Sasha struggled against her captor, but being confined to a tunnel just slightly wider that ones body didn't provide much room for movement. She was quickly being dragged deep under the ground by what had looked like a giant ant, around the size of a large dog. She was doing a survey of one of the forested areas around the colony, looking for places that the colony could either expand into or farm, preferably farm, as that would help make back some of the money that had gone into this venture.

All those thought were behind her, however. Her spastic jerking seemed to do little more than bruise her knees or scrape her knuckles as the insect moved inexorably deeper into the tunnel. She had tried several times to grab onto some roots that her stuck through the walls of the tunnel, but had to immediately let go when she found them covered in razor-sharp thorns. For a brief moment her scientific mind chimed in, wondering why tree roots would have thorns on them, because defensive mechanisms on something that was already well protected seemed redundant and unnecessary.

The whatever it was raced over a rise in the passage, and as Sasha's body went over it she hit it like a bump in the road, propelling her head into the ceiling of the tunnel, knocking her out....

When she finally came to, Sasha looked around in the absolute gloom that permeated whatever chamber she was in. Hoping nothing had been broken; she reached into one of her pockets and pulled out a small flashlight. She seemed to be in an antechamber of some sort, of anything made by insects could be given so grandiose a name. But on one end of the space there were at least a half dozen tunnels leading off into the darkness in several different directions, but at the other end of the room there was only one exit, and it was at least three times the size of any of the other openings. It looked as if this room was made to slow down the traffic before they got to their destination, whatever it may be.

Soon enough Sasha heard the scrapings that had alerted her to the initial presence of the thing back on the surface, and even though she knew she had no where to go, she tried to hide nonetheless. The room was soon flooded by the giant insects, and in the light she could see that they were indeed similar to giant ants, only that instead of mandibles they had dripping tentacles leading from their mouth, and that they had eight legs instead of six, but they still had three body segments.

The ants paused, but after waving their antennae around for a few seconds, they proceeded to make a beeline right for Sasha. Several of the bugs wrapped their tentacles around her limbs and clumsily carried her into the larger opening. While Sasha still carried the flashlight she would soon wish she had dropped it. Once in the main chamber, she saw what could probably be considered a queen, but it definitely looked to be on its last legs. Its shell was flaking off in places, one of its antennae wasn't moving, while the other was missing entirely. One leg seemed to bend at too many angles, and the tentacles at its mouth were clenching and unclenching in arrhythmic patterns.

After being set down Sasha watched the giant among giants for a while, and finally, with what seemed to be a dying gasp, the tentacles stopped moving, and the queen rolled a bit to one side. A great clamor seemed to spring up in the chamber, as if the ants were mourning over the queen's passing. The sound of legs being scraped over carapaces filled the air for a very long minute before finally dying down, only to be replaced by the clamor of legs scraping over the walls of the chamber.

Once again the ants grabbed Sasha by each limb, but they seemed to only want to hold her in place this time. She was more fearful of the unknown at this point, because she figured if she were to be eaten, she never would've woken up in the first place. A few ants scurried up to her, scraping legs over her outfit at certain places, poking her in the face at other times. One ant ran its tentacles through her hair, filling her quaff with some sticky, viscous goo that she did not appreciate.

After the insects were satisfied with examining her, they still refused to release her limbs. Within a few seconds she heard a rise in the background scuttling, and a larger ant came close to her. It was either a soldier or a male, but neither seemed to matter as all it did was bring it's head next to Sasha's prone form, and ooze the same goo she had seen before from it's mouth, onto her body. She felt soaked to the bone by the concoction, but when she felt the back of her uniform fall away from her, she knew that it had eaten right through the clothing, leaving her naked amongst a see of alien beings.

The bug seemed to burble something barely audibly, as the see of ants seemed to part, revealing a path back to the queen. When she was able to shine her light into the makeshift passage, she noticed that she wasn't looking at the queen, but instead at what had been attached to the queen. What had appeared to be the exaggerated abdomen of the queen was in fact another organism altogether. And it was steadily approaching.

When the worm-like thing reached her, Sasha felt her legs being pulled apart even further; signifying that what she though was going to happen was, in fact, happening. The tentacle-ridden maw of the tubular insect slowly lowered itself until it connected with Sasha's exposed crotch, and then proceeded to exude several of its tentacles into her. The utterly alien sensation caused Sasha to nearly rip her own arms out of their sockets with the flailing she was causing. She could feel the worm slide deeper into her, and with an uncomfortable pinch, she could only guess that it had slipped its way past her cervix.

The tunnel, besides being dirty, was very dank. The dirt had been pounded down into a very hard surface, but the water that condensed on the walls made them slightly slippery. Being underground also helped lower the temperature to just barely livable. In spite of that, however, Sasha was sweating profusely and panting heavily. There was a brief respite where the thing didn't move a muscle for a good while. For whatever reason Sasha didn't care, she just wanted this ordeal to be over. Sure enough, after the worm-thing had finished its break, it began to move again.

Sasha again tensed with every fiber of her being as the thing began to push its tentacles outward, stretching her pussy. The pain and pleasure combined and assaulted her brain as a whole. Her breath caught in her throat, her head snapped back and forward, and try as she might, she couldn't stop her hips from thrusting at the creature feebly. Sasha continued to convulse several minutes after her cunt was opened as far as it could go, but when she was finally able to regain some semblance of control this time, she was not offered a rest.

Because she had been so opened to the world, she barely noticed the rigid, hollow tube being thrust towards her womb. She was finally able to sense it inside her just as it slid past her cervix. After it had stopped moving, the tentacles holding her open slowly began to retract themselves, causing her vagina to constrict tightly around the much larger invader. Her shudders were a little less intense this time, but only because the pain was vastly reduced. Once the tentacles had completely pulled out of her, she was firmly sealed to the creature that lead off past the reach of her flashlight.

Sasha was so exhausted that she barely noticed the ants letting go of her wrists. Though she tried to move, the experienced left her drained beyond reason, the only thing she could manage to do was lay back on the dirt floor and passed out....

She woke up with a cry. She felt like she had been stabbed in the gut, but as she continued to awaken, she could feel the pain growing even worse. She lifted her head and saw the biggest bug she had laid eyes on thus far (aside from the queen), and it had driven its stinger through her bellybutton. When she tried to move to push it off, she could only manage to whip her arms around due to the weight of the thing on her stomach, and the worm thing still attached to her.

Sasha quickly ran out of energy and fell back to the ground. As she inhaled sharply she could feel something being pumped into her from the giant ant. Though she had guessed what they had wanted to use her as before, she wouldn't admit it, but this all but proved it. She couldn't hold the tears back any longer and wailed into the darkness as her womb was slowly filled with whatever slurry the insects saw fit to impregnate her with.

When the process was over her stomach had swollen to make her look nearly seven months pregnant. After the bug finally rose up and left her, she slowly cried herself into a nightmare-filled sleep.

The cold, damp air and the stiffness of her legs dashed Sasha's hopes almost before she had any. With the out-of-reach flashlight still working, she could see what changes had been wrought to her body. During her fitful slumber the bulge in her abdomen had worked its way upwards towards her chest and split in two. She ran a hand over one of the two mounds below her rib cage and could feel just how taut her skin was. When she pressed down she felt an almost textured surface just under her skin, like she was packed full of marbles.

The cavern grew even colder when she realized what she was feeling. Whatever the ant had injected into her had gone into her ovaries and impregnated all of them. In her shocked state her rational mind clicked in suddenly. The bumps under her skin were far too small to be only her eggs, considering the amount of space they were taking up inside her. She did a little quick math in her head; puberty is hit around age 12, menopause is hit around age 50, that's 38 years, multiplied by 12 months in a year, that gives me roughly 400 eggs. As she gently stroked her swollen form she could feel well more than that.

What Sasha wasn't aware of was that the gel that the ant had squeezed into her had inflated every egg that they had touched, making them grow so large that they divided. The gel also allowed her ovaries to stretch under the pressure of the growth to an almost grotesque size. There were other alterations that her body had gone through, though Sasha would soon find that out.

After an eternity to willing herself into oblivion and failing, the ambient skittering of the ants muffled. The flashlight illuminated a passage that the ants made through their ranks. From the distance she could see the silhouette of a massive bug. She knew it had to be similar to the one that stabbed her before, but she had already resigned herself to whatever fate was in store for her. The ant closed the gap between the two of them and without any preamble, positioned itself so that the point of its abdomen pointed directly at Sasha's stomach. Sasha cringed as the tip descended towards her stomach, not wanting to feel the pain again; she turned her head just as the ant touched her.

Sasha was immensely surprised when she felt no pain. Even more odd was the fact that she could feel the bug penetrating her with its stinger. Something was different, the stinger felt different, and she was almost enjoying the event. The alien sensations slowly grew until she started sweating and panting. "Oh god." was all she could muster before she slipped into an orgasm.

With her pussy disposed towards another use, the insects had made another entrance into her womb. As she dug her hands into the hardened ground, Sasha could feel her new vagina clutching onto the bug. She wanted everything to stop, she wanted everything to go away, to go back to the way it used to be.

Unable to stop herself from convulsing a second time, Sasha felt the big bug press down at her, virtually crushing her beneath 'him', before she felt the flow of fluids into her once more.

As with everything recently, the wash of fluids from the giant insect was strange. She could feel it collecting around what were previously her ovaries. Knowing she was about to become pregnant with an army of larval insects seemed to be an afterthought, because Sasha's mind was occupied with the bug on her, still driven deep into her, but more importantly, still pumping into her.

After more than a minute, with the bug still pumping, Sasha could see the skin around her stomach grow under the flickering of the flashlight. As she got larger and larger, the twin bulges began to morph into one giant one, but soon enough, she could feel a pressure against her floating ribs.

As tried swinging up at the insect that refused to dislodge from her, hoping to ward him off, but all her flailing amounted to nothing. She winced as her ribs started to bend outwards, but they didn't feel like they were breaking. Like everything else in her body, the ribs had been modified to allow her to expand interminably.

It was quite a time before Sasha felt the flow stop. When the bug finally stopped and pulled out of her, the gravid tumescence of her stomach prevented herself from even sitting up. Running a hand along the protrusion under her rib cage revealed that her swollen ovaries were now filled with fluid as well as eggs.

Unbeknown to her, Sasha's body was now fully prepared to bear the offspring of the colony. The first of the fertilized eggs had just finished passing into her womb. Unlike the reproduction of species from her own planet of origin, the 'father' bug had just prepared Sasha's litter. The embryos were now ready to receive their individual genetic information, and after the walls of her uterus were completely covered in prepared eggs, she would be visited again.

Even with the massive pressure being exerted on her rib cage and diaphragm, Sasha had little trouble breathing. This was very fortunate because she found that it was about the only thing she could do at the moment. She ran a hand over her visibly (to anyone who could have seen her) fatigued face. When she reached her hair, the ichor that had been slathered over her scalp had now hardened, giving her a head full of thick, chitenous material that would never have passed for hair.

As she wondered at what it looked like, an insect had put its head directly over hers, the two of them looking upside-down at one another. The bug proceeded to run its tentacles around her face, finding her eyes (closed at the time), ears, nose, and eventually settled on her mouth. A pair of tentacles were pushed into her mouth, opening her wide enough for the bug to let a stream of slush flow into Sasha's mouth. While most of it spilled off her clenched teeth to pool around her head, a small dribble found its way to the back of her throat. While she would've preferred to spit the vile ooze out of her mouth, she had to keep her teeth closed, lest she drown in a flood of goo.

Sasha held out for a while, but in the end, the puddle at the back of her throat was blocking her airflow, and it was either swallow or suffocate. Her body made the decision for her, and as the liquid hit her stomach, she instantly craved more. Sasha had no way to gage how long she had been under the ground, but with the way her hunger forced her to open her mouth and swallow more, she knew she had been here for far too long.

After the bug left, leaving Sasha to lick around her mouth for any extra nutrients, she felt a fog clouding her mind. Knowing she was being sent to sleep, either from the amount of food she had eaten, or from whatever was in said slurry, she couldn't fight it, and slipped off into a dream.

Waking from the first peaceful slumber since her internment, Sasha was a little incensed to find out that the battery on her flashlight had finally given out. She would no longer be able to see what was going on around her or to her for that matter. Running her finger through the pool around her head and into her mouth, Sasha grunted out in pain. She had felt a pinch from inside her womb, and her original one at that.

The skittering of the insects picked up around her and she eventually felt the pressure of a bug pressing against her new cunt. Sasha had little knowledge of exactly what had been done to her, but she wasn't about to ruin this fuck through thinking. As the prick slid into her, she cried out in ecstasy, moaning in delight at the sensation. Her body, the vessel that had been hard-wired to serve the colony, was now also working for her mind, which had now become part of the colony.

As the multiple crescendos of her orgasms hit her, Sasha was slipping away, slowly being killed as the new personality began to take over. As the bug fired into her, completing the DNA sequences of the soon-to-be workers, the person who had once been Sasha was overcome with wave after wave of pleasure, and after she had recovered, she found that she had now been shoved aside in the body she inhabited. She was now just a passenger, replaced by a new persona, a persona that reveled in the fact of becoming the new queen.

Sasha could feel her first brood growing in her belly. Were she able to reach, she would've caressed the inflating womb she now carried. As it was, however, she resigned herself to the feel of her growing children. The joyful bliss she felt when one of the embryos detached itself from her to float free in the see of it parent's contribution was unparalleled. As each child grew large enough to pull away from the wall, them slowly moved towards Sasha's original opening.

While she hadn't been paying it too much attention, Sasha could feel her legs rub against the worm that lead from her pussy. She was a little startled to know that she could feel the contact from both sides. This was due to the creature having made connections to the nerves in Sasha's vagina directly from the tube that had been stretching her open. Feeling her offspring travel into her now-extended womb, Sasha knew she was well on the way to being a mother.

After the last of her children had passed into the worm turned womb, Sasha felt the next batch of young attaching to the walls of her uterus. As the next 'father' of her children mounted her, squeezing into her perpetually dripping cunt, Sasha was glad that her parents had seen fit to push her so hard, almost forcing her to go at a breakneck speed through her training. She was glad that she had impressed her instructors enough to be given an assignment. Most of all, she was glad that her boyfriend had cheated on her, giving her the drive to take a few more risks.

The pounding of the insect, followed by a small moan from her lips, was the only sound that mattered to her shredded psyche. When this torrent was unloaded inside her, Sasha ceased to exist for all eternity, leaving behind the new queen of the colony, completely content and satisfied.

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