Any Chance We Could Ch. 35


"Yeah, something like that and to get some ideas how I'd like to see you dressed," he grinned.

As the garage door closed Max boldly pushed his hand under her skirt up to her pussy and deeply kissed her. "Mmm, nice," Beth responded. "I like the way you kiss and I like the way you touch, gently, did you learn that last night?"

"Yeah, that and few other things to please a woman, I'll show you and Mom later," smiled Max. "Remember the time you and Mom flashed your tits at me on the deck. And the time you both came out in shorts and topless and sat there for hours. What was that all about?" he asked.

"I guess we were feeling lonely and unappreciated and thought we'd get some juices flowing by watching your boner grow under your suit. It worked and I've been curious about your 'package' since. I've seen it a few times in the bathroom. It's really quite nice and felt really nice in my mouth last night," smiled Beth caressing his dick through his pants.

"Would you do something for me?" asked Max.

"Sure, I hope it's something sexual, what?"

"Would you leave your stockings and heels on and put on that pair of shorts you wore that afternoon?"

"Sure, topless too? Now?"

"Not topless now, I just want to see how it looks. Maybe when Mom gets up she could do the same," asked Max.

Beth ran upstairs, took her skirt off, found the white volleyball shorts, stepped into them and then poked her head in Cheryl's bedroom. Her mother was just rousing and looked at Beth before extending her arms toward her.

"Good ... what is it, afternoon?" said Cheryl.

"Yeah, good afternoon to you Mom, fuck too hard last night?"grinned Beth.

"Seems so. Scott apparently had a third or fourth wind and fucked me from behind while we were spooned. I think it was about three. I assume we didn't wake you. What are you wearing? Shorts? Very tight shorts? Volleyball shorts with stockings, looks interesting."

"Max asked me to. He remembered the day we teased him on the deck and asked me if I'd wear the shorts with my stockings and heels," said Beth.

"We were topless, didn't he want you topless?" asked Cheryl.

"He said topless later, I don't know why, but I don't care. He's got a good boner going so why mess with a good thing? He'd like to see you the same way."

"I can handle that. I'll be down shortly."

"Mom'll be down shortly, she's just getting up. Do you like the look?" asked Beth twirling around. "By the way I have a thumb drive of Mom and I modeling yesterday."

"No shit, can we look at it?" Max panted.

"Yeah, a bit later," Beth responded with a grin.

Beth sat in front of the laptop at the dining room table and surfed to a marked favorite which was a g-string website. "What do you think of this pearl g-string?" she asked.

Max was behind her and bent over her head moving his hands down to caress her breasts. As he was tenderly squeezing them he asked, "Have one?"

"No, but if you like it I'll order a few in each color for Mom and me," she said as she leaned her head back and lightly kissed his chin. "Put a hand inside my shirt and my bra while I place an order."

As Beth enjoyed Max's gently moving fingers on her bare breast and particularly when he touched her rock hard nipples, she filled out the order form, paid with PayPal, included express shipping and closed out the order, saying "They'll be coming Tuesday, so will you."

"Feel nice does it," asked Cheryl as she came in the room and saw Max's hand inside Beth's shirt.

"It does, Mom. You look absolutely gorgeous. I like the patterned hose and shiny patent slides. Do you have a bra on?" admired Max.

"You'll have to do more than ask Max," she replied teasingly. Cheryl stood with her hands on hips, her freshly brushed hair cascading on and below her shoulders. Max slowly pulled his hand out of Beth's bra, kissed her on top of the head, walked to his mother, raised his hands and when his Mother didn't do anything to object he gingerly put his hands on her satin blouse over her breasts. "Hmm, I don't think you do," he said.

"Don't you think you should make sure," smiled Cheryl.

"Ahh, yeah, I guess so," he said as he began to unbutton the blouse. The first button was nervously fumbled, the second too but less so. Everything went smoothly by the fourth button.

While he was doing that Cheryl began to rub his dick through his pants. "Christ that feels good, but you're going to make me come," he gasped.

"Beth, come over here and help your brother out," said Cheryl.

Beth knelt in front of Max, told him to "Turn a bit while you play with her tits." She unzipped him as he finished unbuttoning Cheryl's blouse, slid it over her shoulders and down her arms. Cheryl began kissing him heatedly as Beth pushed his pants and briefs down. Once down hungrily Beth took his dick in her mouth, rapidly laving the full length with her tongue while gently caressing his balls with her fingers and nails. Going at a leisurely pace she bobbed back and forth on his rock hard dick for five or six minutes. Max was caressing his mother's tits and started to groan through the kiss.

Beth felt his dick pulsing and filling her mouth with his warm spunk. Cheryl wrapped her arms around him as he acted as if his knees were going to buckle. When he stopped spurting, Beth pulled back, but instead of swallowing the last spurt, stood, lightly touching Max's shoulder. After he moved back she kissed her mother with an open mouth and shared the come with her. Cheryl opened her eyes in surprise but swallowed all that Beth had deposited. "Mmm, that was good, next mouthful I'm getting from the source."

After Beth broke the kiss she bent down and gently sucked each of her Mom's nipples.

"God what a nice way to start the afternoon," grinned Cheryl.

"Have you guys eaten yet? ... Food I meant." laughed Cheryl. She retrieved her blouse and put it back on but left it unbuttoned. Max pulled up his pants and Beth went to get the bag of purchases from the floor in front of the couch. She and Max sat side by side on stools at the counter. Beth began taking an item at a time out of the bag and spreading them across the counter for her mother to see. "Ham and Swiss on rye sound okay?" asked Cheryl as her eyes widened as they gazed over the items.

"Here Mom, I got this for you only if neither Max nor I'm home or Max has a headache," laughed Beth as she pushed one of the eggs across the counter. "I hope there are still some batteries in the drawer over there."

When Cheryl nodded her daughter continued, "I got all these anal toys for me and a kit for each of us, but if you want to share, feel free. The kits look like something to learn with, the glass one's are supposed to be easy to clean and the beady looking thing is for more fun. The back says insert and remove slowly to avoid injury or death," she began laughing. "I added 'death', but that seems to be on everything but white bread these days. Max got these magazines which he says he'll use to get some ideas about what he'd like to see us wear, ... and to beat off to when we're not home. I got a couple too. I got the DVDs for all of us, might need something to turn us on when we get jaded. And we could get some ideas from them too. Oh, the lube is self-explanatory, the flavored K-Y might be fun to fuck with and lick off later. Or to jack Max off. How'd I do?"

"That's a real bag of sex fun. I've never used any of it but I'm looking forward to using some of it," grinned Cheryl.

Beth reached into Max's lap and squeezed his hard on and said, "And Max really likes the stuff too."

"Do you remember me 'pole dancing' Scott's marvelous cock last night and Veronica getting eaten at the same time?" grinned Cheryl.

"Barely, I was still loving Katrina, I think," wistfully said Beth.

"Well anyway I think that's a way to love each other and Max too. Are you interested, Max?" asked Cheryl.

"Gee, I'll have to think about that," Max kidded. Beaming he continued, " So I'd be inside one of you and the other would be sitting on my face. Hmm, does sound interesting. Veronica did say I should practice and it sounds like a fun way to do that! Why'd you even ask? When? Soon?" The young man clearly was eager and ready to get started now.

"It'll be soon enough little brother, soon enough. Let's finish lunch and then look at your magazines."

The doorbell rang and Beth went to answer it but looked through the peep hole first. "It's Judy, did you know she was coming Max. Button your blouse Mom, I'll handle this."

Beth opened the door and was confronted by a sad-faced Judy. Judy asked, "Is Max home, I think his cell's turned off and I need to talk to him." She had no sooner said that then her eyes swept down Beth taking in the tight short shorts, the garter straps, the stockings and the heels. "My, you're sexy as hell. Why are you dressed like that?"

"Oh, Mom and I are going to a Halloween party at Wash U next week and we were trying the Bettie Page look," Beth explained as she backed away from the door to let Judy in. "Come on in, I don't want to share with the whole neighborhood."

"Who?" puzzled Judy.

"One of the original pin-up queens. One of the first to appear topless in movies and clubs. We're skipping the topless part. Look on the web. ... Max, it's Judy," Beth cried out.

"Don't give up on the topless part. I'd love to give you my opinion, either one of you. I really like the darker patterned stockings Mrs. 'B','' said Judy, brightening considerably.

"Max," she said moving to stand in front of him. "You are a sexy, wonderful man, and I know how I've frustrated you. Yesterday I came to the realization after talking to a counselor that I'm a lesbian, not bi, but a lesbian. I'm sorry that by rejecting your advances I've made you feel bad. I feel bad myself. As a friend I like you very much, but as a lover I'd rather be involved with your sister or your mother. I'm sorry, but the times we've spent together have been fine except for the sex part. I hope you don't bear me ill will. Until yesterday in talking with the counselor I just didn't know what was happening except that something wasn't right." She leaned toward Max and gently kissed him on the lips. "I hope you understand. It wasn't you, not at all. I'll go now, I'm glad you let me talk to you, Max." said a contrite-looking Judy.

As she walked toward the front door she looked at Beth and said, "About that topless opinion, I'd love to see you, and those shorts do wonders for your delectable ass. I'd love to spread your cheeks and give you a very thorough licking."

Beth opened the door and as Judy walked out Beth said under her breath, "I'll get your number from Max."

"I'll expect your call. ... Soon," replied Judy over her shoulder.

"Nicely done dear," said Cheryl. "Apparently no harm, no foul, but I think she'd like to see you."

"Yeah, I got the same impression, who knows, I'll call her later."

"Really!" exclaimed Max.

"Yeah, really, when Katrina was eating me yesterday it kind of piqued my curiosity about being with another woman. Would you mind?" Beth asked.

"I wouldn't," said Max.

"Then again, maybe I'll not call her," she teasingly smiled at her brother. "Come over to the couch, Max and show us what you look at," said Beth picking up a magazine from the counter.

"Here, sit between us," said Beth as she began to pull off her shirt.

"Are you going to take your blouse off again, Mom?" asked Max.

"If you take off your pants so we can see your dick, sure," responded Cheryl with a giggle.

Max stood, pulled his shorts and briefs down and off and sat back down. He took the magazine from Beth and began leafing through it. He stopped at a photo spread of a brunette holding her skirt up showing her stocking tops, then pulling it all the way up and through the series of twenty or so photos ended in just stockings and heels. As Cheryl unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, putting her hard nipples in full view, Max turned to another series, this time a redhead raising her skirt and fingering herself and faking an orgasm.

"Which one of the two did you prefer?" asked Cheryl with her hand wrapped around his dick.

"The first one, it seemed more 'real'." He laid the magazine down, turned toward his mother and began kissing her and caressing her shoulders before moving to her breasts. "Will you take off your pants, Mom?" panted Max in between kisses.

"Why ever would you want me to do that?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I'd like to touch you," he replied.

"You'd like to touch your mother's pussy as well as her tits?" grinned Cheryl.

"I'd like to eat your pussy too, Mom," groaned Max, "You're teasing me."

"What do you think Beth, should a boy eat his mother's pussy? I just don't know if I should let him. Would you let him eat you and stuff this magnificent dick in your cunt, you're his sister?" asked Cheryl with a faux look of concern but a sparkle in her eye. "Do you think he knows how, has he eaten you?"

"No, what can it hurt," she winked. "He got some pretty good instruction from Veronica last night. Cindy and Mary Claire seemed pleased, and so did Veronica. I guess I might, just might consider letting him eat me and fuck me for the first time, but I'll have to think hard and long on it," grinned Beth in a teasing fashion.

"Speaking of long and hard, look what I've got in my hand, sweetheart," replied Cheryl looking at Beth.

Max groaned and said, "You two are something else. Two of the sexiest women I know, one in a bra, shorts, stockings and heels and the other in shorts, stockings and heels with her magnificent tits in my hands." He leaned into Cheryl covering her mouth with his, pushing his tongue into it and gently lowered a hand to the inside of her thigh and softly caressed the creamy flesh above the stocking welt.

"Oh, my, you did pay attention last night, dear boy. Lean away so I can stand," instructed Cheryl.

After pushing them down she picked her shorts up from the floor and pitched them towards the stairs. She sat, turned toward Max, wrapped her arms around him, and before deeply kissing him, said "You talked me into it my sexy son, kiss my pussy, suck my tits, fuck me, show me how you love me."

After breaking the kiss Max asked, "Mom, will you straddle me so I can suck your nipples and feel your pussy against my dick?"

"Like this?" responded Cheryl as she repositioned herself with her knees on either side of Max's hips and her butt resting on his thighs.

"Yeah, that'll work," he said, as Cheryl leaned forward and pushed her tits into Max's face.

Max replied with "mulff" with a breast stuffed in his mouth.

"Raise up a bit Mom," instructed Beth. As she raised her butt Beth pulled her g-string aside then reached under her and began moving his dick in her wet slit. As she put Max's cockhead at the entrance, she loudly whispered, "Sit Mom, slowly." Beth held onto Max's dick as it slowly entered Cheryl's vagina.

"Oh, Oh, Oh my God you're inside me. We're fucking. You feel so good sweetheart. Come get all the way inside your Mother. Ahhh, that's good. I feel your balls against my ass. Let me move, suck my nipples, ahh, good like that, just like that," uttered Cheryl as she began to slowly move up and down on Max's impaling phallus.

"God you feel good, Mom, tight, wet, wonderful," gasped Max. Cheryl and Max quickly established a rhythm with Cheryl lifting almost off and Max pushing back into her as she relaxed her legs. They maintained this for the next ten or fifteen minutes.

"Good, Jesus, you feel good, so good, ahh fuck!" Cheryl exclaimed as she began to climax. She shuddered, buried Max's mouth in hers, and tightly wrapped her arms around his neck. Max continued to move in and out of her, screaming his own release into his mother's mouth a few moments later.

As they continued to embrace Beth got up, walked over to the counter to get one of the eggs, found two batteries in the drawer and pushed her pants down and inserted the egg in her now drenched pussy. She turned it on, saying, "Aggh, God, that feels good," and returned to sit next to her mother and brother who were still coupled, her mother cooing her satisfaction against her son's chest while watching her daughter with semi-glazed eyes.

"Get a tissue would you sweetheart, I'm going to drip all over the place when Max softens," asked Cheryl.

Beth pulled a few out of the box on the end table and as she handed them to her, turned up the egg and started squirming and began to enjoy her own orgasm.


On our way home from lunch Mary Claire called my cell and Veronica answered. "Hi, Mary Claire. ... On our way home, why? ... Really, when. ... Well I guess we'll have to go to plan B. Did you already shop for dinner? ... Good, we'll be home in ten to fifteen, bye."

In response to my querulous look Veronica said that Sharon had called to cancel for both herself and Jane just after we left. The Sunday clerk and her aunt were ill and they needed to open and be the store staff today.

"Well that leaves the six of us, or five for dinner, why don't you call Carol. She wants to talk about the wedding and I'd like to talk to her as well," I replied just before I turned onto the road leading to our street.

"Hi, Carol, Veronica. Can you come over this afternoon? ... In about fifteen to twenty minutes? That'd be great. ... Short skirt, tight top, heels, you know the usual when you're around Scott. ... See you then, bye." Turning to me she asked with a raised eyebrow, "Why was Carol's number on your phone?"

"You put it there, just last week when you got me a 'date' with her, remember my love?" I replied smiling.

"Just checking, handsome. Did I sound jealous?"

"Sorry, no you didn't, but I love you." I replied with a chuckle.

As I pulled onto our street Veronica turned to the back seat, "Change of plans, No Jane, Sharon, or Grace today. Carol will be over shortly and we'll catch up on the wedding plans. I'm going to put on exactly what I told Carol to wear, short skirt, tight top and heels. I'd like for you to join us. I think it's probably warm enough to use the deck. It may well be the last time 'til after the honeymoon."

I parked on the graveled area next to one of the PODS that had been filled on Friday with the garage contents. We walked into the house and I was removing my jacket as I followed my three lovelies up the stairs. "Wear just a polo and shorts Dad," said Ashley. "Skip the underwear."

I stripped to my boxers and Veronica took off her dress and hose. As she pulled on a very short flouncy skirt, she asked, "Bra?"

"Not on my account," I said as I stepped toward her and reaching around her unhooked her bra. We kissed passionately with one of my hands on her bare breast and with the other I lifted her skirt to grasp a bare ass cheek.

"Want to make love," Veronica asked breaking the kiss.

I stepped back a bit from her and pulled the elasticized skirt down over her hips and pushed my boxers off. She stepped out of her g-string and fell on her back on the bed with her arms outstretched toward me. I climbed on the bed with little fanfare and entered her very wet slippery pussy and with two thrusts was all the way inside her. "Been thinking about this for more than a few minutes, haven't you?"

"Why, what do you mean?" she said under her eyebrows as we set up a steady rhythm. During the next ten or twelve minutes of pleasuring each other we weren't aware that Katrina was kneeling on the bed next to us. As Veronica came and I began to fill her, I heard Carol say, "Sheesh, couldn't wait even a few minutes 'til I got here," then a laugh.

"Well, handsome, we seem to have attracted an audience. Where's Ashley?" smiled Veronica.

"Getting a bucket of cold water," laughed Mary Claire.

"Oh, come on, this isn't something you haven't seen before," I said.

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