tagBDSMAnything for His Mistress

Anything for His Mistress


Jess swiftly but softly got up from her place on the couch in the living room, where the TV continued to play "Boondock Saints," and the rest of the house slept. But Jess knew one person that wouldn't mind being awoke. She quietly walked down the hall towards Chris' room, not even bothering to knock before she slowly entered his dark room. She grinned to herself as she tiptoed over to his bed side and watched him for a moment. He was definitely asleep. She crawled onto his bed and positioned herself over him, straddling him as she rolled him over onto his back. She smiled and grabbed his hands, lacing her fingers with his as she leaned down and kissed his lips softly, then gently began to move her kisses onto his neck. Chris immediately began to stir, and his eyes opened in surprise as he tried to sit up.

"What the ... " he began, but calmed down a bit when he saw it was only Jess. He looked at her and laughed a little, raising a curious eyebrow, "What are you doing?"

"Nothing ... " she smiled innocently at him as she pushed him back into a laying position and pressed her lips against his, kissing him again. This time Chris just closed this eyes, deciding it might be safer not to ask questions, "Want me to stop?" she whispered seductively in his ear. Chris smiled and removed his hands from hers, replacing them on her waist.

"No, " he said simply.

"Good, " Jess replied and smiled, leaning over to kiss him again, this time her tongue parting his soft lips and exploring his mouth, mingling with his tongue ring. However, no sooner than she had ravaged his mouth with her tongue, she was depriving him of it again, as she sat up and smirked down at him, "Don't move, " she said firmly, and got up from the bed, leaving the room. Chris did as he was told, being that he was her slave, and wondered what she was up to.

Jess left the room only for a brief few moments, before coming back in with an armful of secrets, shutting and locking the door. Chris propped himself up on his elbows as he just barely saw her moving around in the dark.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Did I say you could speak?" Jess stopped and looked at him sternly. Chris was slightly taken aback by her assertiveness and seriousness, so he just stared blankly at her for a second.

"Uh ... no, " he replied slightly timid.

"No what?" Jess took a step closer.

"No Mistress, " he bowed his head down.

"That's what I thought, " she nodded, as she gently ran her fingers through his hair, and as she got to the back of his head, she firmly but gently enough grabbed his hair and tilted his head back to look at her, "now behave and you'll be rewarded, " she said as she looked into his eyes and then kissed his lips gently. All Chris could do was nod, already anxious about this new attitude, and what was in store for him. Jess smiled and gently dragged her fingertips along his cheek, "Now lay down with your head at the foot of the bed, " she instructed him. Chris complied willingly, turning around in bed with his head by the foot of it.

"Like this?" he asked.

"Very good, " she smiled at him, "now ... " she spoke as she pulled off her hoodie, revealing a black lace up corset, complete with a satin black thong, and garters that held up her thigh-high fishnet stockings once she removed her pajama pants. She straddled him once again, sitting gently on his stomach and gently rubbing his chest, with a grin on her face,

"Wow ... " Chris managed to get out as he stared at her body, devouring every inch of her. He reached up to touch her, and Jess gently slapped his hand, causing him to draw back his hand quickly, with a pout on his face.

"I didn't say you could touch, " she looked at him, completely serious, "you only touch when I say you can, understand?"

"Yes ... yes Mistress, " he nodded.

"Good ... now put your arms above your head like a good boy ... and don't struggle, or you'll be punished." she ordered him. Chris put his arms over his head and watched as she leaned over his face, first pulling his shirt off, then grabbing handcuffs off the floor. He so badly wanted to kiss the exposed skin that was now hovering over his lips, but knew it would only get him into trouble. Jess knew it too, and she knew it would drive him insane. She smirked proudly to herself as she cuffed his hands, making sure they weren't too tight, but tight enough so he couldn't get them off. She then crawled off of the bed and used rope to secure the cuffs to a bar under the bed, giving him only enough slack to raise his arms about three inches over his head. Without speaking a word, she then pulled something out of her little stash of goodies, and took her rightful place back on his groin.

"What do you have, Mistress?" he asked her, raising an eyebrow.

"Shh, " she smiled, pulling out a black satin blindfold.

"Oh no ... " he looked at her, squirming a little.

"Oh yes, " she grinned, putting the blindfold over his eyes, "lift your head, Chris, be a good boy, " she coaxed him.

"Oh fuck, " he groaned a little, lifting his head so she could securely tie it.

"Can you see?" She asked, licking her lips as she gazed upon her victim.

"No Mistress, " he said blandly.

"Are you lying?" She asked slightly firmer, gently digging her nails into his sides. This caused him to gasp and jump slightly.

"No Mistress! I'm not lying!" he swore.

"Good, " Jess smiled as she eased her fingers away from his smooth skin, "now, what do I wanna do first?" she smirked, thinking.

"Oh man, " Chris groaned.

"Ah, I know ... first I just wanna play with you a bit ... you know ... get you all worked up ... so you're at the peak of your sensitivity. That will make the experience much more enjoyable, " she paused and smirked, looking down at him, "for me anyway."

"Jesus, what are you gonna do to me?"

"All in good time ... " she smiled, leaning forward and lifting her ass off of his groin so she was on all fours hovering over him. Her lips grazed his gently, and wet his lips with the tip of her moist tongue, then drew back quickly as he tried to meet her tongue with his own. She repeated this a couple more times, each time letting him taste a little more of her kiss, but not letting him have what he wanted. He groaned in anticipation, pulling against his restraints, "Was there something you wanted?" she grinned.

"Ugh ... yeah, you know what I want, "

"I'm thinking its something like ... this ... " she leaned down and firmly pressed her lips against kiss, opening her mouth a little to let his tongue enter, gently sucking on the tip as her hands reached up to his own, locking their fingers again, in a fiery lip lock of uncaged passion. After about a minute of ravaging his hot mouth, she slowly pulled away to continue her seduction elsewhere. Her lips found their way to his earlobe, gently nibbling on it, then kissing it, and making a trail of soft kisses down his jaw bone and onto his neck, gently sucking on his skin. Her hands slid smoothly along his waist, grabbing his hips that she had such a sultry obsession with, as her kisses moved towards his left shoulder. She moved her attention back to his neck, and gently began kissing down his chest to his stomach, where you very lightly swirled her tongue around his belly button, and without warning, lightly dragged her nails down his side, causing Chris to draw in a sharp breath and pull against his binds.

"Fuck, " he groaned, "not this shit again, " he squirmed.

"You know I love watching you writhe beneath me. How I love having complete control over your every sense, " she smirked, licking the bare skin right above the top of his jeans, as she used her teeth to unbutton them, pulling them off his legs with as much ease as possible. She then moved her hands quickly to his outer thighs, raking her nails gently down to about her knees, then repeating this gesture on the inside of his thighs, loving the way he fought to try and stop it, with no prevail. Her lips gently kissed his stomach as her hands found their way back to his hips, and she began dragging her nails and fingertips ever so lightly along his skin, making him so sensitive, that even a simple on his delicate kiss would drive him closer to point of no return.

"God, you have to, " he grunted, "stop doing that. It's driving me frickin' nuts."

"Well ... if that's the case, then I assume you're ready for part two of my plot. Commence phase two of torture, " she smirked, getting off of him.

"Where are you going?"

"Just getting a little something, " she laughed slightly.

"Like ... " he asked, facing her general direction, even though he couldn't see her.

"Patience ... " she cooed as she got back onto the bed and on top of Chris. She smirked as she held up a large candle stick, lighting a match.

"Jess ... " Chris sounded worried, "Jess, what are you doing?"

"Calm down, " she said nonchalantly.

"But-" he began.

"No! Silence!" She said louder. Chris shutup immediately. Jess grinned as she lit the wick of the candle, then blew out the match, tossing it into his garbage. She smirked as she watched the candle burn and the wax began to drip down the length of the stick and onto her hand. It reminded her of something else and she had to snicker at the thought. She shook herself from her dirty thoughts and gently tipped the candle so that some of the hot wax dripped onto his stomach.

"Holy SHIT!" he yelled as he arched his back and yanked hard against the restraints, "Oh my GOD!"

"Mmm ... " she smirked a little as she was thrusted upwards when his hips bucked, "did that surprise you, baby?"

"Oh my GOD, yes!" He groaned and squirmed as he still pulled his arms up.

"You're not going to get out ... so stop trying." She said devilishly as she dripped more wax onto his stomach.

"Ugh! Fuck ... " he groaned, his back arching again.

"God I love it ... " she laughed, leaning down and kissing him, gently sucking on his bottom lip, "don't worry ... Mistress will make it better, " she smiled, blowing out the candle, She set it down and then reached into a bowl that she had also brought onto the bed. She picked up a cube of ice from the bowl and leaned forward, licking Chris' neck as her hand reached down and gently began to drag the ice along his skin where she had previously dripped wax. Another gasp of surprise escaped his lips as his back arched once again and the restraints were endlessly challenged by his will to get free.

"Jesus fucking Christ, you're gonna kill me!" he moaned softly.

"I know, " she grinned, dragging the ice along sides, then closer to the edge of his boxers, "hmm ..." she smirked as she pulled his boxers off and tossed them to the side, exposing his already hard dick.

"No, don't!" he begged.

"Oh but why?" she laughed as she moved down lower. She had a better plan. She put the ice cube in her mouth, sucking on it for a few seconds, then taking it out and putting it back into the bowl, and while her mouth was still cold, she took his dick into her mouth, gently sucking.

"Unh ... holy crap, " he moaned and thrust his hips up a little. Jess smiled with satisfaction as she sucked a little more, only teasing him, before pulling her mouth away and licking the tip, then kissing his stomach, making a trail of kisses back up to his neck.

"Am I being a bad mistress?" she said innocently, licking at his jawbone.

"Mmm, yes you're being a very bad mistress, " he moaned.

"But you like it, don't you slave?" she grabbed his wrists and squeezed slightly.

"Yes Mistress! I love it!"

"Tell me how much you love it, " she instructed as she sat up a little and pulled his hands to her mouth, taking a finger into her mouth and sucking gently.

"Mmm, Mistress I love it so much, I don't want you to stop, " he begged.

"Oh I'm not even close to done with you, " she smiled as she sucked on his finger again, "do you like the way I suck on your finger? Does it turn you on?"

"Yes. "

"Does it make you imagine my lips somewhere else, Chris?"

"God, yes," he squirmed a little. Jess moved back down, her lips close to his ear.

"Do you want me to suck your dick, Chris? Do you want me to suck it until you cum in my mouth?" she whispered sexily in his ear, moaning softly just for effect.

"Oh my fucking God, yes!" he moaned softly.

"Mmm, and I bet you wanna touch me too, don't you?" she ran her nails down his sides, causing him to shiver.

"I want to touch every fucking inch of your body, Mistress! I want you so bad!" he was now whining slightly.

"Well ... " she smirked and sat up, "we don't always get what we want, do we?"

"Ugh, bitch!" he groaned.

"Excuse me?" Jess raised an eyebrow at him.

"I'm sorry Mistress, I didn't mean it!"

"For that you have to be punished."

"No Mistress, please, it won't happen again."

"That's right. It won't. I'll make sure of that," she stood up on the bed, removing her garters and stockings, followed by her thong, moving over again. She didn't even warn him before she grabbed his throbbing erection and very slowly grazed the tip along her wet pussy, moaning to make him even more revved up, "Mmm ... it feels so good doesn't it ... and don't you even think about moving your hips, " she said sternly.

"Fuckin' A, Jesus ... unh ... " he groaned as he fought direly to keep his hips still, so badly just wanting to thrust upwards and breach her walls.

"Does it feel good Chris? Does it feel good to feel how wet I am, all over your cock?" she hissed.

"Fuck, yes Mistress! Please, God you have to let me fuck you ... please Mistress!" he begged as he clenched his fists, his knuckles turning white.

"Keep dreaming, " she grinned and moved away from him again, sitting beside him on the bed.

"Oh what the fuck, " he groaned, now squirming uncontrollably.

"Now we won't be making any more slips of the tongue, will we slave? We didn't like what happened, did we?"

"No Mistress, I promise it won't happen again."

"That's my boy ... " she smiled and kissed his lips, "show your Mistress that you love her."

"Mmm, " he moaned softly as he captured her lips with his own, kissing her deeply, wanting so badly to run his fingers through her hair or down her back.

"I think I want you to give me a little attention now, Chris, " she smirked, reaching and untying his blindfold, "is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress, whatever you desire ... " he nodded as he stared at her, so eager to touch her.

"That's a good boy ... " she smiled and reached over, untying the rope, then taking the key to the handcuffs off of the dresser, "now when I let you free, you will not move until I give you permission. "

"Yes Mistress, " he agreed quickly, just wanting to be loose. Jess unlocked the handcuffs and let them drop to the ground, before first walking over to his CD player, putting a CD in, and hitting 'play', as "If" by Janet Jackson began to play, "Very clever, Mistress, " Chris grinned at her.

"I know, " she smirked and crawled back onto the bed, straddling him again. She could see the lust in his eyes, and she licked her lips at him, "touch me, slave."

"Say no more, " he said and then quickly sat up, his arms immediately locking around her petite frame, his lips attacking her neck in a barrage of sweet kisses, as his hands rubbed her sides and reached down to squeeze her ass. Jess moaned softly and grinned as she ran her fingers through his hair, tilting her head back slightly to give him better access to her neck.

"Untie me, " she instructed him, looking down at his face.

"Yes Mistress, " he nodded, doing as he was told and untying her corset, helping her take it off, "you're beautiful, you know that?" he said as his hands caressed her back and he leaned forward to take one of her hard nipples into his mouth.

"Mmm, " Jess moaned softly and then tilted his head up so she could kiss his lips, before pushing him back down on the bed, "I want you to eat me, " she whispered against his lips.

"Anything, " he whispered back against hers. With that, Jess kissed him again and sat up, grinning and moving herself over his face.

"Like this, "

"Yes ma'am, " he agreed as his hands grabbed her thighs and pulled her down towards his face, kissing her inner thighs first.

"Ooh, " Jess moaned softly as she closed her eyes. Chris leaned up a little and stuck out his tongue, licking her slowly, causing her to gasp, and her breathing to get heavier. He then reached around and squeezed her ass as he plunged his tongue inside her, lifting his head up slightly as he darted his tongue in and out of her.

"Mmm, " he moaned as he pulled his tongue out, running it over her clit.

"Ugh, " Jess whimpered as she reached up and started massaging her own breasts, playing with her nipples and biting her lip as she rotated her hips slightly on his tongue.

"You taste so good, Mistress, " Chris moaned softly as he reached a hand in and thrust two fingers inside her.

"Shit!" she whimpered, "Mmm yeah, tell me how good!"

"Tell me how good!" she moaned.

"I could eat you all day, " Chris replied, licking her clit as he fingered her.

"Let me taste how good, " she licked her lips and grabbed his hand as he pulled his fingers out of her, pulling them to her mouth and sucking on them, "Mmm, " she closed her eyes as she sucked his fingers clean.

"See how good ... " Chris watched her intently.

"Yes ... " she grinned, getting up, kissing his lips again, before turning around, and getting on top of him in the '69' position.

"Oh yeah, " Chris groaned as he soon felt Jess' lips wrap around his cock again, this time she began deep throating him. He grunted as he moved his face up to lick her pussy again, getting a little rougher than before, and using his fingers again.

"Ooh yeah!" Jess moaned, whimpering softly as she leaned down and took him into her mouth again, sucking him and taking as much of him as she could into her hot mouth, her nails gently raking along his inner thighs. All of this passion was becoming to much, and if it was too much for her, she knew Chris had to be losing his mind. Thinking quickly, she got up off of him, standing over him on the bed.

"Mistress, why did you make me stop?" he asked her.

"Come here, " she ordered him, getting off the bed. Chris sat up, getting off the bed and standing in front of her, putting his hands on either side of her shoulders as he leaned in to kiss her again. Jess reached up and grabbed his hands, moving them to her ass, "lift me up, " she whispered.

"Okay, " he nodded as Jess arms wrapped loosely around his neck, and Chris lifted her, pinning her against the wall, his hands on her upper thighs, just under her ass.

"Now fuck me, " she growled in his ear, gently biting his ear lobe. Chris' eyes widened and he pulled back slightly, looking at her.

"Are you serious? I can fuck you?"

"Did I stutter? Stop asking questions and fuck me, Slave!" she grabbed the hair on the back of his head and tugged.

"Yes Mistress! I'm all over this, " he eagerly licked his lips and then kissed her passionately, shoving his tongue into her mouth as he lifted her up a little more to allow himself easier access. Jess reached down to position his dick, so he could hold her up, and without hesitation, Chris pushed inside her virgin walls, moaning loudly upon entering.

"Ugh!!" Jess whimpered loudly, biting her lip and closing her eyes as she felt him pushing so deep inside her, something she'd never felt before. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she clenched her teeth and tightened her legs around his waist.

"Are you okay?" he asked, holding her hips.

"Ooh, fuck yeah, " she moaned loudly, "fuck me!"

"Yes my Mistress, anything you say, " he grunted as he held her firmly and thrusted inside her again, harder than last time, causing her to let out a small squeal.

"Mmm, yeah come on bitch!" she whimpered, rotating her hips forward.

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