Any Chance We Could Ch. 48


"Wearing anything special tonight?" I asked.

"Based on our conversations last night, I think that if I were dressed in sack cloth Emerson won't be able to keep his hands off me. So no, just something that keeps me accessible but not exposed in public.' You?"

"Light tan pants, blue oxford cloth shirt, blue blazer, no tie," I replied.

"Underwear?" asked Veronica.

"I'd thought about going commando, but I'd probably have pecker tracks across my pants. Suggestions?"

"Dark pants would be a good idea instead of light tan ones, less obvious. Perhaps you should wear pantyhose again. They tended to keep your pre-cum and tenting erection under control last night. I think if you really came nothing would disguise what'd happened. Why not just a pair of your new briefs, black lace perhaps," smiled Veronica.

"You think Hazel would freak with me in pantyhose again? Come to think of it she didn't mind last night when she asked how I was keeping from tenting my pants while she was caressing my cock. Will you mind what I wear?"

"Handsome, I get you in my bed every night why should I mind what you wear. Just by kissing you I can get you out of anything you're wearing."

"Yeah, you're right about that," I teased her. "Sweetheart what time is Rose picking us up and are Emerson and Hazel leaving from here?"

"We're all leaving from here at seven, that way they can leave from here in the morning," replied Veronica.

"So Hazel's gonna do it?" grinned Mary Claire.

"Yeah, I think so. Tape and film at ten," I laughed.

All of us were in the den talking or reading when my cell phone rang again. Carol answered, "Hello. ... Hi Jeanine. ... Yes, he's right here," and then handed me my phone.

"Carol, ... the stunning redhead. ... Of course, want to come for brunch, ... say eleven, ... great. Yes she's here." I handed the phone to Veronica.

"Hi, Jeanine ... Probably anything you want. He does like garter hose, ... flats or heels, either one. ... If you wish, it all comes off. ... Be enticingly beautiful. Realize your potential, ... really anything you want will be okay. ... See you in the morning, bye." Veronica set the phone on the coffee table and addressed the questioning look on my face. "She was asking if she needed to dress up, or dress down. Long skirt or short skirt, hose, tight top or blouse, you heard me tell her to dress for herself, so we'll see in the morning. Mary Claire did you catch that, get a headcount for a brunch in the morning and add Jeanine," smiled Veronica.

"You said you'd call Claudia about tomorrow. Have you?" asked Carol looking at Veronica.

"No, thanks for the reminder. I'm still a bit distracted by our session with Joy and Keith. Ashley flip my purse over here, or get the Davenport's card out of it, please." Ashley dug around in her Mother's bag and handed the card to Mary Claire who passed it to Veronica via me.

"I'm glad she didn't 'toss' your bag, that could hurt someone if it weren't caught," I smirked.

"Men. You carry everything you need except for your cock in your back pocket," remarked Veronica reaching for my cell.

"That's a great visual," remarked Mary Claire. Veronica shook her head as she dialed.

"Hi. This is Veronica Appleton, ... Bryce. Who's this? ... Oh hi Melissa is your Mom there? ... Sure ... Hi Claudia ... Still on for tomorrow at four? ... We're looking forward to it too ... all four of you right?... Sure, Macy's, Neiman-Marcus, Saks all have nice selections ... VS too, but not as many stockings as Saks which is where I buy most of ours ... VS and Saks also have large selections of g-strings ... Oh, something inappropriately short, fitted or stretchy top, hose and heels, of course ... whatever you're comfortable with ... I think everyone from last night except Cheryl and Beth ... yeah Max'll be here ... probably cocktails, a tenderloin and then ... yes I like the idea of pussy for dessert too ... Yeah, maybe as an appetizer as well ... I think it'll be a fun evening too ... They do, both of them? ... tell me about them. ... Really, you both have ... Okay ... I'll ask him, but I'm sure he would. ... We'll see what we can do, no promises but we'll try. ... Bye Claudia."

"Ray, her husband and Doug her son both have fantasies about women that they'd like to see played out tomorrow. Both rather simple and I'm sure Carol and I can manage. Ray fantasizes about a redhead dressed in a short tight green dress, green bra and panties, tan seamed stockings held up by a green garter belt wearing four inch heeled green sandals," Veronica explained.

"Sounds like me," smiled Carol, "how nice. Lauren you've got that new green dress, I've got a green half bra and g-string. Katrina can I borrow your green heels and green garter belt. I know we've got seamed tan stockings. What else does he want, just for me to be dressed like that?"

"No, he wants you to model for him, let him slowly strip you, fuck you and then watch you get dressed," answered Veronica.

"Scott, are you alright with this?"

"Of course, knock 'em dead," I smiled.

"What about their son, Doug ... is it? Is he similarly inclined?" I asked.

"He wants a blond MILF, a blond version of his mother it sounds like. I guess I'll fulfill his fantasy, you know what I think about young cock. He'd like a sheer top, long flaired skirt, black stockings, heels and he'd like to fuck with her skirt on and her top off," smiled Veronica at the thought of a new young cock in her pussy. "Come to think of it, all of you wear semi-sheer tops, over half bras or not, very short skirts, hose and heels. Maybe Ray or Doug would like to try another young pussy, Mary Claire, ... Cindy perhaps.

"You've got that floral print red pleated maxi skirt. Wear your red calfskin boots with the three inch stiletto heels, you'll knock him dead," grinned Ashley. "I wonder if I'll get to blow him."

"You heard me say really! at the end of the conversation. She told me that this is a fantasy that they've played at home only without the garter stockings. They have blond and red wigs and Claudia and Melissa have played both roles. They all fuck each other I assumed, ... correctly it turns out. Claudia would like for you to wear a tuxedo."

"I can do that," I replied. "I'll wear my older one, won't need to worry about come on it."

"Mary Claire, looks like you're going to be busy tomorrow. Get headcounts for brunch and dinner, check the wine supply. Plan to spend the night in our bed after the Davenports leave," Veronica said broadly smiling.

Veronica's phone rang and Katrina retrieved it from the cell pouch inside her purse and answered it. "Yes, this is the Appleton residence, this is Katrina, ... sure, here she is."

"Hello, yes I am ... yes we are. Couldn't be more pleased with Alyssa's ideas and recommendations. ... We're getting married next Friday and I guess I may have signed a few of the contracts in my soon to be married name and some in my current name. ... I understand your concern. ... Sure, Monday morning, we should be here all morning. Probably would be best to call first. ... Thanks Erica, see you then. ... Bye"

"Hmmm, Alyssa's firm Brilliant Ideas Design is rightly concerned. They've got two names at the same job address and would like me to sign all with the same name. As Erica Peterson and her partner Nancy Forbes were reviewing our contracts, they became concerned. I don't blame then, it's about a quarter of a mil. Anyway, I jumped the gun on using Appleton. One or the other of them will come by Monday to get the proper signatures on the agreement," smiled Veronica.

"Okay you two, I need to talk to you about tonight. Can we do it now?" asked Lauren.

She joined us by sitting on the coffee table in front of us with one her red wallets. "Can I take my skirt off?" she asked.

"You never need to ask. You know the dress code you sexy woman," responded Mary Claire from her spot in my desk chair. She was sketching head shots from the large plasma.

Dropping her skirt on the table next to her Lauren sat down and began, "I took some initiative for tonight, I hope you don't mind? Here's $1,400 in cash, mostly ones, fives and twenties, and several hundreds. Rose says she'll dance for you at the club tonight but she has to pay another driver to meet her there and stay with the limo while she's inside. So you'll need to give her a hundred for the other driver. She plans on being on stage before or after another dancer she used to work with, Betty Jo for at least two numbers. You'll probably see six or eight dancers before she's on stage, the ones and fives are for tips for the dancers. By the way her professional name is 'Autumn'. After she dances the first time she and Betty Jo will come from behind the stage and they'll approach you and ask if you'd like a private lap dance.

If Hazel isn't too upset, agree. They'll take you to a VIP room and you'll give the gatekeeper four hundred. Normally the club collects the dance fee, keeps their cut and gives the dancer theirs later. Any extra tip they get, they keep. At this club, the first private lap dance is forty-five dollars for a two song set. Each additional lap dance set is twenty, usually three to five minutes per song, or about seven to eight minutes per set. Tonight we've arranged a deal that gives you their large room for $400 for an hour. As this is a two girl performance, each girl will receive $125 from the club. I figure you'll get them both for at least four numbers, so each of you'll get Rose, er ... Autumn and Betty Jo for a dance. So when you're done give each an extra tip, say about a $100 to a $125. There'll be no penetration but you'll probably be able to play with their hips, asses and tits. They'll tell you if they'll let you. It's not good etiquette to ask.

I suggest both you and Emerson put on condoms in the limo before you go in the club, there are some in here as well, so if you come you won't soil your trousers. Adjust that magnificent tool of yours, to point up, you'll maximize the lap dance that way. Since the dancers are totally nude, you may be wise to pull your pants down or skirts up to keep from getting pussy juice on your clothes, but do not take them off because it could put the club's license at risk. As long as your trousers are around your ankles or your skirts are around your waists you're considered 'dressed'. When your time in the room is up or you've each had your dances, you can go back onto the main floor, and buy a couple of high priced watered-down drinks from the topless waitresses. A round will cost you about forty bucks plus a tip of ten and wait for Autumn and Betty Jo to dance again. Feel free to hang by the tip rail and use the smaller bills to tip the dancers. I'll warn you that any five dollar tip will likely have the girl return later asking if you want a lap dance, either public or private. A ten dollar tip ensures she will visit you with an offer. You should also tip Autumn and Betty Jo while they're dancing. After they finish, Autumn'll get dressed and will meet you back at the limo. It will be at least ten or fifteen minutes before she'll be back to the limo. She'll go out a side exit from behind the stage, so plan on watching another dancer or two before you leave. Tonight there'll be using multiple stages for dancers performances. Autumn will be asking for the stage in the far right corner from the entrance. The management is not likely going to assign them to the main stage, if they do they'll hear it from their primary dancers for days.

"When you guys get back home tip Rose whatever you feel is appropriate for her services for the whole evening, a couple of hundred I guess would be appropriate for this unique combination. She has an idea of what's planned so you four may do whatever you wish in the back seat. She'll let you know when you're getting close to home so you can get a bit decent or ask her to drive a bit longer, or do whatever you're doing in the driveway. The limo you'll be in tonight has two facing seats and there's enough room on each to almost stretch out, at least Dad and I could. It'll come equipped with a chilled bottle of high end Champagne for the outbound trip and another for the return trip. They'll be towels and pre-moistened cloths in a cabinet on the driver's side of the limo. Questions?"

"Good God Lauren you're quite a planner, we'll have to remember that. Nice job, you never cease to amaze me," I praised her and ran my hand up her leg stopping with the tips of my fingers against her pussy.

"I put a crib sheet in here as well," smiled Lauren as she leaned forward and I met her lips with an open mouthed kiss.

As we kissed I pulled her toward me on onto my lap. As she straddled me Veronica put her hand under the front of her g-string and remarked, "Dear, boy is she wet and deserving."

"Hell yes I'm wet, I wish now I was going with you guys tonight. Maybe some time you can take your senior staff, ... er those over twenty-one to Showtime."

"Now there's an excellent suggestion, Veronica and I'll keep that in mind," I smiled lightly caressing her bare ass.

"By the way you sexy creature where do these red wallets keep coming from?" I asked.

"If you suck my nipples for a few minutes I'll tell you," she demurely said from under her eyebrows.

I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it down her arms and off. Then she unfastened her bra and let it slide down her arms. "Ooh, yes that feels so nice," she moaned as I latched on to her left breast while Veronica leaned over for the right.

"Ooohhh, mmmm that's wonderful. I had some at home from previous jobs and I now buy them by the boxful at Office Max. Oh, you two do that well, now your hands," she said as she put her finger under my chin and tilted my face up to kiss me.

"Are you coming back tonight, or sometime tomorrow?" asked Veronica as she sat up.

"I think not tonight, I'll be back in time for brunch and can I stay for the Davenport visit?" asked Lauren.

"Of course you can, remember you're 'family' now. You heard me tell Claudia that we'd all be here except for Cheryl and Beth. They have some kind of program they need to attend tomorrow and they'll be tied up all day."

"Carol, who's your date tonight, I don't think you ever said," I asked as she quietly watched along with the others.

"Katrina and Judy, Max's lesbian ex." She looked at Katrina before continuing, "I'm going to take them to a lesbian bar/coffee house in mid-town and see how comfortable they are with it. If they are, we'll stay until the debauchery starts here around midnight." Carol grinned, "Judy's coming here to leave with us and may spend the night as well."

"I'm going with Max and Beth, probably for dinner and a show, then back here," Ashley informed us with a broad grin.

"I'm going with Cheryl. She says she wants to get to 'know' me better. I think dinner, then a concert, then back here," giggled Cindy.

"Gloria's picking me up for dinner then to the party. I guess Keith was pretty disappointing, huh?" asked Mary Claire.

"Yeah, he was," remarked Veronica. "They'll be more cocks there than just his. Remember no means no, if you don't want to waste time with him, don't."

About 4:00 Lauren left, putting her blouse and skirt back on but left the bra off. I like watching her boobs jiggle when she's braless. She said she expected her mother's friend and her son to be there as well. Two cocks and three pussies are good odds was her characterization of tonight's debauchery. The rest of the women of the house drifted to their respective closets which I'm sure included Veronica's and Carol's as well as their own.

Mary Claire came down dressed in a simple short black skirt, slightly flaired, hose, three inch heeled sandals and a stretchy scooped neck top over a half bra. She was carrying her large purse and showed me the short sheer baby doll that she planned to change into later in the evening.

"You seem rather uneasy, sweetheart. Are you?"

"Yeah, kinda. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Carol speaks highly of the experience, but I wonder if I'm really attuned to the whole concept. I like the sharing that you and Mom do, but a group of strangers who want to stick their dicks in me, I'm not as sure about," said Mary Claire with a frown.

"Well, has Gloria agreed to leave with you if you're not comfortable? Do you want to take your own car in case she's hesitant?" I asked pulling her into my arms. "You're young and dearly loved by everyone in this household. Don't rush into doing anything you're not comfortable with. You could ask one of your sisters if you don't want to go to that party and go with them. I'm sure you wouldn't be turned down. If we weren't going to an age-restricted club I'd take you with us."

"Would you really? I know what you've got planned," smiled Mary Claire. "I'd love to go with you when I'm old enough."

"We'd take you in a heartbeat sweetheart. You're part of my family, you're one of my daughters, and a lover as well," I said lightly kissing her mouth

"I need to call her before she comes all they way out here. Thanks Dad. And I do love you, so, so much."

Mary Claire dug around in her Coach purse found her cell and speed dialed Gloria's number. "Hi ... Okay. I'm having some second thoughts about tonight. ... Yeah, since I've never done it before. ... Really? You'd do that? ... You make me feel better ... sure, same time. Gloria, you're the best. See you in half an hour."

"Gloria's picking me up for dinner and then a show if I want. She understood my trepidation and said that she didn't want me to rush into anything I might be uncomfortable with. Can we rent a DVD and just come back here after we eat?" asked a smiling Mary Claire.

"Of course you can," I said as I slipped my arm around her waist and pulled her to me. "Very nice of Gloria to accommodate your concern," I said lowering my hand to her ass and gently squeezing a cheek.

"The more I get to know her, the more I like her," she nodded.

Mary Claire headed off to the den and I went upstairs. As I entered the bedroom I saw my wives nude in the closet again. Second evening in a row. God, life was good. "Hi," I said to them as I started to get undressed to take a shower. "Mary Claire has had a slight change in plans. Gloria's still picking her up shortly. They're going out to dinner then maybe back here to watch a movie. She was uncomfortable about going to the party tonight. It may be something as simple as fear of the unknown or it may be something more significant, but whatever it is she shouldn't go if she isn't certain. I asked her to call Gloria and Gloria was thoughtful enough not to push and made the counter-offer. A lot of maturity for a young woman. Both of them, really."

"Well, it has to be what you want to do and I'm glad that she talked to you about her concern. Worked out okay," smiled Carol holding up a pair of leather pants. "I should have made it clear to Mary Claire that she could just go and watch, be a voyeur for the night. No one would put pressure on her to do anything."

"Go mention that to her now," I suggested.

Carol shook her head, "If I did that now it might be interpreted as me putting pressure on her to go."

"I see your point. Veronica, have you showered?" I asked.

"Yes, but I don't think Katrina has," replied Veronica.

"Has what?" asked Katrina as she came into the bedroom in a g-string.

"Showered," I said.

"No, want company?"

"Yes, let's," I said taking her hand and walking into our bath.

With the new large tanks the hot water supply was so superb we dawdled for way too long. Or just long enough for me to bring her to a screaming orgasm with my fingers in her pussy and ass. I didn't let her reciprocate because of our plans for later. Nonetheless, we both enjoyed it and the water didn't cool.

I walked out of the bathroom with a broadly smiling daughter and got knowing looks from both Carol and Veronica, who were both now wearing g-strings, garter belts and stockings. Katrina went to her bedroom with her hair wrapped in a towel and as I finished toweling I heard her hair dryer start. Veronica handed me a piece of soft black lace that turned out to be my underwear for tonight.

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