Any Chance We Could Ch. 27


"She's on a sales trip, won't be back until Wednesday morning. Dad's off somewhere, I haven't heard when he'll be back, but he's been gone since Friday and usually travels for a full week at a time. Yes, I'd love to stay, but I should run home and get a change of clothes."

"I'm sure that you could wear something of Ashley's, don't run off if you don't have too," I said.

"By the way, Mary Claire, didn't you lend Cindy some money?" Veronica asked.

"Yes, why?" she replied.

"I want to pay you back, we're trying to get her out of debt," said Veronica.

"I think it was about four hundred dollars. I don't need it. If you want why don't you make a contribution to the Humane Society and call it good," Mary Claire responded.

"That's very generous of you sweetheart. I'm impressed," I remarked.

"Scott, can we sit in the hot tub for a cycle before I get in the shower. Will you please come too Veronica?" asked Mary Claire.

"I'll go down with you and get something started in the kitchen while you two soak, then we can shower together, okay? " Veronica asked as she took off her heels and began to roll her thigh highs down her legs.

I didn't bother putting anything on and walked down with Veronica who was still wearing a skirt and nothing else. Mary Claire's suit bottom had been readjusted properly. Veronica stopped in the kitchen as Mary Claire and I continued onto the pool deck. Mary Claire touched my shoulder, "Scott." I turned and she wrapped her arms around me pressing her breasts against my chest, kissed me open-mouthed, and said, "I'm falling in love with you, just as Cindy said I would."

A bit taken aback by that, my reply was, "Let's soak."

We stepped into the tub and before sitting down Mary Claire slid her suit bottom down and off. She sat next to me, pulled my one arm around her and put the other hand between her legs. As she settled into my hand, she asked, "If it's okay with Veronica, can I spend the night? In your bed?"

"Of course, and I'm sure it'll be okay with her. What happened to the shy young lady of a couple of weeks ago? The one who wouldn't take her bra off," I asked.

"Oh, she got smarter in two weeks. I realized how much you loved Katrina and Ashley. Cindy's told me all the wonderful things you've done for her. I felt comfortable with both of you and my experiment today was everything I'd hoped it to be. I think Caroline and Angela also enjoyed the day, don't you? Anyway, I hope Veronica approves," explained Mary Claire. "If you play with my pussy I'll return the favor to your cock until the tub stops."

Veronica watched the conversation without hearing the words but the interaction between her man and the teenager was fairly clear. They had a beautiful new lover.

After the cycle ended Mary Claire and I walked toward the house. We grabbed pool towels from the deck and dried off enough to come inside.

"Mary Claire wants to sleep with us tonight. I thought it'd be alright. Was I right?" I asked.

"Sure, handsome, you knew it would be after this afternoon. I look forward to making love to you some more Mary Claire," said Veronica. "You two shower without me, I want to finish a few more things in here."

We passed Ashley and Katrina on the stairs, they were in shell tops, short skirts and 3 inch slides. As we passed, Ashley said, "Caroline and Angela just left. Mary Claire, get some clothes out of my room after you and Dad've showered. My shoes'll probably fit you. If they don't, try Katrina's. Still hard, eh, Dad. Enjoy your shower Mary Claire."

Mary Claire and I embraced and she stroked me until I told her I was ready to cum and then she knelt and held me in her mouth while I came. "Mmm, that's good, I can see why Katrina and Ashley like it so much. I'll bet you're a good fuck as well."

"Later we'll find out, everyone else I've made love to in the last month has finished with a smile," I laughed.

After drying off Mary Claire went to the girl's bedroom, found one of Katrina's very low shell tops and a mini skirt of Ashley's. She didn't bother with a bra or panties and wore a pair of Ashley's 3 ½ inch strappy slides. Her long hair was still wet and as she entered the kitchen she handed me the brush and turned her back to me. "Please," was all she said.

Katrina turned to Ashley and said in a low voice, "I'm glad we've got each other, looks like Dad's harem just added a lady."

"I have no harem," I mouthed defensively while Veronica merely smiled and laughed quietly as I brushed Mary Claire's mane.

"Tell me about you," I asked Mary Claire. "Is Mary Claire a combination of family names? Work? Do you go to school? What's your family like? What do your parents do?"

"I'm named after a nun who my mother adored as a teen. I don't go to school because I don't know what I want to do. I work part-time at the register at a small independent hardware store. I do it mostly to keep occupied during the day when all my friends are either working or going to school, or both. Also, my grades weren't good enough for anything but community college.

"My parents give me a generous allowance, probably out of guilt, but no matter the reason. I'd like to have my own place but my parents insist I live at home for now. Mom is an area sales manager for a textbook company and covers five states for elementary schools thru colleges. She began traveling more in the last year then she ever has. I suspect that when she's on the road she's not always alone. Dad's a troubleshooter for precision machining equipment manufacturer and about the time Mom started her heavy travel, so did he. I know he's not traveling alone. About six months ago on my way to work I saw his car pull into a hotel parking lot. I got hung at a traffic light so I watched him. He opened the car door for a pretty dark-haired woman and they went in. He purportedly was in Iowa that day and night. He'd called me the night before on his cell and told me he was in Cedar Rapids for two nights. I guess they want what they want. I don't know if they have a tacit agreement or they're doing what they're doing behind each other's backs. When they're home at the same time they usually argue. My older brother who's a Naval officer on a sub is sure they're headed for a divorce. A divorce could become a loser for both, so I guess now they stay away from home and each other as much as possible and they both have 'fuck buddies'."

Veronica asked, "Why do you suspect your Mom of having an affair?"

"Veronica, if you were driving alone from here to Oklahoma City, would you wear hose and heels, expensive perfume, short dresses?" Mary Claire asked.

"Only if my man was with me," replied Veronica.

"Or she could be bi and it's a woman," I interjected.

"I suppose," answered Mary Claire. "Anyway I feel like I've found a new set of parents and some sisters I've never had. I don't want to become a burden on any of you or expect you to change your lifestyle in anyway. I'm a decent cook, I know how to clean a house and run a washing machine. If I contribute in that way may I visit frequently, even when your daughters may not be home? I hate being in a large house by myself."

Looking at me for reassurance and getting a positive nod of my head, Veronica replied, "You're a lovely young lady, Mary Claire and we would be more than happy to have you as a frequent guest in our home. If you want to do chores around the house, feel free. But, and this is a big 'but'. I've already made it clear to Cindy, Katrina, and Ashley. Scott is my man, I let him sleep with a lot of women with my knowledge and usually with my participation but if I declare my bed off limits to visitors sometimes, I expect that it will be honored without discussion. We're not jealous in our relationships with one another, nor do we hold disappointments and frustrations in. We freely discuss whatever concerns we have and abide by whatever decisions Scott or I may make. If we have someone else in our bed, you may or may not be invited to join us. You may join us only if invited. If all these conditions are acceptable to you, we welcome you with love and affection."

"I understand, Veronica, and I look forward to enriching my life as well as your family's. Thank you."

"Since you're joining us in bed tonight," Veronica asked, "Are you a virgin, do you use birth control?"

"Yes, I've been on the pill since I was sixteen. I've never had a man inside me. There have been lots of fingers, including both of your daughters and Cindy. My hymen went bye-bye, years ago, so yes and no to the virgin question. Last spring I was making out with a classmate in the backseat of his car and he started to get ready to penetrate me but he missed and slid back and forth two or three times along my ass crack before he realized that he'd missed. He was a virgin too and when he adjusted he came all over my pussy hair before he could enter me. After that he was embarrassed and ready to take me home. I haven't seen him since, nor would I go out with him again anyway. Cindy and I have been frequent lovers. She's a special woman, isn't she?"

"That she is," I nodded.

"Scott and Veronica, do you know that she's falling in love with both of you? And I don't mean a short term infatuation, but a deep down 'I want to be with you for the rest of my life type of love'. She doesn't fully realize it yet, but she's quickly getting there. She can't stop talking about you two. I know she's in for a let-down, but please, let her down gently. She's had a tough life." There was a somber tone in Mary Claire's voice. I suspected both Cindy and Mary Claire had many similarities.

During the delightful dinner that followed Mary Claire was invited to our usual Friday club evening. She got to know more of both mine and Veronica's past. She ended the day with us snuggled against Katrina on the couch as we watched two of the usual Sunday serials. After they ended we all walked up the stairs. Veronica's hand was on Mary Claire's bare ass and my arms wrapped around the waists of our daughters.

After our bathroom chores I was on my back, the green light was on and Mary Claire climbed in along one side of me with Veronica on the other side. "Dim the lights, ladies," I asked.

Mary Claire began to kiss me and fondle my hardening cock while Veronica caressed my chest. "I'm ready and willing to become a woman."

I glanced at my fiancée who smiled her approval. I drew Mary Claire in for a soft but lengthy kiss.

When the kiss ended, she giggled, "can I get on top?"

"Sure that'll allow you to control the pace," Veronica stated. As the young woman started to move over me Veronica quickly advised, "Wait a minute, I want to make sure you're good and wet, Scott's a bit bigger than a finger and we don't want you to get hurt." She lightly pushed Mary Claire onto her back, moved between the young virgin's legs and began to lick her pussy. I privately mused that Veronica was really wanting to enjoy the last helping of the Mary Claire's virgin pussy juice just before her soon to be husband took her virginity. When Veronica was satisfied that she was wet enough she helped Mary Claire straddle me. Veronica held my cock in position for Mary Claire to take me into her womanhood.

"Wait," Mary Claire said with a big grin, "Should I wear a hard hat? You said you didn't want me to get hurt."

We all laughed as Mary Claire slowly began lowering herself onto me. From her facial expression she was savoring every moment of her first descent. Veronica kept her hand wrapped around my cock until Mary Claire had settled against it, then pulled her hand away.

"Ooh, God, that feels wonderful," Mary Claire gasped when I was almost fully inside. "You fill me, oh God do you fill me, no wonder Veronica loves you so. Ummm," she continued as she raised up a bit and lowered herself back down. Within a few minutes she had established a rhythm and began to be more vocal with her pleasure moans.

The tightness of her pussy was wonderful. I was fighting not to cum too quickly. Veronica must have been having similar thoughts as she lay beside me lightly caressing my chest with her fingers. She gave me a short kiss and giggled, "I'll bet she's tight, wet and wonderful."

Looking into Mary Claire's eyes I groaned my answer "She's certainly that and then some. I love what you're doing to me." Mary Claire's face glowed.

Veronica sat up, turned Mary Claire's face towards her and kissed her energetically. As they kissed Veronica started to caress Mary Claire's youthful bouncing breasts.

A moaning and excited Mary Claire leaned forward with her hands on my shoulders. Her rhythm quickened. After several seconds her pace quickened further until she suddenly stopped, gasped, trembled and collapsed against my chest exhausted from a powerful climax. When she managed to catch her breath a few seconds later, we began a deep open-mouthed kiss as she moved her hips a bit from side to side with me still inside her.

"Oh, Scott that was awesome, just awesome. Do you do this to everyone you fuck?" she sighed.

"Pretty much," said Veronica.

"Did you cum?" asked Mary Claire.

"Not yet but I will. Roll off me and let me enter you from on top." I told her.

As she lay on her back I moved between her legs, lifted the backs of her knees to my shoulders and entered her again in a series of short in and out movements until I was fully buried in her pussy. "Oh, shit, you've grown four inches, you are soo deep, so deep."

As I began to stroke her a bit more quickly her breathing became more ragged. Her hands were clawing at my back while her legs were curled around my neck encouraging me onward. Her moans became more breathy. My legs were starting to feel like rubber but I could care less about the exhaustion starting to overtake my legs. We were both on that age-old animalistic mission. I was pounding her harder and harder into the mattress and the mattress was pushing her back onto me. Her eyes looked wild and her mouth was wide open with only grunts being uttered between massive intakes of air. Just moments before I would have to stop out of sheer fatigue my balls tightened. A second later I began spurting inside her.

"Ohhh yesss. I feel you coming, I feel you filling me up, I love the way that feels, God," gasped Mary Claire. Within five seconds the muscles in her pussy clamped hard around my cock as she screamed through her second release.

I rolled off her, leaving her between myself and a smiling Veronica. I was done for the night and so was a glassy-eyed Mary Claire. After pulling up the sheets to cover us Veronica kissed Mary Claire on her forehead. She then quietly spoke to Mary Claire, "Welcome to womanhood my dear. Let's not clean-up you or Scott. Let's let the smell of sex remain on our bodies. Since this is your first time, I think it would be nice to experience Scott's sperm oozing out of you throughout the night as a reminder that you're now a woman."

"Hmmmm I think I'll like that," cooed an exhausted but happy Mary Claire.

Before she turned off the light, Veronica leaned over our lover and gave me a long loving kiss. It was not long before the three of us were sound asleep with Mary Claire being cuddled between us.

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