tagNovels and NovellasAny Opportunity Will Do Ch. 11

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 11


This is a story about two people trying to escape a sadistic Human Sex Trafficker.

There are some scenes of violence and non consensual sex. If you don't like this type of erotica please don't read it.

If you do like it, read on. Please enjoy and give feedback, as I am still writing later Chapters and as always I like to incorporate some of your suggestions for what will happen to the characters in to the story.


Alexei looked down at the crying girl as she knelt naked in front of him, held in place by Konstantin's fisted hand holding her still by her hair, her hands trying to relieve the tugging, grabbing at his wrists. He looked across the room at the naked man, blood streaming from his nose as he also knelt, hands tied behind him, staring across back at him, his eyes revealing his fury at the treatment the woman was getting.

"I don't like my property touched by anyone unless I want it touched. Someone has to pay. To fuck her costs money. You don't look like you have any money on you right now. So how do you propose I collect my payment?"

Katrina was sobbing, her scalp was stinging where the hair was pulling and she was petrified, looking up at the Russian, her body shaking with fear, "Please don't hurt me, please, I'm sorry, please, please...." she kept begging, over and over, knowing full well she was going to be hurt by the man at who's feet she was forced to kneel.

Men stood around, including the young Policeman and John's cousin still wearing his pyjamas, both held between two of the men, watching quietly the scene being played out in front of them.

When Josh didn't answer, Alexei nodded at the man standing next to the kneeling man, who hit him across the face, knocking him sideways. Josh heard Katrina scream as he flew across the floor, his lip now split, blood filling his mouth, and then a flash of pain as someone kicked him in the stomach, causing him to loose his breath and bring his knees up so that he was curled on his side on the soft green carpet. Blood from his nose and mouth dripped down, staining the otherwise pristine floor covering, and as he felt himself pulled by his arms putting him back on his knees he swore he was going to make sure Alexei's blood would also be staining the carpet before long.

"I asked you how you intend to pay for fucking the bitch?"

Another nod and Josh felt the fist hit him, causing him to fall back, his body laying with his tied hands under him, his manhood unprotected.

"Maybe I should cut your cock off? So you can't fuck her again!"

Lying on his back, Josh looked up at the ceiling, trying not to show the bastard he was hurt or scared.

"But first maybe I need to teach the bitch her lesson for running away from me."

Josh heard Kat scream and beg as she was hauled up onto her feet, "Leave her alone you bastard." He screamed, wriggling up as best he could, "Leave her alone. If you want your pound of flesh take it from me, but leave her alone."

"Don't worry, I intend getting my 'pound of flesh' as you put it, but first I'm going to show the little slut who owns her and teach her a lesson." Turning to Konstantin he told him, "String her up."

Josh started to stand, only to feel himself pushed down and held, as Katrina was dragged into the centre of the room, arms raised as a rope was thrown over the thick black ceiling beam overhead.

"Please no, please, Oh God someone help me, please...." Frantically she looked around the room, hoping someone would have pity, but all she saw was Alexei's men smiling and waiting for the show, Josh held on his knees bloody and bruised, the cop and the older man standing being held by the men, helpless, outnumbered.

Rough hands held her still as the rope was tied around her wrists and then pulled so that she was raised up, to stand on her tiptoes, her body fully exposed, stretched taut, her head slightly leaning back,

"Please Alexei, I'm sorry, please I'll do anything you ask, please don't hurt me."

Alexei looked at the woman, her body hanging unprotected and walking over to Josh, sneered down into the angry mans face, "Watch and learn, this is how you should treat a worthless slut like her." and putting his hand out towards one of his men, was handed a short crop.

"Noooooo....Oh God nooooo."

"Leave her alone you bastard...."

The screams of the two lovers intermingled as Alexei walked back to Katrina as she hung there, and raising up his arm, he swung the crop down on her small bottom, leaving a bright red mark, as she screamed out in pain.

Smiling at the sound and the sight he raised his arm again, aiming this time at the back of her thighs....


The young Polish girl swept the whips, vibrators, anal plugs and nipple clips off the table, and then pushed it across the room, until it was under the window high up near the rafters, and climbing up onto the table reached up and pushed with all her might at the frame until hearing it creak it moved open enough for her to be able to crawl through.

Looking around the room for something else to raise her up high enough to climb through the now open space, she saw the wooden chair that only days ago she had been tied to as the man had fed her whilst she howled in pain, the painful nipple clips biting into and pinching her sensitive flesh.

Jumping down from the table she rushed across the room, picking up the chair and then put it up on the table for her to climb up on, thus making it possible to reach the window and squeeze her small frame through the open space and onto the roof of the large house.


"My God, what's that?"


"There, on the roof, Look." Pointing up at the roof, one of the surveillance team, holding the binoculars to his eyes, indicated to his colleague the sight of a young naked woman emerging through the small window and walking carefully across the roof of Alexei's home.

"Jesus H Christ, she's naked."

Talking into his radio, he explained what he was seeing, getting confirmation from his superior that the extraordinary sight was being videoed.

"Fuck the video, are we going to go and help her?"

"Stay still, don't do anything." The orders came down the radio.

Swearing under his breath, he watched as the naked woman gingerly worked her way along the roof top, nearly slipping off at one point, to just above the large jutting out porch way, with its fancy columns and balcony.

Holding his breath, he saw her kneel down and move her body over the side of the roof, until hanging by her hands she dropped down, onto the top of the porch, disappearing behind the fancy ornate wall of the balcony.


John sat in the interview room, his Solicitor by his side. "I told you, contact Phil Amery, Ministry of Defence down in Salisbury, He'll confirm my story."

Sitting opposite him the two Detectives faces looked a picture, both of them now worried that their little extra income was about to become unravelled.

"What has the Ministry of Defence got to do with you committing arson?"

John leaned forward, his solicitor touching his arm in warning, "Phone him and find out!.... If you dare!"

The two Detectives stood up, closing the file in front of them and turning off the recorder. "Interview stopped five forty five." and walked out the small interview room.


The pain was unbelievable, her body a mass of burning white hot hurt, waves of it, wherever the crop had hit her, throbbing and tender, her strength given way, she just hung, her screams echoing in her head as each time the crop hit her body.

Somewhere in the back of her head she could hear Josh shouting, and the men laughing, but the overwhelming sound she heard was her own as she was hit by Alexei, who was showing her no mercy.

John's cousin, unnoticed by the men who's total focus was on the screaming girl being whipped in front of them, stepped back until he was backed up against the antique wooden bureau behind him and careful, so no one noticed, his hands behind him, opened the draw and pulled out the revolver he had kept all these years, given to him by an old friend and kept for protection, for old times sake.

Not sure if it still worked he aimed it towards Alexei's leg and pulled the trigger. The incredibly loud noise split the room, followed by Alexei's scream as the bullet hit his thigh, causing him to topple to his knees at the feet of the hanging and beaten body of the almost unconscious woman.

All hell broke loose in the room as men started to come towards him, a couple with guns drawn themselves. Pointing the gun around the room, John's cousin remembered a scene he had once seen in an old movie, and said, "Who wants to get it first? I can't remember how many bullets I've got left in here, but if you want to make my day, take one more step forward and we'll all find out. Who wants to get it first?"

Men stood where they were, the sight of the older man in his pyjamas swinging the gun around the room, stopped them in their tracks.

The young Policeman moved across the room, towards the hanging battered woman, and releasing her wrists lay her on the floor before removing his jacket and covering her half conscious body, her moans and whimpers of pain pitiful to hear.

Josh crawled on his knees over to her, leaning over her body, tears streaming down his cheeks, arms still tied behind him, as Alexei writhed in pain, gripping his thigh and screaming at his men to get the bastards.

Just then the sound of a voice through a loud speaker came booming from outside.

"This is the Police, please be aware the house is surrounded. Come out one by one. Hands up, unarmed."

As usual the cavalry had arrived. Just a little late.

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