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It was a treat just to get away for the weekend, but this weekend was special. It was our anniversary. Rick was such a caring husband and lover that I wanted to do something extra special for him. He had told me of several fantasies and I had tried to fulfill all of them. However, one of them was still a little scary and I hadn't been able to bring myself to fulfill it yet. This weekend, though, I would do it.

He had whispered this fantasy to me one night, after a few drinks. He told me that he had longed to fuck me in the ass. Oh my god, I thought. Though the thought made me hot, it still scared me. But he was such a sweet guy that I wanted to do everything to make him happy.

So, I prepared my self. I went on the internet and researched anal sex. Just what to do and how to do it, etc. From what I read, a butt plug would be a good start. And, from what my husband had told me about his fantasy, I was sure this would drive him over the edge.

I went to the adult store over my lunch hour and walked around nervously, comparing the butt plugs. Did I want a pink one, a purple one, a gel-filled one? Decisions, decisions. Finally, I settled on a blue sparkly one. I felt myself getting wet as I walked up to pay for it. As I walked out of the store and to my car, in horror I saw my boss drive by. I know he saw me, he was about breaking his neck. Oh my god, I thought, what must he think?

Well, the rest of the day at work I felt he was looking at me in a different way. I felt so self-conscious! As I left that night, he was waiting by the front door and asked if he could walk me out to my car. I told him "sure," and we visited for the short walk. He then told me that he had seen someone who looked just like me walking out of the adult bookstore carrying a package. I know I must have looked like a child being caught doing something naughty when I looked down and sheepishly said, "it was me."

He looked at me for a while and then asked, "So.....what was in the package?" I giggled nervously and told him that I was too embarrassed to tell him. So he said, "well then, let me see." He was my boss, so what could I do?

"Okay," I said and then opened my car and reached in for the package. I handed it to him and he peeked in the sack. A smile slowly appeared on his face. "Well, that's not what I was guessing. It's even better than what I was thinking it might be." He handed the sack back to me. "Mari, I want you to come in a little early tomorrow. I would like to know a little more about your life outside of work."

"Yes, sir," I obediently responded.

Oh my god, I thought as I drove home. What have I gotten myself into now? As I walked into my apartment I could see the red light flashing that I had messages. I walked over and pushed the button to listen. There was only one, from my boss. Luckily my husband wasn't home yet as I listened. The first said, "Mari, I need you to come back to work this evening. I know I told you this morning but it can't wait." I quickly deleted the message. I felt unusually naughty as I stood there wondering what I should do. I decided that I would take a shower and change my clothes before I went back to work. The long hot shower only increased my feelings and as I stepped out of the shower and caught my reflection in the mirror I decided that I would make a little game out of the evening. I slipped on my one-piece crotchless, red satin teddy and then a semisheer black dress over it. I grabbed my coat and ran out the door. This was going to be fun.

By the time I arrived back at work, I was wet and ready. I could see the bosses light on in his office and could tell he was pacing back and forth. I let myself in the back door and quietly walked up the hallway to his office. He didn't see me come in. "Mr. Rollin?" He turned with a start and then his mouth dropped open to see me in this little semisheer dress. I know he could see the red teddy underneath.

"I'm ready for work, just tell me what you want me to do." I said. He just stood there not saying anything, but I could see something getting hard in his pants. This caused me great delight. I walked up to him and said, "Mr. Rollin, I'm ready to take your dick-tation," as I slowly unzipped his pants and got down on my knees. It was hard to pull his dick out of his pants, it was so big and hard, but I finally managed. I pulled his hard throbbing cock into my mouth and sucked him until he was almost ready to come. Then I pulled back, licked my lips and stood up.

"Mr. Rollin, I was wondering if you could help me with a little problem? You see, I want to give my husband anal sex and I'm an anal virgin," I said as I slipped off my dress and turned my ass to him. I bent over his desk and spread my ass cheeks. "I want you to show me how, would you do that for me?"

"Oh, god, yes," Mr. Rollin said as he slapped my ass. "Get ready for the fuck of your life." First he just tickled my anus while he whispered how much he had wanted to fuck me. Then without a warning he slipped his dick in. It was the most hottest feeling I had ever had. I didn't want him to stop pumping my ass. But eventually he shot his load and though he wanted to continue, he just couldn't.

He rolled over and smiled at me. "Mari, no ones takes dick-tation like you."

"Thanks, Mr. Rollin. You have taught me some things that will make my anniversary weekend a hit. See you Monday."

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