tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAnything for Mister Isaac

Anything for Mister Isaac


Opal didn't have much going for her. She was a Senior in high school, and just turned 18 last month, graduated in 3. She was a cheerleader; not the captain, but she was known for her acrobatic stunts. She got C's, just enough to stay on the squad, but wasn't particularly smart. To be honest, she barely earned the grades.

One thing she did have were her looks. She. Was. Beautiful. Crystal clear blue eyes against dark brown hair, she kept the roots and highlights blond. Her skin was smooth, blemish free, and her lips and ass plump. Her eyes were wide and doll like. She would play the role of a trophy wife quite well.

Mister Isaac from the internet thought so too.

She's been talking to Mister Isaac for a few months now, and lately he's been texting her phone directly. Despite all the warnings, she told Mister Isaac everything. He knew where she lived, what school she went to, what car she drove, and she knew almost nothing about him, aside from the fact that he was 35 and would love to curl her pretty hair around his fingers and kiss her.

Ever since Opal turned 18, their relationship has become more personal. While it started out with talk about her body and his desire for it, which had her giggling to herself in her bed. Mister Isaac has asked her to do increasingly risque things for him. It started out with a nude photo, and then one with her face. He asked for videos of her masturbating, and then some of her spanking her own pussy after shaving. He often sent her gifts whenever she did something particularly dirty, like when she got naked in the woods.

Last time, Mister Isaac asked her to find a nerdy boy who had a crush on her, invite him home and give him a blowjob and record the whole thing. For that, he sent her a $1000 Louise Vuitton handbag. She checked, and it was real.

This time, Mister Isaac wanted her to take a busy train to the city, go to the back, and in front of some men, slowly take off her panties. She didn't have to record it, he trusted her to do it.

( but what if someone tries to touch me? ) she texted him.

( let them do what they want. ) was his response.

She was nervous. She'd never put herself in such a situation before, and this was a big thing. But if she did this, he would surely reward her even more. She was willing to do many things for Mister Isaac.


She texted him, letting him know she bought a ticket for the 488 north at 5pm, when it would be the most busy. She stood on the platform, scantily clad in a schoolgirls skirt, nude heels, and a burgundy tank top with a frill around the neckline. She wore her hair in pigtails to complete the "innocent" look. She raised her phone and took a cleavage filled photo of herself, and sent it to Mister Isaac.

As the bus doors opened, she stepped off the platform and into the car, grabbing onto the overhead bar. As the car filled, she found her way near an area where there were only men. Standing there for a long while, she took a deep breath. On this stretch, it would be 20 minutes before the next stop.

Opal took a deep breath and reached up her skirt, catching the eye of one man in particular; the one sitting right in front of her. He was a plump older gentleman. She shimmied her hips, and her panties dropped down her thighs, catching around her knees before a jiggle of her legs sent them to the floor, laying over her tall beige colored heels.

She stood like this for a long moment, her panties, complete with a small wet spot on the crotch, laying on her feet. The man in front of her glanced down, and then back up. She blushed.

She expected this man to do or say something, but he didn't. Instead, she heard a voice in her ear. "You dropped somethin', sweetheart." came a gravely voice behind her. She jumped. "Mind if I..."

He crouched down, and cupped her ankle, lifting each tall heeled shoe from the leg of the panties. He took them, and pushed them into his pocket and as he stood, he ran his hand up her leg, between her thighs, and under her skirt. She shifted on her feet and bit her lip, feeling heat rise in her chest. "My panties, Sir?" she asked, peering over her shoulder at him.

"I'll keep those." he said with a grin. He stepped close, his chest pressing against her back. His hands wandered over her body, right in front of the limp jawed man who first noticed her sliding out of her panties. The man behind her began to pull up the hem, exposing the smooth, bare skin of her cunt to the man in front of her.

The plump older man sitting in his seat was pitching a clear tent in front of her, and he hastily laid a newspaper over his lap, but he wasn't the only one getting a peep show of her cunt. A teenage boy to his right, and a few gentlemen in their seats along the isle peered over one another to get a good look at her pussy.

The man behind her pressed a finger to the top of her slit and tugged upward, exposing the glistening skin of her inner labia and clit. With the ring finger of the same hand, he gently began to pet her clit, his other hand closing around her breast and squeezing the flesh almost painfully in his hand, making her squeal which only drew more attention. She could see herself in the reflection of the train window.

She leaned back into the strange man's grip, Mister Isaac on her mind, imagining it was he who was groping her so callously. The tingle that started in her clit started to spread read hot through her body. She clenched her knees together, but her slender thighs couldn't hide her sensitive bits from this man.

She felt the hands of the seated man in front of her stroking her bare thighs. She looked down at him, and he looked up at her practically drooling as he watched her impending orgasm.

"What a lucky day, to have a slut on the train in front of me," he muttered, almost to himself.

"What do you think, man..." the stranger over her head chuckled. "Want to take her to the stairwell on the next stop?"

Opal gasped. This was more than she bargained for. But what power did she have now? Mister Isaac might not reward her if she made a scene. And did she want to? She was so horny, and so eager to play these games with Mister Isaac.

The plump man bit his lip. "Come here, pretty." he said, and she stepped forward and sat down on the strange man's lap, her knees together and his spread on either side of her. She felt his arms close around her waist. "What do you say? A quickie behind the stairwell?"

Mister Isaac did say to let them do what they wanted. She nodded. "O-okay."

The next stop wasn't far away. Just another minute or two. The man who had first touched her stepped forward and grabbed her hand, tucking it under his coat against his cock. It bulged in his jeans. She stroked the shaft firmly, and he rocked against her palm.

When the train came to a grinding stop, Opal was herded off by the two men. They found a stairwell, and the short, plump older man pushed her against the wall, kissing her sloppily as he hiked her skirt up around her waist.

She moaned as he touched her cunt, now soaking wet with arousal at this whole thing. A spider crawled in its next above her head, and she found herself pushed over the sloping railing, which was 5 colors of chipping paint and black with grime. She grunted as she found herself penetrated as she man thrust in and out of her cunt. She found herself face to face with the man's cock.

The guy in front of her grabbed her by the pigtails and stepped onto the first step of the railing, shoving into her mouth. Wet, squelching sounds filled the stairwell as he thrust into the back of her mouth, and the older man in her pussy fucked the sopping wet hole.

Her eyes rolled back slightly when his short cock found its mark against the walls of her tight teenage pussy. Her mouth quickly became sloppy with frothy white saliva, which dripped down her chin. She stretched her tongue out over her lip, moaning and choking on the mans thick meat. Each penetration had her gagging. Her scalp burned from his grip on her hair.

The man behind her pulled out suddenly, and it if weren't for the railing under her hips she probably would have collapsed. Semen erupted onto her ass and pussy. She could feel him stroke himself to completion against her bottom.

The man in front of her pulled back, leaving her mouth gaping wide, tongue out, and spit pouring down her chin. He took the short man's place behind her, and slid his cock up and down her slit before pushing inside himself

"Oooh, yeah, slut. You like this don't you? Fucked in a grimy stairwell by two strangers, huh?" His cock, larger than the other man's cock, stretched her tight pussy in unbelievable ways.

She learned today there was a big difference between the growing dicks of her peers and a man's grown, meaty cock.

"Beg for more, whore. Come on."

"More please!" she said in the soft, hesitant voice of a young woman. "Please fuck me harder!"

"Oh, you've got such a soft voice." he moaned, and he slapped her ass hard, just to hear her yelp in that pretty, soft voice. It was a few minutes before he went still in her cunt, thrusting upward hard and sending her to her toes, even in heels. He released his semen right up against her cervix, slapping her ass again before releasing her.

Opal's legs were trembling as he stepped away, and she grabbed the railing to lower herself onto the grimy, gritty floor. She cupped her pussy, which was sore from being fucked by the two large cocks. She looked up at the men, who were going through her purse now. They pulled out her ID and $145 in cash and chuckled, and the taller man tucked both into his back pocket as she frowned. He tossed her wallet and purse back to her.

"A souvenir, you understand." he smiled and both men turned towards the door. "Maybe I'll come return your ID in person in a few days."

Opal felt robbed, yet controlled. Such an exhilarating feeling. She dug into her purse and pulled out her phone with shaking hands. She found Mister Isaac's message thread and sent him a shaky, typo ridden recount of what just happened.

(Sounds like they had a lot of fun. What about you?)

(Yeah, I did, Mister Isaac)

(They took my money...) Somehow, she wasn't complaining. She didn't know how to feel about it.

(Do you expect them to pay an inexperienced whore)

(But I'm not...)

(Show me a photo of your pretty cunt, Princess.)

Opal bit her lip and shifted, taking a picture just as a glob of a strangers semen pushed out of her cunt and dripped down her ass crack. Dirt coated her asscheek where she'd been sitting, and in the photo you could see the grimy floor under her. She pressed send.

(Looks like a whores cunt to me, Princess. Did you orgasm?)


(Touch yourself and make yourself come again, while thinking about it.)

Opal slid her manicured finger through the mess in her cunt, and dragged it upward to swirl around her clit. She moaned, hearing her voice echo in the stairwell, still empty while the next train arrived. She thought about every moment, from dropping her panties to the look in the tall mans eye as he took her money from her wallet, and as she watched him pocket her ID. She trembled at the looming threat of him calling on her again.


Each deliberate moment today made her twinge in pleasure, sending tremors up her spine. She felt a few grains of dirt mix with the semen and her own cum, grinding roughly against her bulging clit.

The thoughts, Mister Isaac's orders, where she was, drove her mad. She moaned and her body jerked as she came, her heels dragging through the gritty dirt in the stairwell. Her eyes rolled back for a moment.

Her phone buzzed.

(What do you think now, Opal?)

(I enjoyed today.)

(Are you my whore, Opal?)

(Yes Mister Isaac.)

(Good girl.)

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