tagNovels and NovellasAny Opportunity Will Do Ch. 02

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 02


This is a story about two people trying to escape a sadistic Human Sex Trafficker.

There are some scenes of violence and non consensual sex. If you don't like this type of erotica please don't read it.

If you do like it, read on. Please enjoy and give feedback, as I am still writing later Chapters and as always I like to incorporate some of your suggestions for what will happen to the characters in to the story.


Katrina sat on the sofa, the dark haired man that had rescued her leaning back beside her, waiting for her to speak. The hot coffee was warming and filling her empty belly, but not enough. It had been over a day since she had eaten, and she had been running on adrenalin for the last twenty four hours, ever since she had managed to escape the hell she had found herself in.

Ever since she had managed to get away from Alexei.

Putting the black mug down on the battered old coffee table with shaking hands, she glanced sideways at the man sitting relaxed next to her, waiting for an explanation, and who knows what else. The last three months had taught her about the wickedness of men, and how they only wanted one thing from a woman, to hurt and take regardless. He probably would be like all the rest. Expecting sex for his trouble. Lifting up her small chin, she stared at him, her small mouth pouting out.

"I won't let you fuck me!"

"I didn't ask you to." Josh replied, a little shocked at the words that just flew out of her mouth, his right eyebrow raised high. Leaning forward he grabbed her wrist, only to see her wince, and looking down, noticed for the first time the red mark that circled her small arm just below where her hand met her arm.

"What the hell is this?"

Pulling her arm away from his grasp, she turned her back towards him.

"Look lady, I want an explanation. What the hell is going on?" and just like that he watched as her body seemed to deflate and collapse, falling into a dead faint.

"Holy Shit!" scooping her up he walked with the small body in his arms and laid her on his bed and running to get a wet flannel and a glass of water, wiped her face and brought her round back to consciousness. Her eyes fluttered open and as soon as she saw him looming over her, and finding herself on a bed, Katrina started to scream, hitting out, desperate to get away, thinking she was back in that nightmare she had been living the last three months.

"Leave me alone, don't touch me!"

"Hey lady, calm down." Holding up his hands, palms out, he stepped back. "I'm not going to touch you. You fainted. See, I promise, I'm not going to touch you."

"Stay over there!"

"OK." he walked over to the dresser, and leaning against it, asked again. "You going to tell me why those men were after you? Why they just walked into the pub looking for you with guns, and why my car now has no back window?"

Sitting up, she looked across at him. He was a slim wiry man, she guessed in his late thirties, with short black hair, and a rough hard face. Not handsome, but very masculine, dark stubble covered his lean cheeks and strong chin, and his bright blue eyes stared out from under dark brows, one arched high, waiting for an explanation.

"My name is Katrina, I'm from Belarus. The men I was escaping from are Alexei Romanich's men. They want me back, as no woman leaves Alexei on her own. Not alive anyway."

Shocked Josh asked, "What do you mean. Who is Alexei Romanich?"

Lifting up her chin, defiantly challenging him to be shocked, Katrina answered the man, knowing what he was going to think of her. "He runs the biggest white slave trade out of Eastern Europe. He takes young girls who think they are coming to the West for a better life, and puts them in Brothels around Europe. I was brought over three months ago, and until a month ago was working in a house in Nottingham when he saw me and took me for his personal slave. I escaped yesterday morning. The men are looking for me to take me back to Alexei, who I have no doubt will want to punish me for daring to try to leave."

Josh stood there, the blood draining out of his face, unable to speak. This tiny woman sitting in the middle of his bed, her head held high, her hazel eyes glaring at him as if he should dare to judge her, had been taken and abused. Of course he had heard of such things. Having been in the army most of his adult life, he had even helped on a raid once in Bosnia, way back when there was such chaos in that country, and he was on a tour of duty there. But to see this tiny woman, and hear her stark explanation made his blood boil.

"We must go to the police."

"No we can't!" she started to get agitated. "I just want to go somewhere else, maybe London and disappear. Somewhere they can't find me. I'll get some work, black market, and change my name and appearance. Please don't go to the Police."

"But they'll help."

"No you don't understand."

"What? Why not go to the Police? If we go to them, they'll raid the houses where the woman are kept, release them from those places, get them help. They can stop this trade."

"No you don't understand. I saw Alexei paying off some of the Police. He has them in his pocket. I saw them at his home, drinking with him. They know what is going on and protect him. If you go to them they will hand me back."

Josh stared at the woman sitting on his bed, her small body shaking with fear, "OK, no Police, but I have contacts, I'll speak to them, we'll get you somewhere safe. Don't worry."

Katrina sat shaking. Could this be her knight in shining armour? Was this really going to be the end of the nightmare? Suddenly her stomach made a loud noise, the coffee not having filled the emptiness, it was demanding food. "Please, do you have anything I could eat? It's been a while, and I'm hungry."

The simple request seemed to pull Josh out of his reverie, and walking quickly into the kitchen he opened the fridge, pulling out the block of cheese and the half loaf of bread, started to prepare a cheese on toast. Sensing the woman behind him, he told her, "I'll make you a quick snack as this is all I have at the moment. As soon as you've eaten this, you can take a bath while I go out to the all night corner shop and get some decent food for you."

"Thank you."

"I've got some contacts I can get hold of. Tomorrow we can phone them, and I'll see what they suggest. Until then you can sleep in the bed, and I'll take the couch."

"Thank you."


Alexei lay on top of the petrified and sobbing woman, his cock rammed up hard inside her, his large hands holding her neck still, as he pumped her deep and hard. "Feel that you fucking slut, feel me you bitch." He chanted as he raped her small thin body, his bite marks on her breasts standing out red against the pale skin. "I own you, you cunt, don't you ever forget it. I own you, Alexei Romanich now owns you, and you'll fucking do what ever I say. Understand?"

The sobs and moans of the woman were like music to his ears. He didn't really want her to say anything, just to possess her in everyway, making her aware of him as he took her virginity with a callousness and a heartlessness that he enjoyed. He felt her writhe with pain under him, enjoying watching her tears as they washed down her cheeks into her lank brown hair.

Moving a hand from around her neck, he grabbed her breast and pinched her nipple hard, watching the pain increase in her tear stained eyes, her body arched up, her useless hands still tied behind her, unable to defend her body against his onslaught, he smiled and increased the pressure.

The night had only just begun, and her nightmare was just beginning.


Josh opened his front door, the bags of food in his hand. Walking in, he heard the sounds of Katrina in the bathroom, and going on into the kitchen he started to unpack the food. Whilst he was out, he had made a quick check of the area, looking for those two thugs, but hadn't seen them. Making sure the garage door was closed and the car well hidden, he had then walked down to the all night store, buying some well needed groceries.

These past few months had been a real upheaval, and he realised he had been wallowing in self pity, not looking after himself properly. Looking around at the bare and barren lounge, the boxes still piled up in the corner, he felt ashamed of himself for not getting his act together sooner. Leaving the army and finding his wife had been having an affair with some local bastard had knocked him sideways, but now he had Katrina to think about, it had pulled him out of his lethargy, and some of the old spark was coming back.

At thirty eight he was single again, free and looking for a new purpose in life, and tonight, one had just fallen in his lap.

Always a thoughtful and caring man, with a strong belief in the right and wrong of life, this small scared woman and her simple statement had lit the fire that was needed to give him a purpose, and his mind was working overtime planning and thinking what to do and how to plot their next moves.

After a while he heard the bathroom door open and watched as she emerged, her tiny body wrapped up in his old white towelling robe, her hair wet, falling around her now make up free face. "My God" he thought, "she doesn't look older than eighteen without the make up."

Katrina walked carefully up to the man, holding out her dirty clothes. "Do you have a washing machine? These are filthy and I need to wash them."

Catching himself staring at her he turned around, pointing to the small kitchen, "In there, be my guest. I'll find something for you to put on in the meantime." and almost running to his bedroom went to the dresser and pulling out of a draw an old sweatshirt and a pair of boxer shorts, went back to find her bent over the machine. "Here, try these. The sweatshirt should be more like a dress for you as you're so small, and you can use the boxers as underwear until yours are dry."

Smiling up at him she thanked him, asking him his name.

"Josh. My name is Joshua Morrison."

"Well thank you Joshua, for everything. Without you I would be back at the big house with Alexei and possibly dead. I owe you my life."

"You owe me nothing Katrina. Nothing at all."

The two people stared at each other, the silence broken only by the sound of the washing machine as the cycle kicked in.

Swallowing, Josh turned around, "It's late, and I guess your must be tired. I'm going to heat up a tin of soup for you, and then I think the best plan is for you to go to bed," turning back to reassure her, "by yourself, in my room! You can put the chair up against the door if it will make you feel safer, but I promise you I won't come in. I'll sleep on the sofa."

Giving him a weak smile, she nodded, "Thank you. Again."

Grabbing the tin of soup, he started to open it. "And again Katrina, no problem. Go sit down and I'll bring the food in when it's heated."

Stirring the vegetable soup as it warmed through he realised he hadn't had a woman to stay with him since he had split up from Angela, his wife, well over seven months ago. Since then he had been busy getting his discharge from the Army, finding somewhere to live and trying to start over. Smiling to himself, he realised just how lonely he had been, and how different it felt to have someone sharing his space. Another person to look after, to hear them move around and not the silence he had gotten used to.

Suddenly realising that he couldn't actually hear anything from the next door room, he poked his head through the door, and saw the sleeping body of the young woman lying on the couch, her small hand cupping her cheek, the dressing gown falling open to reveal a round and very pert small breast, topped by a dark pink nipple.

Standing staring, the hardness growing in his groin, he realised it had been over seven months since he'd had sex. Stopping himself from thinking such thoughts he went back into the kitchen, turned off the gas under the soup and walked into his bedroom to get a blanket.

Placing the blue wool over the sleeping woman, covering up her lovely charms, he turned around and mumbled to himself as he walked back to his bedroom, and stripping off his clothes. "Maybe I'm the one that should put the chair up against the door to stop myself from going in there."

Before long exhaustion overtook him, and the two people slept, dreamless sleep, safe and secure in the small flat, unaware of what was occurring that would soon disrupt their feeling of security.

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