tagNovels and NovellasAny Opportunity Will Do Ch. 20

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 20


I hope you have enjoyed the story of Josh and Katrina, and all the people that got entangled around their tale of love.

All the towns named in this tale are actual places that can be found around Britain, and who knows, maybe some of the people are real too.


Laughing at the toast John had just made, Josh looked across at Kat. She looked so beautiful, her long black hair up in a French twist, the soft cream dress off setting her lovely clear skin, the bouquet of white and red roses laying on the pub table, matching the white rose in his jacket lapel.

It had been three months since the trial, and since then so much had happened. Good things.

He and Katrina had been living together; getting to know each other, learning what each other was really like. At night he was there to hold her when she had her nightmares. Bad dreams that sometimes took her back to the time with Alexei, but these were getting fewer and the work with the rape councillor was helping her to come to terms with her past.

She had started work recently as a receptionist for Chris Gerard at his Solicitors office, who was sitting laughing along with the others in the pub were it all started. It was where he and Kat had met almost a year ago when she was running from Konstantin and the men, bumping into him, knocking him over and changing his life, and where they were holding their wedding lunch.

John sat down, his toast over and the small group of friends called for a speech from the Groom. The small ceremony at the Registry Office in Newark had been low key, with John, Chris and his wife, Phil Amery and his, John's cousin, and Kats Counsellor attending. People they trusted, and who had been there when they were needed, at a time in their lives when good people who took risks to help two lost souls to come through and survive.

Clearing his throat, Josh stood up and stuffed his hands in his trouser pockets, his tie was pulled loose, his shirt collar undone, his short hair as usual slightly messy, his face flushed with a little too much beer and pleasure. Kat smiled to herself, so proud of her new husband, thinking to herself that he was just the nicest man she had ever met, and that she was the happiest woman alive.

"Unaccustomed as I am to making a speech, I will keep this short and sweet." Turning and looking down towards Kat sitting next to him he stopped for a short pause, "Kat and I consider ourselves the luckiest people in the world. We have you all to thank for so much." Looking around at each of the faces around the table in the pub, the remains of the wedding meal on the polished surface along with the half drunk glasses of beer and wine he continued, "Each of you were there when we needed you, each of you have helped us without a second thought, without asking for anything in return, and with amazing courage, and for this we thank you, and count you as our closest friends." Picking up his pint he watched as Kat stood, holding her glass of wine up, and he said, "To the best of friends and the best of times."

"Hear, hear." John's cousin shouted before he drank down the rest of his glass of red wine, his podgy cheeks flushed crimson, his grey hair standing on end, the bottle of wine sitting almost empty in front of him.

Sitting down Josh placed his arm around his wife's shoulder, kissing her ear and whispering, "Have I told you how beautiful you look?"

Placing her hand on his thigh, she smiled at him, "Yes, only a hundred times today."

"Kat, you know I'm the luckiest man in the world. I love you, and I promise to make you happy and look after you for the rest of your life."

Leaning over she placed a kiss on his lips, "I know, my brave hero, I love you too."


Konstantin sat in his cell, his large frame dwarfing the small space, contemplating his future. Twelve years. They had given him twelve years, medium security. His solicitor explained that with good behaviour and the way that the British system worked that meant he would be out in six, and with time served, five and a half.

Not too bad. He could survive that, and he had already been approached by the top dog in here to join his team as a bodyguard. The man was a famous drug dealer doing a long stretch of twenty, and needed protection from some of the hard nuts who fancied themselves. Well he could make some good connections in here ready for when he finally got out.

And when he got out he was going to find that little bitch that testified at his trial and finish what he had been sent out by Alexei to do.

Let her enjoy her next six years, but when he was out he was going to get her and show her that he, Konstantin Ballinovitch never forgot or forgave.


The young Polish girl sat rocking in the chair as she stared out the large window at the lawn outside, the high wall in the distance that surrounded the large building was topped with barbed wire, and the windows had grills on the outside, but she didn't see any of this. Lost inside her own mind she rocked, her arms wrapped around her small frame, her lank brown hair unbrushed and dull, her clothes drab and hanging off her, uncaring.

The nurse watched as she moved back and forth in the chair, lost inside herself, her mind and spirit crushed by those five days of captivity, pain and fear. Unable to move forward with her life, she sat in the day ward of the Home for the Criminally Insane, a murderer as well as a victim, trapped in a twilight world.


At the bar, John leant waiting to be served, buying the next round. The insurance had finally been paid out on the arson attack of his home and business, and the job that Phil Amery had managed to put him and Josh forward for with Pat Cleary and the OSCE had started last month. It was work he enjoyed and felt that he would make a difference helping others, interesting and enjoyable, and working with Josh, both of them getting back their self respect and rebuilding their lives. Happy for his friend and the way things were turning out he looked around at the newly married couple as they sat, Josh's arm protectively around his new wife's shoulders, a big smile on the grooms face as Chris was telling everyone a story about one of his clients. It was about a transvestite who had been arrested shoplifting who was claiming wrongful identification whilst wearing a tight short dress, high heels and cheap blond wig and at six foot five and built like a brickhouse wall, wrongful identification was highly unlikely.

Suddenly he felt someone slide in next to him at the bar, and turning to see who it was he was greeted by a shy smile from Kats rape councillor, a woman of about thirty five with short red hair, freckles and light blue eyes.


"Hi, enjoying yourself?"

"Yes, it's so satisfying to see one of my ladies getting on and enjoying their lives."

"I didn't catch your name?"

"Tracy. Tracy Ross."

Putting out his hand to shake, John said, "Hello Tracy, I'm John."

"Yes I know, Katrina has mentioned you in our talks." Shaking his hand she smiled back.

Rising up an eyebrow he straightened, "Something nice I hope."

"Oh yes, all good." and the twinkle in her eye ignited an interest in John that he felt tingle down his spine and pool down in his groin, warm and welcoming as she told him, "I believe its traditional for the Best Man to get together with the Maid of Honour."

"Yes I believe it is Tracy."

She looked up at him, a tall and slim man, with his strong features and clear brown eyes, and she knew that this was going to be the start of a very interesting liaison, and who knows maybe even more!

The drink and the moment made them both at ease, and the frisson of possibility lay open before them, two people in a pub, surrounded by people, but now seeing only each other.


Fascinated, Katrina watched as Josh walked naked up to the bed, his body lit by moonlight as it streamed through the window. Sitting there in the centre of the bed she looked up at his glistening body, the little drips of water glistening from his shower, the scar on his chest faded now to a slight silver streak.

Josh stood looking down at her, seeing her sitting there waiting for him making him harden, that pleasurable familiar feeling causing his breath to quicken. Standing unashamedly in front of her he silently looked down into her eyes, judging her mood, seeing in her eyes the longing and need.

Slowly, he moved behind her, climbing up on the bed and settling down behind her, his legs each side of hers, and his arms slipping around her belly pulling her gently back towards him. Bending his head towards her neck, he planted a line of little kisses up to behind her ear where he whispered, "I love you Kat, I love that I am able to hold you, to kiss you, to know that your mine." He continued to nibble on her neck as she arched backwards allowing him access to more skin.

Lifting one hand up to her face he gently turned it towards him and as she twisted her body slightly he kissed her mouth, a slow wet open mouthed kiss. Slowly his hand moved down from her face, sweeping down her neck to cup her left breast, gently squeezing it, before rubbing his thumb back and forth across the nipple that had started to harden.

Tongues met as the kiss deepened. Kat felt cocooned by his hard wet body behind her, his arm still holding her firmly against him so that she could feel his hard manhood pushing up against the base of her spine, her breast and sensitive nipple tingling as he teased it with his fingers and thumb. Slowly Josh pulled his lips from hers, and kissing the tip of her nose whispered "Hello Mrs Morrison."

"Hello my husband" she whispered in a trembling voice.

"I promise I will never hurt you"

He softly kissed her lips as his hands moved up cupping her breasts and gently squeezing them as she lifted her arms up over her head and backwards behind his, raising up her small perfect breasts, tipped with dark hard nipples. Josh looked down at her beautiful body arched backwards and exposed, and using both hands gently skimmed over the little buds, making her arch even stronger, a deep sigh escaping her throat.

"I love you Kat." He breathed into her ear.

"I love you Josh." Body arching up trying to get him to rub her nipples harder, instead his hands swept down across her belly and one hand slipped further until his fingers felt her hard nub, and rubbing it back and forth before he found her entrance to her body and dipped two fingers in as she shifted her hips allowing him more access.

'That's it my little Kat, let yourself move, take what you want,' he crooned, moving deeper into her tight entrance, and nibbling on the side of her neck as he continued moving his finger inside her, whilst a finger on his other hand went down to the hard nub rubbing it at the same time.

Kat felt herself drowning in sensation, unable to keep still, her legs spread wider, offering him more access, and her hips lifted, as she held on to the back of his head, her back arching up, her breasts straining, small panting breaths coming from her slightly parted lips as she moved higher and higher towards release.

An explosion of pleasure radiated out from between her legs and up through her belly, as she cried out, and then slowly drifted down into awareness. Josh was holding her slumped body against his, kissing the back of her neck, then trailing his tongue down the indent of her spine between her shoulder blades, warm and wet.

Getting up from behind her, Josh climbed around and facing her, fully erect he held out his hand and without a word invited her to stand up in front of him.

Becky stood there as Josh knelt down in front of her leaning forward and kissing her navel, used his tongue to caress and swirl around the small indent, before kissing a line down to between her legs where he kissed her most intimate place. Gasping, her hands burrowed into his hair as she stood there, touched that this sweet but gentle man kneeling before her, put her pleasure before his.

As her knees started to buckle, he sat back and guided her to the bed, laying her down and settling his body over her, his legs between hers, resting on his arms, hands framing her face, he kissed her deep and hard.

Slowly one hand left the side of her face and swept down her body, and his mouth followed kissing and licking a trail to her breasts where he suckled, and nipped. Katrina's mind was now focusing on the delicious feelings radiating out from her chest, her legs raising up, unconsciously inviting him to enter her. On and on his hands swept down her body, sweeping along the length of her torso, across her hip, round to her buttocks, and up the length of her thigh to the back of her knee where he pulled it up slightly higher as he positioned his hips, and raising his head to look her straight in her eyes, he slowly and firmly entered her making her gasp at the hard strong movement.

Withdrawing almost out, he slowly entered her again, repeating the motion. Kat clamped her legs around his hips, and her hands gripped at his back as her body started to pulse as he moved his hips faster and faster, deeper and deeper in a dance as old as time, each movement almost withdrawing before pushing forward in delicious long sweeps.

With the feel of the soft bed below her and his hot body above, she lost all sense of time or reason, as her body tightened. Lifting up her head she bit down on the sensitive point where his neck met his shoulder as she climaxed.

Josh threw back his head and grunted as he felt her tighten around him, the small pain in his shoulder as she bit pushed him over the edge, and he collapsed on her small body, spent and exhausted, unable to move.

Heart beat against heart beat, as the two figures on the bed lay joined together, replete and content.

Raising her hand and with her fingers she gently stroked his back, turning her head to the side to look at him she whispered, 'Thank you for being my hero.'

"It's a pleasure and an honour my love." and the two loves drifted off to sleep, wrapped around each other, content to have found each other.

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