Aphrodisia Ch. 04


"S-sir I..." Eddie spluttered. How the hell did he know he had a crush on Tina?

"No, let me finish." The boy ordered the man and Eddie fell into a stunned silence. "Watch the movie with her on the couch in the staff break room. When she cries at the end put your arm around her and tell her that she's a dope in the nicest way you can. Then kiss her. You should be able to take it from there yourself. Don't worry if you get nervous, she thinks it's cute when you do." Jamie finished with a smile and gave Eddie an encouraging pat on the shoulder.

Eddie stood there for a moment in stunned silence. The young man had been so sure of his words that it made Eddie question whether or not he was actually telling the truth. Tina the security guard liked him? He'd only had a huge crush on her since she'd started about a month ago!

"Wait, what do I do with the chocolates?" Eddie asked as Jamie picked up Sonya's carryall and started to make his way out of the room.

"Just bring them with you when you watch the film and tell her you thought she might like them. Trust me." Jamie looked over his shoulder with a smirk and then stepped out of the door and out of sight to walk down the hallway.

"Well that's my good deed for the day." He thought to himself.

Walking to the elevator he spotted Gwen turning the corner of the hallway and walking toward him shortly after he stepped inside. They both smiled happily at each other as she entered.

"Hey there pretty lady." He said. She'd put the suit back on that she'd worn yesterday and although it still appeared quite ruffled, she looked a great deal better inside of it.

"Hey yourself." She said as the elevator doors closed.

"You know to a lesser person that emergency stop button would look really good right about now." She commented. Her deep green eyes looked to the button and back to him alight with mischief.

"Dammit Gwen that's not an easy idea to resist you know." Jamie complained.

"I do know. We should have had Sonya wait for us and all come down together." She mourned the missed opportunity.

"We can't leave her waiting though." Jamie affirmed. "Oh and I'm sorry about this morning. We kind of got carried away in the shower didn't we?"

"Are you kidding? You two have saved me about four years of therapy. After what I'd been through yesterday I was ready to throw myself off the nearest bridge but then you two come along and today I feel great! You're both amazing." Gwen said with an almost reverential smile. "Plus we had lots of fun last night whilst Sonya was sleeping didn't we?"

"Yeah we did." Jamie admitted, enjoying the memory.

"Plus I did get to suck your..." She stopped mid utterance as the elevator door pinged open.

An elderly couple who had been waiting to take the lift back up stood with their mouths hung open in shock. Gwen had actually not quite managed to finish in time and they'd heard something obviously quite suggestive as a result.

"Excuse her. She's one of these insatiable lusty types of women, you know the sort. No sexual morals at all." Jamie said playfully to fill the silence.

The stunned looks on the elderly couple's faces hung there for a moment before the man let out a laugh and the woman looked at him as if to say "what are you laughing about?" before getting the joke herself and hiding a smile behind her hand.

Gwen's cheeks had heated to roasting levels but she also smirked at Jamie before jabbing him in his side.

"Hey! Careful, she's violent too." He continued as he stepped out of the lift and held the door open for Gwen. "You two have a nice day!" He said to the couple as they parted ways.

"You are an evil, evil man." Gwen accused, though she still couldn't quite suppress her grin.

"Oh yeah I'll definitely to hell for that." He agreed.

They met Sonya at the hotel entrance and all three walked out to where Sonya's car was parked. Gwen's car had apparently been shared with her husband and he'd taken it with him when he'd left so she'd caught the bus into the centre of town. Sonya handed out the drinks she'd bought along with the sandwiches and they talked for a little while before setting off. Jamie had hopped into the back seat with Gwen.

"So I take it you two are going to be up to shenanigans back there all the way home?" She asked, looking at them in the rear view mirror.

"Maaaaybe." Jamie said innocently.

"Well after what you did to me this morning I'd say you owe her a sound fucking buddy." Sonya giggled and took the last bite of her sandwich before starting up the car.

"Oh I intend to pay that debt in full." Jamie promised.

Gwen felt a tingle deep, deep down inside her as Jamie spoke.

"Well try not to be too distracting. Oh and remember your seatbelts!" Sonya reminded them.

They all put their seatbelts on and Sonya pulled out of the hotel car park and started along the drive home.

Thankfully Sonya was a very good and smooth driver which made the meeting of Jamie and Gwen's lips much easier. She'd fastened herself into the middle seat and so she only had the seatbelt wrapped across her waist leaving her free to lean in against him. Jamie happily took her into his arms and they had started a heated and passionate lip lock.

They both happily enjoyed their kiss for a long time, teasing and tantalising their mouths and learning each other's little tricks. Jamie's kiss had become intoxicating to her and she loved the feel of him against her. He managed to convey so much emotion in the touch that she found herself almost swooning on more than one occasion. The kiss became more playful after a while, turning into a game of who could steal the most kisses from the other by distracting them in different ways.

They soon lost count and forgot who was winning but each of them enjoyed claiming they were the winner because it would lead to the other renewing their assault. Sonya happily chimed in now and again commenting on how devious they both were. After a couple of hours of kissing and playing things started to get a little more heated as the game changed.

To keep Sonya from feeling left out of the fun they decided that they would allow her to dare them to do anything she liked. Now we have to remember here dear reader that Sonya was a very kind and gentle woman. Yet she was currently experiencing her own personal sexual revolution that outmatched anything seen since the sixties. Still pushing her own barriers as far as sex was concerned and finding those barriers were very few and far between.

"Um, so anything I say you guys have to do?" She asked a little timidly.

"That's the idea!" Gwen replied with enthusiasm.

"I'm up for it. Just try not to make us break too many laws ok?" Jamie added.

"What do you get if you do everything without bailing out?" Sonya asked.

"How about a Sonya sandwich?" Gwen replied with a wicked tint to her voice.

"Huh? You already ate all the sandwiches I got." The woman replied, confused.

"I think she means a sandwich where you're the filling and we're the bread baby." Jamie explained.

"Oh!" Sonya exclaimed, the actual nature of what was being suggested just dawning on her. Jamie saw her cheeks flush with colour.

"No pressure of course Sonya. I just..." Gwen started. She hadn't meant to put any peer pressure on the woman and hadn't really taken the suggestion seriously herself.

"It's ok!" Sonya interrupted and then after a long pause she started nibbling on her lower lip which Jamie knew was a sure sign she was getting turned on. "Alright. If you don't bail out on any of the dares you get a Sonya sandwich. What do I get if you do bail out?"

"A Gwen sandwich?" Jamie suggested helpfully.

"The scope of your imagination is breathtaking Jamie." Gwen said with no small degree of sarcasm.

"Ok then wiseass, what do you think Sonya should get if we don't keep up with her dares?" Jamie asked.

"What do you want Sonya?" Gwen said, looking to the woman in the driver's seat.

Sonya thought about it for a little while.

"Ok Gwen you have to enter the wet t-shirt contest at Lawrence's student bar and if you don't win it Jamie has to streak through the place butt naked." Sonya suggested. "How's that?"

"It's fine with me!" Jamie said.

"You're a bit eager aren't you? Streaking can get you arrested you know." Gwen reminded him.

"Yeah but given that I only have to streak if you don't win a wet t-shirt contest I think my chances are better than average that I'll keep my clothes on." His hand snaked around her to give her right breast a gentle squeeze as he spoke. The impressive jugs on the gorgeous woman were indeed contest winning material.

"And if she wins then you have to streak at the Bellhop." Sonya added menacingly.

That shut Jamie up alright.

"What's the Bellhop?" Gwen asked curiously.

"It's a gay nightclub." Jamie muttered. "Fine, fine, if Gwen's up for it then so am I."

"Aaaaah, interesting!" Gwen exclaimed with a little laugh. "Alright if Jamie's up for doing that then I'm up for a wet t-shirt contest. No probs!"

"Ok then, I dare you guys to moon the car behind us through the back window. If the guy were any farther up my tailpipe he'd be sat in here with us." Sonya challenged, hoping that the sight of two bottoms in his face might persuade the guy to change lanes or at least back off.

"No problem baby." Jamie responded, unclipping his seatbelt.

Within moments Jamie had pulled the headrest off of the seat in front of him and had leaned over it whilst Gwen had leaned forward in between the seats. When the driver behind them saw the two naked bottoms wiggling in his face he got the message and pulled back a little. They heard his car horn give a few annoyed hoots.

"There y'are boss." Gwen said to Sonya as she sat back down and pulled her skirt and her underwear back into place.

"Next?" Jamie asked as if mooning a car was something he considered to be a casual pastime.

"Yeah! Give us a challenge!." Gwen said with a cheerful grin.

"Alright then, you asked for it. You see these guys at the side of us in the convertible? How about you give them a show Gwenny? Take your blouse off." Sonya ordered.

The car beside them was filled with four guys all in their early twenties. One of them was looking out the window in their direction as their cars glided along the motorway side by side.

"Fine!" Gwen said after a long moment's hesitation.

Jamie watched as she took off the jacket of the suit she was wearing. Then after pulling the shirt from where she'd tucked it into her skirt she started to un-button it whilst leaning over Jamie.

The guy in the other car who had been staring off into space suddenly opened his mouth in surprise before turning to nudge the guy next to him. Soon after that all four guys had their eyes glued to the back window of Sonya's car.

Gwen was unbuttoning her shirt whilst Jamie leaned back so the guys could get a better look. The thin cotton garment was soon flowing down Gwen's arms revealing her black velvet bra to their ogling eyes. The woman's tits were enough to stir any man's desire. The deep curves of her cleavage outlined in the rich black material were practically mouth watering. Jamie turned to see that the guys in the back seat of the car were applauding the show and miming for her to take the bra off.

"You know I kind of thought they wouldn't even notice. Or if they did that they wouldn't really care." Gwen admitted, her voice betraying her nervousness.

"Not care? Gwen you're one of he sexiest women I've ever seen. I'm surprised that those guys haven't driven off the road yet. The guy driving is looking at you more than the road." Jamie said.

The comment made Gwen's nervousness turn to embarrassment since she'd never really thought of herself as sexy. People said she was pretty from time to time, beautiful even. Jamie's compliment had managed to stir her feelings however. She had t admit that until she met him she'd never met anyone whom she actually wanted to think she was sexy.

She almost forgot about the wide-eyed men staring at her and happily reached behind her to unclasp her bra. By now the guys had rolled down the window in their car and were cheering her on. One of the men faked a heart attack when those exquisite tits of hers finally bounced into view. At least Jamie hoped he was faking it.

"Looks like they're enjoying the show Gwen!" Sonya said with an evil giggle.

Suddenly embarrassed, Gwen looked from Jamie to the men and then smiled rather meekly at them. Her face turning a few shades more crimson in the process.

"Ok so what does Jamie have to do?" Gwen asked, hoping for something equally as challenging.

"How about we try to give him a heart attack too?" Sonya contemplated.

Jamie didn't quite know what that was supposed to mean but he was too distracted by the way Gwen's tits bounced with the vibrations of the car to care.

"Ok how do we go about doing that?" Gwen also seemed puzzled as to what Sonya was getting at.

"Gwen, fish his cock out of his pants and start sucking." Sonya said.

Gwen needed little encouragement to go about doing that little chore. Jamie saw her lean forward and unzip his jeans before her fingers got to the task of slipping under their waistline and tugging them down along his legs.

"Oh gosh Jamie you're already so hard!" Gwen squealed eagerly as her long delicate fingers encircled his already throbbing cock.

"I know, you're tits are so damn gorgeous babe." He replied.

"Hey you two! Less chatty, chatty and more sucky, sucky!" Sonya ordered.

Gwen overcame her surprise at Jamie's hardness and lowered her head into his lap. The guys in the other car hooted and hollered and the roof of the convertible slowly started to recede over their heads. With the exception of the driver they all knelt up in their seats to try to peek through Jamie's window and get a good look at the action.

"You know if we pass a camera or a police car we're probably going to go to jail for a very long time right?" Jamie said. When Gwen's hot breath gently caressed his bare skin however he suddenly lost the will to care.

"For what? I'm not exactly driving like a lunatic here and what people get up to in the back seat of the car isn't exactly anyone's business." Sonya reasoned.

"Well we're not wearing seatbelts anymore for one thing and for something like what we are doing I'm sure they'd make up a crime for us to-oly shit Gwen!" Jamie's words were interrupted as the amorous woman started to lick from the base of his shaft to the tip. When her tongue began to slowly swirl around the thick mushroom shaped head Jamie suddenly lost all interest in potentially getting caught and started to ride along with the pleasure.

"Well I'll just have to keep an eye out for cameras and cops then won't I?" Sonya teased.

To get easier access to Jamie's cock Gwen had moved to kneel on the seat, bending over to rest her head in his lap. The guys in the car started to push each other out of the way to get a good look at what was going on. It was difficult to see through at the right angle.

"Those guys are going to cause an accident if they keep doing that." Sonya said disapprovingly. She saw a turn off from the motorway ahead and indicated that they were about to take it. It was half a second before their admirer's car had their indicator light flashing too.

Gwen continued to suck greedily on Jamie's cock. The pair of them were blissfully uncaring of what was going on around them. After about ten minutes of sucking however, the car came to a stop and Jamie opened his eyes. Sonya had parked in some back country road between two large fields. There wasn't another car in sight with the exception of the car full of guys who had followed them out here who had pulled up beside them.

"What are you up to?" Jamie asked Sonya.

"Well I thought these guys would get themselves killed if we kept this up on the motorway. So I thought we'd park up and you two could give them a show. If you daren't though then I'll drive on." Sonya said, turning to look over at the sight of Gwen gurgling around Jamie's highly aroused cock.

"Well I'm fine with it baby." Jamie spoke up, though Gwen had lifted her head to look at the men a little apprehensively.

"Hey you don't have to if you don't want to Gwen. It's just a little fun, you don't have to do the wet t-shirt thing either you know?" Sonya said, looking and feeling little guilty. Maybe she'd gone a little too far here. "We'll still love you regardless won't we Jamie?" She added reassuringly.

"'Course we will." Jamie agreed.

Gwen smiled timidly at them both. Reassured that this was only a game she never the less wanted to prove she was no spoilsport. Plus the guys in the car hadn't gotten out or anything and it's not like they were taking videos. She gave Jamie a little nod of approval and he reached over to open the car door.

The door swung open and the shouting menn all fell immediately silent. Gwen was looking at them all with a teasing smile on her face before her mouth lowered to envelop Jamie's cock once again in its wet silky heat. Jamie groaned at the sensation as her hot mouth contrasted against the cool winter air they had let in when the door opened.

"You guys are insane!" Sonya exclaimed as her hands lowered from the wheel and hooked under her pants before she pulled them down to her knees. A few moments later two of her fingers were buried in her slippery little cunt as she watched Gwen pleasure Jamie in front of an audience. She never actually thought they'd both go through with it!

"Woo! Suck it girl!" One of the spectators cheered.

"You two should do porn!" Another complimented.

Jamie reached one of his hands beneath Gwen to squeeze one of her breasts. Her little brown nipple hardened and poked out between his index and middle fingers. He gave it an encouraging pinch and started to massage the soft globe.

The boy's touch immediately washed away any uncertainly Gwen had and she started sucking his dick whorishly. As his hot cream started to trickle from the little slit at the peak of his shaft she reached down between her own legs to let her fingers frig her clit with fast eager strokes. The combination of her fingers and the deliciously arousing effect of his precum made her release imminent. Her pussy soon gushed with her hot fuck juices as she climaxed to drench her panties in her nectar.

"Mmmrrrph," She moaned as her lips glided up along his shaft before it slipped out completely with a lewd 'pop'. Seeing that their admirers were now completely immersed in her show she looked over to them and stuck out her tongue at them. Shortly afterwards her tongue was licking Jamie's cock like a lollipop, only sucking the tip between her lips for a moment occasionally when his cum started to dribble own the thick veiny shaft.

"Look at her go!" One of the men breathed in disbelief.

"Marry me!" Another one implored.

"Put it between your tits!" The driver shouted.

The last comment had caught Sonya's attention. The horny blonde had wanted to see those gorgeous tits of Gwen's around Jamie's cock too. Well 'in for a penny...'

"Do as he says Gwen, put his dick between your melons!" She dared them once more.

Jamie privately thought that if he ever saw the driver again after this he was going to get Claudia Schiffer to marry the guy. Gwen was really getting into the display by this point and was eager to show off her talents to Jamie. The voyeurs were just an added turn on. Yet she'd never actually done what was being asked of her before and it took her a little while to get into the right position. Sonya had to push the passenger seat forward to allow room for Gwen to settle down on her knees between Jamie's legs.

She was still wearing her skirt and her underwear but her shoes had been kicked off a while back. Her upper body was completely bare however. Cupping her impressive breasts in her hands she leaned forward and slipped Jamie's cock between them. Jamie watched as those silky smooth round tits were squeezed around his shaft leaving only the head poking lewdly up from between them.

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