tagNovels and NovellasAny Opportunity Will Do Ch. 18

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 18


Kat runs to Josh, the man she loves.

This is a story full of Characters, with two lovers at its centre. As in life nothing is sure, and I have not yet written the end, so if you have suggestions on what should happen to the people in my story, please let me know and I will try to incorporate some of your suggestions.


Josh watched as the daytime relief walked towards him across the large expanse of the Industrial Area he was working at as a Security Guard. It was six o'clock in the morning and his shift had come to an end. Exhausted from a twelve hour shift he shrugged into his jacket and picked up his bag walking out of the tiny mobile office met the day shift man just outside of the unit that was his headquarters during the night.

"How was it last night?"

"Quiet. No problems. Block three has an outside light out and I've written the report up and left it on the desk for you. Ordered the replacement and set up for it to be done this afternoon."

Walking out to his car, he rolled his shoulders, tired and grumpy. The work was boring but it paid a wage that allowed him to live. Just about. He wasn't going to set the world on fire, but since the siege he hadn't wanted to, preferring to work and just go home to his flat and sleep. His life revolved around the two places, flat and work, with the occasional visit to John and the pub. The one he met her at, the one were it all started.

Climbing in behind the wheel he started the car and pulling out of the car park drove towards his home and the oblivion of sleep.


Katrina rang the bell, receiving no answer. Panicking she wondered if he had moved. It had never occurred to her he might not be here. Stepping back from the main door to the block of apartments she looked up towards what she thought was his windows and felt the tears start to form in her eyes. What should she do she thought? Where should she go? Standing there lost in her emotions she never noticed the car drive past her towards the garages, nor the man as he dragged his bone weary body up the pathway around the side of the building towards the door.

As he walked along Josh felt a strong pull, not sure what it was, but he felt it so strong that he stopped walking and turned to look behind him.

His heart seemed to stop beating for a second before it resumed hard and fast in his chest as he saw her, sitting on the low wall, her shoulders slumped, her bag held dangling between her jean clad legs, her sweet face surrounded by her long black hair.


Looking up as if she had heard her name spoken she saw him, and getting up and running towards him she threw herself at him shouting his name, "Josh." as his arms grabbed around her, hugging her to him, his face burrowing in her neck, a broken whisper escaping his lips, "Katrina."

The two people stood hugging, unaware of anything around them. Josh raised his head and brushing her hair back from her face looked down into her tear washed eyes and stated in a broken voice, "You're here? Are you OK?"

"Yes I'm here. I missed you so much and I couldn't stand it anymore. Are you angry?"

Kissing her lips he smiled, "Angry? Katrina these past five months have been hell without you."

Smiling up at him she told him, "I wanted to see you at the hospital, but they wouldn't let me. They told me you were alright and that they had taken out the bullet from you, but they wouldn't let me see you. Then they took me and placed me in some place to the west of London and last night was the first time I managed to get away. They're probably going to discover I've gone soon." Laughing she told him, "We've only got a couple of hours before they work out where I am."

Laughing down at her Josh shook his head, "That's my Kat, ever the escape artist."

Touching his cheek with her hand, feeling the stubble she whispered, "Are you going to talk for the next couple of hours out here, or are you going to take me upstairs and make love with me."

Stepping back he held out his hand for her to take, and walking together they went up the path to the door, where she stood as he took out his key and opened it up, allowing her to enter, to go up to where she felt safe, to where she knew she would find love if only for a short while.


They lay facing each other on his bed, his hand stroking the skin of her back, her small breasts pressed against his chest, their legs entwined, their heads resting on the pillows. Pushing up against his shoulder she pushed him to lay back, bending her face over his she kissed him deeply and sweetly, her hands cupping his face, the tips of her fingers burrowing into his hair, her palms touching his ears. Laying her body over his, she felt his arms hold her to him, his thighs spread out to allow her to settle her legs between them, his manhood pressing up into her thighs hard and hot.

"Kat." he hoarsely pleaded, "Kat....." as his tongue plunged deeper taking her as he rolled back over, his body pressing down hard onto her, his hands rising up to hold her head still.

Mouth pressed against mouth, lips pressing down against lips, tongues duelled and rubbed, as body pressed against body. He couldn't seem to get enough of her and his movements became more frantic as his hand swept down to her breast, squeezing and kneading as he continued the deep kiss, the taste of her intoxicating, her smell filling his senses, her touch sending tingling sensations wherever she touched him.

Dragging his mouth from hers he kissed his way down her neck, making his way down until he settled it over the hard tip cresting a small firm globe and suckled, feeling her body arch up, her gasp of pleasure driving him on. Nipping and suckling her worked her breasts, his hand holding onto one, the other hand sweeping under her back to lift her up towards him, giving him more access, her hands in his hair pushing him harder against her.

Her legs opened up inviting him to enter, as frantically they rubbed against each other, no finesse, no elegance, just raw need to connect, to join, to become one. Slipping inside her in one long sweep, his body curving up, her legs hooking over his back, ankles crossed, she thrust her hips up to meet him, arms holding on for dear life as they pumped into each other, the sounds of gasping and grunts filling the early morning light.

Warm, wet and tight she felt like heaven to him. Hard, pulsing and deep he thrust, the rhythm fast and furious, the pull to be deeper, to push harder, to be inside of the very core of her taking hold and driving his body on.

Her nails raked his back as she writhed in passion under the onslaught, feeling alive, feeling him possess her. The small pain mingling with the pleasure as her body rose up towards coming, the tight pulse in her groin increasing as did his strong sweeping movements inside of her.

Throwing his head back as he came, he felt her muscles clench around him, her cry of satisfaction echoing around the bedroom, her slick sweat soaked body shuddering with her own orgasm as they came. Five months of wanting and waiting exploding together in an orgasmic burst of white hot passion.


Back in Richmond at the Rape Councillors office Denise Flatly sat at her desk talking with Katrina's case officer Malcolm Whitty . "She's missed her eleven o'clock appointment and no one at the apartments has seen her since late afternoon yesterday."

"Shit, where the hell was the security on the place."

"Where they were meant to be, down at the front foyer and round the back by the fire escape."

"Do you think Romanich's men have got her?"

"No idea, but we need to let Phil Amery know."

"Shit, heads will roll now."

"So long as it's not ours!"


Josh stroked back Kats hair and told her, "We have to let them know where you are."

"Why? Why can't I just stay with you and turn up for the trial later."

Kissing her nose he smiled, "I would love you to stay with me, but I think the authorities have other plans until after the trial."

"We could phone them up in a few days. I could stay with you for a few days."

Shaking his head he explained, "Kat they are probably tearing their hair out with worry for you, thinking Alexei has somehow sent men out to get you to stop you testifying. We have to let them know where you are. I'll speak to Phil Amery and let him know you're safe and then negotiate with him to let us see each other over the next month until it's all over."

"What then Josh? When it's all over, what is to happen to me?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm in this country illegally. Once the trial is over they may deport me back to Belarus."

"Not if you're my wife they won't."

Smiling up at him she asked "Is that a proposal?"

"Yes Kat it's a proposal."

Hugging him she said "I love you Josh."

"Is that a yes?"

"Yes, it's a yes."


Phil lent back, listening to the garbled excuses coming down the line from Malcolm, "They think she was taken out the side window and somehow lowered to the street, and there was no sign of any break in or noise for the security men at the apartments to hear. No tip off that Alexei had a contact with anyone on the outside to get to her...."

"Malcolm, stop there. Stop panicking. She's up with Josh Morrison in Newark. He phoned about ten minutes ago. It's all in hand. He's bringing her back down tomorrow."

"Josh Morrison, how did he get her? Are we pressing charges? I thought he was another witness?"

"It's a long story, but no he didn't 'get' her. She ran to him. He'll keep her safe and deliver her over to you tomorrow. I've agreed to let them have contact and he's going to come down each weekend to see her." Holding the phone from his ear as he heard Malcolm swear, he waited until he was finished, and then told him, "Yeah well as they are both witnesses, and it seems now an 'item', we might as well give in to human nature and let them see each other. Otherwise we might have to lock up the young lady to keep our eye on her, and after what she went through I have no intention of doing that to her, understand?"


Josh watched as Kat knelt next to the box still standing unpacked in the corner of his lounge. She was again wearing one of his sweatshirts, the sleeves rolled up on her slim arms, her hair pulled back into the ponytail, her tiny feet bare as she bent over the box pulling out his things, and telling him off for not unpacking even after all this time.

"I just didn't feel like it. This place has never felt like home. Just somewhere to sleep."

Looking over her shoulder at him she asked, "Will we live here?"

"If you want."

"I can get a job as a waitress."

"Lots of places in town you could work at."

Smiling she turned back to the box. "When you come back from work tomorrow I'll have all this unpacked."

Josh leaned back watching her marvelling at how unfazed by all that had happened to her she seemed to be. "Kat?"


"Are you OK with the trial? Seeing Alexei again, and having to face him?"

Sitting back on her heels she hung her head for a moment before turning towards him.

"Each time I think of that man I come out in a cold sweat and my heart starts to race. But I am going to face him and show him I'm not scared, that he can't hurt me anymore. That I am in control and that what he did is behind me." Getting up and walking over to Josh she sat on his lap, kissing his mouth, "I saw the scar on your chest that he caused by nearly killing you, and I hate him even more for almost taking you away from me. But he didn't and I'm free, and I have you, and as long as I have that I know I have won."

Kissing her Josh then pulled her back to rest against his chest, her head against his shoulder, his arms around her. "It's a hell of a thing Kat, but I'm more scared than you of facing him at the trial."


"Because I want to kill the bastard for what he did to you, and I'm scared I might just do it when I see him. Seeing him whip you and not being able to do anything to help you has been eating me alive."

"Don't let it Josh. When you held me after I was cut down, looking up at your eyes helped to dull the pain. Knowing you were holding me gave me strength, and over the last five months remembering the gentleness you showed me helped to put it all behind me and move on."

The two lovers sat quietly on the threadworm couch, each getting strength from the other, happy to be together and knowing that they would be there to support each other during the difficult ordeal of the trial coming up.

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