tagGroup SexAnyone Need Anything?

Anyone Need Anything?


Our closest friends are Ethan and Lola. I met Ethan in college, we both entered the engineering program at the same time and just hit it off and have been friends ever since.

When he met Lola, I was already dating Nicole, now my wife, and it seemed that not only were Ethan and I good friends, the four of us also bonded.

We live in the same area, Ethan and I even work for the same company, though in different departments, even different divisions. So, he and I see each other fairly often and the four of us also get together at least once a month or so.

It was several years ago that this all began and it was at their house, late one Saturday afternoon when we were there for a cookout, a frequent summer get-together for the four of us. They have a pool which adds to the enjoyment of an outdoor barbecue.

Ethan had gotten up to get another beer when he asked us, "Anyone need anything?" as he stepped toward the back door.

Nicole and I said we didn't but Lola shot right back with, "Maybe a good roll in the hay would be nice."

Nicole looked over at me, it did seem a bit embarrassing but we laughed, I mean what else can you do, right?

"That's some wife you have there, buddy-boy," I quipped and Nicole added, "Yeah, there's a request," or something like that as we laughed.

Then with a straight face Lola added, "Um, I wasn't being funny, Ethan. I meant it."

"Well, hon, why don't we go inside then and I'll take care of that."

"Sounds good to me," Lola said, getting up.

Then what happened next was totally unexpected.

"You two want to join us?" Lola asked.

Now before I go further, I need to tell you that the four of us were attractive people in our mid-twenties. Nicole had short, wavy blond hair and stood five-four with a curvy figure. For you guys, she's 36-B and firm and nice.

Lola is a brunette with hair past her shoulders and in the silver bikini she was wearing, well, I would guess C-cup. She's taller than Nicole, about five-seven and some of that is in her legs, she is a sexy, leggy woman.

Ethan is about six feet even and in great condition. He likes to work out and it shows. Me, well, I'm not into the workout routine but I do play tennis which keeps me pretty firm.

And when Ethan asked if we wanted to join them, I must say, a certain part of me began to get pretty firm. It wasn't totally clear what he was suggesting, it could be that we were being invited to have sex ourselves, like side-by-side or, maybe just watch, or perhaps do a little trading around. Hard to tell.

I looked at Nicole, knowing we'd never done anything like this before but also knowing that my wife was pretty adventuresome when it comes to sex, especially sex in public places. Well, that's another story...or two.

"Yeah come with us, might just be lots of fun, you two," Lola said over her shoulder as she pulled Ethan into the house.

So, I looked at Nicole who raised her eyebrows and gave me a quick nod. I stood up and held out my hand helping her up and we followed our friends into the house and up the stairs to the master suite.

As we followed them we whispered to each other about what might happen and I really wanted to know if Nicole was sure about this but she said she was up for it. I knew that my cock was up for it, I had a massive erection even though I wasn't quite sure what might take place; I knew it would be good no matter what.

As we went in their bedroom, Lola already had the top of her bikini off and Ethan had pulled down his swimshorts releasing his hard cock as she pulled off her bottoms.

They both turned to us as Lola said, "I guess you haven't seen us like this before, huh?" and she gripped her husband's cock and pulled him into bed.

"Um, not exactly sure what the drill is supposed to be but maybe we should get naked, too?" I asked.

"Sure, join the party, have you two ever swapped before? We could just all have a good time with each other, any way we want, I guess," Lola said, adding, "I don't know about the rest of you but I'm horny as can be, so I'm up for whatever."

Nicole and I were quickly out of our swim clothes and they moved over on their bed so we could join them.

"What shall we do first?" Lola asked.

"Maybe you should ask, who should we do first, hon?" Ethan added.

"Okay, would you two want to start out with each other or just trade off right now or maybe just each other only?" Lola asked.

Nicole leaned to my ear and whispered, "What do you think? Would you want to change partners? Do it now?"

I really wasn't sure Nicole would go for this but, after all, she was now looking at Ethan's hard cock which was at least equal to mine. And, the adventure of someone new, I'm sure, added to it, after all, I was looking at Lola with lusty eyes myself.

"Sure, they're friends, after all," I said and Nicole told them, "We could pair off, me with Ethan, Alex with Lola, if you want to. It's fine with us."

Lola laid back, spreading her legs while I got between them as I heard Ethan ask my wife if she had a favorite position and her answer, 'doggie,' as she got on her hands and knees so he could move up between her legs.

I decided to do some oral on Lola's plump, perfectly-shaved pussy and got down as Ethan pushed into Nicole.

I don't know if Lola had shaved or if she'd waxed, all I knew was she had the smoothest, softest pussy I'd ever put my mouth or tongue to. And she had her head propped on a pillow to watch while I pleasured her.

Out the corner of my eye I could see Nicole circling her hips around while my best friend fucked her in and out, knowing just how good it felt. She's nice and tight, too, just so fine to fuck.

Lola's hand was petting my cheek as I licked and tongued her, then she put her other hand down opening herself for me to lick up inside.

"Mmm, oh, nice, really good, I knew you'd be good, Alex," she moaned.

"Oh, just push hard, mmm, yes, deep like that, oooh," Nicole moaned as Ethan pushed into her and she moved around in circles. I knew how she loved my cock deep inside while she rotated around like that.

I was tracing my tongue around in circles up inside Lola, taking flicks now and then, knowing how much Nicole liked that as I felt her begin to tremble.

"Uhh, oh, oh, yes, YES, OMIGOD, YES, oh, fuck, oh, my pussy, uuh," Lola cried out in what was a terrific orgasm. I raised up, grinning at her as she pulled me up and kissed my wet face, licking off her juices, tonguing my mouth as she reached between us, took my cock and pulled it to her pussy and pushed down on it as I pressed as well, sliding up inside.

Mmm, nice, I thought as my swollen, eager cock pushed in to her warm pussy gripping me so tightly. As I pulled back, it took a little more effort than it usually did with Nicole though maybe it's a difference in their juiciness more than anything. All I knew was that fucking my best friend's wife was great, even spicier doing it next to my wife and her husband who, of course, were enjoying themselves quite nicely.

Next to us, I heard Nicole coo, "Mmm, oh, yes, that is so good, mmm," as I looked over at her and she winked at me, all of us enjoying something new and daring with each other.

"Oh, what a great idea," Lola said, "Ethan and I've kinda wanted something like this for a while. Are you guys liking it?"

"I was kinda nervous at first, but, well, it's really fun to switch off like this, what do you think, hon?" Nicole asked me.

"Yeah, me, too. We've all been friends and, well, this kind of adds to that, doesn't it?"

"We weren't sure if you two would do it so we kind of staged the whole thing out by the pool. Hope you aren't upset with us," Ethan said.

"Not with you inside me, Ethan and my hubby sure looks happy," Nicole said and I agreed.

"Guess we don't have to wear anything in the pool anymore, right?" Lola posed and we all agreed that skinny-dipping would be fun and no doubt lead to some enjoyable poolside activities.

"Yeah, Lola and I fuck in the pool all the time, it'll be great with all of us in there."

Nicole was the first to have an orgasm, followed by me, then Ethan, and, finally, Lola. We all collapsed in a bed full of happy and satisfied friends.

"Oh, wow, that was so good," Lola said as Nicole agreed.

"We've got some hot husbands, don't we, girl?" she asked Lola.

"Yeah, nice to find out just how good they are, huh?"

"Well, we couldn't have two sexier wives, right, Alex?" Ethan posed.

"Now that I've had the lovely opportunity to have sex with each now, I must say, they're both the best," I said diplomatically to laughter from both wives.

"Looks like Ethan's still pretty hard, how's my hubby?" Nicole asked Lola.

"Well what I have in my hand is pretty hard, it's fun to play with. I like this idea of trading hubbies, how about you, Nicole?"

"Yeah, I do too, maybe we ought to pair up with them next? Whadda you think?"

"Sure, let's each have a little fun with our hubbies, then, um, could you two spend the night? Maybe you and Ethan can sleep in the guest bedroom and Alex and I can stay in here?"

"Yeah, what do you think, Alex? Spend the night, you with Lola, me with Ethan?" my wife asked me.

"Sure, no real need to go home and, well, this is fun," I said as I got up and changed places with Ethan.

Nicole lifted her legs into the air, making a vee, that I lowered down into, sliding my cock slowly deeper and deeper.

"Mmm, you always know what I want," she moaned as I pushed hard into her as far as I could.

I entered her quite easily, sliding in on my best friend's slippery deposit of semen.

"This was all rather unexpected, wasn't it?" she whispered softly. "But, you seem to have enjoyed being with Lola."

"She's wonderful in bed, you two are a real pair, both of you are the best. You seemed to be enjoying it all yourself."

"Oh, there's that saying about variety being the spice of life, right? This kind of puts some spice back in things, doesn't it?"

"Mmm, sure does. I think we're both liking this with Lola and Ethan," I said and she agreed.

"You two talking about our new arrangement?" Ethan asked.

"Yeah, we like it, this was a great idea," I said and Nicole added her agreement.

"We kind of thought you two might be open to it and, well, we sure are glad we got it started," Lola said.

"We were thinking that maybe once or twice a month we could get together for a weekend and do this, what do you two think?" Ethan asked us.

Nicole jumped right in, "I think it's just what we need to liven things up. I was even thinking of us going out on dates, you know, Ethan and me, Lola with Alex. Just going to dinner somewhere we've never been just like we were on a double date but with each other's hubby. What do you think?"

Personally, I was surprised that Nicole was taking to this like she was. She's generally not the highly adventurous type but maybe this is getting her to change.

"Great idea, Nicole, that sounds fun," Lola said and Ethan agreed.

"We could even get a suite at a hotel somewhere and all four of us have a dirty weekend like no other," Ethan said.

I was fucking my own wife, something, of course, that I'd done countless times but this time it seemed that we both had a renewed vigor and excitement.

"This feels more like the first time we ever made love. Remember that little lake cabin we rented that weekend? God it was all we did the whole time. This feels just like that first time," I told Nicole.

"You're right, us swapping with Lola and Ethan has really done something to me, I know, and I think it has you too, hon, you somehow feel younger, more vigorous. I love it," she moaned as she lifted her legs high.

I hadn't felt this sexed-up and horny in, well, years. I'd never really thought a lot about Lola, she's quite attractive and rather sexy in her way but they were friends and, while I'd admired her, I wasn't walking around with a hard-on dreaming about her, either. Until now.

Now, though, I'd had sex with her. And while Nicole was wonderful in bed, so was Lola, each in her own way. Not only that, it was looking like an ongoing thing, fully agreed by all. And even the four of us talking about doing more things as a swapped couple. I had my own ideas, too.

"We could go on vacations together, even a cruise, book into cabins as husband and wife, stay swapped the whole time, then pretend-cheat on each other with our own spouses. How's that for hot?"

"I think it's great, Alex," said Lola, then she added, "We could even change hubbies for a week. I could go live with Alex and Nicole could come here and spend a week fucking Ethan. We'd each kiss the other's hubby as he went off to work each morning. Then you two could have lunch and tell each other what hot, sexy wives you have," she said laughing.

"We're a wild foursome, aren't we?" I said as I took long, deep strokes in and out of Nicole's upturned pussy. I could see Ethan's cum ringing around where I was fucking in and out of her. That seemed so sexy, me fucking into another man's cum.

The four of us kept at sex until after three in the morning, by then we were literally fucked-out.

The next morning we all got up and made a big breakfast, staying naked with each other, then took a swim and went back to bed swapped with each other's spouse for one last time. Well, at least for that weekend.

We've traded partners many times since, doing some of the things we'd discussed that first weekend.

We did take a vacation to a resort in Mexico, then another in the Caribbean, a cruise, where Lola went as my wife and Nicole was with Ethan the whole time.

There are also weeks where we each live with the other's wife and we do have swapped date nights as well.

So, we're quite used to sex among the four of us, hardly giving it a thought these days when we're together. We're so much more than just friends.

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