tagNovels and NovellasAny Opportunity Will Do Ch. 03

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 03


This is a story about two people trying to escape a sadistic Human Sex Trafficker.

There are some scenes of violence and non consensual sex. If you don't like this type of erotica please don't read it.

If you do like it, read on. Please enjoy and give feedback, as I am still writing later Chapters and as always I like to incorporate some of your suggestions for what will happen to the characters in to the story.


Alexei sat behind his desk in his study, staring at the stocky man who ran his security. "So how the fuck did you fuckers manage to let her get away again a second time?"

Konstantin stood looking down at his boss, aware of this mans quick temper and ability to dish out retribution on a whim, "Petre had her at one point, but she managed to get a kick at his nuts and she slipped away. We trailed her to the pub, but she met up with some guy and they got away. We've got his car number and I'll get Marchant to trace the owner in the morning. We'll get them and bring them back tomorrow for you."

"You'd better. I want them both, kneeling here in front of me. I want to see her beg for her life. Understand?"

Hearing the threat underlying the quiet statement, Konstantin nodded, "Yeah boss. I understand."

Alexei picked up the papers in front of him on his elegant antique desk, and without looking up told the respectful man, "Make sure Petre disappears, I don't like the bastard, and he let her go twice. Get rid of him."

"Yes boss." and the stocky man walked out of the study, down the hallway, past the expensive paintings and into the small anti room at the end of the hall. "Hey Petre, want to come down to the garage and cut loose, I've got a bottle of Jack Daniels and some really good weed in there."

Smiling up at his soon to be murderer, Petre got up and walked with Konstantin totally unaware of what was to about to happen, thinking he was going to have a really good night relaxing, whilst the man next to him tried to remember how many bullets he had left in the gun tucked in his holster under his armpit. One or two. Never mind, it will only take the one, just behind the ear to take his colleague out.


Josh woke up when he heard the woman screaming. Running into the lounge, he found her lying on the couch, asleep but in the middle of a nightmare. Scooping her up he rocked her as she awoke slowly, crying into his bare shoulder, her small body shaking with the memories of the bad dream.

"Shhh it's OK. Your safe, its OK." He crooned softly to the woman as he rocked her in his arms.

The towelling robe she wore had fallen open, and her small body was visible, soft pale skin marked with dark blue bruises and red welts. Shocked he sat there, listening to her sobs, the early morning light trying to illuminate the gloom in the small flat, waiting for her to calm down.

Eventually the crying stopped, until all he heard was the occasional sniff. Wiping her nose with the sleeve of the towelling robe, she started to wriggle off his lap, pulling the sides of the robe together to hide her body, but Josh tightened his arms, telling her softly, "Stay still, I'm not going to hurt you. Stay there."

Staying still, her breath tickling his neck where her head lay, he asked her, "How did you get the bruises and the marks on your body?"

She didn't answer, just lay there, quiet and compliant in his arms.

"Katrina, tell me what happened to you. What did they do to you?"

Shaking her head slightly, she whispered "I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to remember."

"But you are remembering, in your nightmare. If you tell me, we can share the memory and it will help."

Another shake of her head, "I'm ashamed."

"No need to be, it's not your fault."

After a while she started to talk, her voice soft and slow. "He came to the house where I was held with five other girls. He came with some men. Everyone seemed to be in awe of him, he looked us all over. We were scared. More scared than when all the other men came and looked at us to choose which one they wanted to fuck with."

Stopping talking for a few minutes as she gathered up her strength, she then continued, the memory hard to verbalise. "He chose me. I was so scared, he had a look of evil in his eyes, and he grabbed my wrist, twisting it as he dragged me up to a bedroom.... He hurt me that first time.... With his hands.... He liked to see me beg him to stop hurting me.... Afterwards I lay there, while he got dressed and went downstairs. The next thing I knew I was being bundled up and taken with him in the big car with the blacked out windows to his home miles away."

"How long were you there at his place?"

"About a month, I'm not sure. He kept me pretty much isolated at first, locked in this room up in the attic. Then last week he started to let me down, like he was showing me off. I saw these men. Lots of men. They were subservient to him and I listened and found out that he was the person who owned all the houses and the girls..... I had been working for him."

"Do you know how many houses, how many girls?"

"No, but I think a lot. He was very rich. The house is big, like an old mansion you see in the movies. Lots of security. Lots of nice things."

"What did he do to you Kat?"

Smiling a quick smile to herself when she heard her old pet name that her mother used to call her she continued her terrible story. "He liked to hurt me. He liked to make me cry and beg. Sometimes he let the other men have me. The security men. .....When he let me downstairs he gave me to the visitors. That's how I know they were Policeman. He told them I was an extra on top of the payments.... He called me a special bonus. I was being given to one when I escaped. They were all a bit drunk and one of the security, a man named Petre was taking me up to a bedroom on the first floor when I kicked him in the balls and ran. I made it out of the grounds and ran through the woods, until I found the pub. I'd been walking and running for over a day. That's when you met me."

"Those men, they worked for him? They were going to take you back?"

"Yes. I don't think Alexei lets people get away from him without retribution."

Josh sat for a few minutes, his mind turning over, plans forming, before he said. "You must be hungry; you didn't get to eat the soup last night. Get up and get dressed while I make us something to eat." As she rose up off his lap, he realised he was wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. "I'll slip on some clothes first. You use the bathroom." and self consciously he walked into his bedroom to grab his jeans and a clean tee shirt.


The young girl, who only forty eight hours ago thought she was on the way to a better life in the UK as an Au Pair, lay shivering with fear and pain on the large bed in the attic room. Naked, the locked metal cuff biting into her ankle, keeping her attached to the metal frame of the bed by the long chain, she lay hugging herself on her side, scared and unsure what was to happen to her.

Last night the man with the cruel eyes had raped her continually, his big hands pinching and squeezing her tender body until she begged him in Polish to stop, to let her go and show her mercy. But he didn't. He kept on hurting her, forcing her to perform acts that she had not even heard of in her sheltered upbringing back in Poland.

Sore she moved her legs, trying to find a more comfortable position, but the pain shot through her bruised and tender groin and bottom where the horrible man had taken her virginity with a viciousness that had her screaming out in agony.

Closing her eyes she prayed for help. For if help didn't come soon she believed she would die in this room, a slow painful death.


As Josh and Katrina sat eating the breakfast he had made at the tiny table in the corner of the lounge, he spoke on his mobile, starting to put his plan into action.

"Yeah, I need you to come and pick us up; they shot out the back window of mine."

Listening to the deep voice at the end of the line, he agreed, "Yeah, your place would be best. They'll be able to trace here through my licence plate. Can you come and pick us up?"

Grunting he told his friend, "Make it sooner if you can, I want to leave here within the hour." Putting the mobile back in his jeans pocket, he looked across at Katrina, now dressed in his black sweatshirt, the baggy top swamping her, falling halfway down her thighs.

"John is coming over to pick us up, we need to grab some stuff, and then we're going over to his place. I think we'll be safer there."

Mopping up the remains of the egg yolk with the bread, Katrina nodded. She trusted this man, instinctively. Something about his calmness soothed her, his inner strength and the kindness he showed her made her feel protected and safe. "Who is this friend of yours? Can you trust him?"

"With my life Katrina, and with yours. We were in the army together for ten years, protecting each others back under difficult and dangerous circumstances. John will help us to get you to somewhere safe."

Drinking down the last of her coffee, she eyed the sausage left on his plate, and noticing her looking at it, Josh picked up his fork, speared the food and offered it to her. "Here Kat, you finish this off, I'm full."

Gratefully she took the fork and bit into the meat, aware of the man sitting opposite her, his blue eyes fixed on her mouth as her lips engulfed the long phallic object.

But somehow she wasn't frightened of him at all.

He was her hero, the man she now trusted with her life.

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