tagLoving WivesAPA for His Birthday

APA for His Birthday


It was my husband's birthday that weekend and I had scratched my head for weeks trying to figure out what to get him. He has everything. We are not rich, but successful and have no kids to support, so money has never been a problem. If we wanted something we got it, no big deal. It just makes it hard to come up with gift ideas.

Jake and I are both in our earlier thirties and in good shape, no flab. The last few years though we had been having some challenges in our relationship. Sex had gotten boring for us. I had made some stabs at sexy lingerie and while it helped some it was just a different warping on the same old package.

I knew Jake had started watching pornography on his computer, he made no secret of it. I was insulted on one level, but not enough to get mad about it, figuring that he was as bored as I was and needed to find a way to relieve the building stress. Yes he jacked off to the images. Not in front of me, but I knew it anyway.

One of the side effects of Jake's computer stimulation was that he became much more oral. He wanted to use his mouth on me more often and expected me to return the favor. I played along but I stopped short of letting him finish in my mouth or on my body. I insisted on conventional sex for the finale. We argued. He would pout and I would become righteously indignant.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a prude. In fact I had once been part of an orgy back in college. I still had dreams occasionally about that night. I still have no idea how many people used me that night, and they weren't all men. I was drunk of course, but not that drunk. I had wanted to do it. Now I was a mature lady, a married woman and those days of wanton sex were behind me.

I was beginning to be concerned that Jake would take a lover, would cheat on me. He spent more time on his computer and had almost stopped even attempting to coerce me into anything other than missionary sex. I knew in my heart that we were at a crossroad and that this might be my last birthday with him if things didn't change.

Still at a quandary about his gift I looked for a card. I found a really nice one that expressed all my sentiments and my undying love in beautiful poetry. It spoke of how he filled all my needs in life and completed me as a person.

Everything seemed to be crashing down on me as I read the card. I quickly bought it and then as soon as I got home penned my gift inside of it.

"ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, ANYTHING you want, without reservation for your birthday weekend.


I sealed the envelope and waited to give it to him.

At midnight on Friday night I handed him the card. I was nervous as hell and not sure how he would take my gift. He opened and read it in silence. Then looked at me and smirked.

"Yeah, right!" he said in a half groan, "as soon as I ask you to do something you will get all huffy and tell me what a pervert I am!"

"Jake," I said as soothingly as I could, "I mean it. I want to make you happy and this is my gift to you this weekend. I will do whatever you want, I promise!"

"You might say that now, but I know you will change your mind as soon as things get a little exciting," he answered in a resigned voice.

"Try me out Jake, give me a chance to make you happy!" I pleaded with him.

"Why, so we can end up in another fight?" he said, "no I think we should leave things alone. Beside you have no idea what I would ask of you."

"I think I do," I told him. Wanting to prove myself I took a big step. "Do you want me to suck your dick?"

I don't know if it was the question or the language I used but he looked at me and his face underwent a change. His eyes changed from sad and somber, to hard, then to mischievous.

"You know I think you might believe that you mean what you say, but I doubt that you are really prepared to do absolutely positively anything."

I didn't know what to say, partly because I knew he was right. I mean it sounded good, but just how much was I really prepared to surrender to this guy. I had to try, I wanted to try so I put all that out of my head and just said, "Why don't you test me?"

The grin on his face scared me a little.

"Ok, take your clothes off for me."

No big deal about that I thought as I stood up and began to strip for him. Really it was kind of exciting to be doing it and I have to admit that I was a little turned on by being so risqué.

As I slid the last piece of clothing down my legs and stepped out of the lacy panties I looked at him and asked, "What now lover?"

"I want you to sit in that chair and play with your pussy for me," he said.

I swallowed and moved to the chair. I had done this for him before, well sort of. I had played with myself while he watched but it had always been during the heat of sex. I had never done it in cold blood like this. I opened my legs and started to run my fingers over my pussy. I am trimmed to a neat little bush. Jake had asked me to shave my pussy several times and I refused. Now I wondered if that would be one of the things I would be doing this weekend.

I slipped my fingers between my lips and was surprised to find myself wet. I started to rub my clit being careful to hold my lips apart so he could see what I was doing. This was really weird. The hungry way he watched me made me feel sexy and desirable and the brazen way my body reacted embarrassed me but rather then quelling the sexual excitement that was building it added to it. I could see that his dick was hard in his pants. That fueled me, igniting the fire in me and my skin flushed with the shame, the thrill of what I was doing.

"You're very pretty," he said, "did you now that, and very sexy."

The calm voice he used only made it worse, heightening my excitement. I slipped a finger inside myself and now used both hands on my pussy.

"Is your pussy wet my love?" he asked me.

"Yes," I mumbled back

"Are you going to cum for me?"

"If you want me too," I replied hoping that he wouldn't stop me now. I really wanted him to see me give this to him. I wanted him to see me offer myself this way.

"Who are you now?"

I wasn't sure what he was asking.

"I'm your wife, your lover," I panted out very near the edge of an orgasm.

"No right now you are more than that," he stated calmly, "what else are you tonight?"

"I'm yours!" I cried wanting to cum, wanting to let him see me climax.

"You're my what?" he asked pressing me for an answer. "Tell me or stop and we can go to bed and forget all about this."

"I'm your PUSSY!" I shouted. "Your WHORE, your SLUT!" I gasped out as my pussy clenched tight on my hand and waves of orgasm came over me. I shook and moaned as I came, half laughing and half crying as both hands pressed tight to my sex and I curled over in the chair.

Jake just watched me for a minute then stood and walked over to me. He took me in his arms and moved me around so I sat in his lap. He held me close and let me shiver into his strong shoulder. Finally he picked me up, something he hadn't done in years, and carried to bed. He laid me down and pulled the covers over me.

"I am going to put this card on your nightstand. If you still want to give me this gift in the morning give me the card back."

I whispered "I love you," then rolled over and fell into a deep sleep.


I awoke just before sunrise and the first thing I noticed was that I was completely rested and felt great. The second thing was that I was nude. I don't sleep nude. Maybe every once in awhile we will fall asleep after making love, but I always woke up a little later and dressed for bed after cleaning myself up. I slid from the bed trying not to disturb Jake and wrapping myself in a robe made my silent way into the kitchen.

I started the coffee and sat at the table while it brewed. I was amazed at how early I was up and how good I felt. I wondered what, if anything, last nights adventure had to do with it. My mind replayed the scene from the night before and a little of the feelings returned. I was actually getting a little excited just sitting there thinking about the display I had put on for Jake. I shook it off and poured myself a cup of coffee.

I wandered through the house, still trying to be quiet and not wake Jake so early. As I passed his study I noticed the glare on the wall. His computer was still powered up. That wasn't like my so organized man. He always put things back, hung things up and turned things off when he was done. I walked around to the screen and moved the mouse. The screen saver disappeared and the desktop came up.

I wasn't really thinking about spying on him when I clicked his internet icon, I was just curious. I went to his history and pulled up the first site that looked like porn.

It was! The site had a member's page that needed a password, but also offered a free tour. I took it. I had never imagined that women did what these were doing. Well that's not really true, I had imagined it but only in my deepest fantasies. This was real though. Not only real but photographed and video taped for the whole world to see. I looked, I studied and then I went to the next site in his history.

I must have sat there an hour before I snapped myself out of it. What I had done last night was nothing. When Jake told me I wasn't prepared for absolutely positively anything he wasn't kidding!

I got another cup of coffee and sat back down at the table. Somehow I found my hand in my lap and my mind into the pictures I had just looked at.

Without much thinking I wandered back to our bedroom. I looked down at my sleeping husband. He had pushed the covers almost all the way off and I stared at his naked body. He had an erection, not unusual for him in the mornings. Shaking my head again to clear any thoughts in it I shucked my robe and lowered myself gently to the bed. I moved around until I could reach him with my lips and slowly covered his hard dick with my mouth. He woke up instantly, but did not move. He just laid there as I moved him deeper into my mouth. I held him for a few seconds then began to rise and fall on his shaft. Slowly I took as much as I could into my mouth then rose off of it. I repeated this over and over. My hands went to his chest and began to play with his nipples. Then one trailed over his belly and took a grip on his dick. I started to stroke him with both hand and mouth. His hands slipped into my hair and held me as my head rose and fell. Then he started to describe a rhythm with the movement of his hands tangled in my hair. I followed and the pace quickened. Both hands gripped his dick and began pumping furiously as my mouth worked on the top couple of inches of him. His back arched and his body shivered with the tension of coming climax. Then he jerked into my mouth and I felt the first blast of him hit the back of my throat. I couldn't have moved off him if I wanted to; his hands were holding me tight. I didn't want to. I felt his cum again, hot and tangy, bitter and salty. He shot so hard that I almost gagged but by opening my mouth relieved the pressure. I felt his cum run from my mouth and over my lips and onto my still moving hands. He came again and I swallowed, again and I swallowed. I thought he would never stop.

Finally he fell back to the bed and his hands raised my head from his dick. I looked at him, his eyes were closed but his face shown with bliss. I laid my head on his thigh and waited for him to say something. I don't know what I expected.

"That was good," he said at last.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it birthday boy."

"Now clean me up and we can go have some breakfast."

I started to get up for a wash cloth when his hand held me back, "With your mouth, he said quietly.

I looked at him again and saw the same question in his eyes he had asked last night. I lowered my lips to him and began to lick and suck him clean. My mouth and belly were already full of the taste of him so it didn't matter. I let him watch as I licked not only his softening dick but also my hands clean of his mess.

"There you go, good as new!" I told him as I finished.

"Better than new," he responded, "now let's go get some of that coffee I smell."

I slid off of him and stood by the bed. I took the birthday card from the nightstand and handed it to him. "You read your card while I go pour the coffee," I smiled at him.

I reached for my robe and he said, "I want you to stay naked this morning, leave the robe here.'

With a shrug of my shoulders I dropped the robe on the bed and turned to leave. Once in the living room I noticed the light coming through the front window. The curtains were wide open. Earlier it had been dark when I crossed that way, but now anyone walking or driving past could see in. I scooted along the wall going for the drawstrings.

"Leave them,." I heard from behind me and turned to see Jake standing there in the doorway. I smiled as I saw that he was erect again and I thought of his standing dick as an exclamation mark for his words. I looked at the windows then back at Jake.

"Whatever you say," I answered in my 'I hope you know what you're doing' voice.

It was still early Saturday morning but the neighborhood was beginning to wake and soon it would start to move about. The view from the street through our living room and across the kitchen bar top was clear. I scurried across the room and into the kitchen. Jake walked as if he wore a three-piece suit, unconcerned if all the neighbors, their children and pets were lined up at he glass.

I had never cooked in the nude before. I found myself being very careful as I turned bacon and flipped eggs. I didn't want a painful splatter. Jake busied himself getting the juice and setting the table. Jake was standing at he table as I turned to bring the plates over. He wasn't rigidly erect anymore, but still swollen and red. I giggled and he asked what was up.

I pointed and asked if that was his standby mode, kind of on call for immediate service. He looked down at himself and we both watched as he rose steadily to a straight hard shaft.

"Did you call?" he asked and I laughed

"Oh my! That's nice."

We sat and ate and just enjoyed being together. We chatted about anything but sex as breakfast disappeared. When we were done I removed the plate and placed them in the dishwasher then returned to sit with Jake.

"I love your card Sarah," he began, "are you sure this is what you want to give me/ Do you know what absolutely positively anything could be?"

"Oh Jake," I answered, "I have some idea. I know there are things that would freak me out and scare me to death. I know that there are things that only dark minds or souls could think up. I also know that I trust you. I trust you not to deliberately hurt me. I trust you not to do anything that we can't live with later. I love you Jake and want to do this for you this weekend."

:Jake I will do my very best to give you absolutely positively anything you want this weekend."

He looked at me with smiling and loving eyes. "Ok, first I want you to call that salon place you like. I want you to schedule an appointment for this morning to have the works done. Hair, nails, face, massage, the whole bit, but the only stipulation is that you have to start with a full wax job."

I knew that I was going to end up with a bare pussy out of this deal. He had asked several times before and wouldn't miss this chance.

"Why don't you help me here and shave me?" I asked.

"No, I want someone else to do this. I want a stranger to do it. I want you to know that she knows you are doing it to look sexy for your man. I want you to have it done first so that as you sit around in those little robes you wear in those places everyone else will know what you did for me too."

"We don't wear robes there, just wrap in towel," I mumbled.

"All the better!" he smiled.

It was already after 8AM so I called "La Femme" and scheduled my appointment for 10. I did as he asked and set the wax first and hair last. I usually enjoyed the day spa tremendously; today might be different.

"We have about an hour before you have to get ready to go, let's go watch some morning news and drink our coffee."

The TV was in the living room of course but Jake just headed in there oblivious to the open curtain. I followed much less sure of myself and trying to be as small and invisible as possible. We sat side by side on the sofa and he turned to the morning talk shows. The sofa was perpendicular to the windows so at least I wasn't facing the glass.

Jake an I are both politically active. We have the same goals, but sometimes differ as to what we think is the best way to get there. The talking heads soon had us in a lively discussion of some current event. I had almost forgotten about our nudity. Jake held his empty cup out to me, "Would you mind honey?" he asked

I looked at his cup, at him and then at the windows. Anything I had said, absolutely anything you want. Oh well I thought as I rose and headed to the kitchen. I could see out the windows as I made for the other room. There was one car drive by as I made my way to the coffee pot. I stalled a little reinforcing my nerve before I headed back to Jake.

There was a car coming again as I moved back to him. The same car? It looked the same to me but then most cars look alike to me. The chances of whoever it was happening to look this way, looking through my windows and seeing me were slim, but I was still sure that they had. Anything, I reminded myself and stood taller and walked back to him. I sat down and when I did he slipped his hand between my legs.

"A little damp there Dear."

Damn, I was. "You have that effect on me," I told him.

He didn't remove his hand and pretty soon he had me writhing in my seat. I kept glancing over my shoulder to see if anyone was driving by but I didn't make him stop.

"Time to get ready," he told me a few minutes later. God I didn't want him to stop now! I think he knew that too.

We walked back to the bedroom and he went right into my closet. There he started poking through my clothes telling me that he was going to pick out my outfit for the day. This should be fun I thought.

I sat at the vanity and worked my magic on my hair and makeup while he rummaged through my clothes. When I was done I found his selections lying on the bed. He had picked a pale pink blouse of a thin cotton material with buttons up the front. Lying next to it was a short gray skirt. The skirt was one I seldom wore because it was just a little too short to be comfortable at work.

"That was the best I could do with what you have to chose from," he told me.

I walked to the armoire and opened a draw.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Getting some lingerie," I replied.

"Oh no you're not, this is what you wear. If I wanted you to wear something else I would have set it out for you!"

He was still naked and once again his dick was standing straight up. He was obviously turned on by me not wearing a bra or panties.

"That blouse is pretty thin," I protested, "People will be able to see through it. I'll be almost topless in the right light."

"I know," he said calmly. "Remember APA, absolutely, positively anything!"

"APA my ass!" I mumbled as I went back to the bed and picked up the blouse. I was going to do it, I had promised anything he wanted.

The blouse wasn't as bad as I had feared. I was glad he didn't see the white one still in the cleaners bag. It was transparent it was so sheer. The only problem I saw was that my nipples stood out plainly in the thin material. The skirt was about 3 inches above my knees. That wasn't too bad, I could retain my modestly all right in it.

"Ok," Jake said, "now lets find your tallest pair of heels."

Years ago I had stopped buying anything but sensible shoes. Even my dress shoes had only 2 inch heels. Jake was a little disappointed by the limited selection but we settled and a pair of beige pumps.

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