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Apartment Maintenance


We had lived in our new apartment for only a couple of weeks. We were still painting and decorating the place to suit our tastes and needs. Using what little off-work time we had to move furniture and rearrange each room. I worked six days per week while she worked only four and therefore she was 'in-charge' of the project.

Our complex was mainly a college area since there was a major university very near by and our apartment complex had a healthy mix of college aged adults and older couples with families.

We had chosen this particular apartment complex because it was close to our workplace, and it provided a good High School for my son that still lived at home. The rent was economical and they offered all the normal amenities. And the neighbors were so diverse that no one felt out of place or as if they didn't fit in.

My wife, as she has approached middle age had related to me that she felt like she was just beginning to 'come out of her shell' as she approached that time she affectionately called, "The Change of Life". She is quite a beautiful woman standing barely five foot tall but with a lovely face and those deep dark eyes. Her figure although approaching middle age still turned heads when we went out together and I cannot think of any of my friends that haven't lusted after her. Her large breasts and round hips still aroused me whenever we were together and simply having a passing thought of her at work got my blood boiling with desire. But she always felt she was not as beautiful as she truly was and no matter how many times I expressed this or she was complimented by someone else, she never came to the realization.

She relayed stories over the years about various family members (all female) that had met the "Change of Life" and was considered 'slutty' from that point on or at least demonstrated behavior uncharacteristic of their personalities. Little did I know how prophetic her stories would turn out to be. Now she was approaching this time herself with a little dread of the unknown and a hidden excitement for what she felt would be a sexual awakening for her. We had always had a good sex life and our only complaint was not enough alone time back when our kids were younger. But now that the kids took less time and attention we promised to use this extra time to experiment sexually and she was quite thrilled to do so. Having always suggested she 'live a little', I felt good in the knowledge that she may actually take my advice.

I only tell you all this information so that you can feel the surprise I felt when I realized the events in this story. It was quite shocking and I was not quite as ready as I thought I would be.

"Love you, don't forget to call me today and let me know what time you will be getting home," my wife lovingly relayed to me as I made my way to the parking lot.

"Is that so you can run your boyfriend off before I get home?" I replied obviously joking with her.

"Maybe, but I was more thinking of what time to cook dinner. But the boyfriend could work too." She let out a small chuckle and winked at me as I got into our truck.

I blew her a kiss and backed out of our parking space almost hitting the apartment maintenance man.

"Sorry, I didn't see you there." I replied in my most apologetic tone.

"It is quite ok, I see you were... distracted," he said smiling, pointing to my wife standing at the front door of our apartment.

It is then that I noticed that she was standing just perfectly in the morning sunlight to highlight the outline of her nipples through her yellow tank top shirt. Her large dark nipples that appeared to be somewhat hard this morning, probably due to the morning's cool air. Her "painting shorts" or working shorts that she always wore when working around the house seemed to accent her hips in a way I had not noticed before. I could see her shorts clung to her most personal areas almost revealing them to all. She was so lovely standing in the door. That is when I noticed that I was not the only person that took a long second look at my wife standing there. The maintenance man almost realizing my recognition of his attention quickly waved to me and started walking down the sidewalk past our apartment. I did notice his slight nod to my wife and her normal smiling face saying "Good Morning." as he passed. Then she waved at me and I pulled out.

All the way to work, I could not explain why but my cock was hard and I could think of nothing but the 'stranger', our maintenance man ogling my lovely wife. I never realized until that moment how erotic it was to entertain the thought of sharing my wife with another man.


That evening when I arrived home, my lovely wife had just gotten out of the bathtub and was toweling off in our bedroom. I could not resist touching her damp skin as she turned to greet me. She immediately pressed her lips to mine and I felt her tongue delve deeply into my mouth. I was taken aback by the sudden passion but relished in it. After quite a long kiss, she withdrew and began drying off again.

"They came today and checked our air conditioning," she reported to me as I took off my clothes preparing for a shower.

"What was wrong with the air?" I asked confused.

"Nothing. They said they never got to check it prior to us moving in and they just wanted to make sure it was working properly and serviced."

"Well, that was nice of them." I said surprised. We had lived in many apartments over the years and it normally required several phone calls to the offices to get anything taken care of. This apartment complex seemed to care about their tenants and I was quite impressed. I smiled at the thought. "And their maintenance man is quite impressed with my wife...." I mused to myself jokingly as I watched her get dressed.

I undressed and got into the shower to clean up after work. My wife went downstairs to check on dinner. After my shower, I joined her downstairs in the kitchen.

She seemed so passionate all night. She was a loving woman, but tonight seemed different. I loved the attention and feared saying something would end this special treatment I was receiving. She could not sit close enough to me on the sofa, she couldn't let me leave a room without coming with me; I was getting quite used to this attention. That night, when we went to bed she kissed me and was asleep before I could even adjust my pillow. I was disappointed since I had been expecting this special treatment all night would also include sex, but realized that she had worked all day on the apartment and was naturally too tired to stay awake. I quickly went off to sleep as well.

The next morning was the normal replay of the day before. I got up and had morning coffee and we watched the morning news shows, then I got ready for work. My son left for school at his normal time. My wife began straightening up the kitchen and the rest of the house while I finished my preparations. I still did not question her about the special treatment from last night, but curiosity would not allow me to let it go.

As I left this morning, she walked me to the door. I noticed this morning that she hadn't put on her working shorts and was only wearing a pair of panties and a tight white shirt that had spaghetti straps holding it on her shoulders. It was somewhat loose and I noticed how I could see her cleavage from the top and sides. It was quite revealing and I loved it. I wished I could simply call into work and stay home with her all day, but I had to go. I tore myself away.

I started our truck and backed out and as I pulled away I waved Good-Bye. She waved back as I pulled away, but I noticed in my rear view mirror that she started smiling and looking back in the other direction. I slowed slightly as I looked back and saw the maintenance man round the corner by our apartment. As I waited at the entrance of the apartment for a clearing in traffic to pull into, I saw my wife gesture into the apartment and a smiling maintenance man enters. Once the door closed, I thought of turning back but was running late for work. I pulled into traffic and went on my way knowing that it must have simply been a follow-up on the air conditioner.

"Probably forgot to put the filter back in....." I muttered as I drove to work. Then I remembered what she had been wearing as she walked me out. I turned around in the median about a quarter of a mile down the road and returned to the apartment complex. Upon entering, I parked in back of our building and used the back sidewalk to approach the apartment. I did this without thinking but it seemed the natural thing to do. I approached the sliding glass doors that lead from our dining room but could not see anyone inside. I quietly opened the sliding glass doors and could immediately hear my wife giggling upstairs. I slowly entered and stood at the bottom of the steps listening intently to satisfy my overwhelming curiosity.

"Why would she let the maintenance man in dressed like that? Why are they upstairs when the air conditioning unit is downstairs?" Questions flooded my mind as I strained to hear each and every word from up the stairs. I had always trusted my wife and would never question her faithfulness.

"Oh god yes, oh yes......" I heard a distinctly male voice.

"Your cock is so big. My husband's cock is average but yours is just un-fucking-believable. I love sucking your fucking cock." was the reply I heard in the voice I was all too familiar with.

"I couldn't stop thinking about you. I laid in bed last night pretending to be asleep until my husband dozed off, then I got up and went to the bathroom. I fantasized about you fucking me like you did yesterday. I was so fucking wet. You were so good." She said in between sucking sounds and the occasional male grunt and groan. I knew immediately, she was sucking this man's cock and was loving it. My cock strained against the jeans begging for a release but I stood motionless, hanging on every word.

"I must confess, I never thought I would be able to take this big of a cock inside me. It is just too big; oh I mean I have fantasized about a cock this size but never imagined that they existed."

"I told my husband you came over to check the air conditioner." I could clearly hear her hand stroking his cock and could hear her occasionally pause her conversation to plunge his cock deep into her mouth.

"You told your husband I was here?" the male voice asked in a shocked tone.

"Yes I did. And he believed it 'hook, line, and sinker'," she said with a giggle. I heard a guttural moan from the man and then I heard my wife's gag reflex kick in and her huge gasp for air once his cock was back out of her mouth.

"Yesterday, you just sent me over the top. I have never came like that before. My husband is good in bed and I love him, but you are just ..... great....... yep' .... great is the word I would use," she continued laughingly "And I am going to do all the things for you that I have always wanted to do."

"I could not believe it yesterday when you motioned for me to come in right as your husband was pulling out of the lot." he confessed, obviously straining to concentrate.

"Well, when I saw you and my husband looking at me in the doorway and I saw the lust in your eyes.... And it helped that I saw the obvious bulge in your jeans...... I just couldn't help myself, I don't know why, this is so 'not me'." she replied.

"Yesterday, you were the first person besides my husband that I have slept with in over twenty years," she then confessed "and I have never swallowed my husband's cum like I did yours and he has never fucked my ass like you did yesterday." The rhythmic stroking had increased from the sound and I could hear the anticipation in her voice as I pictured her kneeling at this stranger's cock begging for his load.

"Your cock just tastes so good, I want you to come in my mouth again. I want you to come all over my body."

I slowly made my way up the stairs and at the top landing I was treated to a full unobstructed view of the two of them in my bed through the crack in the door. I watched intently as my wife sucked his huge cock into her mouth. No noise could be heard now other than her moaning on his cock with each thust into her mouth. I could see her head bobbing up and down on his cock as she used three fingers on her cunt. As I was positioned I could see her clearly and see the wetness as it flowed down her hand and wrist. Her lips when not engulfing his cock was poised on his balls and she would sensuously kiss them and suck on them as her hand stroked his cock. Her tongue tracing down the shaft of his long cock to his balls and then down to gently touch his asshole. Each time she would do this, I could see him tense up more and more.

Moments later, the man tensed and pulled my wife's head all the way down on his cock as he gave her the load she had so desperately worked for. My wife did not miss a beat and took every last drop of his semen and relished in it as she swallowed his man-seed. He came for what seemed minutes and she sucked down all he could provide.

As he collapsed upon the bed, she began to slowly lick the sides and length of his shaft insuring that she had gotten all he had expelled. She was still feverishly finger fucking herself and I could tell she was about to have an orgasm. Suddenly she tensed and then collapsed onto him with an orgasmic moan that could have been heard throughout the apartment complex.

"Wow, that was amazing," the man noted.

"We aren't done yet baby," my wife said as she returned to licking his now flaccid shaft. "My husband will be gone for about nine hours today, so I am going to fuck you for at least another four or five." His cock immediately began to harden from her loving touches and in moments he was rock hard again.

She arose and straddled him and I watched intently as she held his cock in her delicate hand and forced it inside her pussy. She rocked back and forth tentatively at first and then the rocking became thrusting. I watched as his cock plunged deeply into her and withdrew with very slow deliberate long strokes. She would pull up until only the head would be inside her and thrust back down violently forcing his shaft deeper inside with each stroke.

"Oh god yes, fuck me ....... fuck me hard ...... fuck that big cock......" he tried to say between his breaths.

"Uh huh, yeah. That's it, force your cock inside me baby. Fuck me. Fuck me hard..... Harder....... oh god, I am coming," she said as she collapsed upon his chest. Her twitching subsided momentarily but her partner continued to pound his man-meat into her, forcing a string of orgasms that left her sweaty and twitching.

The man then arose from the bed and positioned her doggy style. He then slowly took his cock laden with my wife's juices and slowly inserted the head into her ass. Slowly at first, but as half of his shaft entered, I saw my wife's fingers back working her cunt as she pushed her ass back onto his cock. He began plunging his cock deep into her ass and she seemed to orgasm with each and every stroke. I had never seen her that turned on in all our years together.

At that point, I let myself quietly out the sliding glass doors again and went back to my truck. I drove to work in a daze but was so turned on that I couldn't get what I had just seen out of my head.

To this day, whenever I can; I sneak back home to watch the daily show. To date, I have witnessed no less than twelve different visitors over the last couple of weeks and all with the same 'special treatment'. Although surprised, I now accept the fact this is a need of hers and if it makes her happy, then I hope she continues.

My wife has never confessed to me about her days at home while I am at work.

And everything in my apartment works great and maintenance never fails to respond.

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