Any Chance We Could Ch. 39


"Soon, perhaps. Any questions?"

"Why the cameras and are they wireless? Is that what you meant by checking a computer to see where you are?"

"We enjoy replaying our play in this room and they and the server in the closet are available on our network, encrypted and very secure, I might add. I'll give you the passwords when we go back down."

"You guys have exhibitionist and voyeur sides to your personalities," she smiled warmly.

"I never thought about that, but I think you're on to something," I nodded.

"Why are you adding a two bedroom suite?"

"Veronica and I will in all likelihood 'marry' Carol before the end of the year. The main bedroom which will have a double king bed will be our primary marital bedroom. The second will be the 'wives bedroom' for those rare occasions when Veronica and Carol want to be just the two of them, or sleep alone if they're ill or just want to be alone. It'll also allow me to have the occasional romantic and bonding night with just one of my wives. Otherwise the three of us'll sleep in the larger room together. Anyone else we invite into our bed'll sleep with us in the larger room. I imagine we'll have a camera system installed in both of those rooms as well."

As we walked back into the hallway I pointed out where the new hallway would lead to the new master suite. As Lauren stood there contemplating it I stepped against her back and softly enclosed her breasts with my hands and pressed my cock against her ass. "God, you feel good. I'm glad I met your family last week. I'm gonna like becoming part of it. I'd like to throw you on that bed, any bed, ... I could do it you know, ... but I'd like for Veronica to be here for our first time," gasped Lauren.

"That's wise, I knew you had good sense about you. Perhaps tomorrow after dinner and dancing we can do something. Would you get us a limo for tomorrow, they'll be six of us, seven if you want to leave with us from here," I said backing a half step away.

As we walked back into the kitchen Mary Claire smirked, "Quickie, huh Dad?"

"Now, now Mary Claire I don't fuck every woman who comes into this house," I said laughing.

"No, sometimes they have to come here more than once to get you or Mom between their legs," laughed Mary Claire.

Lauren was blushing during this interchange and when I lightly kissed her cheek she reddened even more deeply. "Mary Claire likes to think that she's chaste, but don't be fooled. Get her in your bed and she'll take you to the moon." I laughed.

"This'll take some getting used to, sorry I blushed," said Lauren wrapping both her arms around mine. "Can we go in the den and talk business for a bit. Oh, where's the door to the basement? Tomorrow I want to look around and get some ideas for our exercise studio."

"Down that hall just before the bath," I said as we walked toward the den with her still wrapped around my arm. "There's an exterior entrance by the garage that'll be modified so you can enter the pool deck too."

"Ohh, she's hot. We'll all love fucking her," mused Mary Claire under her breath as I walked past her on the way to the den.

Lauren and I discussed software and computers. I encouraged her to decide what she thought was best and make a presentation to me on her recommendations before making a purchase. We also talked about opening a business credit card account which she'd use for business purposes.


Hazel and Emerson arrived in Hazel's SUV a little before four. Veronica and I got in the back seat for the short trip next door. The realtor's car was there and she was standing on the front porch waiting for us. She was wearing black fitted pants, shoes with a low blocky heel and a light colored fitted blouse under her blue blazer.

She introduced herself to us as Anne Warren, and Emerson introduced each of us to her. She and I looked at each other trying to figure out if we knew each from somewhere. My suspicion was confirmed when she smiled and nodded to me a minute later. I was still clueless how I knew her but determined to place her.

As we continued the tour of the house, her speech patterns sounded more and more familiar to me. As she was leading us up the spiral staircase it started to dawn on me where I knew her from. Could she be Amy Anne Callender, my first fuck from high school? The glasses were gone, her hair was shorter, her breasts larger, more mature figure yet thinner now than then, but I was certain she was Amy Anne.

She answered most of the Jacobsons' questions and well as few that Veronica and I had. We learned the house was just being finished when the former owner was promoted and transferred to Atlanta. Evidently the owners had sold the home to the employer, and had been vacant for six months. Since the home was never occupied Veronica asked if the city had inspected it for an occupancy permit, and if so what were the predications? Anne had the list handy and gave one to Emerson which he and I looked over while Hazel was opening cabinet doors in the kitchen. The most significant were that an inside hand rail needed to be installed on the spiral staircase, two smoke detectors had to be moved a few feet, the entrance steps were three quarters of an inch higher than allowed by code and the water heater in the small cottage had to be moved an extra inch and a half away from the back wall. As there weren't any serious predications, I recommended that Emerson call Dave, or I would for him, for a third party detailed inspection. Contingent on positive recommendations from Dave, Emerson was inclined to offer $869,000 cash with any new shortcomings in the inspection coming off that price.

The small cottage in back reached by a flat stone path was delightful, two baths, two smallish bedrooms, large living/dining area, dated kitchen, nice deck. It could easily be expanded onto the surrounding flat yard which dropped off forty or fifty feet behind the house. It had been built thirty or so years ago and was part of the original acreage that had belonged to the stone house on the other side of our house.

Standing in the yard with Emerson we were looking at the tree line that divided it from our lot to the north. We were trying to picture in our minds the easiest route for a cart path between to the two homes. I called Dave and asked if he could do a quick pre-purchase inspection tomorrow for my business partner. He demurred explaining he had several meetings tomorrow but gave me Keith's number. He said that Keith had an excellent eye and would serve us well. I called and Keith was available tomorrow morning so I handed the phone to Emerson to agree on a time. Since he was going to be here at eight, I asked him if he could also go across the street to #19 at ten to inspect it as well. I'd have Amy Anne get a key and bring it tomorrow morning.

As we were getting ready to leave I asked Anne what the story was on the house across the street from me. The house had been lived in for about three and a half years. It was a similar situation, an out of town employer bought it when they hired the prior owner to become a major executive. It had been built by Dave Hawks. The company initially had listed it for $995,500 but two weeks ago became very motivated to sell since it was still vacant and there had had been no interest in nine months at the former list price. Though the current asking price was $929,500 there had been three families look at the property but no offers yet. Given the increasingly softening market I suspect that we could successfully offer $790,000.

Anne made a note to be available in the morning with keys for Keith.

"Anne, can you join us for breakfast at our home, the one next door on the north at seven-thirty," asked Veronica.

"Certainly. Scott, it's great to see you again," smiled Anne. "The years have certainly been kind to you."

"Thank you. Was your maiden name Callender and is your first name Amy? Did you go by Amy Anne in high school at Mary Institute?" I asked,

"Yes. You not only knew me as Amy Anne Callender but you also taught me to drive the summer I turned sixteen."

"I must say Amy Anne, the years have definitely treated you well too."

"Thanks. We've got a lot of catching up to do, how's your time this evening? Are you and Veronica free for dinner?"

"We've got plans with Hazel and Emerson. Over breakfast tomorrow we could visit. Veronica, would seven be okay?" I asked.

"I don't know why not, I'll tell Mary Claire when we get back home to plan on one more for breakfast."

"Mary Claire is your ...?" she asked.

Veronica replied, "She's a very special friend who lives in our home and who loves to cook most of our meals."

"Amy Anne, nice seeing you again, seven then?" I added.

"Of course, and Emerson I'll have a bid for you and Hazel to sign before noon tomorrow," grinned Anne.


At four thirty Lauren left to go pick up the limo. She went by her apartment and changed into the uniform opaque black panty hose, white tuxedo shirt, the short evening skirt and black suede pumps. She also took a short look through her closet for something suitably sexy for tomorrow night. Finding nothing that grabbed her she wondered if maybe she could talk Veronica into a quick shopping trip tomorrow. She then packed a few extras in a small bag and drove to the limo office. "Hi, Dan, tonight's my last night driving. I've taken a full time job but I'll recommend my new boss use you guys. Is Rose still driving? I haven't seen her for a few weeks."

Dan replied, "We'll miss you Lauren. Rose's been on vacation in St. Augustine Beach but is available tomorrow night. Do you need her?"

"Yeah, set up Rose in a limo large enough for nine. Have her at the Appleton's by seven. I'll call the purchase order number to you tomorrow morning. Expect a lot of business from them, ... me."

"Thanks. You're in the Lincoln tonight, just four right? Facing seats, two jump seats. Chardonnay is in the cooler along with the Bud Select. What time to you expect to drop off the car tonight?"

"Nine or ten latest, they're just going to dinner. It's been a pleasure driving for you," smiled Lauren shaking Dan's hand before she grabbed the keys from the key board and walked out to the limo.

When she got back to the Appleton's and parked the car on the side of the drive she took the small bag and went into the downstairs bathroom and undressed. She put on a black bustier, pulled on a black g-string, put on sheer dark grey stockings and fastened them to the garter straps on the bustier. She then put a white tuxedo blouse that she deliberately selected, it hugged her tightly because it was a size too small, tie and black skirt and stepped into black patent heels. She touched up the little makeup she was wearing. She stepped into the back bedroom and appraised herself in front of the mirror. The skirt barely covered the hose welt, perfect, she thought and turned to walk back to the den.

She passed Mary Claire on the way and Mary Claire said, "Dressed for success. You look very sexy in that uniform. Just let me know when you want some teenaged pussy."

"You'll be the first," grinned Lauren while blushing again.

Sitting in my office with her lap top Lauren did some price shopping on the Web for computers and software and compiled a no more than one hundred word recommendation for each.

We returned from the house tour and I introduced Emerson and Hazel to Lauren. Poor Emerson, as Lauren swung her chair out from behind the desk her skirt hem was well above the stocking top and he immediate tented his slacks. Lauren couldn't help but notice as she stood, smiled and offered her hand to them both. At least his fly was zipped unlike mine when I'd first met her.

"I love the uniform Lauren," remarked Veronica. "Very, very nice. I thought you had to wear pantyhose with the skirt."

"I'm supposed too, but since tonight is my last assignment, and given the client, I changed when I got back here from picking up the car," she explained. "I'm glad you like it."

"Emerson and I'll probably be doing some joint ventures. Perhaps he'd like to share some of your financial talents," I explained. And some of the obvious physical ones as well, I thought.

After chatting for a few minutes Lauren reminded us that she'd made reservations for us at Agostino's at six-thirty and we probably should leave in about fifteen minutes.

On the drive to dinner Veronica asked me about Amy Anne. To the three of them I explained that the summer she was sixteen I was eighteen and leaving for college in August. "We'd dated on and off during my senior year. She'd somehow got into her mind that she wanted me to teach her to drive. She got her permit in February and her parents bought a late model four door Ford Fairmont for her sixteenth birthday. Her parents were quite wealthy and her father was semi-retired. So in March we began regular lessons on the weekends and an occasional afternoon during the week. Since I went to Country Day School right next door to Mary I I'd pick her up for the afternoon lessons and we'd practice in my '76 Maverick."

"In mid-June, a week after her birthday, her parents were out of town for a week and we were alone on her pool deck. One thing lead to another and I wound up making her a woman. Our activity continued pretty much unabated for the rest of the summer and in mid-July she got her license. After I left in August I lost touch with her, pretty much by mutual agreement. I haven't seen her until just a few hours ago. Small world isn't it?"

"Was she good in bed?" asked Veronica with a raised eyebrow.

"I honestly don't remember. Perhaps the real driver was adolescence hormones. I guess it was reasonably good sex given our lack of knowledge, we kept doing it every chance we got, but I don't recall much emotional attachment. It wasn't difficult for either of us to part in August. She looked a bit different then, heavier with just a touch of baby fat on her face and glasses with hair that was well down her back. She was a bit awkward socially as I recall. Now she's much thinner, fuller breasted, shorter hair and overall a stunner. I do remember she did wear stockings most days then. Garter as well as pantyhose," I concluded.

"So she's the cause of your fetish. She imprinted you," Veronica laughed.

"That may well be," I nodded.

"Enough about your first love," laughed Veronica. "Are you really interested in the house across the road?"

"Sure, I think if we, ... you and I made the investment we'd find a worthwhile use for it. It being occupied would do a lot to stabilize our property values, including the one we just looked at. There are a good number of adult children in our families right now and perhaps we could dream a bit and have them living in houses on our street. This could be a step toward doing that."

"That's an interesting idea," Emerson replied. "Give me a day or two to think about it and talk with Hazel. Perhaps I'll invest in it with you"

"Hazel, I'm curious about you're 'new sexuality'. We haven't had a chance to talk since the amazing hour or two on the pool deck Sunday," asked Veronica.

"Well," began Hazel, "I hope this doesn't seem too clinical. Right now I'm comfortable with being kissed and touched by someone other than Emerson. I'm becoming comfortable with the idea of my pussy being orally stimulated, even to have fingers in my pussy. Even Scott's, but I'll only have full intercourse with Emerson."

"I'm happy you're opening up girl," Veronica encouraged.

Hazel looked at Veronica and then me. "My ass is off limits." She took Emerson's hand and then continued, "My restrictions on Emerson are that he can be kissed, touched, orally stimulated and he can do the same with another woman but cannot have full intercourse with anyone but me. I'm not comfortable with blowing Emerson or anyone else, but it's okay for Emerson to receive a blowjob. I'm not that uncomfortable with full nudity with either of you. I think I told you Sunday that I'd wanted to watch the two of you fuck. Sunday's sight was very arousing."

"What about him doing someone else."

"I wouldn't mind watching Scott fuck someone else like Mary Claire or Carol. Or for anyone else to fuck you Veronica. Sometime I'd like to know about the plug you used in your ass last Sunday, but I'm not interested in experiencing it myself."

"What if the other person doing me was a woman, say Carol or Katrina," Veronica inquired.

"I'm not sure about that," Hazel replied with her eyes looking down at the floor.

Just then we pulled up to the front of the restaurant. After checking that someone had her cell number, Lauren left us to find a parking place and await our call. After being shown to our table and ordering drinks and since the booth had high sides and relative privacy, Veronica continued the conversation from the car in a low voice.

"Let me ask you this Hazel, so if I let, ... no, if I want Emerson to caress my body, kiss and suck on my nipples, that's alright?" asked Veronica.

"Yes," smiled Hazel.

Looking Hazel in the eyes she continued, "If I invited him to eat my dripping pussy, and finger fuck me, that's alright?"

"Yes," Hazel quietly replied.

"What if I suck his cock and let him come in my mouth, that's okay too?"


"But he cannot stick his nice, hard cock in my pussy and bang me to heaven?"

"No," Hazel replied in a firm tone without hesitation.

"I guess I don't understand," frowned Veronica.

Hazel replied, "It's a seed thing, the precious bodily fluids. His essence. He's my husband and it's only for my womb. Even if he is shooting blanks, I don't want to share his semen in somebody's vagina other than mine. I also don't want someone else's seed in me, not in my mouth or my vagina. If he spills his semen in your mouth it's not the same thing as putting it in your vagina."

I smirked, She's been watching too much Dr. Strangelove on U-verse.

"What if he wears a condom or pulls out before he comes? What if Scott wears a condom and fucks you?"

"For me it's still the same. I guess it's the actual coupling that I see as full sex and as being unfaithful. Besides, they've been known to break. Also, I'm not comfortable with a cock or semen in my mouth, not Emerson's, not Scotts."

"It's okay if I eat you, will you eat me?"

"Yes I'm willing to see what it'd be like for you to eat me. Carol did a wonderful job Sunday. I've never eaten a woman," replied Hazel.

"Would you like me to show you?"


"If I show you how tasty Scott's semen is and Emerson's as well, will you try some of Emerson's from my mouth?"

"I don't think so, but I'll think about it," replied Hazel.

At that point the drinks arrived and after receiving recommendations from our waiter and placing our order, the conversation drifted to where to go on the suggested RV trip and what type of RV we should rent.


Carol, Ashley, Katrina and Mary Claire were in the den drinking either iced tea or coffee after dinner. Ashley and Katrina were on either side of Carol on the couch and Mary Claire in a wingback at the end of the coffee table.

Katrina began, "Carol, Ashley and I were talking about maybe attending a swinger party with Evie. She suggested we talk to you. What can or will you tell us about how you got started, what you do, and if you enjoy it. Do you think we could we do it, or at least try it?"

"Well, you, any of the three of you or all three would certainly be a hit in the group. The parties I used to attend with Evie were mainly attended by middle aged couples. You teens would be very popular. Since you'd be the same age of many of their daughters, many of the men, and some of the women too, would be imagining that they're fucking their daughters. Should you give it a try? Only you can answer that question."

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