tagMind ControlAphrodisia Ch. 05

Aphrodisia Ch. 05


When Jamie, Gwen and Sonya finally arrived at Sonya's house embedded deep in the London suburbs they were all a little weak in the knees. Sonya was a somewhat light headed from the long drive and wanted to get inside her house to grab a change of clothes and collapse on the couch. Gwen actually stumbled out of the car after a very long journey in which she had found herself a very willing victim to a young man's insatiable carnal appetites. She felt his cum still dribbling down her inner thighs whilst she wobbled toward Sonya's front door. Jamie himself was a little shaky on his feet since Gwen's legs had often clamped around his hips hard enough to cut off his circulation.

The three of them made their way out of the car and followed Sonya's lead. She stepped up to the front door of a semi-detached house and slipped her key into the lock.

"Make yourselves at home folks." Sonya said with a little yawn. She hadn't gotten nearly enough sleep the previous night. "Kids are with their aunt and won't be back 'till tomorrow morning."

Gwen gave a little sigh of relief. She'd wanted to make a good impression on Sonya's two boys. Walking in with that 'just fucked look' wasn't exactly what she had in mind. Following Sonya inside, she looked around the hallway. When she saw a small picture frame of Sonya with two grinning blonde haired boys at her sides she smiled to herself.

"You have a nice house Sonya." She complimented.

"Thanks, my mom left it to me. It's just about big enough to hold me and two growing twelve year olds." She said before throwing her keys on a side table in the hallway.

"Comin' though..." Jamie warned as he lumbered through the doorway carrying her bags with him.

"Oh thanks babe. Just set it down in there please." She gave an absent gesture to one of the doors leading off of the hallway. "I'm gonna go grab a quick shower."

"I think I'll just collapse on your floor and sleep for about five weeks." Gwen joked as she followed Jamie into the living room.

Jamie set the bag down on the couch and looked over the place. The old couch was made of worn leather but still looked comfortable enough to sink into. There was a TV and DVD player gathering dust in the corner. He noticed the several bookshelves on the opposite wall filled with many volumes from old historical texts to some of the newest releases in fiction. When he approached the bookcase he saw that the books were arranged in rows, three or more deep. It seemed that Sonya, and perhaps more surprisingly her kids, were all avid bookworms.

In front of the couch there was a glass coffee table with a small little arrangement of flowers in the centre. Opposite this was a gas lit fireplace that seemed very well used. He imagined Sonya curled up on the couch immersed in one of her books whilst the firelight played over her. Then his mind naturally shifted gears to imagining her doing the same thing but without any clothes on.

"What are you smiling about?" Gwen had been watching him as his eyes glazed over.

"I-um...nothing." Jamie replied lamely.

"Suuure." The woman had a look in her eye that made Jamie think she might be a mind reader too. He felt the heat rising to his face and decided to change the subject.

"Look now you guys are settled here I've got to go for a little while." He said.

"What? Why?" She perched that curvy bottom on the armchair of the couch.

"I've got a few things to sort out, nothing too serious. Just checking mail and running a few errands I promised I'd do when I got back." Jamie neglected to mention the map. It wasn't that he didn't trust Gwen but he thought that telling her that he was good friends with the goddess Aphrodite, who now went by the name of Allison, might get a reaction he didn't really have time to deal with right then.

"Oh, alright." The woman seemed a little deflated at the news.

"Hey look here's my number." Jamie said, taking a scrap from a small pad of paper on the windowsill and a nearby pen to scribble it down. "If you guys need me for anything then you can give me a call. In fact even if you don't need me then still give me a call. Most of the stuff I have to do is a little dull so it'll be something for me to look forward to."

Gwen took the number and hearing that he wanted them to call him even though he wasn't going away for particularly long seemed to cheer her up.

"How long will you be gone for?" Placing the number on the little table beside the couch, she turned her head to look at him once again.

"I'm not sure. A few hours maybe? I might spend the night at my place but if I do then you can bet I'll be here early tomorrow. Get Sonya to take you shopping. If you're staying here for a few weeks then you'll need more clothes than just your suit." They both heard the spray of the shower turn on upstairs and they both paused to smirk at each other. This was largely due to the fact that the last time they'd been in a shower it had been an extremely pleasant one.

"You've got a point there. I guess I'll have to find a few cheap clothes stores." She said a little glumly. The pretty lawyer was currently unemployed so extravagant spending spree's weren't something she could afford right then.

"Well if they're cheap then it'll be easier on my conscience when I rip them off you." Jamie wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Gwen laughed at that and Jamie was relieved to see her face brighten up again. The woman had a beautiful smile and it was a pleasure to be the one who put it there.

"Well if you're going to leave then come and say goodbye to me properly..."

Those words from Gwen led to Sonya walking in on the pair of them locking lips on the couch. Jamie had taken a seat and the woman whose mouth he was exploring with his tongue had her legs resting comfortably across his lap. Sonya had heard the wet noises of their kissing as she'd descended the stairs and took care to move quietly up behind them into the living room.

"How the heck can you two still be at it?" She said a little louder than she probably needed to from right behind them.

The woman's voice startled the pair enough to immediately part their lips and look over at her. Though they were all comfortable with it, they had not yet gotten fully used having a relationship with more than two people involved. Yet when their surprise faded into two blushing smiles Sonya giggled and walked around the couch to sit on Jamie's opposite flank.

"Jamie's leaving us to go do chores." Gwen complained.

"What!? Can't the hoovering wait? I thought we were gonna spend the night together again." Sonya looked at Jamie like he'd gone a little crazy.

"Look, I've just got to take care of a few things. I'll be back later tonight or early tomorrow and we can play some more then." Jamie's arm descended across the back of Sonya's shoulders and he gently hugged her against him.

"Well alright then I suppose. I guess we could go get Gwen some more clothes." Sonya looked over to Gwen and the woman smiled back at her.

"Great minds think alike." Jamie said.

"Ignorant minds seldom differ." Gwen replied solemnly and then flashed them both a teasing smirk.

"Shouldn't you be showering or something?" Sonya jibed, reaching over to poke Gwen in the shoulder.

"Fine, fine. I can see where I'm not wanted. I'll see you later Jamie." She said and then placed another lusty kiss on his lips by way of saying 'goodbye'. "I think I'll grab a bath if that's ok Sonya?"

"Sure it is! Bubble-bath is in the cupboard beneath the sink." Sonya smiled and she and Jamie waved Gwen goodbye as the woman went upstairs in search of bubble-bath.

"Maybe you should go join her and see if the both of you can forget about me until tomorrow." Jamie suggested with a wink.

"Not a chance baby. Don't you have just a little time before you've got to go?" She asked whilst lowering her hand to let her fingertips stroke over his inner thigh.

Jamie looked over at the clock, not to check how much time he was willing to spend with her but rather to see how late she was going to make him. He had to close his eyes quite suddenly however when he felt her hand slide under the hem of his jeans and start rubbing his naked cock. The length soon grew rigid from her talented caresses and she helpfully unclasped the top button of his jeans and lowered his zipper to let it out into the open air.

"Yeah I think I could spare a minute or two." He said in a slightly higher pitched voice.

"I thought you might be able to." Sonya's tone lowered into a more husky whisper.

Her talented fingers ran up and down his cock, feeling it throb in excitement. The fluffy robe she wore hung loose as she lowered her head to plant a soft kiss on the little pink slit of his cock.

"Mmmm, I can still taste Gwen." She informed him. It wasn't surprising since Gwen had been jubilantly riding his lap not more than thirty minutes ago.

"Do you like it?" Jamie asked, finally opening his eyes to look at her.

"I do actually. Is that weird?" She asked with feigned innocence as her tongue licked over where she'd just kissed.

Jamie laughed aloud at that despite himself. In the past few days he'd unleashed the goddess of love who had promptly gotten him two very beautiful girlfriends and given him some godlike powers. Plus he now spent most of his dreams with her floating on the clouds over London.

"What's so funny?" Sonya asked with a hint of worry in her eyes. Did he really think she was weird?

"Oh it's just that a few days ago I was lonely, cold, wet and digging around in the dirt. Now I'm snuggled upon the couch of my stunningly gorgeous woman who's asking me if liking the taste of my other girlfriend on my cock is weird." Jamie explained.

"Well when you put it that way I guess it is a little weird isn't it?" Smiling as she once again started to stroke along his shaft.

"Yeah but I've decided I like being weird a whole lot more than being normal." He watched as her dressing gown slid open a little more and he got a good look at her lovely petite breasts whilst she continued to pleasure him.

"I'll drink to that." The woman commended and then lowered her head to slowly engulf his hard cock with her mouth. Feeling the member pulse against her tongue she moaned sending sweet vibrations along its length. Apparently the drink she had in mind was currently sloshing around in his balls. He was forty exquisite minutes late in leaving Sonya lying happily naked on the couch with a tiny trickle of his cum sliding down along her chin.

- - - - -

He found his way to the nearest subway station and took the tube along to his flat in the centre of the city. Living there for the past year with several other people had been a strange experience. Jamie was a guy who enjoyed peace and quiet and the parties and the drunken exploits of his room mates were distracting to say the least. He'd learned to live with it however and learned that getting deliriously drunk was not always a bad thing.

The flat was actually set in a row of terraced housing that had been converted for the ever-growing population of students in the city. He unlocked the outer door and walked up to his room.

"Anybody about?" He asked whilst ascending the stairs.

"Jamie!? That you?" A voice called from the kitchen.

"Yeah." He said, stopping on the stairs to turn and look to the kitchen door.

It opened to reveal the familiar and welcoming face of Elisha McKinnon. Elisha was a freshman student at the university who had signed up late and missed out on a place at the dorms. The student union had helpfully pointed her to the ad that Jamie and his housemates had placed in the university paper for a flatmate. His flatmates had all been guys up until that point and Elisha sure had brightened up the place. She'd gone on a few dates with Louis, the guy who lived in the room next to Jamie's and he'd heard the bedsprings straining under the weight of the pair of them more than once. He'd put in some earphones and listened to some over-loud music to blot out the noise.

Jamie glanced over her and couldn't help but smile. She was wearing a bright pink nightie that he'd seen before. It wasn't that he was in the habit of cataloguing her nightwear in his mind of course but this particular one stood out. He remembered he'd once bumped into her wearing it in the kitchen and seeing the baffled yet amused look on his face she'd explained just how it had gotten so revealing.

You see this nightie had been given to her by Louis in an attempt to stop her walking around the house in her usual nightwear. It wasn't that she was an exhibitionist or anything but her eveningwear was often rather revealing, showing off liberal amounts of her legs and quite a bit more of her breasts than most men would feel comfortable with their girlfriends showing to their housemates. Of course after the other guys had gotten used to it they barely seemed to notice anymore but Louis was the paranoid type and so had purchased this particular garment in the hope that it would cover her up a little more in his friends' presence. Jamie had seen him give it to her and she'd thanked Louis enthusiastically, kissed him on the nose and ran off upstairs with it.

So when Jamie had ran into her in the kitchen the next morning he was somewhat surprised to see that the conservative, pink garment had been modified a little. It appeared she'd given the practically nonexistent neckline more of a plunge as it was now torn down to her bellybutton and had some black bootlaces loosely tying it together, barely managing to keep her modesty intact. She'd also unceremoniously hacked off the bottom of the thing so that instead of falling just below her knees it just managed to stroke her upper thighs. The pink girly colour was even marred by several iron-on transfer labels of her favourite bands. Indeed nothing quite breaks the appearance of modesty quite like the thunderbolt from the middle of an AC/DC label ironed over your crotch. She'd told Jamie that she and Louis had a fight and it now suited the rest of her wardrobe better. Then they had both spent the morning blowing up aliens on the communal X-Box.

Louis and Elisha had made up in the end but it seemed that she'd kept the nightie for sentimental reasons. Not that Jamie was complaining of course. At eighteen her youthful body was a pleasure to look upon poured as it was into the borderline slutty garment. She had short wonderfully deep red hair currently styled into a pleasant looking spiky mess and highlighted with vibrant golden strands. Her eyes were a dark shade of brown and within those deep emotive pools you could often catch a glint of her feelings if you had a mind to search.

When she saw him look at her she offered a slight smile in greeting, her cheeks flushed a pleasant rose colour for she had expected the house to herself and likely wouldn't have worn what she was wearing otherwise. She had only worn it before once in the kitchen to put Louis in his place yet say what you would about immodesty but the little garment was damn comfortable. Still she didn't mind Jamie seeing her like that, after all it wasn't like she was displaying everything and she trusted him not to go all sleazy on her. So her soft pink lips outlined her smile as they both looked at each other.

Jamie was brief in looking her over as not to appear lecherous but that brief glimpse was highly rewarding. He saw the delicate curves of her shoulders and her collar bone along with the sides of her full round breasts beneath the criss-crossed bootlaces holding the front of her garment together. Her slender appealing figure had struck a rather appealing pose with her hips tilted slightly to her side giving him a nice view of herself. She was only about five feet and five inches in height but she had a rather lovely long pair of legs despite it. Jamie noticed she'd added a few more band designs to the little nightie and his smile widened a little when he saw half of a Guns N Roses label disappearing around her hip onto her bottom.

If he was honest with himself Jamie would have to admit that he'd had a crush on her since she moved in. Nothing life changing of course but there was definitely something about her playful nature and her smile that got underneath his defences. He even found that they liked all the same things but just when he was about to pluck up the courage to ask her on a date Louis had come along and asked her first.

Elisha leaned in against the doorway and looked up at Jamie on the stairs.

"How'd the dig go love?" She asked. Her pleasant Irish accent was always a treat to the ears.

"Not too bad." He replied absently. Then he paused for a moment before speaking up again. "Actually I broke my professor's jaw."

"You what!?" Elisha's expression took on a look of complete shock.

"He was being a complete asshole. I'll tell you about it later. I'm 'bout four hours overdue for a shower." He said whilst uncomfortably dragging a finger beneath his collar.

"Jamie I wouldn't have thought there was a violent bone in your body! Oh and I just came out to tell you that I'm zappin' some popcorn and gettin' ready to watch a movie if you'd like to join me?" She offered.

"Ah shite, normally I'd be all over that offer 'Leesh but I've gotta go out again." Jamie frowned to himself.

"Everyone's bloody goin' out tonight. I can't until I get paid. Work's bein' an arse again." She worked at the local supermarket as a cashier. As a result she nearly always had no money.

"Why the hell do you work there? I mean the pay's crap and from what you've told me it's not like they treat you like a queen." Jamie re-adjusted the strap of his backpack on is shoulder.

"I'm too busy with classes to look for anythin' else. Where are you off? Don't suppose it's free?" She asked, hoping to get out of the house. "The other lot have gone to a strip club in the city. Some kinda tickets only party and they didn't get me one because I'm a girl."

"Well like you said, you wouldn't have any cash for all the thongs in the place anyway." Jamie remarked with an amused grin.

"Alright you sarcastic arse, what are you doin' that's so important?" Her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Can't tell. It's a secret." He replied as he checked his watch. "And one I'm running out of time for. I'll see you later Elisha."

With that Jamie hurried off upstairs and dumped his bag in his bedroom before going to the bathroom. He took a quick shower and changed into some fresh clothes. It felt good to be back in London. It wasn't long until he'd pocketed the treasure map and was headed out to where he'd left his car parked on the street. He didn't see Elisha on his way out but assumed she was munching on popcorn in the living room whilst starting up a movie.

He drove a black Volkswagen Golf that looked like it had survived the last ice age. Not exactly a chick magnet but in the two years he'd owned it the car had been reliable enough to only break down when he was in walking distance of home. After opening the door he slipped into the driver's seat and started the engine on the second attempt. The car trundled along out of his street and Jamie took the map out of his pocket to check out where he was going.

According to the map he was headed for a field in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of the city. It looked to be a couple of hours driving so he put and old rock and roll tape in the deck and started listening to Aerosmith blaring out of the speakers. He'd considered installing a CD player in the car but thought that it would make everything else in the thing look ancient. Plus it gave his old cassette collection something to do other than gathering dust.

Along the way he thought about Sonya and Gwen and all the things he'd rather be doing with them now. Still, Allison had asked him to go find whatever was buried under the X on the map and she hadn't let him down so far.

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