the wardrobe where she kept her 'Cindy' clothes. She put them on the bed and undressed. She put her hand between her legs and felt how damp she was. She just knew that it was going to be a good evening.

She put on her black pvc basque with the cut outs for her breasts and then she sat on the bed and pulled her black seamed stockings on and attached them to the suspenders hanging down from the basque. What she liked about this basque was that there were 6 suspender straps. She turned round and looked in the full length mirror and made sure the seams were straight. She then put on her favourite black open crotch panties. She liked these as she had easy access to her pussy although sometimes he liked to wear full panties and just pull them aside when she needed to.

Next came the shoes, a sexy pair of 5 inch red open toes sandals -- in her words -- 'her fuck me shoes.'

She sat down at the dressing table and put her make up on. First came the false eye lashes and mascara and lots of deep blue eye shadow. Then she picked up her lip pencil and outlined her lips and then drew a circle round her nipples. Her nipples were so hard and erect. She picked up her Revlon crimson red lipstick and liberally coated her lips and then filled in the circle round her nipples making sure they were well covered. She gave the lipstick a few moments to dry before coating first her lips with lip gloss and then her nipples. She admired herself in the full length mirror and felt as slutty as she looked.

By now her pussy was soaking wet and as she sat with her legs wide open she could smell her pussy juices -- once again she knew it was going to be a good night. Although she always satisfied herself well enough what she really needed was a man to dominate. She had often thought about maybe advertising on the internet or even going to a local hotel and trying to pick up a businessman but the potential dangers of meeting a stranger bothered her too much. So it was her fingers and toys that she had to make do with.

She took her collection of toys into the lounge and pugged her laptop into her wide screen TV and looked for one of her favourite domination videos. She loved seeing men tied and bound and being used for female pleasure.

She put the toys on the table and picked up the nipple clamps. Her lipstick coated nipples were very erect and hard and as she clamped one of her nipples she winced as the metal dug into her nipple but the pleasure soon outweighed the pain. She repeated the process with the other nipple and sat down on the sofa and started watching one of her favourite videos.

Her legs were wide apart as she slowly drew a finger back and forth along her slit which by now was soaking wet. Although she wanted to rub her clit she wanted the exquisite pleasure she was experiencing to last a lot longer. She reached for one her vibrators -- a plain black one but about 8 inches long and thick. She slowly inserted it inside her and was amazed how easily it slid all the way in. She flicked the switch on and loved the feel as the vibrations coursed through her sexual being.

She stared at the video on the TV and watched the leather clad dominatrix tormenting and punishing the pathetic man wearing ladies underwear. Oh how she wished she was that woman.

Although she knew she could cum instantly she always wanted the first orgasm to last a while and was happy to wallow in the pleasure she was giving herself. Her hands went up to her nipples and twisted the nipple clamps. The pain on her nipples was intense but very pleasurable.

Suddenly she heard the doorbell ring. Her heart missed a beat as she thought to herself 'go away, leave me alone'.

She switched the vibrator off and paused the video and sat quietly waiting for whoever it was to go away. The doorbell rang again and for longer.

Suddenly she heard Father James call out, 'Anthea, it's Father James, sorry but I need to see you urgently.'

Anthea panicked, 'Fuck it, she said under her breath.

She turned the TV off and took the vibrator out, stood up and grabbed the other toys and ran into the bedroom. She threw them on the bed and grabbed a dressing gown and wrapped it tightly around her.

As she opened the door she suddenly remembered her slutty appearance and clothing. But it was too late.

Father James was speechless as he looked at his young demure assistant dressed like a slut.

'Gosh Anthea, I hardly recognised you,' he said.

'Oh sorry Father, it's just that I'm about to go to rehearsals for a new play the amateur dramatic society are putting on and I......'

'No need for explanations,' he said, 'look I am so sorry for disturbing you but you did say you were having a quiet night in. Look I need you to check out an application for an urgent Christening, you know I'm not very good at this sort of thing.'

He followed her into the lounge and couldn't take his eyes off her seemed stockings and red high heel shoes. He said, 'Are you sure I'm not disturbing you?'

'No, it's fine,' she lied.

They went into the lounge and Father James sat on the sofa opposite Anthea. As she started reading the papers Father James just couldn't keep his eyes off her legs. He might be old enough to be her father and he might be a Catholic priest but he really would like to have fucked her. He was also fascinated by her slutty make up, he had only ever seen her wear some very subtle make up before.

As Anthea started to get engrossed in the paperwork she didn't notice that her dressing gown had come loose and Father James could clearly see all her stockings and suspenders. It was blatantly obvious to him that she wasn't wearing a skirt and was about to have sex. He assumed that there must have been a boyfriend hiding in the bedroom.

Anthea checked the application form and told Father James everything was in order. They sat and chatted for a while and she noticed that he couldn't stop looking at her legs. It aroused her and she slightly parted her legs.

'What part have you got in the play, what's the title?' he asked.

Anthea felt herself blushing, knowing she was going to be lying to a priest. She was about to make something up when she suddenly said, 'Why don't I show you.'

With that she went into her bedroom and took off her dressing gown and picked up her vibrators and dildos and a crop and walked back into the lounge. Father James couldn't believe his eyes as she walked towards him.

She stood in front of him, her legs apart and the crop held beside her. She said, 'here I am Cindy, I am not Anthea, and when I get to work tomorrow I will be Anthea and Cindy will NOT be mentioned, do I make myself clear, James?'

He was flabbergasted, he just mumbled, 'of course, my dear.'

She had never referred to him as just James and had never used that demonstrative tone of voice.

'Take your clothes off and let me see what you've got,' she said menacingly.

'I am Catholic Priest I do not take my clothes off just like that,' he replied.

The crop crashed down on the arm of the chair and she said, 'I don't give fuck what or who you are now get those fucking clothes off.'

James was mesmerised by her now and stood up and undressed. He took his clothes off and stood with just his underpants on.

Cindy said, 'You can see my tits and cunt, so I want to see your cock.' The crop crashed down again on the arm of the chair. Any suggestion to James that this was just a game was quickly dispelled and he dropped his underpants. Although he wasn't completely hard Cindy was quite impressed by the size of it.

She stood only inches from him, the crop was very gently rubbing against his cock. She said, 'Take one of my nipple clamps off.'

James reached forward and undid it. He was amazed at the size of her nipple and how red it was. He handed it to Cindy and she reached towards him and clipped it on his nipple.

'Ouch,' he yelled, 'that hurts.'

'No pain -- no pleasure,' she replied.

'Take the other one off,' she said.

Again he did as he was told and handed it to her. He almost winced even before the clamps tightened round his nipple.

Cindy looked down at James's ever growing cock.

'See what I mean, pain means pleasure,' she said.

She left him standing in the middle of the room and walked over to the table and picked up a couple of items. The first thing was a blindfold which she quickly put on him and then she pulled his hands behind his back and put some handcuffs on him. He loved the feeling of helplessness and he could feel his erection nearing full size.

She then started touching his cock and balls and felt something tight around them. She had got a vibrating cock ring and put it under his balls and over his cock. A quick flick of a switch and he could feel the wonderful buzzing sensation. She reached for his nipples and squeezed the clamps tighter together and he shouted out in pain.

She then sat down on the sofa and said, 'Now listen to me fucking myself with my vibrator. Would naughty little James like to watch? Well you're not fucking going to. But you can listen to me.'

It went quiet for a moment. James stood there helpless, the pain of the clamps on the nipples was turning to pleasure and the vibrating cock ring was sensational. He heard the vibrator start up.

She was soaking wet and the vib slid in her wet hole so easily. She sighed as she started fucking herself.

'Oh fuck James, this is so wonderful, my cunt is so wet. I'm in heaven, although maybe I shouldn't say that in front of man of the cloth. Your cock is wonderfully hard, I bet you can imagine it sliding in and out of my cunt or would you like it in my mouth, you naughty boy,' she said.

'Oh Cindy, please let me watch,' he pleaded.

'I'll think about it, I'm almost cumming,' she replied.

'Do you want to watch me cum? Then ask me nicely,' she said.

'My dearest Cindy I would be most grateful if you would remove my blindfold so that I would be able to witness one of the best sights in the world, that of a sexy woman making herself cum,' he said.

'Oh James, you always did have a way with words, however could I refuse you, come over here,' she replied.

James took a couple of steps forward and he bent down and she undid the blindfold. He blinked a couple of times to get used to the light.

'Kneel down in between my legs and you may watch me,' she said.

James knelt down, his face was only inches away from the cunt of his demure clerical assistant but at this moment in time she was Cindy the slut. He could smell her cunt juices and the sight of seeing her large black vibrator plunging in and out of her very wet cunt and through the hole of her open crotch panties almost had James ejaculating involuntarily.

He looked at her face, the face he had seen thousands of times at work, the sweet and innocent face and now she looked like the slut she was. This wasn't Anthea the clerical assistant, this was Cindy the slut.

Her eyes were closed and her mouth open as her first orgasm crashed through her body quickly followed by a second and a third. She turned the vibrator off and left it inside her as she lay back and recovered.

After a minute or so she took the handcuffs off and said, 'take the vibrator out and lick it clean and then lick me clean,'

James slid it out gently and put it to his mouth, he opened his mouth and put it in and sucked on it. He loved the taste of her cunt juices. Then he leant forward and slowly licked up and down her wet slit.

'Oh James, that is exquisite,' she said.

He carried on, enjoying every single second. After a short while she said, 'oh naughty me, naughty Cindy, look you've still not cum, come sit on the sofa. No, on second thought, lie on the floor and I'm going to fuck you.'

He lay down, his cock with the vibrating cock ring keeping it hard and standing up. Cindy straddled him and eased herself down on his cock. It slid in so easily as she was still very wet. She lowered herself gently and then raised herself almost letting his cock slip out and then she plunged all the way down. She took his hands and put them on her tits and said, 'pinch and squeeze my nipples, the harder the better, hurt me.'

James loved the feel of her rock hard nipples and pinched and twisted them. The more he abused them the more she liked it. Cindy was riding his cock for all she was worth now, she reached down and twisted his nipple clamps. The look on his face was of pure unadulterated pleasure as he felt his climax approaching. His mind went back to seeing her in the church or in the office dressed as a demure young lady. It was almost unbelievable that here he was and she was fucking him.

Cindy was plunging her cunt all the way down on his cock and they were both about to cum. James was the first and he called out in pleasure as he pumped his hot seed into his young office assistant. But Cindy hadn't finished yet and was desperate for one more orgasm and she plunged her cunt down one more time she felt her body trembling and quivering with pleasure as she had yet another mind numbing climax.

They stayed in the same position while they recovered. Cindy slowly eased herself off of his subsiding cock and moved up over his face. She knelt up and let her cunt juice and his spunk trickle out of her. James opened his mouth and took it all in. he savoured the taste and texture before swallowing it.

They sat and recovered for a while before James said he had to get back.

The next day at work nothing was said except to ask each other whether they had had a good evening. They both replied that they did.

About a week later Anthea was just packing up at the end of the day and Father James asked her, 'Anything planned for tonight?'

'No, a quiet night in, what about you?' she replied.

'Nothing, although I was thinking about seeing if I could call round and see my friend Cindy,' he replied.

Her reply surprised him, 'I reckon she'll be pleased to see you, shall we say about 7.30?'

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