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His hands were sliding under the table. I watched them out of the corner of my eye and couldn't wait to see what was next. I took a quick breath as I felt his finger tips on my thigh. Looking around the restaurant, I checked to see if anyone was watching. I lifted my wine glass to my lips and took a sip as his fingers walked up my thigh, skimming my skin. I felt my heartbeat race and my breath stall. He smiled at me over his glass. His lips took a slow drink on his scotch and water as his fingers moved up the top of my stockings.

The waiter came to the table and asked if we needed anything. Our entrees would be out momentarily. I smiled and tried not to moan as his fingers finally touched the apex between my legs. My panties were soaked. His finger slid up and down my pussy, rubbing my panties against me. I wanted to moan but somehow held it in.

I looked up at him and he smiled, licking his lips. As the waiter placed our plates in front of us, his finger slipped under my panties and slid just inside my wet lips. Trying not to arch up off my chair, I focused on my plate. His finger slid up inside me and twisted then pulled out and left me empty. Over and over again, his finger pushed inside me. I was wet, my pussy was tight and I was nearing the edge.

Suddenly, he withdrew his finger.

Stunned, I watched as he slipped the tip of his wet finger into the cream sauce on his plate and then between his lips. I felt my body shiver. I wanted his lips on me, kissing me, sucking me. I wanted his tongue licking me, teasing me. I wanted his cock.

We ate in silence, his eyes never leaving me. I was trying to focus on eating but wasn't doing a very good job. As he finished his dinner, I watched him casually lift an ice cube from his scotch and water. The ice was melting, running down his fingers. His hand slipped under the table. I knew what was coming. I knew as his hand opened my legs. I nearly cried out as the cold burn slid across my pussy lips. His fingers pushed the melting ice cube inside my lips, running it up and down just inside me. I wanted to scream. I wanted to grind my hips and fuck his fingers. Instead, I sipped my drink and ate my dinner.

His finger kept at me, pushing in and out of my pussy. My lips were numb from the cold of the ice. My pussy was dripping, as much from my arousal as from the ice. As I felt my orgasm beginning, he withdrew his finger again. Smiling, he licked his finger and called for the check. I sat there, waiting, not sure if I could stand it. I wanted to cum. I wanted to cry out.

The check was paid and he helped me out of the booth. His hand laid gently on the small of my back. I didn't think my legs could carry me. I knew I had to be dripping, beads of moisture running down my legs. As we walked out into the night, he called for his car. As his town car pulled up, he whispered in my ear, "I'm going to have you in the car. You're going to cum for me."

I shivered. Not from the cool air but from the anticipation. His driver, Kevin, opened the back door and I slid inside. As I slid into the corner, he followed me in, leaning over me. His hand went to my thigh as Kevin closed the door and went around to the driver's seat. As the car moved, he slid my dress up my legs. The cool air made my skin tingle. Smiling, he reminded me of what he had said earlier. He was going to have me.

Sliding to his knees, he knelt in front of me, pushing my legs open. I looked up and watched the back of Kevin's head. Anything that was going to happen in the back seat of this car was not only going to be heard by Kevin but also seen. His were soft and hot as they moved further up under my dress. His fingers toyed with the garters holding my stockings up but he didn't release them. Instead, his fingers traveled up my inner thigh, stroking me slowly. We looked into each other's eyes as his fingers caressed my pussy lips through my panties.

His finger pushed against me, pushing the fabric closer to me. A small moan escaped my lips. His fingers curled around the top of my panties and he slowly pulled them down, telling me to lift myself up off the seat. As he pulled my panties off and tossed them to the floor of the car, I leaned back again. He opened my legs wider, his fingers stroking my thighs slowly, causing such urgency in me. He smiled as he pushed my dress up and saw my naked pussy. His fingers caressed the tip of my slit, moving up and down and in small circles. I moaned again.

With little strokes, his finger pushed inside me. I was so wet, the sound of suction filled the car. He smiled and leaned forward. Opening me wider, his face settled between my legs. His face was rough against my thighs as his lips touched my pussy. I moaned and arched as his tongue forced it's way inside me. With a slowness I thought would kill me, he licked my pussy, teasing me and pushing me. I looked in the mirror and met eyes with Kevin. His smile made me feel wicked and hot. I closed my eyes and moaned again, louder, as his mouth covered my slick pussy and he sucked hard on my lips. Bucking my hips, I felt my orgasm building again. I wanted to cum. I'd wanted it all night. His tongue flicked across my clit and then down inside me, returning to lick my clit and press down again. His lips closed around my hardened clit and his finger slipped inside me as I bucked into his face and moaned our my orgasm. I looked at Kevin in the mirror and smiled, licking my lips. His mouth kept sucking, pulling on me. I kept moaning and pushing against him.

Lifting himself up, he braced one hand on the car door behind me. I watched as his other hand undid his pants, sliding them down. His cock was hard and big. He stroked his cock gently with his hand, sliding his fingers up and down the length of him. I watched and moaned, pushing myself up, letting him know I wanted him. He smiled and laid between my legs. I moaned as the tip of his cock pushed against me. I watched Kevin's face in the mirror as my pussy filled with his cock. He was so big, my pussy was so tight around him.

He grunted and pulled his cock out till the tip was just barely inside me, then he rammed his cock down again, filling me. I moaned and arched up to him. One hand still braced him against the door. His other hand pulled the strap of my dress down and scooped my breast out into the open. He leaned down and as his cock rammed in and out of my pussy, his tongue played with my nipple. Moaning, I felt my pussy tighten around his cock. He thrust harder inside me and I shivered as my orgasm broke.

Stopping, he laid on top of my, his hard cock still encased in my pussy. His hands stroked my breast, squeezing my nipple. I moved and his cock swelled even harder inside me. He lifted himself back up and pulled out of me. His hand went to his wet cock and stroked it again. He told me to roll over. I did, laying across the seat. He pushed my hips up, my ass in the air. Leaning down, I watched over my shoulder as he positioned himself behind me. His cock pushed against my pussy from behind and I moaned as he filled me again.

He wasn't gentle. His hands dug into my hips, his nails marking me. He rammed his cock harder and harder inside me. My breasts swung back and forth. The car rocked as it went over a bump and this pushed his cock harder inside me. He grunted, telling me he was going to make me cum again. I moaned back my answer. His finger slipped down under me and teased my clit as his cock fucked me harder and harder. I moaned again, my pussy clenching around him. This time, his orgasm ripped through him. His fingers dug harder into my skin as he slammed his erupting cock inside my pussy over and over again.

We collapsed, him on top of me. We laid there for a moment then rose and sat in the seat. He pulled his pants back up, righting himself. I slipped my breast back into my dress and then picked up my panties. As the car stopped in front of my apartment, I leaned over and kissed him, telling him I'd see him tomorrow. As Kevin opened the door for me, I slipped out and smiled at him. Before I walked away, I handed my panties to Kevin and then walked to my door. I looked back and Kevin was smiling, watching my ass. I looked through the car window and he smiled back at me. He knew what I was thinking and was promising I could have it. Kevin didn't always have to just watch. And the anticipation started again.

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