AOD Ch. 02


Chapter Six

The sun warmed Luciel's flesh as she ran into the cool waters of the river. She dove beneath the glittering surface once the water reached her waist, and then resurfaced with a gasp, rubbing the water from her eyes. The chilly water caused her nipples to pebble and raise goose bumps on her skin. Closing her eyes, she let the sunshine warm her face. The heat didn't last very long, though. A shadow coming over the source of light, had her opening her eyes once more, expecting to see a cloud overhead. It was Davariel.

His bright red wings looked like a red blur behind him, and the sun made his billowing hair look like golden flames.

A golden god.

He smiled and reached for her.

Panicked, she turned to run to shore, but he grasped her from behind and swooped straight up, taking her breath away with the momentum. Luciel barely got her breath back when he tossed her up. She screamed before remembering her powers, but he caught her again. This time she faced him as he enfolded her in his strong arms. Instinctively, she wrapped her arms and legs around him, her heart pounding.

Looking over her arms, the river below looked like a tiny, silver thread lying in the verdant green foliage below. Even the trees looked like little blades of grass. Davariel chuckled making her glare at him.

"My love," he sighed with a smile.

"Asshole," she retorted, giving his hair a yank.

He frowned. "You're not being very nice. Perhaps I should drop you."

"Go right ahead, dumbass," she retorted, eyes narrowed. They both knew she could levitate, though she hated doing it. Heights were not her thing.

His hands caressed her bottom, his eyes sultry. "I think I prefer you just where you are."

"Hey. Stop that." She wiggled trying to get him to take his hand off her rear.

His eyes rolled up in ecstasy. "Oh, Luci. Yes. Keep moving like that."

Belated, she realized she'd been grinding herself against his swollen penis. She gasped, eyes wide. "Horny, bas..."

His mouth slanted over hers, silencing her with a kiss.

Davariel was an excellent kisser. The tip of his tongue darted into her mouth, teasing her with little tastes of him.

Closing her eyes, she melted against him with a sigh. Her mouth devoured his the way she'd longed to do for so long.

He raised his thighs so her bottom rested against them, and then used his hands to bring her up and down against him, while he moved his hips to intensify the sensation.

His hard shaft parted her folds and dragged against her clit. She felt herself grow moist, eager for his penetration and whimpered. Luciel buried her fingers in his hair. Soft, so soft. Her other hand lowered to his chest, feeling the silky skin over his taut muscles. She felt his pert nipple against the palm of her hand as she squeezed his bulging pectoral.

"Luci, I love you," he whispered against her lips. "Please...tell me you love me too."

Luciel felt him give a startled lurch and opened her eyes. The intensity of emotion in his glowing gaze moved her. A single tear rolled down Davariel's rosy cheek.

"T-tell me... you love m-m..."

His lids began to droop, the fire in his eyes waning. She looked down, wondering what was wrong with him, and stared horrified... at his beating heart in her bloodied hand.

They dropped.

Luciel sat up screaming in her bed.

With a heartfelt sob, she realized it had been nothing more than a nightmare. One of many that plagued her since the night Davariel had fought with the hideous demons to protect her. A week had gone by, but he'd never returned. Sometimes panic gripped her thinking maybe they'd killed him, but then they would have come for her...would they?

No. He was still alive. Maybe he was off on some other planet on another killing spree. Maybe the whole thing with the demons had been fake to get her to trust him, and perhaps not attempt to kill him if she had the chance.

But the way he looked at her...his eyes, so wide, almost guiles.

She sat up with a huff. The Edenian council expected her to kill him. She'd been trained to do so. He'd been tried and found guilty. Luciel was his executioner, not his personal savior.

A warm bath by the fireplace in the bedroom drew her attention. Grateful, Luciel submerged herself into the old-fashioned copper tub with a weary sigh and closed her eyes.

How am I going to do this? I've got to kill him, but...heaven help, me I don't think I can.

The scientists from the Edenian council told her cutting his wings off would incapacitate him. It would break the hold the demons had over him. He would no longer be their puppet, but she still needed to kill him. There was nothing more dangerous than a rogue reaper and Davariel was a mutation to boot. Luciel had to find the strength to do it. The entire universe was doomed if she didn't...right?

But, oh, God—he's not what I thought he was. They're just using him. He's not....

The water sloshing in the tub startled her. She stared bewildered as Davariel jumped in and molded his virile body against hers, kissing her, barely able to keep from smiling as his tongue dipped into her mouth. His ever-erect cock prodded her concave belly.

"Luci, I missed you." He was giddy and nipped playfully at her neck. He looked different, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. "Did you miss me too?"

She put her palms against his hard, muscular chest and pushed, budging him a few inches back—because he let her. "What's...up with you?"

He chuckled and splashed her face before moving to sit his delectable ass on her thighs, straddling her in the tub.

She wiped the water from her eyes and glared at his beaming face. His blood-red devil's wings spread out over the rim of the metal tub as he rested his elbows on the edges, gazing at her with open curiosity.

Luciel narrowed her eyes. There was something different about him.

He looked... ridiculously happy. What in hell's name could this fool be happy about?

Unable to resist, Davariel grasped her arm and pressed his nose against her wet skin. He inhaled deeply wanting to drown himself in her scent.

She yanked her arm away with a scowl and snapped in irritation, "Why do you always smell me?"

"I like your...."

"I know- I know. You like my scent. Still, stop doing that or I'm going to slap you."

He bit his lower lip. The desire to kiss her almost had him moaning. Again, he leaned toward her. "Did you miss me, my love?"

She scoffed at his words, pushing his hand away when he tried to caress her cheek. "You don't know the meaning of the word love, demon."

Her words sliced through him like a knife. Could he be wrong about the scent she emanated? Was he so desperate for love he was deluding himself to feel it where it did not exist? It wouldn't be the first time.

He sighed, looking away. "No. I guess you're right. No one has ever really loved me."

"Nor have you ever loved anyone."

He pondered her words for a moment. Had he ever loved before? Levinia came to mind. Even after becoming dark prince, he'd never sought her out to harm her. He knew now that it had only been a childish crush. What did love mean for Luci?

"Have you ever loved anyone?"

"Of course," she retorted.

"Who?" His heart pounded in his ears as he awaited her reply. What if she was in love with someone else?

"Many people, my parents, my friends...why?"

Relief flooded him. "What does it feel like?" He touched her face with the tips of his fingers.

Her eyes went round in shock as she leaned away from his touch.

After a long pause, where she stared at him as if he'd sprouted another head she answered, "It's hard to describe. You care a lot for the well-being of the person you love, sometimes even more than yourself. You could never hurt them." He icy-blue eyes glared accusingly at him.

That's exactly how he felt, but what about Luci? They were supposed to be mortal enemies. "Could you ever love me?"

"Never. You're a horrible creature," she spat, her eyes wild with terror.

He flinched, feeling those words rip into his heart. But he shouldn't have been surprised, after all, she'd been trained to kill the angel of destruction. "Do you...still want to kill me?"

Her lower lip trembled, and for a fleeting moment looked unsure. "I must kill you," she answered looking directly into his eyes.

"I see." He looked down with a dejected sigh. Death would be a welcome relief. It would take care of so much.

Her scent teased him again. He knew he loved her. Before taking his last breath, he would fix the horror he'd unleashed upon the universe...for Luci. He would make it all right again.

Once more, the scent wrapped around him, drawing him in.

You could never hurt the one you love— she'd said.

Davariel narrowed his eyes. She was nibbling her plump lower lip, looking guilty. Why?

"I'll make this easy for you, my Luci," he whispered.

Davariel grabbed her hands and put them around his neck. Her gasp of shock was the last thing he heard before slipping under the water, pulling her over him. He kept his eyes on her face. At first, she only tugged her hands, until Davariel pretended to take a gulp of water and rolled his eyes.

Her nails dug into his throat and her frenzied shrieks reached him through the water.

"Stop. Stop, Davariel," she cried hysterically. "Please don't. Don't."

It was music to his ears. She cared about him. She did love him. He wanted to laugh. He wanted to cry. He needed to tell her he loved her.

He rose, unable to control his laugh of joy. The sound slap she gave him startled him. He gasped and covered his face, stunned.

"You bastard," she sobbed. "You fucking bastard. Don't you ever fucking scare me like that again."

Yes, she does love me. His eyes filled with tears of hope.

"But you said you wanted to..." he began in a quiet tone.

"Fuck you," she shrieked.

He struggled against the sobs that rose in his throat.

"No one's ever cared about me... or cried for me." Tamping down the childish urge to cry, he wiped his eyes and looked at her again. Her eyes were wide with shock. "I care about you too. That means we're in love, right?" He reached for her, wanting to kiss her.

"Are you mad?" She scoffed, gripping his wrists to push him away. "Did you lose your mind when those demons...."

He paused, his eyes searching her face. Slowly, the feeling of hope and elation withered and died. He could feel his face grow warm. "Oh. You don't...feel the same? I'm sorry. I'm not used to these new feelings. Coming into full bloom is...confusing." And embarrassing, and painful....

"You're confusing me here, Dava. Back up. What the hell is full bloom and why have you just come into it?"

"It's what happens when Seraphs finally shed the last of their baby feathers. It happens just before we reach half of our first quarter life span," he answered, grateful for the change in subject.

"Okay. Now you really lost me. Half of your first quarter life span?"

"We live a little more than two thousand Earth years on an average."

She paled. "And how old are you, exactly?"

What was going through her head? Something about the way she was looking at him made him uneasy. "I'm two hundred and forty sun orbits." Would she think he was too old for her? By Seraphs' standards, he was barely emerging from childhood.

"Oh, gross." She jumped out of the water and grabbed the sheet that was on the bed to cover herself.

All he could do was stare open-mouthed, with the sinking feeling that gross was not a good thing.

"Oh, God." She looked at him as though he were dragon pook. "That would make you like...less than twelve and a half years old. I'm going to hell."

A child? He shot out of the tub and tried to grab her. "No, Luci. It's not like that." He was no child!

"Get away from me, and put some clothes on. I swear, if you try to come on to me again I'm going to slap you senseless."

This would not do. Her survival depended on her losing her virginity. If she saw him as a ridiculous. He was a fully grown Seraph.

"But, Luci...."

"And stop calling me that." She stomped her foot.

It was time to start the seduction. They were running out of time. "But it's my pet name for you," he whined with a pout.

She covered her face and groaned in misery.

Smiling, he wrapped his hands around her tiny waist.

She opened her eyes and slapped his hands away, then gave him a stinging smack to his backside. "No touching. Behave."

The feel of her hand striking his ass only served to harden him up more. "You do realize you're spanking a two hundred and forty year old Seraph and it's turning me on."

Her eyes lowered and widened.

"Make no mistake, Luciel. I'm no little boy. Little boys aren't packaged like this." He waved his cock at her to make his meaning clear. She gave a little squeak of surprise and jumped back.

Davariel chuckled and pulled her soft curves against him, devouring her mouth. He felt guilty when he concentrated on releasing more pheromones to engulf her in a cloud of desire. He needed her to want him more than ever. Her very life depended on it.

After a moment, he felt her go pliant against him. His hands engulfed her taut ass cheeks, pulling her against him as he rolled his groin against her, grinding his erection against her pubic bone. Luciel sighed into his mouth. Moving forward, he pushed her onto the bed, stroking and kissing her with desperate enthusiasm. When he grasped her hips and ground himself against her, she broke the kiss with a gasp "A condom. We need a condom."

He blinked, surprised she was still coherent enough to even speak, much less worry about protection.. "I don't have any diseases. My body isn't capable of harboring any."

"I'll get pregnant," she whispered, spreading her thighs and rubbing a very wet cunt up and down his twitching shaft.

A baby. Davariel shuddered. For a few seconds he indulged in the fantasy of picturing himself standing in a beautiful field next to Luci as he tossed a baby up in the air to teach it to fly. The little one would look like her....

"Oh, no you don't. It's bad enough I'm having sex with a precocious adolescent, I am not letting you get me pregnant with baby demons."

The daydream faded and reality rushed in as he looked into Luci's too lucid eyes. It didn't matter. She wanted him. "If it's meant to be, all the birth control in the universe won't prevent it, Luci," he crooned licking her ear.

She shuddered and gasped, and to his surprise answered in a breathy voice, "No balloon, no celebration, buddy."

Davariel had no idea what she meant about the balloon and celebration, but surmised that there would be no sex without this Edenian form of birth control. He didn't want to engulf her in more pheromones. She'd become mindless with lust, and it wasn't how he wanted to take her virginity. He got up and stalked to the window.

Sticking his head out, he whistled for the dragons. Nothing but silence greeted him. His patience was wearing thin. "Remuel. Zakreel."

Luciel almost screamed when the face of a giant red dragon poked through the open window.

"You called, master?"

"I need a condom."

The dragon's bright green eyes widened. "Uh, yeah-yeah." He pulled his head back out. "I think I have one here."

Luciel couldn't believe her eyes or ears. Her demon lover was asking a giant red dragon for a condom. Had the situation not been so serious she would have laughed her ass off when a plastic bag big enough to fit both her and Davariel sailed in through the window. Davariel stared at it open-mouthed, before growling in frustrated anger and tossing it back out. "How about one that will just fit my dick and not my whole body, idiot."

The dragon's head popped back in with an angry little snort, a puff of smoke curling from his nostrils. "That's all I have, master."

"Rem, move. I've got one," another masculine voice called from outside.

Luciel had to gasp this time when a dragon that looked as though it were made of pure gold poked his head in through the window. He had the bluest sapphire eyes she'd ever seen. The stunning beast stared at Luciel for a few seconds before bestowing her with a frightening toothy grin. Davariel smacked his snout in impatience. "Ow. Okay-okay, here." The dragon stuck his enormous bluish tongue out. Davariel took the small package, eyeing it with reservation as the golden dragon spoke. "It fits me when I'm not in dragon form... yikes." The beast was looking at Davariel's erection. "Uh...yeah. Good luck with that."

The creature disappeared from the window.

Davariel sighed with a look of uncertainty, turning over the tiny square in his hand. Hopping into bed again, he fumbled with the small package. Once he had it open, he seemed at a loss as to what to do with it.

Luciel rolled her eyes and snatched the condom from him. "All right, lover-boy. I've got this." It was an ancient style of condom, but she knew how it was placed. The spray on was much more convenient, but a barrier was a barrier.

He gasped and flinched when she started rolling it down onto him. Clenching his teeth with a growl, he protested, "I don't like it."

Luciel cringed. He sounded just like a kid that didn't want to take his medicine.

"Well you're going to have to use it." The damn thing barely fit him, but she managed to get it on him. "There."

They both stared at his latex covered cock. She wondered if it hurt him and was just about to tell him he could take it off, when he tackled her. His mouth devoured hers as he nudged her legs apart with his knees. She accommodated him by trying to wrap her legs around his waist, but he slipped away and lowered himself down her body. His tongue lapped at her tightly pebbled nipples before taking each one deep into his mouth, suckling her like a famished babe. She tangled her fingers in his wet hair, holding him to her. Each tug of his mouth on her nipple sent a jolt of pleasure between her legs. She sighed, arching her back. He licked and kissed his way down her torso, dallying to dip his tongue into her bellybutton, nipping at her waist, then sliding his tongue across the crease of her leg. His hands gripped her shaky thighs and spread her wider. Luciel's breath hammered in and out of her mouth as she tensed in anticipation. He inhaled her essence before tasting her. She felt his tongue swipe at her, making her clutch at the frayed quilt. She bit her lip, trying to stifle her whimper.

"Mmmm...better than forbidden fruit," he groaned.

His red wings fanned behind him, making the heat from his body roll off him in waves. It was a common trait for Seraph's to cool off during mating with their wings. His hair, still wet, molded against his sinewy body. He held her thighs higher.

Davariel pressed his lips to her, as his tongue began lashing her clit repeatedly, over and over until Luciel felt ready to burst out of her skin. "Oh, God," she sobbed, trembling.

She could no longer hold back from bucking against his face. His tongue licked and flicked everywhere, eating her out as if he were dying of hunger—hunger for her sweet pussy. He licked and swallowed, the wet sound of his tongue delving around her aching cunt as loud as her cries and whimpers. He moaned and panted as well, scraping his fangs across her sensitive folds. Just when she thought she would die from pleasure, pain blazed between her legs as his tongue speared into her. She cried out in surprise. Of course... he was larger than the average Edenian male, his tongue would be too. He'd just breached her... with his tongue.

She groaned and rolled her hips as he thrust his tongue into her in a steady rhythm, vigorously fucking her with his tongue.

"Davariel," she whimpered, shaking from head to toe as she spread her legs wider and arched more, opening herself totally for him.

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