tagBDSMAphrodite's Curse Ch. 023

Aphrodite's Curse Ch. 023


As Demetrius approached Arcadia he looked down again upon his naked body and sighed. Thinking to himself "That loincloth of Cerberus certainly would come in handy now!" and laughed thinking that Persephone must have set him up sending him first to a land where everyone is already naked. He had only NOT been naked for such a short time before being stripped yet again having his protective covering tossed into the fire, burned to a crisp. On Gavdos it had not mattered, as everyone was naked. Now he would have to worry about this again, as for the rest of the world a nude man walking around definitely attracts attention.

Reading further into the notes provided on his quest list, he studied the history and layout of Arcadia looking for clues about how to proceed. Persephone had indicated pretty clearly where he would be most likely to discover Artemis, and be able to steal an arrow without being discovered. In the center of the Island was a warm mountain fed spring which fed into a small pond where the Goddess and her entourage would often come to bathe after one of their hunts. The spring was at least a two-day hike inland, so he would have to be very careful as he would be exposed to discovery for quite some time. The Goddess and her companions, all quite beautiful nymphs, were to be avoided at all costs. Men were strictly prohibited from the island, as it was entirely under the protection of the Goddess, and she was not friendly to the male sex at all. She was not only Goddess of the Hunt, but also of virgins, so she was actively hostile to men who she viewed as violators of innocent maiden purity.

Throughout the Greek World, noble families from every kingdom would send their youngest daughters to the Island of Arcadia to worship Artemis and hopefully earn her blessings in the future. The girls would arrive annually, none yet known by man, and would spend one year in Arcadia, after which time they would be given a choice. During this year they spent their time communing with nature, enjoying the pleasures of the hunt, and as often would happen, the pleasures of each other's bodies. Those girls who could not stay longer would be released after the year was up, usually due to either homesickness or even more common, lust for the touch of men. Those who did not have such urges would stay and complete their training to eventually become Priestesses to the Goddess. Having one's youngest daughter a priestess to Artemis was a great honor so when the families would return each year to pick up their girls, it was with a mixture of sadness and pride if they discovered that their daughter chose not to return home with them.

Because of the high number of noble, young and beautiful virgins on the Island, any man caught setting foot on Arcadia would be executed immediately as the girls were pretty defenseless, especially early on their arrival. Artemis took great care to protect her minions, and she and her companion nymphs would train them in the ways of the hunt, and how to love and care for small animals and appreciate nature in general. By the end of their training the girls could easily take care of themselves, but still the threat of death to all men was well known throughout Greece and kept would be Romeos far away.

Demetrius reading this grew nervous. Looking down again at his permanent nudity he shuddered. Being discovered on his quest would mean instant death, and being cursed to eternal nudity made it impossible to hide his quite obvious male status. Twisting his ring of invisibility around his finger, even this would not be able to help much as it only granted the user its power for a few minutes before requiring a significant length of time to recharge. He would be on Arcadia for days at least, possibly longer, so if he did need to be invisible, he would have to be very judicious in its use. Seeing Arcadia rising up on the horizon, Demetrius steered his boat to a small hidden cove that would allow him to anchor and still have his ship hidden from anyone approaching the island. Landing quietly, he waded ashore.

Arcadia was astonishingly beautiful. Lush green vegetation covered the entire land and the woods teemed with wildlife including abundant deer, boar, squirrels, birds, it was a Sylvan paradise. Wishing he had completed in his quests, Demetrius thought about how fantastic the hunting would be here, as back at his old home, he and his poor friend Angone spent many summer days in pursuit of wild boar. Seeing the main mountain peak from the shore, he mapped out in his head how he would begin his search for the spring in the morning.

Back on Olympus, Dionysius poured himself another goblet of nectar. He was seriously regretting volunteering for the mission to the underworld, and was proceeding to get drunk, hoping some liquid courage would help him on his own quest. Dionysius was a party God, and the complete antithesis of Hades, who also ironically his uncle. All of that death, doom and gloom really creeped him out, and he had not been to the Island of the Dead since he was sent there as a youth to spend a dreadful summer with his grim and stern Uncle. Hades was very powerful, and although Dionysius was also divine, his powers paled in comparison to The Lord of the Dead. He would have to use persuasion, not divine power, to rescue his cousin, if indeed she was being held hostage.

Hovering over the Isle of the Dead, Dionysius looked down in total bewilderment. Things were DEFINITELY not right here. Thousands of the recently dead were standing on the shore of the river Styx waiting for Charon, and from the looks of the crowd, there was a significant backlog. Materializing on the riverbank, the frightened recently deceased mortals dropped to their knees and averted their eyes from Dionysius. Most were very confused and weak, just recently beginning to adjust to their new non-living status, but the light coming off his divine presence was enough to still drop them to the ground. Dionysius, pointing to a lovely woman cowering before him, commanded her to approach. She was gorgeous, completely naked and with such a huge rack that even Gods like him had to salivate. Kneeling before him, he asked her what was going on.

The lovely woman explained that she had arrived on the shore about a week earlier, having recently died in an accident in her bath (hence her nudity). Fully expecting Charon to ferry her to the other side, she had the coin that her family had dutifully placed in her mouth, but to her horror discovered that Charon had not been seen by anyone for months, so everyone was stuck in limbo. The crowds kept getting bigger and bigger as the dead kept arriving but no one ever came to ferry them to the underworld. Dionysius nodded and ordered the lovely woman to rise announcing that he himself would take her to the other side personally. Ironically she was eager to reach the underworld as being in an in-between state was not pleasant. Dionysius, never one to miss an opportunity to score a cheap thrill, instructed the young curvy beauty to grab onto his chest and squeeze tight as they flew. Enjoying the feel of her firm breasts and budding nipples pushing into his chest, he stroked her fine ass as they made the short flight across the Styx the girl cooing in pleasure at the warm touch of the God. Landing on the other side of the river, they parted, she on the path to the entrance of the underworld, and Dionysius on a hunt for Charon.

Looking everywhere for the skeletal sailor, he was nowhere to be found. Dionysius was convinced that something majorly bad had obviously occurred as Charon would certainly not be so slack in his duties as his boss Hades was not a very forgiving God to work for. Moving up the mountain to the entrance to the underworld, he saw something that was unbelievable even to a jaded God like him. In the entrance to the cave was the fearsome Cerberus, laying flat on his back, leg twitching wildly in the air as two spirits scratched and tickled his stomach. He grinned at the humor of the sight of this fearsome hellhound turned from grim guardian of the dead to harmless puppy. The two spirits frolicked with him on the ground causing all three heads to yelp in puppy-like glee as they rough housed with the dog.

Passing right by the scene, the spirits appeared to ignore his presence and the dog was having far too much fun to care. "This truly is an outrage!" he thought as he entered the mouth of the cave. Once inside he discovered Charon and was so shocked at the sight before his eyes he yelled out "WHAT THE FUCK!!!". There he was, robe off, his whole skeletal body on display with his head buried deeply in between the legs of some beautiful female spirit, obviously enjoying his boney attentions. Muttering to himself, he continued deeper inside. "Things have certainly gone to shit here!" he mumbled as he witnessed more and more perverted sights.

As the God of Wine, Dionysius was certainly hard to shock with any imaginable scenes of bad behavior, as that was normally clearly in his wheelhouse. His Bacchanals were infamous orgies of non-stop drunken debauchery but this was beyond anything he would or could dream up, yet alone organize. The spirits of the dead were everywhere and the centuries of their pent up lust had obviously erupted out into the land of the dead. To his right he saw Tantalus, obviously having escaped his eternal torment in Tartarus, butt-fucking the delicious ass of an obviously insatiable Helen of Troy. She had her head thrown back screaming in bliss, while in his mouth he chewed on a big apple half eaten. To his left Sisyphus was receiving an extremely vigorous handjob from Andromeda while she straddled his face, gyrating her hips in obvious delight at the machinations of his tonuge. From the screams of pleasure emanating from her mouth, Sisyphus was eating her well, his muscular hands stroking her bouncing breasts over his face in time to her hip motion. Shocked yet amused (and quite aroused) at the scenes around him, he heard the unmistakable voice of Persephone shrieking loudly over the din of groans, moans, whimpers and grunts of pleasure echoing all around him.

"Yes! My good dark slaveboy, YES! Lick it, lick it harder slave, make Momma squirt all over your face!!! Worship the Goddess who controls THESE BITCHBOY!!!" she screamed, the sound of her screams shaking the stones in the ceiling loose from the power of her voice. Dionysius smirked a wry smile, but was still very confused. Obviously Persephone was not a captive, but things were certainly quite odd. Whatever was going on here was not at ALL what he was expecting to find on his journey. Following the sound of her voice he slowly made his way to its source.

Back on Arcadia, Demetrius hid in a patch of bushes off of the beach, definitely wanting his presence kept a secret. Exhausted from his journey he quickly drifted off to sleep, his body fully relaxed in such an Idyllic setting. An hour or so later, he was awoken by erotic sounds entering his ears and the pleasant sensation of a rough tongue licking the end of his very sensitive cock. Eyes snapping open as his brain processed what was happening, he was shocked to discover a doe licking his manhood for the salt on his skin.

Wanting to pull away and run he knew he could not as just a few feet away a group of novices were preparing themselves on the beach. From his location he could see them, but they could not return his gaze in his hiding place in the bush. Little Demetrius was now at full attention and raring to go, but he had to remain completely still and totally silent until the girls left, otherwise he would be discovered. His face sweating from this unintentional venison blow job his cock grew even harder as his eyes drank in the feast of lovely young women slowly starting to disrobe. Biting his hand hard to prevent from audibly moaning, this was sheer erotic torture. Dropping their pure white tunics, the young women presented his aching balls and hungry eyes a sea of gorgeous round firm asses and perky large breasts, all unknown to the touch of a man. As if to make it even harder for Demetrius to maintain composure, the young women began stroking each other and rubbing themselves with paint in preparation for their training. Demetrius bit his hand even harder as the deer upped the intensity of her oral assault on his unintentional salt lick and the sights and sounds of the girls invaded his brain. He wanted to close his eyes to avoid watching, but in his perpetual horny state, and being a man of course, he could not resist watching their unintentional porn show.

This situation would normally be fodder for a thousand nights of self-pleasure, but under these circumstances it was simply an awful torment to be endured. The deer, obviously with no fear of humans on this island, continued to lick faster and faster as the salt on his skin fed its need, now increasing its tastiness by the precum that oozed out of the tip of his rod. The girls, giggling as they painted their faces and bodies, eventually clothed themselves in tiny leather thongs and began to head inland, bows in hand, ready to begin their training. Luckily for him he remained undiscovered, and once they were clear he quietly shewed the insatiable Doe away. Looking down at himself, Demetrius sighed as again he prayed a silent, but obviously pointless, prayer to Aphrodite begging for relief. The effects of the deer's tongue, the girl's bodies and the incredible erotic appeal of the sound of giggling maidens had done its work and little Demetrius was throbbing and twitching wildly as his huge balls undulated with the boiling unspent cum of decades of desperation churning inside. Waiting a few minutes to make sure they were safely out of sight, he started his journey inland.

Dionysius took a big swig from his flask as he stood outside the closed bedroom, the sounds of wild fucking taking place inside shaking the whole palace. "This is going to be very tricky." he thought as he gently rapped his knuckle on the door. "Persephone" he whispered "It's Di-Di, are you alright?".

"GO AWAY!!! AH AH AH AH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed from inside, obviously deep in the throes of passion. Curiosity getting the better of him, he dropped to his knees and peered through the keyhole. The scene he witnessed instantly had his Toga tented as his cock immediately swelled to full mast. There on the bed, tied spread-eagle was a very naked and obviously completely aroused Hades. He was blindfolded and sweat was pouring off of his body in buckets, obviously having been worked over for quite some time. His balls, having been expertly teased for months glowed bright blue in intensity, casting a pale light throughout the room. His enormous cock (his uncle was quite endowed Dionysius thought) wept precum in a steady stream of rivulets down his cock forming puddles on his stomach.

Laying on top of Hades was an obviously well serviced Persephone, her pussy planted firmly in his face. His groans could still be heard, although they were quite gurgly as his mouth was eagerly licking and sucking her incredibly wet and quivering snatch. Persephone was a mess, but the smile on her face showed she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Hair disheveled, her body glowing with the combination of sweat and deep orgasmic satisfaction, she lazily licked her tongue slowly around the head of his cock swirling it agonizingly over his purple glans. Each twitch or spasm of Hades caused a grin to form on her face and with her free hand she ran her nails in little circle eights over his glowing balls, so desperate to release their load.

"Please PERSEPHONE, PLEASE HAVE MERCY!!" Hades begged pitifully before plunging his face again into her honeypot. Grinning wildly, her whole body shook violently as yet another of the countless orgasms ripped through her body and began its journey through her gorgeous curvy form starting at her curling toes. Dionysius, watching this through the keyhole almost shot his own divine load into his hand as he could not help but stroke off to such an erotic scene. Shaking his head to try to regain some sense, he knocked on the door again once it was clear that Persephone had finished spasming.

"Please Persephone, come to the door and let me in, it's very important" he whispered. Persephone, looking sated yet irritated by this disruption, crawled off of her husband, smiling deeply as she saw him reach for her desperately with his tongue as she removed her cunt from his face. Looking down at him, so desperate for her, so completely enslaved by her charms, she picked up her left foot and ran her toes up his shaft. His blaringly loud moan of desperation was music to her ears. Turning to the door, she opened it quietly and stepped out.

"Be right back Hades" she giggled as she exited.

Looking at her cousin Dionysius angrily she crossed her arms across her gorgeous tits, looking at his obvious erection and grinning she barked "WHAT!".

"Listen Persephone, far be it from me to break up a sex party, but do you know what time it is?" he asked. She stared at him blankly without emotion in response. "IT'S JUNE!!!! And you and your husband's little romp might just end up causing the collapse of civilization!!" . Persephone giggled as she had no idea it was so late. Placing a finger on her cousin's mouth, she indicated he should be quiet. "OK Di-Di, I get your point. Let me just go take care of some business inside, and I will return with you."

Dionysius sighed with relief as he was glad there was not going to have to be a big confrontation. "Hey, uh, well, do you mind if I watch?" an embarrassed but obviously quite aroused Dionysius asked, his erection now throbbing wildly at the smell of arousal wafting off of his beautiful cousin.

Rolling her eyes, she whispered "You are such a PERVE!", but waved him inside and pointed to a large chair to hide behind where he could watch. As Hades was tied, and blindfolded and completely lost in lust, he was unaware that anyone other than Persephone was in the room. Strolling over to her husband, she sat on the end of the bed and began to grip his cock with her feet, slowly beginning to stroke him with her delicious soles making sure to tickle the head of his cock with her toes. Hades groaned appreciatively and continued begging for release.

As she stroked him, increasing in both intensity and speed, her mind thought back over how delightful this winter had been. She and her handsome husband had been in this room for months and she had been teasing him non-stop since chaining him to the bed. The Lord of the dead definitely was quite the talented pussy eater now, as the thousands of orgasms she had experienced over the past few months attested to. He had earned this footjob, and she was going to give him a treat to last until next winter. For the first time in her life, she was actually sad she had to leave the Underworld.

Stroking him faster and faster, Hades balls grew brighter and began to throb wildly. He was close, so very very close as she had kept him near to the edge for months. His face grimaced in pleasure, still glistening with the gallons of her nectar she had spilled all over him. Moaning wildly his cock began to shake and suddenly he erupted, his whole body arching up as he shot his seed straight into the air.

Dionysius looked on in amazement and ducked as the icy blue spooge pummeled and splattered everything the room. It was incredible!!!! Even Vesuvius's eruption was nothing like this, and gallons and gallons of god cum coated the ceiling, the walls, the floor, dousing everything in an icy snowdrift of his spunk. He, along with everything else in the room was now completely saturated with the Jizz of Hades, and having accidently gotten some into his mouth, gaped in open in wonder at the scene, he blanched. Gagging slightly at its frozen salty taste, he quietly snuck out of the room to wait for Persephone outside, the sounds of Hades screams of pleasure shaking Hell itself to its foundations.

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