Aphrodisia Ch. 04


"I'm up. Just enjoying the afterglow still I think." Gwen was obviously referring to the previous evening. It seemed she'd had a pleasant night's sleep after the nightmare.

"Well you lovely ladies need to unlatch yourselves from me because we need to get out of here. Plus I want to grab a shower before we go." He said as he gave them both a firm and affectionate squeeze against him and then finally playfully pinched their butts. Both women gave a little yelp of surprise and then scooted away from him for fear of more pinching.

"Fine, you go shower alone and we'll just stay here and enjoy ourselves won't we Sonya?" Gwen said as she and Sonya moved closer to one-another after Jamie had gotten out of the bed.

Sonya giggled rather impishly at that and slipped her arms around the other woman.

"Sure will!" She agreed.

"Ok then so I'm now having a cold shower." Jamie joked as he wandered into the bathroom and the two women started making out on the bed.

When they heard the shower start to run Sonya had started kissing her way down along Gwen's neck. Gwen herself smiled as she watched the woman though she was growing a little more contemplative.

"You know if you guys have had second thoughts about me coming to London today I would understand." Gwen said causing Sonya to raise her head up to look at her.

"Don't be silly. We'd love for you to come. If you can't afford a hotel you can come and stay with me so long as you don't mind a couple of twelve year old kids running about the place." Sonya said.

"You're a mum?" Gwen said in surprise.

"Yup, to two insane little boys who are the light of my life." Sonya replied with a cheerful smile.

"They're not going to mind me staying with you?" Gwen asked a little apprehensively.

"No not at all. They're good kids and they're always telling me I should make more friends. Plus they'll love you since they're getting to the age when the presence of boobs in their lives is becoming more of a priority." Sonya said playfully as she gave Gwen's large breasts a little squeeze.

"Well it's nice to know I'll be appreciated." Gwen said after laughing along with Sonya.

At that point Jamie interrupted the pair by poking his head out from around the bathroom door.

"Hey you two...I was just thinking that this shower is probably big enough for about five people and..." He started to suggest.

"We're in!" They both chimed up as they scooted out of the bed to run over to him.

The shower was truly as epic as Jamie had said and they all fit inside it quite easily. Jamie had been enjoying, or perhaps the word is enduring, a cold shower. The icy water blasted over them when they entered. Sonya let out a little squeak of surprise whilst Gwen merely shivered and immediately reached out to heat up the temperature.

"That's better. Hey I want some of that!" Gwen complained when she turned to see that Jamie and Sonya were already in a tight embrace and wrestling with one another's tongues whilst they made out.

Sonya happily obliged Gwen and slid her slender body down along Jamie's. He felt her breasts sliding down along his abdomen and over his hardening cock until the hot wet shaft popped up from between them. It bounced a few times in the air until Sonya's mouth engulfed the head and she started to happily suckle upon it.

Jamie knew that they didn't really have time for this but given the way Sonya's tongue felt as it licked one of the more sensitive areas of his cock he didn't much care. Gwen stepped up beside him and he put his right arm around her. He felt the softness of her large breasts as they pressed against him. The sweet taste of Sonya's mouth on his tongue was soon replaced by the enticing flavour of Gwen's. Her hand tenderly caressed along the Herculean contours of his chest before reaching down to run delicate fingers through Sonya's wet dirty blonde hair.

As the water poured over them Jamie enjoyed the wet, slippery feel of both the women as they sucked and kissed him. It didn't take long until Gwen had crouched beside Sonya and let her lips brush against Sonya's cheek whilst the woman continued to bob her head along Jamie's cock. They were soon eagerly sharing his cock between their mouths and making him concentrate very hard on holding back his climax. The shower was filled with the pattering of water and the hot wet sucking noises of the two women.

As his cock started to slowly drip with cum from his swollen balls the women started to outright battle for it with their tongues. They let out little moans and cries of excitement as the delectable cream heightened their arousal. Gwen finally couldn't hold herself back any longer and was swept away in a euphoric wave of pleasure. She let out a long blissful moan and leaned back a little as she enjoyed the feelings running through her.

Sonya quickly capitalised on Gwen's absence by fully wrapping her lips around Jamie's cock and sucking him deeply until he felt his cock slip up against her throat. This time she didn't gag and after scrunching her eyes closed tight she lunged her head forward. Jamie's eyes popped wide open as he felt the swollen head of his cock slip into her throat.

"Sonya that's...that's incredible!" Again Jamie found himself concentrating hard on not releasing his cum down her throat right there and then.

Sonya was not in this for compliments as she continued to coax the sticky sweet trickle of jism from his balls down into her belly. She was soon moaning feverishly as she climaxed but steadfastly refused to relinquish his cock from her hungry mouth. The thick length slipped from her throat for only a moment before he felt her swallowing it down once more.

Gwen had returned to her senses and was slightly shocked by Sonya's ability to take Jamie's impressive erection so far into her mouth. She watched as the other woman's nose bumped against his crotch every time she gulped at his cock. Gwen's fingers found themselves sliding down between her legs to gently diddle her clit as she watched the two lovers. It wasn't long until she was hungry for more cock and knelt up beside Sonya again. Looking over the woman crouched with those long legs open wide as she sucked her man's dick, Gwen saw a little stream of fuck juice splatter the floor of the shower from Sonya's hot little slit.

Sensing Gwen's presence beside her once more, Sonya slowly released Jamie's dick from her mouth, giving the end a little lick and then smiling up at him. He looked down at her face and smiled back, his fingers gently caressing through her wet hair as it was Gwen's turn to wrap her soft lips around his length. Sonya joined in by licking at his balls whilst Gwen's tongue swirled around the head of his shaft. The touch of both women's tongue's lapping at him so ravenously was unbelievable.

"I'm g-gonna cum!" Jamie struggled to announce.

Sonya and Gwen both excitedly let his cock and his balls pop out from between their lips and leaned in side by side. When Jamie looked down at them both eagerly awaiting him to spurt his cum down their throats it sent him over the edge.

With a little squelching sound both women watched as a dribble of his thick white cream bubbled up out of his cock to slowly drip from its engorged length. They waited a beat before Jamie growled and his head lolled back. His cock erupted with a long stream of his cream that splashed lewdly against Gwen's tongue and dribbled down over her chin. The luscious nectar was eagerly swallowed by the voracious woman. His second spurt splattered both their cheeks as he pointed his cock from Gwen's mouth to Sonya's making the third sail into the gorgeous blonde's open waiting mouth.

After this a steady flow of his jism was released from his cock and the girls, now lost in their own thunderous climaxes, instinctively leaned in toward the enticing aroma. Soon they were once again taking turns to gulp down his cum. Their tongues both licking at the end of his shaft to drink up all he had to give and often trying to lick the tasty cream right out of the other woman's mouth. They were practically making out with one another around his highly aroused shaft. Jamie was now regaining some of his senses and trying to stay upright as his knees went a little weak after such a powerful climax. He looked down at the two women, the gorgeous tanned blonde and the exotic auburn haired woman both still riding high on waves of pleasure as they shared his cum between them was almost enough to make him cum all over again.

Both Gwen and Sonya were both now thoroughly satisfied and in a moment would probably be only too happy to get dressed and head out of the hotel. Seeing the obscene display they'd put on however, had driven Jamie to completely forget about their time limit here. As soon as he felt his legs were once again stable he immediately took Sonya's arm and pulled her to stand up. She willingly hopped to her feet.

"Mmmmrrf?" Gwen mumbled since without Sonya to fight for his shaft she'd eagerly started sucking on it again.

"Sorry Gwen. I just need to fuck my cock-swallowing woman here." Jamie practically rumbled in a way that could only be described as bestial.

"Oh yes!" Jamie's feral tone re-ignited Sonya's lust immediately.

"Mmhmmaeve time?" Gwen asked as she released Jamie's cock from her lips. Though from the way those two were looking at each other some heavy earth moving equipment might have trouble prying them apart.

"I don't care." Jamie said honestly.

With those words he slipped his hands under Sonya's arms and lifted her up. His strength seemed to have increased almost tenfold since Allison made her changes within him. As Jamie raised her she felt them both pass directly under the hot spray of water that spouted from the shower nozzle above their heads. The sleek wet skin of her back was pressed up against the hard tiles behind her. Those magnificent legs of hers soon wrapped around his waist letting her ankles interlock behind his back. Her arms snaked their way over his shoulders to let her fingers rake along the muscle of his back. His excited cock was throbbing in anticipation and soon she felt him part the soft petals of her slit and plunge into her welcoming depths.

"Oh Jamie! You feel so good inside my pussy baby." She gasped before giving him an order. "Fuck me hard."

Jamie needed little goading for that was exactly what he planned to do. Grasping her shapely round ass in his hands he started to fuck her savagely. They both worshipped the other but to the outsider their fucking almost seemed like a battle. A battle in which they were both winning. Sonya's moans soon turned into screams separated only by heavy pants of breath. She came over and over, several smaller orgasms building up into one tremendous shuddering climax and then going at it all over again. From the aggressive fucking their mouths couldn't continuously latch onto each other without hurting themselves. This made Sonya's unstifled screams of pleasure spur Jamie on to fuck her with a relentless force and velocity.

Gwen was slumped against the wall of the shower opposite the one they were fucking against. Her eyes were wide with shock as their hips had almost become a blur of speed. The constant spray of water made their slick writhing bodies glisten in the most appealing way. Watching the ferocious sex between the two lovers was the most arousing thing she'd ever seen in her life. Yet although she'd dared to knock on their door the previous evening and practically jump Jamie's bones right in front of Sonya the very thought of trying to get involved in this was unthinkable.

The olive skinned beauty did however begin to slide two of her fingers across her own slit. She watched as Jamie gave a deep bellowing roar and released his seed inside Sonya's tight little pussy. The woman was undoubtedly getting the fucking of her life and when Jamie's cum flooded into her Gwen saw Sonya's eyes close and her head loll forward to rest on Jamie's shoulder. For a moment the vice-like grip of Sonya's legs around Jamie's waist loosened and her arms slumped a little. Jamie didn't even break his intense rhythm for a moment and certainly didn't show any signs of slowing down. Before Gwen could grow concerned however Sonya gave a little yelp and her legs once again tightened and her fingers dug into the taut muscles of Jamie's back once more.

"Oh Jamie! I just blacked out! So good! Can't...FUCK!" She let out another scream as a fresh wave of orgasm crashed through her.

"I know baby. I can't let you go. I need you so much!" Jamie said through heavy breaths.

"Don't! Don't ever let go!" She moaned. The tips of her fingers paled as she clung to him all the more desperately.

By now the pair had gotten Gwen so excited that they started to hear her soft sighs as she came, coating her fingers with her juices. Sonya and Jamie didn't register the sounds as anything more than a pleasant undertone to their own heated gasps and the wet slapping sounds of their fucking. They were so immersed in each other right then that they wouldn't have noticed if an asteroid had levelled half the building.

Jamie was delirious himself and reaching new heights of ecstasy as he ravished Sonya. Without even thinking about it he was pushed over the edge and down into another unimaginably amazing climax. He came inside her so hard that he had to slow his thrusts in order to keep his balance. Sonya's voice had grown coarse with screaming but her aria of screams soon returned when that wonderful cum of his once again splashed deep inside her body. Gwen watched as a splash of their thick mix of sex juices squirted out of Sonya's little slit and dripped from the round heavy globes of Jamie's balls.

They both slowly sank down to sit in one another's arms for a long while. Gwen crawled over on her hands and knees and started to gently kiss the pair of them. Both of them smiled at her.

"If there's even a slight chance that I might get any of what she just got then screw a vacation, I'm moving to where you guys are." Gwen teased.

"You mean you didn't get it for the most of last night?" Jamie asked through heavy breaths. The boy was clearly exhausted for the moment.

Sonya still clung to him for dear life and Gwen watched as a few final shudders of pleasure coursed through the whimpering woman's body.

"Oh what I got last night was incredible Jamie but that was just out of this world! I seriously thought her eyes were going to pop out there for a second." Gwen said whilst affectionately stroking through Sonya's hair.

They heard a distant clock tower begin to chime the news that it was midday.

"Fuck, we're supposed to be gone now. That's your fault, being so bloody irresistible." He said with a smile as he looked to Sonya and watched her breathing slow steadily from hot panting down to steady smooth breaths. The feel of her petite breasts pressing softly against his chest was starting to make him think that another round might be in order.

"M'not here. Gone to la-la-land. Wish you were here with me." Sonya mumbled happily as her head rested on Jamie's shoulder.

She felt his chest shake as he laughed.

Jamie soon lifted Sonya to her feet and all three lovers washed themselves. Not daring to touch each other or even look at each other overly much for fear that they might start all over again.

Once they had showered and dressed there was a light knock on the door.

"Is everything alright in there sir? Guests have reported screaming and the staff are getting worried that you haven't checked out yet." It was a man with a gentle voice that was slightly meek in its tone.

"Yeah! We're just about to head out. Sorry about the delay but we slept in." Jamie shouted from the other side of the door. "You can come in if you like." He added as an afterthought.

The door opened to reveal the figure stood behind it. A very tall thin man in his late twenties stood at the entrance to the room. He seemed a little troubled and slightly concerned. There was a hotel nametag pinned to his shirt that indicated he was part of the management. Jamie glanced at the name tag and saw the name upon it: Eddie Rudling

"Hey Eddie. It alright if I call you Eddie?" Jamie asked politely.

Eddie stepped inside the room and looked around to see that the bed had practically been wrecked. He also noticed the two women in the room along with the man. Gwen was at the mirror combing her hair with a brush that Sonya had let her borrow and Sonya herself was stuffing some things into her carryall. Jamie was stood next to her holding his backpack and waiting to carry the bag for her.

"Eddie's great." The man said as he started to deduce what had gone on in there and suddenly became quite flustered.

"I left a few things in my room." Gwen remembered. She was after all still just wearing her shirt and some of her underwear.

"We'll get out of Eddie's hair and meet you down by the main entrance?" Sonya suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Gwen replied before walking past Eddie to the door and giving him a conspiratorial smile followed by a playful wink. He swallowed almost audibly.

"Sonya, Can you do me a favour? Head downstairs and pick us up some sandwiches and drinks for the ride home?" Jamie asked, pulling out his wallet from his pocket and handing her a twenty.

"Sure thing babe. Don't worry they're on me." She ignored the offered twenty and kissed him on the lips instead. Finally, she zipped up her carryall and practically skipped past Eddie to make her way downstairs.

As Jamie put his wallet back in his pocket a thought occurred to him and he searched his jeans. Sure enough in his back pocket he felt a thick folded piece of paper that wasn't there before and he couldn't help but smile to himself. Allison's treasure map was where she'd said it would be.

"Sir, I'm sorry to say this but I'll get into trouble if..." Eddie started.

"Oh yeah! Sorry mate." Jamie interrupted, snapping out of his thoughts.

Reproducing his wallet, he took out the twenty pound note and then looked over to Eddie. The guy deserved one hell of a tip for putting up with them and being so nice about it. He'd expected someone to come in screaming for them to get out after the night and the morning's noise. That wasn't even mentioning that they were now half an hour late for checkout.

Eddie watched Jamie nervously. He was a nice guy who didn't particularly like this job since it wasn't really in his nature to kick people out of anywhere. It was also in his nature to be very shy around women and though he'd had a few long term relationships he'd never really felt comfortable in one. He'd always dated any girl who had openly shown the slightest bit of interest rather than going after the girls he really liked.

Every time he'd tried to ask a girl he liked to a movie or something he found that in his awkwardness he lost all ability to pronounce vowel sounds. So since he'd just witnessed strong evidence that this man had been a part of something he could never dream of with two very beautiful women made him fidgety to say the least.

"I'm Jamie by the way, Jamie Sloane." Jamie said, extending his hand to shake Eddie's and passing the twenty to him as he did. "I know considering all the trouble I've likely caused you, you're being a really nice guy about kicking us out of here. I'd give you a bigger tip but it's all I have in my wallet right now."

"Oh, don't worry about that sir." Though he had been up all night listening to various complaints from other guests but the screams had died down eventually and so had the complaints. They got a few like that every month or so, young folks taking their first vacations mostly. Eddie knew that nights like that were few and far between for many people so he chose not to interrupt them.

"No really, here's a little more of a tip. Take that twenty and go out and buy The Shawshank Redemption on DVD along with a box of Black Magic chocolates. Tomorrow when you see Tina when her shift starts put the DVD down where she can see it. When she tells you how much she loves the film but hasn't seen it in ages then ask her if she'd like to watch it with you during one of your long lonely night shifts." Jamie instructed.

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