tagLetters & TranscriptsAnticipation: Letter 1

Anticipation: Letter 1


Anticipation: Letter 1

Good Evening (Morning?) Sexy,

I hope this letter will brighten your day. I just couldn't get to sleep after we hung up the phone. So, I thought I'd surprise you with a letter on our favorite website. I feel guilty for having had all the fun during our conversation. I hope your ability to literally read my thoughts this way will make up for my shyness in voicing them....at least for now.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you Saturday. To finally have the time and freedom from restraint to touch you and taste you like I've been fantasizing about for weeks. I can't wait to hold you in my arms and kiss and caress you all over. I end up kneeling in front of you in order to lick and suck on "my lollipop." My mouth is watering just thinking about tasting you again. My body shakes as I think of taking your cock in my mouth and lightly nibbling around the head and then licking down the length of it while you hold my head in your hands and guide me where you want me by my hair until you growl from how your cock throbs under the touch my mouth and tongue. As I lightly scrape my nails across your ass and down the backs of your legs. Then back up to hold onto you with one hand as I cup and caress your balls with the other. I wonder if I will be able to take your thick cock in my throat as I lick and suck until you can't hold back anymore and cum in my mouth as I try to greedily swallow everything you give me. Is it wrong that I also want to feel your hands and your tongue all over me? Mmmm....to feel you nibble behind my ears. Then alternately kissing, licking, and nibbling further ...down my neck and across my tits to lightly suck and bite at my nipples getting slightly rougher until I moan out in my need for you. And further yet...down my ribs and belly to my pussy to taste me as I've tasted you. To make me whimper and writhe with the ecstasy you induce in me so easily until my back arches, straining like a taut bowstring from the force of my orgasm.

I'm also looking forward to the spanking you promised me. I hope you intend to use your hand for the feeling of a more personal and intimate touch. The thought of it makes me so wet! Will you just put me across your knee? Or hold or tie me down beforehand? Will you only spank me until my ass has a nice pink tinge to it? Or do you feel the need for more? Do you want to spank me so long and hard that my ass is red and radiating heat? That way you can feel the heat of it on your belly as you bend me over the nearest piece of furniture and take me from behind. The uncertainty of the "hows" and "whats" make me tremble with anticipation as I ponder them.

I want to know everything you've thought of doing to me. Everything you want done to you in return. You've hinted at some.....I hope you are willing to work out at least SOME of the scenarios you've mentioned in passing. I can't wait to feel you cum all over me and in my mouth, pussy and ass as you've promised. I don't know if we'll have the time we want to enjoy each other so fully in less than twenty-four hours, but I'm willing to try anything you want to at least once....twice to make sure I DON'T like it! Besides, there should be plenty of time to get around to everything we want to do to and for each other eventually.

I hope that this isn't an inadequate synopsis in return for your words for me last night, and I hope it will help to show you how much I look forward to becoming your lover more completely. Should I, perhaps, ask you to make me cum screaming when I see you? I doubt it matters as I likely will anyway, knowing you. But would that make these words I write in anticipation more pleasing to you? Perhaps you'll let me know if my words have moved you. I hope your day wasn't too long or arduous and that you have a peaceful night with sweet dreams, as I hope to see you there.

Thinking of You,

Your Dirty Girl

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