tagNovels and NovellasAny Opportunity Will Do Ch. 08

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 08


This is a story about two people trying to escape a sadistic Human Sex Trafficker.

There are some scenes of violence and non consensual sex. If you don't like this type of erotica please don't read it.

If you do like it, read on. Please enjoy and give feedback, as I am still writing later Chapters and as always I like to incorporate some of your suggestions for what will happen to the characters in to the story.


Josh pulled back from the kiss and looked down at Katrina as she lay under him. Her long black hair spread out around her heart shaped face against the pink flowery duvet, the pale skin of her slim torso marred by a dark blue bruise on her upper arm, and the two red welts on her breast, and with shaking hands stroked her gently, as if she was made of glass.

"I'll never hurt you." he whispered.

"I know." she replied, her hand rising up from where it lay by her side to stroke his cheek, the stubble rough against her fingers. "I know."

Bending his head he kissed the tip of her breast before taking the hard dark nipple into his mouth and nibbling, hearing her gasp and arch her back, not in passion but as if in pain he Lifted his head, looking down at her with a quizzical look. "Did I hurt you?"

Smiling to reassure him she shook her head slightly, "No, it's just that I'm a little sore there still." Biting her lip, she tried to explain, watching his face for any revulsion, "he made me wear nipple clips, to cause me pain, tight and painful. My nipples are very sensitive."

Josh stared down, looking at the two small buds, and then to her beautiful hazel eyes. "Kat, are you sure you want to do this? After all you've been through. I'll understand if you want to stop."

"I want you to make love with me. I want to feel good about myself, knowing that I've chosen to make love and if it hurts me a little, I don't care, at least I'll know that any pain I feel will be made with care, and not deliberately."

Kissing her again, Josh's hands swept up her body, until his hands were behind her shoulders. Turning over onto his back he lifted her to lay over him, letting her have control, aware that she may need to feel that she had the freedom to move and do what ever she wanted.

Kat sat up, sitting astride his hips, her small hands lifted his tee shirt up and over his head, her fingers then sweeping over his chest, burying themselves into his wiry hair that was sprinkled across and down the centre of his tight muscular body, down past his navel to disappear under the blue denim of his jeans. Small sharp nails scrapped against his skin, rasping over his own small hard buds, the nerve endings jumping with pleasure, waves of hot tingling sensation assaulting his body.

Holding her around her waist his thumbs moved rubbing her the skin of her belly, as he looked up at her, her high firm breasts leaning forward as she lowered them down towards his mouth. Using his tongue he licked the rigid tip that she offered, careful not to hurt her, then seeing her head arch back, and pressing the breast deeper into his mouth, he took the end of her breast and suckled it, lathering the bud inside his mouth, causing her to moan in pleasure.

Cupping the other breast he gently squeezed, his thumb running over the other nipple, feeling it harden as Kat gasped, the pleasure and pain starting to mingle, to become one.


While the two lovers lay upon the bed, learning about each others bodies, the young Polish girl lay on her naked belly on the floor, her leg pulled taut behind her attached to the metal bed frame, the long leather straps with the heavy cuffs in her outstretched arm, trying to catch the table leg and pull it towards her.

Her right arm ached from the effort and the metal around her ankle was rubbing her skin raw, but all she could think of was pulling the table close enough to get the small key and undo it to enable her to escape.

It was now dark in the attic room, with a slither of light coming through the small window. The window she knew was her exit from this nightmare to the outside world.

It had been many hours since she had heard any movement outside of the locked door and she was hungry and thirsty, but still she worked, continually throwing the long strip of leather to curl around the leg and pull it towards her, trying to get it to move. Sometimes it did, an inch or so, before the leather and cuff uncurled from around the leg until she managed to do it again and move it a fraction of an inch closer towards her.

Slowly the table was coming towards her, bit by bit, closer and closer. Hour after hour she worked, tired and scared. Her focus and resolve never wavering.


Alexei and his men stood inside the farm house, searching for the girl and the bastard who helped her escape. Kicking over a chair, he stormed into the kitchen and sweeping his arm along the counter in a temper sent the plates and mugs sitting there to crash to the floor, before storming out and shouting to his men. "Burn the place down, flush the cunts out."

Striding outside, he watched as his men obeyed his instructions, hands on hips, legs spread out wide. If they didn't get out they would burn to death, and if they ran out he would get them.

Smoke started to stream out of the door, as he stood waiting, watching, the trap sprung.


Back in Nottingham a lone cop kept trying to get some time alone to make the phone call to Alexei, so that he could warn him of the impending surveillance of his mansion, but each time he tried to get a chance someone was always there.

Cops were preparing for the operation, talking on phones, getting paperwork together, running back and forth, and he stood at his desk, pretending to read a report, trying to think how he could get hold of Alexei without being caught.


Phil Amery was speaking to his counterpart in Portsmouth. "Damn, you say the last ferry has run across? Any chance of getting a lift over on another boat? We need you over there now. She needs protection and being interviewed as soon as possible."

"We can get the local force to start the protection overnight; I'll give them a call to get it going, and I'll get the authority to sail across. Should take us a couple of hours in the morning to get a small team together, and the ferry to get us across, say about late morning. When will you be there?"

"I'm leaving tomorrow morning and meet up with you about lunchtime. I've spoken to the home office and their getting their side together. If we can get him and bring him down it will be a big feather in the minister's cap. Lots of publicity. He doesn't want this screwed up and wants to be kept in the loop the whole time."

"Grabbing the glory?"

"Yeah, you know Politicians; it's what they're good at!"


Kat wriggled out of her small black skirt, the jersey material moving down her slim hips and thighs, revealing the small thong hardly covering her black curls and womanhood.

Behind the tight denim of his jeans, Josh's hard shaft was growing, straining against the material for release, and his heart beat in his chest, his breath coming fast, his once tired eyes now hot with passion. "Kat, your so exquisite." he breathed out on a sigh, and sweeping up he held her in his arms, hugging her to him, his face buried in her shoulder, "Like everyman's dream come true."

Running her hands into his short hair she pulled his head back, kissing him deep, rubbing her crotch against his groin, until she could take no more and her hands slid down between them to undo his jeans, and scooting off his lap she stood pulling off his jeans and shorts to reveal his manhood.

Standing up hard, nestled in its bed of black pubic hair, the long shaft, dark and throbbing glistened at the tip, waited to enter its mate.

Kneeling down, Kat took the hard shaft into her hand, and leaning forward kissed the tip before taking it into her mouth, her tongue swirling over the throbbing penis, making Josh moan, the pleasure pooling in his groin, intense as he felt her warm wet mouth suck and lick at him. Raising his hands to her head, his fingers burrowing into her hair, his head leaning down over her, he watched as her head bobbed up and down working him, giving him pleasure. "Kat....." eyes closing he gave into the wonderful sensations assaulting him as she worshipped him, saying thank you for saving her life in the only way she really knew.


The smoke in the attic was getting too thick to ignore, and coughing John made the decision to leave and take the chance out with the Alexei and his thugs. Holding the gun in one hand he slipped through the attic hatch and dropped down into the hallway, flames crackling around him. Running to the stairs he jumped down to the ground floor just as the stairs gave way and ran towards the front door, the smoke burning his lungs as he went, his home being destroyed by the fire that Alexei's men had set.

Running out into the night and gasping to get fresh air into his straining lungs he never saw the hard length of wood as it was swung down against the back of his head by Konstantin, knocking him out, his body falling to his knees before dropping forward unconscious.


Kat sucked Josh deeper into her mouth, moving her head, the hard shaft growing inside of her, the tip touching the back of her throat, moving Josh closer and closer to coming, his hips thrusting up towards her downwards movements, his grunts and moans deep in his chest, telling her how much pleasure he was getting.

The hands in her hair tightened at the same time his balls in her hand did, his hips stilling as the warm thick cum shot into her mouth, down her throat, tasting salty it filled her mouth as she swallowed, then licked him clean.

Kneeling back she looked up into Josh's blue eyes, to see the love there, instead of the sneering power of ownership she had seen in Alexei's face over the past month, or the total indifference of all the men that had used her in the house in Nottingham that she had been held at for the two months before, and she knew she was going to be alright.

Josh would always look after her and keep her safe. He would never hurt her. He was her protector.

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