Aphrodisiac Transformation Ch. 04


When Maggie found out that Mark was coming home for a full-month’s leave, she was overjoyed – beside herself – until she began to try on some of her nicer clothes in preparation for get-togethers and restaurant dining. Without a husband at home, she’d taken to wearing comfortable clothes, sweatpants, etc. It was fun going through her closet again, looking for nice clothes to wear. Just seeing them gave her chills of pleasure, remembering how much fun they always had together, and the fantastic fucking that accompanied each evening.

Ah, there it was, the dress Mark liked so much. The slinky floral number with spaghetti straps that clung so well to her and showed off her long legs and ample cleavage. She held it to her face, smelled it. How great it had looked with her high heels. Perhaps she’d just try it on again and give herself a moral boost. To her horror though, it simply did not fit, nor did any of the other dresses she tried on. Oh my God, she thought, I’ve put on way too much weight!

But Maggie was a Marine wife, not a complainer. And she had eight weeks before Mark came home.

Arising at 5:30am, she began a morning routine of fast walking, then running for up to three miles. Each evening, she shunned the TV and drove to the local YMCA instead for weight training with her friend Lisa. Kit Kat bars were replaced by carrot sticks, Big Macs with turkey sandwiches and french-fries with salads. Her weight went from 160 to 140 in a month, then down to 130 in another two weeks and two days before her husband’s arrival, down to 122. The “new” Maggie looked better than ever, with a fine, toned body, long, muscular legs and a still substantial rack.

So proud were her friends and family of Maggie that they chipped in for a special three-day cruise on the Majestic line. She made all the arrangements with Cap, and they would reunite on the ship for a long overdue vacation before returning home for the remainder of the month.

Lieutenant Capshaw didn’t recognize his wife when he first saw her. Replacing the cheerful freckle faced pudgy dirty blonde was a striking young woman with longer hair than she’d had before. Fit, trim and sexier than anything he’d ever seen. His cock strained his Government Issue briefs just looking at her standing there. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

Tears of joy flowed from Maggie’s eyes when she saw Mark again, looking like a recruiting poster for the U.S. Marines. Tall, broad shouldered and square jawed, his class-A dress uniform emblazoned with service medals. Neither a man nor woman on that ship saw him without swelling with pride in their country and their armed forces, as exemplified by this handsome young officer. Older veterans and younger men honored him with a deferential smile or salute, while women held their gaze long enough for him to notice them. It was great to be back in the United States.

Their long embrace and kiss didn’t erase the months of loneliness and longing – but it didn’t hurt either.

“I love you so much,” she whispered in his ear as he held her tight. “I hope you never let me go.”

“Honey,” he replied, “letting you go is the last thing on my mind right now. There’s no force in the world that could keep us apart.” Mark meant every word of it.

Since it was dinnertime and they were both starving, Mark and Maggie decided to eat before spending much needed time alone together. The meal was finer than anything Mark had seen in…he couldn’t remember how long. Maggie struggled to stick to her diet, having only one small slice of cake for dessert, but two cups of coffee. Little did she know that within her dinner was a powerful aphrodisiac that would soon bring her to her knees – literally.

And how wonderful she looked in her dress again. She thought back with satisfaction on the hours of exercise she’d put in. Her naturally large breasts were well contained, though abundantly clear within the thin material. Her powerful, yet ultra-feminine legs were long and toned, catching her husband’s eyes like a magnet. Her back and shoulders were gorgeously displayed. What marvelous skin tone Maggie had – not a freckle or mark on her tanned body.

The attractive couple received lots of stares from the other passengers, but were so thrilled to be together that they hardly noticed anyone else in the huge dining hall. After dinner, they strolled arm and arm around the deck, walking off dinner before making their way to their cabin. At one point, Maggie felt a little “tipsy”, though she’d had no alcohol. Just the effect of being with her handsome husband again, she surmised, clinging to his arm for support.

But as they got closer to their cabin, Maggie felt somehow more than just tipsy. As hormones bombarded her system, her eyelids fluttered a bit, and her pussy began the first stirrings of a buzzing that would increase moment to moment. Small beads of sweat began to appear on her forehead, and her legs trembled slightly.

Mark, unaware of any unusual activity within his wife’s system, walked contentedly toward the cabin with her, still elated from the rush of being in civilization and in the company of his wife, who was lovelier than he could ever remember. He hoped to go back to their cabin and continue to catch up on people and events with Maggie. Then, hopefully, once she felt totally comfortable with him again, spend some time kissing and fondling, perhaps even making love slowly and leisurely on their first night together.

It was not to be.

In the few additional minutes it took to get to their cabin, Maggie felt more desperately horny than she ever had in her life. It had been a long time without Mark, to be sure, but this was more. Moisture was drenching her pussy, beginning to leak out. Her nipples were fully erect and straining the fabric of her blouse. Her hands helplessly pinched them, sending bolts of lightning through her.

“Honey, you OK baby?” Mark asked curiously. It had been so long, he probably thought she had an itchy rash.

“Let’s just get to the room as fast as we can,” Maggie replied in a low, sultry voice, looking at her husband through clouds of desire. “Quickly,” she added.

Once inside the room, Maggie turned Cap around and stuck her tongue down his throat with such force that his first instinct was nearly to defend himself. But when he felt her body trembling, heard her breath coming in rushes as she panted, and saw the traces of darkening moisture at her crotch – he knew he was in danger all right, and it was just the kind he liked.

Mark held his wife’s head in both his hands and kissed her back with equal passion. The smell of her perfume and sweaty desire made his cock throb and ache as it swelled. He swirled his tongue around inside of her mouth, meeting hers in that dark cavity and dancing with wet passion. His hands moved slowly down her face to her neck, then lightly caressed the outsides of her shoulders, her now defined deltoid muscles, and made their way down to her magnificent breasts. Here his hands found a home.

He placed his palms under Maggie’s substantial mounds, marveling at their fullness and perfect round shape. He lifted them up and down a few times, as though to measure their weight. Satisfied that they weighed enough, he used his thumbs to encircle her aureoles.

Maggie was literally salivating, although their wet, energetic kiss made it undetectable. She felt as though she was in a breeze, with each wave of air bringing her greater and greater pleasure. Her body was covered in goosebumps, and every touch of her husband’s hands on her breasts created what felt like a mini orgasm, a surge of incredible pleasure that left a wake of chilling shivers. Her pussy, at first tingling, then buzzing, was now positively vibrating like a tuning fork that had just been struck. She could not remember ever being so aroused, and as the seconds ticked off, it seemed somehow to get even more intense.

And this was just the beginning, while she could still think clearly.

The feeling built and built until finally, her head awash in sex hormones, a veil seemed to come down over her thoughts and actions, drowning out all other thoughts. Maggie was helpless to resist. Her body was nothing more than a conduit for the bodily pleasures it desired and desired to give.

It was no surprise then that when Mark’s fingers moved to squeeze her nipples, her feet seemed to lift off the floor. She moaned into his mouth in desperation. Her eyes opened, half lidded, and she moved her top aside to give his strong hands full access to her naked breasts. Enraptured by the feel of her warm, soft breasts, the young Lieutenant squeezed and kneaded her flesh while she threw her head back and moaned.

“Oh God, Mark, you don’t know what you’re doing to me, darling…”

Mark moved Maggie’s dress top down and bent over to lick around her perfect aureoles, holding the meat of her breasts in his big hands. Then he sucked on her right nipple while squeezing the left. Maggie held his head and stroked his short-cropped hair.

He reveled in the taste of her skin, the softness. As he held her breasts and sucked on her nipples, his wife moaned loudly and incessantly, exciting him even more.

Maggie’s knees were knocking together so hard she could no longer stand. The couple tumbled onto the couch, embracing. Mark kissed her neck, which she had always loved, and rubbed his hands all over her breasts. Maggie placed her hands over his, at times squeezing her own nipples.

She suddenly felt at though she had to either have his cock in her mouth or perish. Yanking his pants off, she nearly fainted with joy at the sight of his erect cock, prominent veins pulsating.

“Oh your cock, Mark. Your big…beautiful…cock,” she murmured before closing her lips around his shaft like a vise. Mark dropped his head back and moaned as his horny wife licked around the head of his penis like a giant ice-cream cone – her favorite flavor.

“Oh God, honey,” he sighed. “That feels so incredible…so worth the wait.”

Maggie looked up into his eyes as though he was giving her the world’s greatest gift.
She slurped a path up and down his cock, licking all around the shaft until it was drenched with her saliva. Then she pumped it with her delicate hands while taking his balls into her mouth one at a time to suck on. She licked a path from his anus to his balls, never letting his cock beg for attention. Cap felt like his cock was in a dishwasher, being washed down every minute with warm water. But Maggie was sucking hard as well, as though trying to bring the cum from his feet.

Maggie made love to her husband’s cock. She kissed and licked it, wiping it all over her face until her cheeks were wet. Lovingly caressing it, she panted at the sight of his stiff cock in all its glory. She pushed it flat against his stomach as she licked up and down one side of his shaft, then pulled it away as she saturated the other side. She stuck just the large head in hour mouth and sucked on it, while licking the sensitive underside until Mark saw stars.

Mark was in no hurry to blast his creamy treasure yet, though. He lifted Maggie’s dress and there it was – a man’s reason for living. Her vagina was nearly hair free. Maggie had decided before she left for the ship to give her man a treat – an unobstructed view of her pussy. In a preview of her husband’s arrival, her own juices had been dripping as she shaved herself, and it had only taken a few dips of her finger to bring her to an open mouthed, silent climax.

Her juices were dripping even more tonight. Though she was anything but silent as Mark’s tongue sucked her engorged outer lips, his finger rubbing around the inner lips gently. He held her gorgeous legs apart, holding her ankles, as he licked and sucked her meaty pussy, intoxicated by the smell and taste. Maggie was pushing her crotch into his face harder and harder, trying to force her entire vagina into his mouth.

Mark put the tip of his thumbs into her throbbing pussy and spread it apart. Maggie gulped as he used his tongue like a battering ram, inserting it again and again, as deep as it would go into her moist pink hole. Maggie helped my pushing on the back of his head to drive him into her steaming hollow even deeper.

His tongue then found her clit, engorged with blood so profusely it jutted out of the hood on its own and was the size of a raisin. He playfully licked circles around it at first, then got serious and sucked it into his mouth. Maggie was in another place totally. Without even realizing it, she had moistened her finger and was playing with her anus, until finally she stuck her finger in and out of her own ass with increasing fervor. Maggie was out of control.

“Suck…mm…my clit, Mark. Oh Godddd…suck...suck it honey. You’re making me feel sooo good right now, I’m…it’s sooo good,” she rambled.

Maggie’s eyelids fluttered as the orgasm made her feel like she was on a joy ride at Disney. Her body was swimming in a pool of ecstasy that engulfed her totally. Like a harmless flame, hot waves of delight licked at her body. Not just her groin, but her enture body – the soles of her feet felt it. She began to shake uncontrollably, squeezing her own nipples almost to the point of discomfort, yet it felt way too good to even consider stopping. Her soft moans became a stream of short grunts, and then a wail of desperate cries. Her hips moved back and forth as though she were on a mechanical bull, until there was no feeling left but the orgasm.

Shaking like a leaf on a windy day, Maggie cried out, “Mmmmark…Ggggoddd…I’m cum..cumm…cumming harder than I’ve…ever…Mmmark…”

Sweat rolling off her neck and down her chest, Maggie laid back against the couch, smiling the unmistakable smile of a woman who’d just cum hard.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered to Mark, her breath starting to return to normal, “that was incredible.”

“It was, honey,” he replied. “I was…you were…I guessed we just missed each other a hell of a lot.”

Maggie began to form a reply – but she didn’t have the time. The powder’s effect was not going to let her just yet.

Within moments of her orgasm, she got that lightheaded feeling again for a fleet second. Her groin ached again, and a feeling of desire came over her with one overriding thought, she wanted to be fucked and fucked hard – in the ass.

Maggie rose from the couch and sat on her husband’s lap. The lieutenant’s thick cock rested in the crack of her warm ass as he kissed her beautiful shoulders. He reached around her back and supported her tits again, fondling and lifting them up and down, a game he never tired of. It was quite a sight, her lovely tapered back, leading down to her soft, round ass. The smell and feel of her satiny hair cascading down her shoulders and back. It certainly beat eating canned K-rations in a wet forest.

Maggie sat forward and placed the tip of Mark’s cock at the entrance to her pussy, then slowly sat down again as his hard cock filled her up. It felt to Maggie as though it reached all the way to her stomach. She used her powerful legs to rise up and down on his cock, which made a slurping sound at it slid through her juices on its way up and down. Each time his cock bottomed out and hit her cervix, she felt an electric jolt shoot through her. As tremendous as it felt to be impaled on her husbands cock, Maggie was merely getting it good and wet for her ultimate goal.

Planting her feet on the floor, she rose up and pulled Mark’s cock out of her. He sighed in disappointment until she whispered, “put it in my ass, honey…fuck my ass.”

“Are you sure, Mag?” he asked, a bit concerned and confused by her behavior.

“Oh yes,” she said in a deep, throaty voice, “very sure.”

Mark took his slick cock and placed it at the entrance to his wife’s anus, already relaxed and ready from Maggie’s own finger in it. Maggie slowly lowered herself onto his flagpole. There was a second of momentary discomfort for her as his mushroom head stretched her opening, but then his cock slid in like a spoon through Jell-O. In fact, Mark couldn’t believe how easily it slipped in her silky anus.

Maggie pulled her legs up and planted them on the couch, so that all of her weight rested on her husband and buried every last centimeter of cock in her accommodating ass.

Her anus was so tight and warm, it eagerly held Mark’s cock in its tight loving embrace.
As Maggie bobbed up and down, her husband’s cock balls deep in her tight ass, they were each in fog of pleasure.

Mark felt as though his cock was traveling through two soft, wet pillows. There was a slight friction, which heightened the sensation. It was incredible to see his entire cock disappearing in his wife’s small asshole. Her breathing was so erratic that he knew she was feeling nothing but pleasure.

Maggie could not describe the sensation if she tried. Her right hand rhythmically rubbed her clit while her husband’s anal assault sent chills through her. It had hurt for a mere second, but now the feeling was beyond good. It was as if she were having mini orgasms with each stroke, and perhaps she was. A smile curled her lips while her eyes closed, colors flashing behind her lids. She imagined the sight of his cock sliding into her ass, his face a mixture of passion and determination.

“I’m gonna…gonna cum, honey.” Mark alerted her.

“Me too, Mark…bring it on.” She urged.

She heard Mark’s muffled moans as if there were in another room, so immersed was she in her own climax. Maggie was swirling her thumb inside her pussy while the other hand vigorously rubbed her clit. Crashing waves of tingly pleasure washed over her again and again, so sharp and it seemed as though they would burst through her skin.

The combination of anal and vaginal stimulation was overloading her, and with her mouth wide open and nothing but small, gurgling sounds escaping, Maggie came hard – very hard.

As for Lieutenant Capshaw, he felt the tidal wave of sperm rise through his sac and rush up his shaft at ballistic speed. It seemed like he was cumming forever, as a river of cream flooded his wife’s tight, tender ass. His face was pressed into her lovely back while his arms wrapped tightly around her taught stomach. Even after his throbbing tool completed its mission and was out of her back door, it continued to leak sperm for several moments, so immense was the build-up.

Maggie, now fully fucked, lay back against Mark, catching her breath once again and wondering in dazed confusion what had come over her.

“It’s good to be home, Mag,” Mark stated the obvious. “I love you more than ever.”

“Me too, baby,” Maggie replied in a hushed tone, grateful for her husband’s safe return,
“Me too.”

As Mark slowly strode off to grab a quick shower, a military tradition, Maggie felt, unbelievably, another wave of desire begin to emerge. While Mark soaped his body and cleaned his hair, she lay naked across the couch, alternately pinching her stiff nipples and dipping three fingers in her drenched pussy…

*** Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Drop me a line. If you liked the story, I’d be thrilled to know. Negative feedback you may keep to yourself. Writing this story was a lot of work, but I had a blast and would be willing to go further. Your 5 votes are so greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading, and if you get a chance, please read my ‘Payback’ series, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy as well. Keep the faith! ***

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