Any Chance We Could Ch. 35


"Still, like to watch, don't we?" rhetorically asked Katrina.

"Katrina, be a dear and clean me up, please," asked Veronica spreading her legs apart as I climbed over and got off the bed.

Carol embraced me and asked, "Me next?"

"Sure, let me recover a bit," I smiled and walked into the bathroom to pee.

"May I join you" I heard Carol ask to my back. When I looked back at her she was smiling but not making any attempt to follow me.

I put my polo shirt and shorts on sans boxers and stepped into a pair of Topsiders. Mary Claire was in a skirt so short it barely covered her ass and three inch pumps. Ashley was similarly attired except in strappy three inch heel sandals. Katrina was on her knees licking her Mother and the pearl string up her ass was clearly on display.

Carol's skirt was a couple of inches above mid-thigh, very tight across her ass and her sheer top revealed no bra. Cindy had on the skirt she'd worn yesterday, but no top and perched on low heeled slides.

I put my arms around Ashley and Cindy's waist, immediately dropping my hands to their asses and began to herd them downstairs. Carol sat on the edge of the bed and held Veronica's hand as Katrina's ministrations brought her to another orgasm. As Katrina lifted her face, Carol leaned into her and kissed her, enjoying not only the taste of Veronica on Katrina's lips but also the taste of me inside her mouth.

When Katrina broke the short kiss Carol groaned, "You are such a delectable, sensuous young woman. If you weren't already claimed by Ashley I'd be working hard to win your heart."

Her comment caused Katrina to smile broadly. Veronica laughed as she cuddled Katrina into her breast, "She is that and then some. Carol, if you play your cards right, I am sure my daughters will be happy to work out some sort of visitation rights."

We'd been outside on the deck for a few minutes before Veronica, Carol and Katrina joined us. Mary Claire had stopped in the kitchen to fix drinks.

Veronica was wearing a skirt as short as Carol's, and a cream colored sheer top that hugged and outlined her perfect breasts. She was also wearing three-inch cream colored slides. All the women were bare legged.

Carol had a large red wallet in her arms and said, "Let's talk wedding."

Sitting at a patio table she extracted a list from the wallet and said, "I've gotten ninety-two responses to the hundred invitations I mailed. The Governor and the two Senators indicated that their aides would attend, the Chesterfield and Wildwood mayors will be here. Senator Gibbons will be here in person with his wife and daughter as well as the Mayor of St. Louis. Scott your Mom and Dad will be here and I've made reservations for them at the hotel. So, I think with the wedding party of ten plus Hazel, I can confirm to the hotel that we'll need food and drink for at least two seventy five, but I'll call it three hundred as a few more responses are likely to trickle in."

"Have your rings arrived?" looking at me.

"No. I'll call tomorrow," I replied. Katrina had seated herself next to me on a lounger and was leaning against me, with her head on my shoulder. I asked Katrina to stand so I could turn the lounger and raise the back. I sat back down straddling the lounger and pulled Katrina's back against my chest. As she snuggled in I put both hands under her stretchy top and began fondling both breasts to "That's nice Dad."

"Dresses, ladies?" asked Carol.

"We have fittings a week from Tuesday, and Cindy and Mary Claire have yet to buy theirs. I'll see Marty tomorrow and see where she is. Both Scott and Emerson have their own tuxedos I'll get cummerbunds and ties for them at our final fitting," replied Veronica who was sitting across from me flanked by Ashley on the lounger and Carol at the table. I did notice that when Carol crossed her legs that there was a flash of red hair. Mary Claire after serving the soft drinks had taken Cindy, who now had on a spaghetti strapped tank top, to the edge of the pool and kicked off their shoes were sitting side by side on the coping with their arms around each other.

Carol continued down her list of accomplishments and the list of what still needed to be done. "On Tuesday, the 13th all of you except Scott are moving to the hotel. I'll join you to make sure that you're not lonesome Veronica. We've the Presidential suite through Sunday morning. Mary Claire and Cindy will be on the floor below you next door to Scott's parents. Friday night after the wedding, I'll move down with Mary Claire and Cindy, and Katrina and Ashley will have their own room on the other side of your parents."

"I have a request from Scott," said Veronica. "He'd like all of us to wear seamed stockings just to get a rise out of the guests. We probably need to get some ordered, so Ashley will you get a laptop out of the den and let's do that now."

As Ashley got up she spread her legs and flashed me with her pearl g-string. When she came back and sat with the laptop on her lap she spread her knees and asked "Hungry?"

"For your pussy, always," I replied.

At that moment my cell rang. It was Emerson. "Hi ... sitting on the deck with my brood, why? ... Sure come on by, bring your wife. ... Short skirts, tight tops, heels, ... no, not me, just shorts. ... Bare legs. Wanna stay for dinner? ... Oh. ... well that's nice. I know you'll both enjoy that. ... No you don't need to. We've got a supply of suits if we wind up in the pool. ... Tell her not to worry, they're adjustable, one size fits many. ... Okay, see you then, bye."

"Emerson and Hazel will be over in the next thirty minutes. Kim and Gwen are going to be at their house for dinner about seven. So we'll plan on eating after they leave. I'm looking forward to seeing the 'liberated' Hazel."

"Carol and lover can I ask you something?" Without waiting for a response, I began. "Two questions, first what did you mean," looking at Carol and Veronica, "by our wife. Veronica says you've talked about it to each other, now how about me," I smiled.

"Simply put Scott, I fell in love with you when I first met you. You may not know this but you've captured my heart too. You started to capture it when you captured Veronica's. The more she talked about you and the more I spent time with you the deeper my love grew. I've loved Veronica since college as a best friend and as a special lover. Until recently I've not tried to articulate to myself or to Veronica how dear I hold her and what terms I'd use to describe her." She paused and looked down. As she was trying to collect her thoughts I noticed tears form in her eyes as she tried to control her feelings.

She took another deep breath before continuing with a wavering voice, "Please excuse me. This is harder than I thought it would be." She paused again to wipe a tear that ran from her eye. She looked at Veronica and then to me, "Scott, I love my dear friend more than my words can express and saying 'I love you' seems so inadequate to express what I'm feeling. What I would love to be more than anything else in the world is to be your wife as well as Veronica's wife too. I know this sounds crazy and our laws don't allow this, but what want is nothing less than to be your spouse for the rest of my life."

I wanted to speak but now that it was out Carol was on a roll and speaking quickly, too quickly for either Veronica or I to get in a word. I knew the words continued to flow from her heart, "I'd like to live with you, and share my life with both of you. I'd like to share your bed as a marital partner, and with the girl's too. Scott, I'd never seriously considered settling down again until you and Veronica got engaged. I think I have a lot to offer to both of you, I'm a decent cook and I think we'I'm compatible in bed with both of you. I'm low maintenance and I understand that Veronica is first in your life now and forever. I accept that and I would defer to her authority over me. I have a bit of savings to bring with me and I'll contribute the proceeds of my house. I know we can't be formally married but I'd like to make a formal commitment to both of you and you to me before a minister. I know you both love me, you've both told me so in your actions and words. What could be better for Ashley and Katrina than to have two Mom's. So?" a breathless Carol concluded.

"You wouldn't have any issue with either Veronica or I having multiple lovers?" I asked as I looked into her eyes that only contained love and hope.

"No, I've been involved in the lifestyle for the last five or six years, but after I 'marry' you I'll give it up. Erin probably would be involved in our sex life, if you'd like her to be," answered Carol.

"Girls?" I asked looking at Ashley and squeezing Katrina's breast.

"I've known Carol all my life and have been a lover of hers. I like the idea, a lot," enthused Ashley. "Besides she's right. I've known for years she's deeply in love with my Mother and Mom with her. And Scott, I've seen love in your eyes when you look at her too."

"I haven't spent a lot of time with you Carol, but what I know of you I like a lot. What you suggest could make for a very interesting family, two daughters who are fiercely in love with each other and who share a bed, and a Dad with two wives. I guess for it to work we'd have to agree on a public persona, but that could be done. I don't object, but it's really up to the two of you. Veronica, you and Dad are perfect for each other and I hope you don't make any decisions or do anything that could weaken that bond. Until Dad met you Veronica, I was practically an orphan, but no longer," concluded Katrina. "Veronica, thank you for allowing us to be part of your life, for loving Dad and me."

"My man is the one who opened my heart and life," smiled Veronica.

"Well, I don't think it's a decision we need to make today, but Veronica and I'll need to talk some more about it. Come to think of it sweetheart you mentioned in San Francisco that you had a solution in mind, care to share?" I asked as the doorbell rang.

Ashley stood and said, "I'll get it," handing the laptop to Veronica she headed for the front door.

Ashley accompanied Hazel and Emerson to the deck and I removed my right hand from under Katrina's shirt to shake Emerson's hand leaving my left on her breast. Hazel was dressed, barely, in a thirteen or fourteen inch tight skirt and her top was tight and deeply scooped. Her gorgeous legs were perched on strappy high heeled sandals. As Emerson stepped over to kiss Veronica hello, Hazel bent to give me a kiss, her breasts bare enough that the edge of her areola were clearly visible. I kissed her expecting that she would pull back quickly, but her mouth opened and her tongue wriggled into mine. Not one to reject such an approach I deepened the kiss and lightly caressed her breast with the back of my free hand.

Veronica introduced Carol to Emerson and as he bent to kiss her she put her hand on the inside of his thigh.

Ashley pulled another lounger next to mine and Emerson sat but Hazel after kissing Carol and Veronica walked over to Mary Claire and Cindy and as they stood introduced herself. "So you're Mary Claire, no wonder my husband was sorely tempted by your offer. Maybe soon," she said enigmatically.

Ashley had perched herself next to Emerson so Hazel sat next to Veronica. "What are you looking at?" asked Hazel looking at the laptop screen.

"Stockings. Scott wants the whole wedding party to wear seamed stockings to give the guests, at least the male guests, a little something to look at while we're standing in front of them. Want some?" asked Veronica.

"Sure can I help you choose?" asked Hazel.

"Let's change places, you hold the laptop and I'll be back in a minute."

"Did you know that your neighbor's house is for sale?" Emerson asked me as Ashley leaned back against him. I returned my other hand to Katrina's breast under her shirt.

"No. South of us? I never come or go in that direction. Look nice?" I asked. "Are you thinking of moving?"

"Hazel and I talked about it. After Wednesday I probably won't see you much and after twenty plus years, I think I'll miss that. Would you mind us being neighbors? I know you're here to stay with the remodeling you're starting," Emerson said somewhat wistfully.

"Yeah, I'd like that a lot. We'd get to see more of Hazel too." Veronica was just stepping out of the kitchen when I said, "Lover Emerson and Hazel say that the house to the south of us is on the market, do you know anything about it?"

"No, but let me get a laptop and I'll do some quick research. Emerson come inside, I'll use the one on the counter, Hazel and Carol are busy with that one." Ashley leaned away from him to let him up and as he was walking towards Veronica, Ashley leaned towards me and said, "He's as hard as a rock."

Hazel looked up, "Credit Daily Cialis and all the beautiful women in this home. 'Course I kept my top a bit lower on the drive over here. Isn't it great."

"Certainly a change for the better he's said. Congratulations to the two of you," I offered.

"Want to see what he was looking at?" Hazel asked and without a reply she pulled her top all the way down to below her braless tits. I have to admit that they were outstanding, probably the same size as Veronica's, but a more rounded shape. Veronica's nipples pointed up a bit, Hazel's pointed directly at you.

"I like them Hazel. Showing them is a bit out of character for you, but I guess that's what had Emerson leaving the office early. To, in his words, 'drag you back to his cave and fuck your brains out'," I laughed.

"Well, if this is a trend, I'm in," said Carol pulling her top up and off and dropping it at her side.

"Me to," said Ashley pulling hers off as well.

"Pull mine off, Dad," said Katrina.

At that moment Mary Claire glanced behind her and saw what was happening and nudged Cindy saying, "When in Rome." After they both pulled off their tops, Mary Claire asked, "Legs yesterday, tits today, can I get the camera?"

"Sure but be sure Hazel's comfortable with it," I replied.

"I am now," replied Hazel as she pulled her top up over her head and off.

A topless Mary Claire walked through the kitchen as Veronica and Emerson were studying the computer screen, Emerson's hand under Veronica's skirt moving on her ass. Veronica was smiling and seemed to be pushing her ass back onto his hand.

Veronica looked up, "Whoa, what's happening outside?"

"Well Hazel pulled her top all the way down, then Carol took hers off then the four of us did the same and I'm going to get the camera. Legs yesterday, tits today, who knows; pussies next?"

"What's changed with Hazel," Veronica asked.

"Between you and Evie she's cast out most of her demons. Friday night and again yesterday morning she told me that she wanted you and Scott to watch us fuck, and she wants to watch the two of you. We're both free to do everything except fuck other people. I guess you two haven't talked since Friday night."

"Well, you won't mind if I do the same, will you?" demurely asked Veronica. Before pulling her top off Veronica rubbed the flat of her hand over Emerson's tent and said, "Of course you won't."

"No, we haven't talked. Tell me more," as she turned to face him and leaned against the counter. "Would you like to continue to play with my tits while we talk?" Emerson's response was to tenderly grasp her breasts and caress her hardening nipples with his thumbs. "Umm, nice, so tell me," cooed Veronica.

"Well, simply put, as I just said, intercourse isn't allowed, but I can perform oral sex and so can she. She won't do blow jobs on anyone right now, but after I sleep with Kim, she says she wants to learn how to do that."

As Veronica turned back to the screen Emerson got directly behind her and as he pushed his erection against her she stood up and he began fondling her bare breasts. "Umm, that feels nice, I told you Friday that you have nice hands. Pinch a bit, mmm."

Veronica directed him back to the computer remarking ,"The house is listed for $899,000, is ten years old, almost eleven, on a five and a third acre lot, which is about the same size as all the lots in this subdivision. The one across the road from it is for sale as well, similar price about 15% larger but fewer features, same reason for selling: job relocation. I wonder if there're going to be others in this neighborhood going on the market. I like the one to the north of us. It's on a double lot. Oh, wait, the one to the south has a small mother-in-law cottage on the same lot. That has two bedrooms and is about fourteen hundred square feet. It's apparently included in the price. Are you thinking of moving, or just curious? If you're seriously looking I'd love to be your 'buyers agent'."

"I think we'd like that, and I think since Scott and I have been side by side for the last twenty or so years, if we lived next door to each other that'd be ideal. Since money's not an issue, can you arrange for Hazel and I to look at it sometime this week."

"Of course, and when we do, perhaps you and Hazel'd like to join us for an intimate dinner, say at Tony's. We could even go in a limo," smiled Veronica thinking of an intimate ride as well. "Let me bookmark this page so I can call the listing agent later. How about another little nipple suck before we go back out," she suggested with her hand down the front of his shorts wrapped around his cock.

Mary Claire was on her knee in front of Carol taking pictures of her breasts, then backing away and turning on the flash to get some light up Carol's skirt, she took several more with Carol's legs spread. As I watched I noted she had a natural talent for framing pictures. I also made a note to stop at a camera shop to buy her the latest professional version of mine.

"My, my, Hazel just as pretty as they were not too long ago on our shopping expedition. Friday I just got to touch the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, stand please." Veronica then put her hands on Hazel's shoulders and gently turned her around and began to caress her breasts. Hazel put her hands behind her and pushing Veronica's skirt up began to return the caressing to Veronica ass. As Veronica began to nibble on Hazel's earlobe, Cindy ran upstairs to get the video camera while Mary Claire continued to snap away.

Ashley pressed her breasts against Emerson's chest, saying, "Now this would be the way to dance, dontcha think. Or like this," she turned with her back to him and covered his hands with hers on her breasts. She then lifted her arms and put them behind his neck grinding her ass into his erection.

Katrina turned toward me, kissing me with an open mouth, saying into my mouth, "Touch me." I moved my hand to her inner thigh and after she spread her legs a bit to accommodate me, I pushed her pearl g-string aside and began to gently massage her clit with my wetted finger. Veronica had moved one hand down Hazel's stomach and after lifting the hem of her skirt slid her hand over her pearl-split pussy.

"You've shaved, like it?" Veronica murmured into her ear, as she began to caress her clit.

"Oh, God, yes, it's so much more sensitive," Hazel gasped.

"Do you want me to make you come in front of everyone?" Veronica asked in a quiet whisper. "If so, turn, put your arms around my neck and kiss me."

As Hazel turned in her arms, Veronica's fingers pushed the pearl string aside and pushed a finger into Hazel's very wet, very slick cunt. Then after moving it a bit, she pulled it out and inserted two, curling them a bit searching for Hazel's G-spot. As she found it, Hazel started to buck her hips and her breathing became ragged. "Hold on to my neck, I don't want you to fall," instructed Veronica into Hazel's mouth.

Hazel broke the kiss, "Oh God, Oh God, that's good, keep fucking me, don't stop, I'm almost there, Oh Yes, Unnng," she stopped breathing. Just like her daughter, thought Veronica as Hazel's hips started to shake. While her orgasm washed over her, Veronica held her up with one hand in her cunt and the other around her back. As Hazel started breathing again, she lowered her down to the lounger next to Carol who sat the laptop on the deck and pulled Hazel to her.

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