tagMind ControlAphrodite's Kiss Ch. 04

Aphrodite's Kiss Ch. 04


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


"Yes, yes, that's a very nice skirt, babe. You're gonna break hearts and make cocks throb with that," Heather assured Madeira as we all selected the skirts and she got a chance to try them on at last.

The look on my new lovers' faces as Madeira picked her clothes was truly priceless, both of them on the proverbial Cloud Nine as Madeira changed repeatedly. It was eventually finished, but I could tell that the women milked it for all that they could, not just so that Madeira could play dress up, but also so that they could both drive me nuts. They kept me absolutely horny as fuck rather than give me a chance to recover from having been laid three times that morning to two different ladies. Then again, I couldn't help but notice an increase in my stamina that morning, as I had spent myself thrice and recovered with remarkable ease for a mortal man.

"Damn, you really are stunning in that, dear! Yes, you'll definitely get to keep that one!" I remarked as I went ahead and lead the way to the counter, where I paid happily for the three miniskirts (one with a slit in the front, one with a slit on the right side, and one with a zipper in the back).

"Well, that just leaves panties and shoes for Madeira, of course. I assume that we're not going to fool with bras. Just let those girls play!" Heather joked, even as she gave me the receipt.

"Yes, we want your last commission to be very fat indeed. But who will ring you up for yours?" I wondered, even as a very delectable young woman walked up with her employee badge, having just clocked in for her shift.

"I think that we have our answer. Janine, meet Phil, my old flame, of all people. This is his girlfriend, Madeira. She's from Manila in the Philippines. Phil, this is my supervisor, Janine. Yes, she outranks me despite being younger. Oh, Janine, this is my final shift. I'm quitting after today. Don't worry, I can be replaced, can't I? Phil's going to take care of everything, I trust. Maybe even finding my replacement?" Heather pouted a little to try to coax me to agree to it.

"Old flame, you say? Is he the one to finally break you of those silly vows to the man who won't consummate your marriage? I wondered what it would take. I keep trying to set you up with my boyfriends, if you recall. They deserve some strange, too, for gladly sharing me. Anyway, Phil, if you could find a substitute to fill Heather's fantastic shoes, that would be nice. It would be tough, though. One good thing about spoiled rich girls ... they have great taste in clothes, even when cut off and no longer able to afford them," Janine spoke with a distinctly foreign accent.

"Where are you from, anyway?" I was curious, given what graced my ears, "anyway, I think that I can achieve this for you, somehow. Maybe not right away, but in time to avert disaster for you."

"Orange Free State, South Africa. Yes, this accent is because my first language is Afrikaans. Zulu father, Afrikaner mother. Long story on that. That would be very much appreciated. She's not really replaceable, but we'll have to do. So, you're the old flame, eh? The one that got away. Tell me, what is it about you ... well, what is it about him, Heather? Clearly, he's not just an ex, is he?" Janine grinned and winked at Heather and me, before turning to Madeira, "what about you, Madeira? What is it about him that gets him two ladies? I mean, I know what draws my boyfriends to me, but there is clearly something to Phil ... something that makes me curious about him now."

"I'm glad that you think so. I mean, we had a great time, we liked each other a lot, but I always assumed that it was a short-term thing back then. Now, however, I'm beginning to rethink that notion. Honestly, Heather, what are your thoughts and feelings about you and me? Was it just a fling for you back then that you're revisiting with a vengeance, or was it something more even in those days?" I asked my ex-girlfriend directly.

"To be completely truthful ... I was a slut back then and I tried to mend my ways by being faithful to Ray, though that didn't work out ... but I was a slut ... but, yeah, I worshiped you. Even then. Sure, I cheated on you, I won't lie about that, though I don't doubt that you cheated on me as well. With Maria, I believe. Sweet, Armenian cutie Maria. I didn't mind as much as you might think. It was supposed to just be a summer fling before college, but I couldn't help but constantly want to hump you, and the more that you fucked Maria, the more that I wanted to hump you all over again. In fact, the more that I fucked Chad and Chase, the twins, the ones that I cheated on you with, the more that I wanted to fuck you. Cheating sex just whetted my appetite for more relationship sex ... it's hard to explain," Heather explained and as I read her subconscious mind at last, this was confirmed in my own ... she had always wanted me, never wanted to end it.

"You were pressured to break it off with me, weren't you? By your parents. They frequently meddled in your love life and relationships, up to and including the point when they cut you off. If they hadn't interfered, you and I would still be together, though I think that I'd still have Madeira as well and the others. Face it, honey ... we're both just not cut out for monogamy, are we? You tried it, tried to change, fought yourself for eleven grueling, sexless years, just to prove a point, but it's been torture for you. You wanted to believe that your love for Ray was stronger than your love for me, so you thought that being faithful while he neglected your needs would do that ... Why?" I asked Heather bluntly, but I already knew the answer ... I just wanted her confession.

"Because I couldn't admit that I made a mistake by letting you go and another by marrying Ray and losing my trust fund for him when I didn't for you! I had invested so much into this marriage by then, I couldn't face the idea that I was wrong! But I was so fucking wrong ... but now, now that I'm yours, just as Madeira is yours, it will be better, I think. You're going to make Ray yours, too, just as you did Lewis, make him ... fuck me at last, right? And you'll claim Maria, please ... I beg you! I beg you to claim her! I badly want to see you breed her at last, just as you should have bred me when I was eighteen and wild and free. I should have let you ... I really should have! I should have dragged you to the courthouse or gotten the mayor to do it for us or something," Heather broke down crying, even as she rung up some red silk panties and pumps for Madeira to wear at last.

"Shhh ... you were just a scared young woman when you graduated from high school. Eighteen and terrified of being cut off. It's okay, baby. It's okay. Come on, Madeira, let's get her to the time clock and help her find her own stuff to buy. Money's no object here. I'm swimming in cash. Let's make sure that Heather feels every bit the woman that she is, sexy, desirable, beautiful. Just as you are, Madeira, and yes, so are you, Janine... , " I started to say as I comforted Heather, but was cut off myself when Janine planted a lip lock on me, apparently to see what the fuss was about.

The instant change in her was mind-blowing, as always. Janine's face contorted briefly, her eyes grew glassy, and she soon had her tongue halfway down my throat. She hungrily kissed me, raised her skirt, slid down her own panties, and handed them to Heather. Then she bent over the counter, lifted her skirt yet again, and exposed her dripping wet pussy and smooth, sweaty ass for my inspection. The message was indisputable: Janine wanted me to fuck her roughly and now, in public no less!

I was deep inside Janine before anyone saw it, my cock pulsing and throbbing as it pushed in and pulled out every few minutes. Heather's mouth was on her bottom almost immediately, kissing her boss's ass rather literally now, while Madeira started sucking my balls eagerly. Janine couldn't help herself any more than Heather could, of course. There was no privacy now. Anyone who walked through that section of the store would witness me screwing the department supervisor in public, my butt exposed as I pumped, humped, and had my way inside Janine's lovely twat. They could also see the way that my other ladies fluffed for us, making the sex even more intense and invigorating than otherwise.

I couldn't believe that I got it back up again so soon, but clearly, the Kiss had other effects that I just now understood. I didn't have a male refractory period anymore, it would seem. That made logical sense. If I was going to be some kind of super-stud demigod with supernatural mind control powers, it would help a great deal if I were both very virile and potent ... and also hyper-fertile.

This would make easier to breed and dominate my new playthings, my new harem, and sure enough I heard a voice whisper in my ear, a sexy woman's voice, telling me, "Yes, exactly. I didn't want to spoil the surprise for you, my dear son. Every woman that you fuck through the Kiss who you physically can impregnate ... you will impregnate. You'll also never have to worry about staying soft for an hour or so after you've spilled your seed. Once a lover is yours through the Kiss, he or she will be so firmly under your control, so utterly enthralled, that they will do anything to share your bed and keep sharing it. Period. They'll be insatiable for your cock!"

"Gods, thank you, Mom!" I groaned under my breath.

"You're very welcome, and hey, what do you expect? You're a son of Aphrodite. You're made to fuck. You were born to get laid, to breed, to charm your way into anyone's arms and bed. Some of it was the Kiss, but some of it is just you, which is why Heather was still holding that torch for you for so many years. You're a natural stud ... and I can't wait to hump you again. In fact, as soon as you come inside her, I want my turn. They had their turn, but this one is mine. An encore, my dear son," Aphrodite told me as she actually nibbled playfully with her invisible teeth on my left buttock.

I couldn't help but cum right then, but thankfully, I still didn't go soft ... Damn, now that's a loving mother, to give me of these gifts. I felt so even more while I slid my cock straight Janine into Aphrodite's delectable pussy and Madeira teamed up with Heather to lick my cum from the outside Janine's yummy, creamy twat.

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