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Anything For Him


I am on holiday in Paris, staying in a small hotel with my fiancé, Chris. We are head over heels in love and spend each day exploring the City and visiting various sights by day and enjoying romantic candlelit meals in the evenings. It is wonderful to be spending so much time together and our love seems to feel even stronger.

We return to our hotel after another wonderful evening out, a little the worse for alcohol! We pounce on each other as soon as we are inside the hotel room, kissing, mauling and almost tearing each others clothes off.

Chris pauses a moment "Paula, would you do something really special for me?" he asks. "Chris, if you really want it I will do anything for you" I say.

Chris reaches into the bedside cabinet and pulls out a bag from which he pulls something-an enormous grotesquely misshapen black rubber penis! I am shocked, just staring at this monstrous thing as he places it on the bed...

"I want to use it on you" he says "to fuck you with it!"

I can hardly believe it is even possible... the thing is far too big, at least three and a half inches thick and nearly nine inches long!

"Where did you get it?" I ask, gingerly reaching to pick it up, shuddering at the feel of it as I hold it in my hands. It is really heavy and it looks even bigger close up.

"In the Rue St Denis, I bought it in one of the sex shops while you were having your hair done"

I look deep into Chris's eyes and see how desperately he wants me to do this and I know I'm going to let him, no matter what. Suddenly I have an idea...before I have given it any thought I blurt it out...

"You know I will do anything for you Chris, I really want to but I'm afraid it will hurt and I'll have to make you stop" I say "Perhaps if you tied me down then I wouldn't be able to stop you?"

Chris smiles at me and kisses me tenderly. "You are wonderful, do you know that?"

With a mixture of excitement and fear I take my clothes off and lie back on the bed while Chris gets something to tie me with. My eyes are drawn to the dildo again. It is frighteningly large, massively thick with a bulbous misshapen head and huge knobbly veins along the shaft. I shudder to think what it will feel like inside me!

Chris returns with several lengths of soft nylon cord and a razor and shaving foam. I am one of those fortunate women who have very little pubic hair, just a few wispy blonde curls above my slit but Chris wants to shave them off, to have me completely bare.

He gets me to lie on my back in the middle of the bed and puts two pillows under my bottom then ties me spread eagled on it, my legs stretched wide apart, my arms above my head. Once he's finished I am completely helpless and totally exposed.

Chris then shaves the hair from my pussy and I feel even more exposed, even more vulnerable. Chris sits back to admire his handiwork and smiles at me.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asks, gazing deep into my eyes. With my heart beating wildly I utter the words I know will make me totally his, completely at his mercy...

"There is nothing in the world I want more Chris, I really do, so if I ask you to stop, no matter what I say or do, even if I sound like I mean it, I want you to fuck me with it okay?"

Chris smiles at me and I feel curiously relieved, all decision now taken away from me... all I can do is relax and enjoy it because it's going to happen anyway!

Chris undresses as I look on excited. I can tell by the bulge in his shorts how excited he is. When he takes them off his cock springs out, rock hard!

He climbs onto the bed and kisses me deeply, our tongues exploring, fighting and playing. It is wonderfully erotic, I feel like a beautiful finely tuned instrument waiting to be played. I feel his hands on my breasts, caressing, teasing, my nipples hardening to little points as he takes them between thumb and finger, gently squeezing them and running his fingertips around and around.

I moan as he kisses my face, my eyelids, my neck, working down to my breasts. I feel a trickle of my juices running down the crease of my bum as his mouth closes on my nipple and I feel his tongue circling around and around.

I want to hold him to me, to bury his face in my breasts to increase the pressure, his tongue agonisingly tantalising. I feel his hand, kneading, massaging, slowly working down my body and gently caressing my lower belly.

By the time his fingers reach the tender area he's shaved above my slit I'm so excited my hips are rocking, jerking involuntarily, desperate to feel his fingers in my sex. Sensing my need I feel his fingers sliding down, spreading the hairless lips of my pussy as I moan with pleasure, his fingers massaging up and down my sopping wet slit.

I feel two fingers probing the entrance to my vagina and whimper aloud as they enter me, working deep into my hungry cunt. Gently he thrusts his fingers in and out, the palm of his hand cupped over my smooth wet pubis, massaging the whole of my cunt.

I whimper again as he begins to kiss his way down my belly, tenderly removing his fingers to make way for his mouth. Again I feel my hips thrusting upwards in desperate anticipation of his tongue. He kisses me softly between my legs...tiny little pecks with his lips until I am literally begging him to lick me...

"Oh God Chris, please lick it, lick my pussy, stick your tongue inside me!" I cry in desperation.

Suddenly I feel his tongue penetrate my vagina, swirling around in the entrance. It feels so good, I'm in seventh heaven, my breathing coming in great gasps as I feel his tongue worming around, searching out my aching clitoris.

I feel his fingers again sliding into my vagina, stretching me open as he works three then four fingers deeper and deeper inside me.

My clitoris is so sensitive; every touch of his tongue has me squirming with pleasure, writhing about within the confines of the restraints as he circles his tongue around the little nodule.

I am on the point of coming when I feel his fingers slide from my gaping vagina and I feel the cold hard head of the dildo probing between my widespread thighs. I tense a little as Chris splays the lips of my vagina with his fingers and I feel the huge blunt head of it nudging against my entrance

I realise I want it more than ever now...I am so excited I am aching to have it shoved up my cunt! Chris pauses a moment and then I feel the ugly great thing nosing into me, my vagina slowly stretching wider and wider as Chris increases the pressure.

It is frightening but incredibly erotic too. It begins to feel uncomfortable; the huge head is stretching my vagina so much. My cunt starts to feel sore, the massive blunt head wedged tight in the stricture of my opening.

I whimper as the pain increases, a throbbing stabbing pain with each advancing thrust into me.

"Relax, relax" Chris soothes me "Open yourself to me, relax the muscles, it's almost there"

"Oh God Chris I don't think I can, it's too big!" I cry.

"Look at me" Chris says.

Looking down at him between my splayed legs, my hairless pubis thrust upwards by the pillows, our eyes meet...

"Bear down" he says "Like you're trying to push it out"

Panting and groaning in discomfort I try bearing down as if giving birth to it, trying to concentrate on relaxing my vagina. I can feel Chris pushing harder and suddenly I feel the massive bulbous head literally forcing my vagina impossibly wide, my pussy flowering and opening around it. I struggle and scream out loud as I feel the gigantic shaft sliding painfully, deep inside me!

"NO, No, please Chris, take it out, it's too big, Oh God it's much too big!" I cry in panic, moaning in pain... Yet I know full well he won't take it out...that thing isn't coming out of me until I've been well and truly fucked with it! Despite the pain I'm glad of it!

Chris smiles at me, writhing about on the bed with that huge great thing up me, my vagina stretched tight as a bowstring. It feels strange, nasty yet delicious; huge, cold and hard...unnatural but thrilling nonetheless!

"God you are so hot! You wouldn't believe how sexy you look with that thing inside you!" he says, holding the dildo deep inside me. I manage a smile...

"God it's really huge Chris, I didn't think I was going to manage it"

Strangely I feel really proud of myself...really feminine, able to take even this monster penis inside me. Relaxing somewhat it begins to feel a little more comfortable...

"Now I'm going to fuck you with it!" Chris says menacingly. "Fuck you all night long!"

A shiver of excitement runs through me upon hearing these words and I feel the massive knobbly shaft begin to move slowly up and down, in and out of my cunt. The sheer size of it excites me, the large knobbly veins rippling against the insides of my tightly stretched hole.

Chris uses it as an extension of himself. Once he see's I can accept the whole thing he uses it just like a real cock, his cock, thrusting its way deep inside my body over and over again.

Faster and faster he works it. My wide opened vagina hungrily welcoming each delicious thrust, my hips bucking, rising up to meet the huge thrusting rubber cock. Relentlessly he fucks me with it, pumping it in and out rhythmically, with the friction hard against my tightened pussy.

I open my eyes to see Chris gazing lovingly at me, watching my reactions. He moves up to kiss me again, not missing a beat as he fucks me with it. His tongue invades my mouth, deeply and passionately and unbelievably erotic!

Slowly and inexorably he brings me to orgasm, his massive rubber cock driving me to ever increasing heights of pleasure until I am writhing and moaning uncontrollably. After ten minutes of this treatment I am practically delirious with pleasure, crying out in delight the feelings are so intense!

Without warning I surge against the restraints and come, crying out in ecstasy, writhing upon the thrusting dildo, my back arching to meet its assault! But it's not over yet, my orgasm only seems to harden his resolve and he redoubles his efforts, working the great rubber dildo faster and faster up and down, in and out of my spasming vagina as my cunt pulsed on the giant shaft.

Time and time again he makes me come with it, an agony of ecstasy, that giant cock forcing me to come until I am completely exhausted. Finally Chris stops pumping and lets it slide out of me. I wince as it flops out onto the sodden bed covers and immediately my cunt is unplugged Chris is upon me.

His cock, his real cock quickly finding my gaping entrance and plunging inside. By contrast his cock feels curiously small now, but hot and alive, his body crushing tightly against me, straining against me as he thrusts into me, again and again until with a ragged cry he too comes.

I feel his thrusting throbbing cock shooting hot jets of sperm deep inside me and he holds on to me like a drowning man, kissing my face passionately and breathlessly as the storm subsides. As his cock slides from me I feel a little sore but I have never felt so completely satisfied in my whole life!

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