This is an exercise in the PURE sensations of self-gratification. It may seem cold at times...But I wanted to express the nuances of the reactions of one's body during self-exploration...I hope that you enjoy, Turtledove.

* * * * *

I lie here, shaking in anticipation, next to my sleeping mate. His snores tell me that his slumber is deep, my pleasure safe.

Large craving breasts surround my tender nipples, hard with desire. My hands softly caress each peak, enticing them to harden all the more. Sweet delicious sensations travel to my excited core, causing my thighs to clamp together to enhance each wave to miniature crescendos.

Soft moans escape from my slightly parted lips, no louder, in fear of waking my sleeping mate. This is my time...alone.

Traveling down my body, searching hands caress my abdomen, over the swell of my hips, to finally tease my closed thighs. My tension climbs. Oh, the sweet excitement of the anticipation!

A wide trail of goose bumps rise in the wake, a tell-tale sign of impending pleasure. A box fan at the end of my bed sends a cool breeze over my heated body. The stirring air increases the amount of goose bumps, sending a slight shiver through out my excited limbs.

Thighs spread slightly in awaiting pleasure as gentle fingers slip through moisture-laden folds... in and over, in quest of the swollen bud I so cherish.

Sharp intake of breath,now, as my fingertips lightly graze the hardened center. Anticipation quivers in my limbs as sweet sensations thrill heated orifices.

My breathing quickens as the heart races. A fantasy fills my mind, raising my desire to a fevered pitch. More soft moans and sighs fill the room; I must be careful, must not disturb him. I wait, holding my breath, releasing it when his snoring continues.

A deep curling, almost cramping feeling fills my pelvic area, causing increased moisture in the shaded pink crevice; sending a sudden flood liquid heat over my fingers.

My throbbing bud, begging for attention, hardens at the slightest caress. Swelling under my tender, yet hurried caresses.

The body writhes and responds as the sexual tension increases. Building pressure forces increased rhythm. Faster my fingers move; the friction causes a sudden twitch of my body. I moan.

Replacing the fingers with a soft phallus, the contact makes the nub jump. Moving the gelled surface across the tiny erection, flooding the body with new thrills. My head turns to the right in sweet agony. My back arches and breasts swell; desire is racing to a higher level with increasing speed.

Soft cries now fill the room as pleasure and sexual pressure doubles; hips grind against the vibrating rod, in perfect sync to the object's pulsing to and fro movement. In my mind,it's you licking and sucking my nub. Deep soulful moans are muffled by biting on my bottom lip.

Frenzied movement. Breathing hard, my body craving completion.

Sliding the shaking rod inside the core, fingers return to the twitching nub. Machine and fingers send fire throughout my body. Working hard to find release from this wonderful torture.

My artificial cock slides inside deep; I feel you now! My legs tense as my hips move against the pulsing rod.

Nipples ache to be suckled, wanting the cruel teasing of my fantasy lover's lips. A fine sweet sweat forms over my body. Spasms shake the thighs, stomach and behind.

Building, building, in, out, two motors purring on high.

The bud is at its hardest apex. A fleeting smile crosses my face as I feel the sudden swelling of my abused nub. My reward is at hand.

Every muscle in suspended animation, waiting. Plateau. My body freezes, breath held awaiting that next heartbeat to rapture's sweet release.

Then, deep gasping breaths and body-wracking convulsions flood the pelvis. Legs clamped tight, enjoying the sensation of every nerve ending, thrilling at the explosion of pleasure.

Moaning, wave upon wave of fantastic release. Creamed honey seeps over heated, throbbing flesh.

Cries of pleasure turn to low moans as the body slowly returns to normal. Muscles slowly relax, the little nub still throbbing. A wonderful euphoric high swirls around me.

I wait for my breathing to slow a bit, keeping my excitement on edge by gentle teasing the still shaking nub. Then; with practiced quick movements, I twitch my nibble finger against the sweet bud and receive my second orgasm. Harsh, severe spasms flood my body even harder then the one before, biting my bottom lip to hold back the scream of pleasure sitting in my throat.

My sated body now begins to relax. Heart rate begins to slow, as my breathing becomes less shallow.

My mate snores on, as my body quiets, and slumber envelopes me.

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