tagNovels and NovellasAny Opportunity Will Do Ch. 10

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 10


This is a story about two people trying to escape a sadistic Human Sex Trafficker.

There are some scenes of violence and non consensual sex. If you don't like this type of erotica please don't read it.

If you do like it, read on. Please enjoy and give feedback, as I am still writing later Chapters and as always I like to incorporate some of your suggestions for what will happen to the characters in to the story.


Swearing at the phone in his hand, John muttered, "Pick the bloody mobile up Josh!" But the phone just rang and then went to voicemail. Dialling again he waited, only to be put through to the voicemail again. Speaking quickly, he left the message telling Josh to get Katrina out of the Bed and Breakfast as Alexei somehow knew where they were and was on the way down to get them.

Replacing the phone he leant against the side of the phone box, tired, face throbbing from where one of Alexei's men had punched him, split lip stinging, and then dialled the Emergency Services to go and put out the fire that was once his home and business.

Sliding down inside of the small booth he sat on the floor, amongst the cigarette ends and bits of torn paper, and waited to hear the sirens of the fire engines and police cars before he would make a start back to his home, getting some rest. He would phone Phil Amery if he had his direct number, or Mikes to get someone to warn Josh. But the numbers were on a piece of paper that he had left on the dining room table, burnt and destroyed along with his address book and things.

Looking up at the phone, he slid to standing position and grabbing the handset dialled for information and asked them to connect him to Salisbury Plain, Ministry of Defence, and when he was connected asked the receptionist for Phil Amery.

Waiting to be connected the phone rang, and then went across to voicemail.

"Damn" he thought, "Doesn't anyone ever answer their bloody mobile?" and leaving another message, this time on Phil Amery's voicemail, he put down the phone and started the jog back up the road to see what mess was left of his home.


The mobile in Josh's jacket pocket rang, but lay unheard on the bed in the empty bedroom. Josh lay curled around Katrina, sleeping the sleep of the exhausted in her room, the connecting door between hers and his closed, the mobile ringing unnoticed next door.

His hand lay protectively cupping her breast, his breath tickled her neck as he lay, his face buried in the nape of it, his legs curled over hers, her bottom tucked into the curve of his body.

Katrina lay for the first time in three months feeling safe and happy. Now escaped from Alexei, and laying here with Josh, she could relax. Making love with Josh she had felt that she'd reclaimed her body, her soul, and her life. The nightmare of the last three months, being raped by men, forced into prostitution and hurt by Alexei a thing of the past, a fresh beginning in her future.

The ugly marks on her body would fade, the red weal's where he had hit her with the crop would disappear, but the memories would always be there, yet with Josh, somehow they weren't so raw, so frightening, so overpowering.

Slipping back into sleep, Katrina and Josh lay, totally unaware of the procession of big black cars carrying Alexei and his men down the A3 and ever closer to them. Sitting being driven in the front car vowing revenge on the lovers for bringing the attention of the authorities onto him, Alexei worked himself higher and higher into a rage, screaming at the driver to go faster, wanting to get to the small hideaway before dawn.


Laying shivering naked on the cold hard floor the young Polish girl awoke slowly, her leg aching where it was pulled back attached by the chain to the bottom of the bed. In front of her the table, and on its surface the key. Her means of escape, if only she could get to it.

Slowly moving her aching body she leaned up on her thin arm, sweeping her straight brown shoulder length hair out of her face, and picking up the long strip of once restraining leather straps she had fashioned into the tool to swing at the table leg with the heavy leather cuffs attached at the end, she tried one last frustrated arc, half heartedly pulling it towards her once it had curled around the table leg.

Moving jerkily the table came towards her, and holding her breath she pulled it slowly, inch by inch until it was within reach, and grabbing the leg in her outstretch arm she tugged it the rest of the way until using it to pull her tired and abused body up, she sat on the end of the bed, to pick up the key and unlock the circle of metal that encased her bloody and sore ankle.


Darren had stood on guard outside of the cottage for a couple of hours when he was replaced by his colleague, Jim, who in turn after his stint of standing bored and cold, had been replaced by Clive.

Clive stood watching the dawn as it started to break, thinking that he should have been off duty an hour ago, and was pissed that he had been sent on this stupid guard duty outside this stupid Bed and Breakfast to guard somebody or other, and that he had no idea why, just that he was not supposed to let them out or let anyone in unless told otherwise.

Communication not being the most efficient process in this sleepy little backwater Police Station, found at the most southern point of the Island!

His bed was calling to him and he was bored, and in that bed laid his partner Martin, his hard surfer body tucked up warm and waiting for Clive, under the covers and away from prying eyes.


At Alexei's mansion the first surveillance team had just come to the end of its shift, the second shift getting into position, so that the weary men could make their way back to the headquarters to fill in triplicate their reports.

"Any movement?" the team leader of second shift asked.

"None, been dead all night apart from a couple of security men prowling the grounds with dogs. Every hour on the hour, a complete circuit. The front gate hasn't opened once since we got here and the lights have been off. Were not sure he's even in there."

"Well he has to come back at some point, and then we can tail him, see what he's up to, who visits and get the evidence needed."

"Good luck, as soon as I've written up the reports I'm going to bed. See you." and getting up carefully, backed away to join the others in the cars five hundred yards back, where they had been parked, hidden off the road behind heavy foliage.


John now sat in the Police car, the fire engines and fire men clearing up their gear, the beginning of dawn now breaking in the distance, the remains of his life a pile of smoking debris in the burnt out clearing.

"I told you, I'm not making a statement until I've seen my Solicitor."

The two Policemen looked at each other, and then started the car, "If you would put your seat belt on Sir, we'll get going to the Station."

Shaking his head at the idiocy of it all, he had just survived being almost burnt alive, watching his life go up in flames, beaten to death and shot at, but the cops wouldn't move the car until he had done up the bloody seat belt.

Suddenly seeing the funny side of it John started to laugh, his split lip starting to bleed again, and the two cops looked in the back mirror watching him as he hooted with the absolute lunacy of it all.


Parking the cars along the country lane, Alexei and his men got out of the limousines and quickly walking up to the lone copper standing vigilant in front of the small wooden garden gate stuck a gun in his face before he even had time to get the radio out and make the call for reinforcements.

Taking a deep gulp, the young cop gave up without a fight.

Streaming through the gate, the scared copper in their midst's Alexei told one of the men to kick down the door. Standing back and letting his man give a good solid kick to the flimsy old lock, the old wood cracked and the door swung open, he watched as the men swarmed inside, running up the narrow stairs towards the bedrooms and the people sitting up in bed, woken by the loud noise down below and the clatter of running feet.

Josh scooted across the bed, trying to get to the knife that was attached to his jeans, whilst Katrina screamed clutching onto his back, stopping him from reaching down to the floor where he had left the discarded items last night.

The bedroom door burst open and in strode Konstantin, followed by two other large men. Swarming around the bed they grabbed Katrina and Josh, who started punching out, trying to stop them touching her, as she screamed frantic and paralysed with fear.

The struggle went on, the naked man enraged and fighting, his fists and legs kicking wherever he could land a painful strike, but more men came into the crowded bedroom and soon he was subdued, held between two men his arms pulled up behind his back. His face a mask of pure rage as he watched them haul a naked Katrina being pulled along by her hair, down and out the door to face Alexei downstairs in the quaint lounge, filled with comfortable green covered puffy chairs, soft pillows and small porcelain ornaments.

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