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I find myself lost in a world of daydreams of late. It seems even the most mundane task allows my thoughts to drift to the building frustration that you've so easily built up inside me.

I sit here, rubbing lotion on my legs, but before long, I close my eyes, and instead of my hands, it is yours that caress slowly up and down my calves. You stop to push the pad of your thumb firmly into the soft flesh behind my knee, and then increasing the pressure, you move up my thigh until your thumb just grazes the crease separating my thigh from my ass, then you move back down to my ankle. Circling your fingers around my ankle, you hold it firm as your other hand caresses back up my leg. You move slowly, applying pressure when I try to pull my leg from your hand.

You move to the other leg, rubbing your hands firmly up the back of my calf to the back of my knee, where your fingers slide over the sensitive skin. My body moves almost of it's own free will, half fighting the slow torture, half encouraging you on, begging for more. Again your hands travel up my thigh, circling around 'till you touch the crease at the top of my thigh again. This time, my body moves only encouraging you, asking for more, but you move away before I can even hope for more.

I sigh as I look at my legs, now completely coated in baby lotion. As much as I may dream that it was your hands touching me, it doesn't seem to be a reality. I sigh again, as I pour more lotion into my hands, and massage it into my arms. My mind drifts back, insistent that I continue my daydream, even if it is no more than that.

You pin my hands above my head, and move your body over mine, pushing me down into the soft mattress. You run your hands lightly along my arms, catching the tender and very sensitive spots all along the inside of my arm. You place your hand behind my head, and lift me towards you, so you can move to catch just the right spot on my neck, and bite me there. You know exactly where to nip, where to apply pressure, where to bite, to make me just a little crazy. Just the thought of you there, biting my neck is enough to make my neck tickle now, to make me roll my shoulders, and send shivers through my body.

You roll me over, and now, with even better access, you continue biting my neck while your hands continue teasing the sensitive skin on my arms, then down my sides, where I would be ticklish if I let myself be. Then you kiss that spot, right at the base of my spine, and my hips roll of their own accord, wanting more, wanting you there, inside me. But, you move to your next destination, back to the crease where my ass meets my thigh, and I know my frustration level will only increase. I feel you get comfortable, and I sigh, I know you aren't going to move until you've enjoyed every inch of each crease. I feel you start to one side, and your tongue runs along the crease, barely even touching me, just bringing every nerve ending to attention. You stop at the inside of my thigh, and I can feel you suck the flesh there into your mouth, hard, and then, just as the shocking pleasure registers in my head, you move again.

You move to the other side, and repeat the same motions, but this time, as I anticipate what you will do to me, you bite the spot you had sucked on the other leg. I moan, and my body seems to move on its own, begging you without words for more. You are only touching me with your hands as they roam over my legs and my ass, and your mouth as you continue to tease me, so close to the fulfillment I want so desperately, but so far away as you torment me further.

"Please," I manage to gasp as I feel your breath on the inside of my thigh.

You look up to meet my eyes, "Please, what?"

"Please, now... enough."

"Please now, what?"

I growl my frustration, my mind so far beyond coherent thought, how can I express to you in words what I want, when I'm not even sure I know myself? I bite my lip, begging you with my eyes, with the words I don't know how to say, begging for the things I can't even conceive.

You've never left me disappointed, and this is no exception, you know what my body wants, and how to give it to me without my knowing what to ask for.

"Wow, mmmmmm, definitely wow." I sigh as my heart rate soars back down to normal, but before I can recover, you move again, and I know the sweet torment has only begun, and every part of my body cries out, begging for your attention.

And I'm reduced again to an incoherent bundle of nerve endings, so completely satisfied I cannot move. "Wow," is all I seem to be able to manage, and it is my new favorite word.

Back in the real world, my skin is smooth, covered completely in baby lotion, and I wait impatiently for the reality.

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