tagNovels and NovellasAny Opportunity Will Do Ch. 01

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 01


This is a story about two people trying to escape a sadistic Human sex Trafficker.

There are some scenes of violence and non consensual sex. If you don't like this type of erotica please don't read it.

If you do like it, read on. Please enjoy and give feedback, as I am still writing later Chapters and as always I like to incorporate some of your suggestions for what will happen to the characters in to the story.


The usual noise in the bar was suddenly broken by the screams of women, and the loud shouting of men. Chairs banged as they fell over, the tinkling of broken glass, and the sound of people running wildly looking for cover added to the noisy crescendo that had erupted. Josh swirled around, the beer in his hand spilling over the edge of his glass, sloshing down his black tee shirt, as he peered through the dim bar to see what had caused this crazy chaos, only to be hit full in the chest by a running woman, knocking him over onto his rump, her small body pinning him to the floor.

He looked up into wild hazel eyes, fringed by long black lashes and heard her squeak as she struggled to get up on her knees away from laying on top of his prone body. Grunting as her knee pressed down on his groin, Josh's hands tried to steady her, as the loud sound of gun fire echoed around the large room.

"Oh my God, help me." She whimpered in a deep Eastern European accent, crawling towards the back of the bar, and aiming for the shelter behind the old cherry wood counter running the length of the back of the room, seemingly the best place to hide at this given moment of madness.

Josh looked up across the room, over the heads of all the other patrons in the crowded pub this Saturday night, now lying on their stomachs, hands protecting their heads, men lay over their woman trying to protect them. He stared over at the two thugs standing guns in hands, eyes roaming over the people at their feet, as if searching for someone in particular. Turning around to see the woman's delectable bottom as it disappeared crawling quietly behind the counter, he rolled over very carefully, trying not make a noise or bring attention to himself, and followed her.

He could hear the deep rough voice of one of the thugs with the guns shout out, "Katrina, we know you're in here. Come on out bitch and show yourself. Save yourself even more pain and trouble than you're already in. Come on stand up, 'cause if you don't, when I find you I'll fucking make you wish you had!"

Josh saw the head of the woman disappear down a hatch hidden by the high and long bar, and quickly moved towards it just as she started to pull the cover closed. Grabbing it and looking down into her frantic face, he pulled the cover back and slid his body down onto the wooden steps leading from the hole, and into the basement below. Slipping the cover until it closed quietly above them, he carried on down the steps, until standing in the dark room he reached out, feeling in front of him to grab the body standing shivering with fear and holding her still to ask her in a deep growl, "What the fuck was that all about?"

"We have to get out of here, now. They mustn't find me. I'm dead if they do. Please help me."

Josh stood in the dark, his eyes starting to adjust to the dark cellar, the only light coming from a dirty grime streaked window over at the end of the musty area.

"What do they want you for?"

"Not now, just get me out of here, please." her voice trembled and begged, her hands grasping at his still beer damp tee shirt. "They mustn't get me. I can't go back. I can't. I can't." the last said with her voice breaking on a sob.

Gathering her to him, his arm around her shoulders, he felt her body as tremors ran through her, and looking around the room, he searched for some exit they could leave by, noticing another hatch further back. Letting go of the terrified woman, he walked over to the second hatch, and going up the wooden stairs pushed against the heavy wood until it moved slightly. "Over here, quick." and peeping out through the small crack he checked for anyone that might see them emerge, and seeing no one, he pushed open the hatch so that light flooded into the dark cellar. Looking down to where the woman stood, her arms wrapped around her small waist, he held out his hand, and slowly she took it, as they made their way up the steps and out into the dark night.

Closing the hatch, they stood in the backstreet, the streetlight illuminating the area, the cobbled stones shining underfoot. "My car is parked around the corner, stay here, I'll go and get it and then come and get you."

She clutched at his arm, her nails digging in, frantic with worry. "Please don't leave me."

"I'm not. But I need to get the car, and they might see me. You'll be safer if you wait here and I come and get you. I'll open the side door, and you can jump in and we can speed off."

"Promise me you won't leave me."

Looking down at her, his blue eyes clear and bright, he smiled, and said, "Promise."

Pushing her into a small gap in the wall, so that she was partially hidden, he fished into his jeans pocket and pulled out his keys. Walking very fast towards the country pub car park he pressed the button on the key fob so that the doors to his car unlocked and ran the last ten yards, looking towards the doors of the pub as he did so. Jumping into the drivers seat he started the ignition and drove as fast as he could out of the car park and towards the shivering woman as she stood, the streetlight highlighting her fragility as she trembled, looking all around her as if at any moment someone would jump out and grab her.

Stopping and opening the passenger door, he shouted "Get in." just as he heard the shouts behind and two quick gun shots, then the shattering of glass. The woman screamed as she threw herself into the passenger seat, and he pushed down on the gas, taking off, his back window now shattered, into the night, the men running after the speeding car, more shots ringing in his ears, unsure just what he had got himself into.


Driving along the dark country roads, Josh glanced over at the woman as she sat sobbing beside him, her white blouse now dirty with streaks of dirt, her short black skirt riding up her slim thighs. She was petite, with long black hair pulled back into a high ponytail, wisps of hair escaping the band, falling around her heart shaped face.

"You OK?"


"Want to elaborate on that? You hurt? They didn't manage to hit you did they?"

Looking up at him, her mascara running, tears streaming down her face, she shook her head, "No."

"No what, they didn't hit you, or no you don't want to elaborate?"


Josh took a deep breath, exasperated. He had just risked his life to rescue her and all he could get from her was a petulant 'no' to any of his questions. Driving as fast as he could through the country lanes, he made his way back to where he lived, in the town about four miles away, and to the small flat that he had moved into about a month ago.

Pulling into his garage, they sat in silence until he said. "Look, I don't know what you've done to piss off those men, but my guess it was something big. I can do one of three things. I can take you down the police station and we can speak to them, I can take you home, or you can come into my place and explain what just happened back there."

He sat waiting, and finally in a small quiet voice he heard her say, "Please I can't go to the police, I've no where else to go."

"OK, but once we're in my flat; you're going to tell me exactly why those men are after you, and just what is going on."

Getting out the car and closing the garage door, he took her arm, leading her into the apartment block, and up to the first floor where he opened his front door, stepping back to allow her to enter in front of him.

Turning on the light, he stepped into the hall, the cardboard boxes still piled up waiting to be unpacked, and gesturing to his left, they entered into his lounge, bare except for a battered old sofa, small dining table, TV, DVD player and a scuffed stained coffee table. Some boxes were piled in a corner, and a large mirror lay propped up against a wall, waiting to be put up, along with all the other possessions that Josh couldn't be bothered to unpack.

Walking into the small kitchen, he filled up the kettle, and put in on, grabbing two mugs and with a spoon, placed some instant coffee into them, whilst waiting for the water to boil.

Listening to the sobs of the woman he leant back, looking through the doorway to see her sitting on the sofa, holding a brown leather cushion to her stomach, the tears rolling down her cheeks, her body hunched up and scared.

"Black or white?"


"The coffee, black or white?"

"White, two sugars." and as an afterthought, "Thank you."


Konstantin held the mobile to his ear as he leant against the side of the car, "Don't worry boss, she can't be far away. We'll find her. I've got the licence plate of that guy's car she went off in, and once we trace it, we've got her."

The snarling voice of his boss came down the phone into his ear, "You had better fucking get her, and get her quick. I want to see her here yesterday. You understand?"

"Yeah, understand."

Putting the now silent mobile back in his pocket, Konstantin got back in the car, and looking across at Petre, said, "We'd better get outta here, I can hear the police sirens back in the distance." The car moved off, in the direction of the main town with the two thugs discussing whose fault it was to have missed catching her..


Alexei slammed down the phone, grinding his teeth, the muscle in the side of his jaw jumping with his anger. Damn fucking bitch. She had been missing now for nearly twenty four hours. When he got his hands on her, he was going to teach her the meaning of pain.

Striding across the room, he grabbed the bottle of Vintage Scotch and the heavy crystal glass, and poured himself half a tumble full, before swigging it back, the strong smooth liquor hitting the back of his throat before sliding down to warm his gut. Walking back and forward, he worked himself up, angry that such a small, stupid woman could have escaped him and cause him so much trouble.

Looking across the room he saw another woman, this one curled naked and shaking on the couch, her brown eyes wide with fright, her brown lanky hair hanging down around her small hunched shoulders, and sneering at her, he whispered in an measured tone, "Well my pretty little slut, we may have been interrupted, but believe me I haven't even started with you yet!" Walking towards her, he hunkered down beside the couch, his eyes boring into her scared and wary ones, noting the tears trailing down her cheeks, and reaching around to check her bound hands behind her slim curved back, he smiled an evil smile, "I'm just in the mood to break you in slut."

The poor woman stared up at the monster, not understanding a word he said as she only spoke Polish. This morning when she got off the plane she thought she was coming to England for a new life, working as an Au Pair, only to be brought here from the airport to a living nightmare, stripped and bound, she cowered in front of the man, his eyes boring into hers, a tight sneer on his face, as he spoke to her in a language she didn't understand.

Throwing the glass against the wall, the remains of the liquid dripping down the paintwork, the shattered glass falling to the cream carpet, the man grabbed a handful of the girls hair in his fist and twisting her head back, grabbed one of her small firm breasts in his other hand and squeezed hard, laughing as he watched her scream.

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