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APA Sunday


I felt the cool and tender touch of Jake's hand across my cheek and the light touch of his lips on my forehead waking me from a peaceful sleep. I stirred and his lips moved to mine waking me with feelings of comfort, security and love.

"Good morning sleepy head," he murmured into my lips. "Sit up, I brought you some coffee to start your day."

I leaned forward and Jake arranged the pillows behind me so I could lean back on them. I took the proffered cup of coffee and smiled at just how lucky I was. Then I looked down at myself. I was a wreck. The illegal excuse for a skirt that I had worn last night was crumpled around my waist leaving me bare below it. The cotton t-shirt that Jake had modified with his wicked imagination and scissors was twisted around me leaving one breast bare.

"Jeez Jake, I look like I was attacked and molested last night in my sleep!" I moaned.

"You look great!" he responded, "the most beautiful I have ever seen you."

I glanced over at the clock and saw it was ten AM already.

"Jake why'd you let me sleep so late?" I asked him.

"What did you have to get up for?" he came back, "besides you looked so cute sleeping that I just enjoyed watching you."

He walked away from me and around the foot of the bed. Careful not to shake the bed and make me spill my hot drink he climbed over the end of the mattress. His hands moved my legs open as he crawled his way between them and then lowered his head to me. He grinned as he stuck out his tongue and licked along my newly bare pussy.

"Oh God!" I moaned, "that feels so good!"

"I'm glad you like it, I plan to do a lot more," he said.


Jake went back to work and let me tell you he is really good at his job! The sensation of flesh on flesh was still new to me and I was loving it. He showered me with kisses and little sucks and nibbles as he worked me to a higher and higher level of excitement. I tried to keep my coffee cup steady and was loosing the battle so I set it on the nightstand and surrendered to the feelings.

"Tell me," Jake said lifting his face from me, "have you enjoyed my birthday so far?"

He lowered his mouth back to me and keeping his eyes on mine he ran his tongue through my slit and pressed it tight against my clit. His lower face shone with the combination of his saliva and my juices giving testimony to the effectiveness of his work.

I didn't answer him.

"Come on," he said, removing his tongue from me, "tell me the truth."

"Oh don't stop Jake, please," I groaned, "I'll tell you later."

"I want to hear now," he replied swatting my engorged clit with his tongue over and over.

"Please Jake, I don't want to talk about it now."

He clamped my clit lightly in his teeth, then released it letting the blood flow back. My whole body throbbed with my heartbeat.

"Tell me lover," he repeated.

His tongue smacked my hard clit and as it rebounded my body jerked.

"Jake I'm afraid. I don't think you'll like what I feel about yesterday!" I pleaded, "don't make me tell you."

He rested the point of his chin on my clit and smiled at me, "You're going to have to tell me sooner or later, so just do it now."

"Oh Jake!" I cried. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the picture lying there.

"You just need to remember that I gave you the gift card, you picked the present!"

I laid the picture on my belly where he could see it clearly.

"Do you see the woman in this picture? I don't mean the bare pussy she's showing the whole world, I mean her face. That is the face of a woman in heat, in a complete sexual daze. That's a woman that wants to fuck! In fact she asked you if you wanted her to fuck that man. You know what, if you had even nodded your head she would have!"

"I know," he chuckled.

"Jake that's me in that picture, but it's not a woman either one of us has ever know before." I continued. "That was me spreading my legs and showing a stranger my pussy, but that isn't the woman you married and have lived with for ten years."

He smiled at me again, "Oh yes it is, just a different part of you."

"Oh Jake, look at that picture, that girls a slut!"

"That is the prettiest, sexiest looking, most exciting women I have ever met!" he said and lowered his tongue to me again.

I felt him slide through me and then focus on my still raging clit. I was wet and excited and that belied the words I had just spoken. That was me in the pictures, I just didn't want to admit it, to him or to myself.

Jake's hand moved between my legs under his mouth and his finger slipped into me effortlessly. He stroked my pussy with finger and tongue and brought me to a new peek of need. I was twisting and turning under him, not trying to escape, but trying to get more contact, more pleasure.

I was fondling y own breasts as he slid his tongue in me and lifted me higher. All that existed right then was the feeling that Jake started in my sex and that traveled through my entire body.

Then he stopped!

"Jake!" I screamed at him, "don't, don't stop, not now!"

He pulled away from me and my hand reached down to cover my pussy. "You need to get your lazy butt up and take a shower."

"Oh God Jake, you can't stop now! I'll go crazy, you're driving me wild!"

"Good," he said, "I like wild pussy! Besides, I want you to be horny. I like it when you're horny."

"Oh fuck!" I mumbled.

"Later, if you're good. Now go take a shower and I'll go fix something to eat."

I watched his cute bare ass as he left the room then when I thought my legs would support me rolled out of bed. I started the shower and climbed in feeling every drop of water that touched my flaming body. The running water made me remember my bladder. I spread my legs and peed down the drain. The feeling was almost sexual as the stream flowed from me. I was becoming such a pervert!

I lathered up all over and the feeling of my hands on my flesh was stimulating. I caressed my breasts and belly, working lower until I was soaping my pussy vigorously. Enjoying the feeling of my hands slipping over bare flesh.

"I don't care if you play a little," I heard from just outside the shower stall, "but don't make yourself cum, that's my job."

"A girl can't get any relief around here," I called back.

I washed the dried and crusty remnants of last night's adventure from my body and then stepped out and dried off. I reached for my robe on the wall hook. It wasn't there. I remembered taking it off and dropping it on the bed yesterday so went in there to look. There was no sign of it on the bed or the floor.

I draped a towel over my shoulders and went to my vanity to brush my teeth and clean my face. Sitting down I did my hair by just running a brush through it and letting the natural curl take care of the rest. The salon had done a good job yesterday, the highlights looked great and the trim let the hair fall right into place. I applied a little makeup and perfume and then wandered back to the bedroom to look for my robe again.

There was still no sign of it, but at the foot of the bed was a pair of the new high heels we bought. "Duh," I thought, "robe vanishes and heels appear. I can take a hint Jake."

I slipped on the heels and then, just like any woman, walked to the dressing mirror to check myself out. I liked what I saw. I didn't look half-bad really. My five foot three was lifted four inches by the heels and what it did to my posture was fabulous. My butt had a nice tight rounded look and my legs were firm and defined. My belly held in flat because of the erect stance I took in the shoes and my breasts seem higher and firmer too. I had to admit that I really like the look of the freshly waxed pussy the most. It just seemed so damn sexy and naughty.

I had forgotten about Jake and the curtains until I entered the living room. Of course the ass had not closed them. It was Sunday, and not many people would be out even this time of the morning, but I still got butterflies in my stomach crossing the room nude.

Jake was busy in the kitchen fixing us a brunch when I walked in.

"Fuck!" he stammered, "you look great!"

His eyes told me he was telling the truth, and his rising dick confirmed it.

I walked with an exaggerated swagger up to him and took his hard dick in my hand giving him a couple of tight strokes.

"What's a girl got to do to get laid around here?" I asked him as I nuzzled my face to his chest and rubbed my bare breasts against him.

"Oh you're definitely working in the right direction," he answered, "but just think how horny you'll be in another hour!"

He looked a little silly with his hard dick bobbing around as he tried to prepare food, but I found myself enjoying just watching him. He really does have a good body.

Jake is six foot two and there is no fat on him anywhere. He's a good tennis player and I can only beat him if I take advantage of my speed. The thing I like most about Jake is that we can talk, or at least used to. We used to have long conversations about almost anything, music, art, literature, politics, religion and even sex. The past couple of years we bickered more than talked.

That morning we talked. We sat in the kitchen together, one pair of high heels the only clothing in the room, and talked for an hour or more. We agreed and disagreed, we talked of things high and low, we laughed and shook our heads at the silliness and sometimes outright meanness of the world. We enjoyed each other as we sipped our juice and coffee, nibbled on our fruit salads and held hands over the tabletop.

I hadn't enjoyed myself so much in a long time.

It was approaching noon and we still sat comfortably at the kitchen table when the doorbell rang.

It cut through the conversation like a knife. It rang in my mind telling me, RING, hey you're naked! RING, hey you and Jake are both naked and the nearest clothes are on the other side of those open windows! It was, RING-A-DING, hey girl, you know what Jake is going to do now don't you?

There was a Cheshire Cat grin on his face as he looked at me and asked, "Would you mind getting that birthday girl?"

He meant birthday present girl, reminding me of my promise in his card yesterday.



I hung my head and shook it slowly as I placed my hands on the table and pushed to my feet.

"Jake," I tried again, "it could be anyone?"

"I know," he said with an even bigger grin, "exciting isn't it?"

I knew there was no point in asking where my robe was. Still shaking my head I turned to look over the kitchen bar top. Whoever was there was behind the solid front door, at least not looking at me through the open front curtains. I started to walk around the counter when I saw two cars pass in the street outside our house. I could have sworn that the passenger in the nearest car was staring at directly at me. Maybe he was looking at whoever was at our door. I made my way across the front room and I don't think I took a breath the whole way.

At the door I grabbed the knob and leaned against the wood to support myself. My heart was hammering and I was shaking all over with pure fear. There was a peephole in the door and I thought about using it to see who was there. I knew that if I looked and it was Mrs. Newman from next door, or Joey Franco my hubbies golf buddy, or even, God forbid, the paperboy collecting for this month I would just faint dead away right there. I couldn't do that. I had promised Jake APA, Absolutely, Positively Anything as his birthday gift and I was going to go through with this if it killed me from embarrassment.

I took a deep breath, forced a big smile of greeting on my face and swung the door open all the way. I knew Jake would feel cheated if I just peeked around the edge. I was still holding my breath when I realized that it was Jackie at the door.

"Wow!" she exclaimed.

Relief rushed through me and my forced smile turned real as I saw my friend there.

"Hey girlfriend can I come in or are you just going to stand in your doorway naked all afternoon?"

Her words brought me back to reality and as I stepped back she scampered through the entry. I closed the door quickly and turned to face her again.

Over her shoulder I could see Jake standing behind the bar. His bare chest reminding me that he was even more naked than I, at least I had shoes on. I wondered how Jackie was going to react to this.

"Oh, honey," Jake said through his laugh, "I forgot to tell you that Jackie called and said she was going to stop by."

"You asshole!" I yelled at him, "you had me scared to death!"

Jackie looked at me in disbelief, "You mean you didn't know who was at the door when you answered it naked?"

"Oh God Jackie, I'm just so glad it was you!"

"Sarah that's something that even I haven't done!" she said in amazement.

"It's all part of Jake's birthday gift, don't ask me to explain it all now, please," I told her still feeling the relief course through me.

She cast a look at Jake. "You wicked man!" she laughed, "you told me that you guys were having some fun this morning and that I could come by if I wouldn't get offended. I had no idea how much fun you were having!"

She turned back to me and reached out to take my hand. "Are you ok girl, you look a little shaky there?"

Then picking up her normal upbeat tone she continued without pause. "Let me look at you. Damn you look good girl! I like the new look too. I guess you finally let Jake talk you into it?"

I knew she was talking about my freshly waxed pussy and I blushed bright red.

She continued on, "Damn you look so fucking naughty!"

I looked at Jake and thought, "Ok you asshole, I'll get you."

"Come on in the kitchen Jackie, we still have some juice and coffee set out."

Jake didn't bat an eye.

Jackie followed me into the other room and as she rounded the bar she let out with another "Wow!"

Jake turned from the bar top and walked to the cabinets to get a fresh juice glass for Jackie. He set it at her place then took his seat.

"Um," she grinned, "now I see what you love about this man!"

Jake and I jokingly refer to Jackie as Jackie the slut. We have know her five or six years and become great friends. Me more so than Jake. Jackie is what she calls adventurous. I call her promiscuous and an exhibitionist.

Jackie, for some reason, seems to get a kick out of telling me all about her adventures. She relates who and how she screws, and who she's been teasing. She claims to like girls as much as boys. "They're just different, not better," she says.

Her tales are wild and often unbelievable so I took them with a grain of salt until I went shopping with her one day and watched as she spent two hours flashing and teasing everything in pants, and a few in skirts. The way she just parted her legs and showed herself to anyone looking embarrassed me. I also have to admit now that it excited me too.

Of course I told everything to Jake and Jackie knew that I did. She teased him several times about going shopping with us and if I hadn't stopped it he would have.

If there was anyone that I could have picked to be on the other side of that door it would be Jackie the slut. She had said that she had never done that and I had a hard time believing that knowing her. As soon as we all took our seats I asked, "Jackie you mean that you have never opened the door naked? I find that hard to believe."

"Oh hell yes," she giggled, "lots of times, but never when I didn't know who was on the other side. You had no idea did you?"

"None, not a clue!" I admitted.

"Do you think that if Jake hadn't known it was me, hadn't seen me cross the lawn he still would have sent you to the door?" she asked seriously.

I looked Jake right in the eye, "Yes."

"You guys are nuts!" she laughed.

"Ok, now you have to tell me about this birthday card! Tell me, tell me!" she went on.

She was so excited she was bouncing in her seat. She had shared a lot of her stories with me and through me with Jake. I began to relate the day before to her, or at least most of it.

Jackie was riveted on the tale, hanging on every word and making comments of wow and oh my gosh at points of interest.

I started reluctantly but once I got past the morning blow job and trip to the day spa it went easier and I found myself including more detail. Jake never once interrupted me as the story flowed out. He seemed to listen with as much attention as Jackie, as if he were hearing it for the first time and hadn't lived it less than 24 hours ago. When I closed the story with me on my knees outside the store Jackie was slack jawed and staring at me.

It was silent for several seconds as every one just waited. Jackie smiled and with an exaggerated move leaned back in her chair and looked around the edge of the table into Jake's lap.

"From the look of things I think Jake enjoyed that story too!" she smiled bigger.

Finally Jake showed some sign of embarrassment as his cheeks turned a shade darker. "Oh gosh ma'am," he quipped placing a hand on each side of his face, "you caught me!"

Then, as if to prove that he wouldn't be outdone by a girl, Jake started to rise slowly from his chair. The head of his erect dick rose above the table edge and continued to rise like the periscope of an attacking submarine. Jackie and I started, wide-eyed and unable to move like the sailors of the unarmed merchant ship about to be torpedoed.

"Anyone want a beer or glass of wine?" he asked when he was standing.

Jackie cleared her throat, "Yeah, being me a beer, my mouth is suddenly dry."

Once we were fixed up with drinks she turned to me again.

"I have got to see those pictures!" she cried.

"Oh god," I moaned. I wanted to protest but I knew that she would see them. She has a way of getting what she wants, so I just gave in. I got up and turned to the bedroom. As I started across the living room she called to me.

"Hey girl! Anyone tell you that you have a cute butt?'

I heard Jake choke on his beer and Jackie laugh as I went after the photos.

When I laid the pictures on the table Jackie couldn't stop going on about them. "I thought you were lying to me about this!" she exclaimed. "Damn these are hot!"

There were four pictures of me sitting in a chair, each with Sammy the shoe salesman kneeling next to my leg. Each one clearly showed my bare pussy and Sammy fitting a shoe to my foot as he obviously stared up my skirt. In the last one my face was plain to see and the look on it made Jackie whistle. "Damn, that is so sexy. You really ought to put these on the web, one of those amateur site."

"No fucking way!" I responded quickly.

"This is so outrageous! You look so sexy and hot girl. We have got to go shopping together!"

Jake cut in, "We're going today if you're not busy."

"Oh shit, I can't today!" she came back.

"Next time," Jake said.

"It's been so long since I've sat in a friends house with two naked people that I forgot why I came over," she teased. "A guy I'm seeing invited me to a dance at his country club. They are having this great swing band and I know how you guys like to dance. Anyway this morning he comes by and says he has to leave town today for some kind of business emergency but gave me four tickets to the dance and told me I should take some friends and have fun. Well I thought about you guys."

She turned to us and looked real serious, "Of course you'd have to put some clothes on!"

"You could have just asked me that over the phone," Jake pointed out.

"Yeah, but you might have said no and I wanted to be here so I could beg and plead if I had too. I really want to go, but I won't know anyone there and want you guys to go with me. We can really have a good time. It's a great band and open bar and a really plush club. Come on guys go with me!"

I turned to Jake tentatively, I didn't know if he had other plans already, "Sound's like fun Jake, what do you think?"

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