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Apartment Neighbors


"Thanks for taking care of our dog Buster while we were away, Marie."

"Oh, you're welcome, Tom. He was such a cutie-pie, and so well behaved," Marie said reaching down to pat Buster's head. "You are so cute," Marie cooed to Buster, "oh yes you are!"

"Well, I guess Buster's just going to have me to keep him company until Katie comes back the day after tomorrow," Tom said.

"At least you have a pet. I was glad to have Buster—did you know George is out of town, too? He's in Vegas until the day after tomorrow, too."

"Oh really? That's where Katie is—for a work-related convention."

"How funny—both of our spouses are away on business at the same time, and both in Vegas, no less. Uncanny."

"I think I read somewhere that there is at least one convention in Las Vegas every day of the week, every day of the year. Wild, huh?"

"No kidding."

"I can't wait for her to get back, though. Our third anniversary is coming up soon."

"Gosh, the both of you having to travel for work at the same time," Marie said, "being away from each other can be so tough for a young married couple. I know when George and I were first married, it was so tough when he would have to go out of town. I don't know if I should tell you this, but I would get so horny when he would leave me and travel on business. I would just be burning up, I wouldn't know what to do."

Tom chuckled. "I know the feeling, yeah, it's really one of the difficulties."

"And you know what, Tom?" Marie asked. She stood up; she was just wearing a black-one piece bathing suit and a small wrap around her waist and thighs. Her black suit matched her raven-colored hair, and stood in sharp contrast to her pale white skin. She was 38, almost a decade older than 29-year old Tom and his 28-year old wife. Marie said she had been about to go up to the rooftop pool when Tom had stopped by to pick up Buster.

"What?" Tom asked.

"I still get very horny when he goes away."

Marie undid the wrap around her waist, let it hang there, open, inviting. She looked at Tom; their eyes met.

"Oh," Tom said, the anxiety bubbling up and paralyzing his vocal chords.

"You know, Tommy," Marie said saucily, "the walls of this building are very thin, and your bedroom backs up against our living room. Sometimes, George and I hear some things." Marie laughed. "It sounds like you make Katie very happy with that thing of yours. What does she call it? Your big piledriver?"

"You've heard us?"

"Yes, and it would get me so hot, I'd make George fuck me right on the living room floor. Katie sure screams like a banshee when she comes, doesn't she?"

Tom blushed. "Yeah, sometimes . . ."

"Look, Tommy, it makes me wonder. What is it that's doing all those nice things to Katie? I just want to see what is making her feel so good." Marie crossed over to Tom, they were now only standing inches apart. She cupped the crotch of his pants in her right hand. "You'll let me see it, won't you? What you use to make your wife feel so good with?"

"Oh my god, Marie, I don't know . . ."

"Don't worry, Tommy. Sit down right here on the couch. That's right. I think Buster will keep our secret, don't you? Now, now, you must be so tired after your trip. Where did you go again?"


"Cincinnati? Yes, you definitely deserve a little relaxation after that." Marie finished undoing his belt and pulled down his black boxer-briefs. She had pulled off a throw-cushion and knelt on it in front of Tom. "And there's only one sure-fire stress relief for a hard-working professional like yourself, Tommy."

Marie dipped her mouth down and, holding the base in her right hand, began to fellate her young married neighbor. Tom could see her reflection in the t.v. across the room, watched her black-hair flay around as her steady rhythm worked its magic on his member. He saw the sexy expanse of her back contained in the tight lycra bathing suit. His plane had only landed 90 minutes ago, and now he was cheating on his wife with their next-door neighbor.

"So," Marie began, taking her mouth off Tom's cock and stroking it up and down, "when was the last time you fucked your wife?"

"The day I left."

"Have you come since then?"


"Oh, did you get off in Cincinnati? Maybe call a cute little escort up to your hotel room?"


"Did you jerk off?"

"Yeah. Once, to some pay-per-view hotel porn."

"Mmm. So there's lots of come in here for me, huh?" Marie said, caressing Tom's hairy balls.

"Maybe," Tom chuckled, amazed at how surreal the situation was.

"You know, you have such a cute redhead for a wife, Tom. What kind of porn did you jerk off to?"

"Some Screw My Wife movies."

"Ah!" Marie smiled, her eyebrows lifting. "How appropriate." She resumed her sucking, and Tom enjoyed her expert ministrations. He knew he should not compare, but even considering that this was the first time Marie had sucked (not to mention, seen and touched) his cock, she was way better at it than his own wife. Hmmm, he thought to himself, maybe brunettes really are the most experienced ones.

After awhile, Marie pulled her mouth off his now fully engorged member. "I love how a blowjob will overpower a man, Tommy. You find few men complain when you're getting down on your knees and taking their manhood in your mouth. I don't think there's a man alive who can resist a woman wanting to put their cock in her mouth. Don't you agree?" With that, she returned to sucking.

"Oh, Marie . . ." Tom moaned. "We—we shouldn't . . ." But there was no resisting, he could not finish the sentence because he did not believe it.

Tom reached down and put his hands on her shoulders. He had never so much as kissed a woman nearly ten-years his senior, and had never even thought of being with a married woman. Since starting to date Katie five years ago, Tom had been steadfastly faithful to his lovely, lithe redhead. It wasn't his heart betraying her now, Tom rationalized to himself, just his body. Just his dick. His big, throbbing dick, that was now, thanks to Tom putting his hands on Marie's head and lacing his fingers into her silky hair, his dick that was now fucking his neighbor's face. He was fucking Marie's face and he would be damned if he had any intention of stopping!

"Shit, Marie, your mouth is so fucking good."

She moaned back on his cock, thanking him for his praise of her talent.

Tom released her head, felt down to her full breasts. "God, your tits are nice."

"36D, baby. I guess that's gotta be maybe a welcome change from your wife. But who knows, some men like small tits."

It was true; Katie had petite B-cups to match her petite frame. But Tom knew that he was a breast man, and secretly he hoped that when they got Katie pregnant, he might be able to reap the added benefit of inflating her cup size, too.

Tom began to manhandle Marie's tits through her bathing suit, luxuriating his palms and fingers in her ample titflesh. Marie loved having her tits played with; hard, soft, it didn't matter—the sensations were a celebration of her womaness, a celebration of her power as a seductive female.

"You wanna see 'em, Tommy?"

"Yes, please."

"Okay," Marie said. Sitting back on her heels, she pulled one strap down, then the other, and then in one fluid movement, pulled the top of her one-piece down and out fell two of the heaviest, plumpest breasts Tom had even see.

"Oh, wow!"

"Come on, why don't I bring them up to you so you can maybe suck on 'em, too?"

Marie rose off her haunches and straddled Tom's lap. Like the overgrown baby all men are, Tom wasted no time and immediately began to nurse on her sexy mammaries, pressing the soft flesh of them against his cheeks. First one, then the other, then back to the first one—Tom's lips played with Marie's nipples, sucked on them and made Marie feel like a goddess, the sexual energy radiating down her spine and making every nerve ending in her body tingle.

"Oh, Tom. Take me in the bedroom and fuck me. Take me in my marriage bed and fuck me proper."

She didn't need to ask twice.

In a flurry of quick, impossibly graceful movements, the two adulterous spouses arrived in Marie's bedroom, finished disrobing Tom, and stripped Marie bare of everything. Tom's cock stood out from his body proud and erect. He saw the small, dark pubic bush that Marie kept over her mons. His whole being pulsated with delight at how he was going to be soon plundering her musky grotto. I never thought I'd get to add another notch to the bed post again, Tom mused. At that moment, he had no regrets, only pure, base lust.

"Mount me missionary, first, lover," Marie said, lowering herself onto her back onto her bed. "I haven't even masturbated in days, I'm going to love having your nice cock split me open again."

"Shouldn't I—I mean, do you guys have any—" Tom stuttered in a moment of hesitation.

"Condoms?" Marie smiled. "Don't worry, just fuck me like a beast. I know you don't really want to wear one."

Who was he kidding, of course he didn't want to. He wanted to fuck this fine animal, with her healthy full breasts and wide, child-bearing hips and damn it, he wanted to come inside her and knock her up. As Tom slipped his cock into the tight, inviting hole of Marie's pussy, he felt ten-thousand years of evolution forcing him to spread her nether lips and plunge himself as deep inside this woman as he could reach.

Knowingly and complicity, Marie wrapped her legs around him, holding Tom close to her. They kissed, they fucked, they screwed and made little noises signaling the pleasure each was taking in the body of the other.

They switched and fucked doggie-style next. "Squeeze my fat ass," Marie told Tom. He held her upper-thighs and fucked her hard, taking her in a hard gallop. She guided him, shifted around until his cock found that special spot inside her and fucked back on his dick until she screamed his name—very, very loudly—as she came.

He slowed down and allowed her to rest, catch her breath. Tom had fought hard to hold off while she came, lest he let loose and come inside her. For a finale, Marie climbed on top of him, and rode his dick while he nursed on her precious titties. She moaned deep-tones of encouragement while he sucked her nipples and her pussy sucked his cock.

"Yeah, suck my titties, Tommy. Suck on my big plump titties. You like my big rack, don't you? Enjoy 'em baby, enjoy my big melons. Squeeze my big melons while I ride this dick of yours. Let me ride it raw, up and down, up and down."

"Oh my god Marie, I'm going to come."

"Do it baby, do it."

"Oh Marie—let me come on your face."


Marie got off Tom's cock and knelt at the foot of the bed. Tom stood up, straddled her face, and then beat his dick a few strokes until orgasm rocked his body, sending strand after strand of thick white come across Marie's smiling face, some of it landing in her pitch-black hair. The contrast of white gooey jizz and her dark locks was incredibly erotic.

Marie's smile beamed with pride and delight.

Tom fell back on the bed, physically and mentally spent.

"You know," Marie said, "it's a pity, but I guess we can't exactly videotape ourselves together. I like to make tapes with George; I find it really hot to watch sometimes, together or even when I'm alone. It would be really hot to watch us together, doing what we just did."

"God, Marie, I had no idea when I moved into this building that my neighbors would be so kinky!" Tom smiled.

Marie had wiped the come either off or into her face and now cuddled up to Tom on the bed. "You know, the last tape George made, he made right before leaving on his trip. Why don't you go to the bathroom, or do whatever you like to do after sex, and then join me in the living room to watch it."

It was as if all the fantasies Tom had stroked his cock to during college and graduate school were coming true. All inhibition was out the window, and he was living in some kind of world through the looking glass, where sex was easy, free and wholly fulfilling.

"Marie, I don't know what it is, but you are so wild—you get me so turned on."

"Well, meet me in the living room and bring a hard on, cause I definitely want more of that cock."

Tom went to the bathroom, used the toilet, washed and wiped his sweaty body, readying himself for round too.

When he came out, Marie had left the bedroom, and he could hear the sounds of recorded sex coming from the living room. It was the sounds of a man and a woman, and the woman sounded vaguely familiar.

Tom was jerking his cock as he walked into the living room. He saw Marie on the couch, facing him. She was bare naked except for a pair of two-inch black mules she had put on. Her right hand was busy rubbing her clit. Her left hand was pinching her right nipple.

Tom joined Marie on the couch, and then he could see what Marie was watching. Marie's husband George, his body slightly heavier but definitely harrier than Tom's, was positioned behind a slender woman, fucking her in casual doggie-style. The woman was slender, with small tits, pale skin, and an expression of beautiful, carnal agony as George thrust into her. She moaned, sharp, guttural grunts that Tom knew very well. Her bright red hair was tied up, keeping it out of her face.

"I told you your wife is a very sexy redhead," Marie said.

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