tagFetishApartment Wrestling: The Dark Side

Apartment Wrestling: The Dark Side


A lot of folks know about the apartment wrestling craze of the 70s and 80s, and love like I did. But they only know the public side. As vicious and erotic as the published matches were they didn't show everything, nor did they even remotely compare with the post-match activities of women like Helene, Cynara, Valerie, and the others, or, indeed, with their underground matches. The women were wild.

Most of them were accomplished sex-fighters and loved nothing more than dominating their opponents. I was Dave Moll's assistant during those years. I took care of arranging and booking the matches, including the ones I'm about to tell you about. Now, where I should I begin?

Char vs. Bella: The Finish

The story that was released to the public in the December 1980 issue of the leading apartment house wrestling magazine. Like all apartment wrestling accounts, the article didn't tell the whole story. Here's what you missed.

Both women were spectacular street-fighting beauties who'd come to destroy the other and in the process pleasure herself at her opponent's expense. Char, the arrogant bitch from the unemployment office glowed in her brown, satin bikini and bra set, trimmed with white lace. She sneered arrogantly at Bella. Who did that freeloader think she was?

Bella nervously looked over Char. she was nervous, but not fearful. Dressed in a matching, navy satin bra and panties she was ready. Like the best battles this one was a seesaw struggle, with one gorgeous grappler gaining the upper hand only to be driven back. Safe to say, most of the men were sporting wood and a few of the women present were squirming deliciously in their seats.

Here's what the magazine didn't tell you. Bella flipped Char over her shoulder, stunning the arrogant beauty. As Char lay there, breathing heavily, coated in sweat, Bella climbed atop her and put her in a grapevine, wrapping and locking her own sweaty, luscious thighs around before Char's, immobilizing her. Like her victim, Bella was exhausted. Unlike her victim, she had the willpower to continue.

The blue-bikinied beauty tightened her grapevine bringing a cry of anguish from her satin-wrapped victim, as the dominatrix in Bella took over. Bella squeezed and straightened her legs with all her might while wrapping her slick arms around Char's head and smothering her between her breasts. Char struggled heroically, but to no avail. She swatted at Bella's taut ass and clawed at the sweat-soaked, blue satin clinging tightly to Bella's lovely ass muscles. Char dragged her fingernails, albeit weakly, down Bella's back as she squirmed and slid underneath her tormentor. Bella focused and concentrated her effort, increasing the pain, suffocating her foe, and slowly, roughly, grinding her satin-clad pussy into Char's.

Char cried out that she surrendered, but Bella would have none of it. She continued her erotic domination, releasing Char from her sweet, sweaty breasts, pinning the defeated woman's arms to ground while glaring at her prey. Char's arrogance had turned to fear, and Bella reveled in it. She was now the arrogant, domineering bitch-goddess; she would have her due.

The audience was hushed. All you could hear was the sound of Char's pleading, mixed with her moaning, her fighting back the sobs she wanted to release, Bella's animal grunts, and the soft, swishing sound of satin-covered pussy against satin-covered pussy.

Bella lowered her glowing face to Char's face, roughly grabbed the chestnut-haired vixen's head, and pulled Char's face to her own. Bella thrust her tongue down Char's throat, fucking her mouth with it, using her tongue like a cock, and dominating her. Char's struggle only aroused Bella who responded with a firm slap across Char's face, a laugh, and a growl as she tongue-fucked her victim, wrapping her arms around, and began groping her. Bella especially seemed to enjoy Char's ass. She rolled her Char atop her, pulled the brown bikinis up Char's ass, and alternately swatted and massaged both cheeks.

Bella through the defeated beauty off of her, sat across Char's thighs, and began pinching Char's nipples through the brown satin. Bella massaged Char's small, shapely, firm tits. She plucked the nipples so that they peeked out from the top of Char's sweaty bra. Char was quietly sobbing and convulsing. This both enraged and delighted Bella, who slid her tight ass forward and held it above Char's face.

Bella lowered her head, and in a low, sultry voice said "fuck my pussy, bitch." Bella slid her bikini to the left and deftly lowered her moist pussy on Char's waiting mouth. Bella grabbed Char's hair and yanked the beaten woman's face deeper into her waiting, ravenous cunt. Bella rode Char's face like a jockey on a thoroughbred at Churchill Downs, while occasionally pinching, twisting, and pulling her own nipples and Char's.

Bella reversed her position, reached forward and cruelly yanked Char's bikini between her moist pussy lips. Char moaned and writhed. Bella was approaching an orgasm, but she wanted humiliate her victim just a bit more. She brought Char to the point of orgasm, but stopped. Alternately rubbing, pinching, slapping, and fingering the beaten woman through her satin bikinis, Bella would let Char thrash wildly, and then stop, bringing the beaten woman to another level of agony.

Bella finally had enough. She forced Char to her hands and knees and roughly thrust her pussy into Char's tight, tiny rump, and humped her bikini-clad ass. The room was filled with the smell of sex, violence, sweat, and perfume. Bella's sopping pussy slammed and ground its way toward bliss. Bella slapped Char on the ass while pulling her hair back, and ordering her "use that ass and make me happy."

Char responded, and ground her ass into Bella's cunt. Sweaty satin against sweaty satin. Bella slid her left hand down and around Char's thigh, up under Char's tight, soaking bikini, and started fingering the woman once more. Both amazons exploded savagely and simultaneously. Char broke down and curled into a ball while Bella stood, rested her foot on Char's ass, asked her, "who's my bitch?"

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