tagMind ControlAphrodite's Kiss Ch. 05-06

Aphrodite's Kiss Ch. 05-06


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Chapter 5

If possible, all of the color now left Heather's face, as she realized that we had company that had literally appeared before her very eyes. The others gasped quickly, too, but I kept screwing Mom, more than eager to experience her all over again. Hesitantly, Heather, Madeira, and Janine touched both my flesh and Mom's, scarcely believing that she was corporeal at all. Yet, when they felt her skin on theirs, felt the electricity and the power that rolled off Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, there was no denying that this was the source of my unique power ... my divine benefactress, my goddess, my mother.

"Girls, meet my mother. My true mother. Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. Yes, she's real, ladies. She's every bit as real as you and me. Yes, I'm humping my own mother, an immortal goddess. What do you make of that, my dears?" I introduced the women to Mom.

"Well, well, I hoped to get to see at least one of your parents, and considering that your father is no longer around, well, that left your stepmother, who I honestly didn't know that well. I knew that she wasn't your birth mom, of course. But, honestly, Phil, what the hell ... that's one hell of a shocker! Why didn't you tell me that you're the son of an immortal goddess?" Heather smiled as she watched me screw my own mother.

"For one thing, he didn't know until this morning and for another, who would have believed him? By the way, the timing was no accident. I had to mourn his father first. Incidentally, his father, Gino, and I ... never fully stopped our relationship. Our affair was sporadic and inconsistent, always whenever it struck my fancy, and that often happened whenever the wife, Tracy, had one of her infamous headaches. She thankfully didn't have them too often, so he wasn't deprived constantly, but whenever I sensed that she was neglecting or punishing him or whatever, I would show up and entice Gino to sleep with me.

"It always worked like a charm, of course. He never knew who I really was during the whole affair, but he knew that he could never resist me or my Kiss, as you can see. It wasn't swinging or anything like that, just an affair with a mostly happily married man who had a fairly typical wife and was a real classic Italian guy, charming, protective, and loyal without being faithful, a key distinction that precious few these days grasp. Sure, he fooled around a lot, but he was very kind and loving toward Tracy, even as he had lovers.

"I encouraged it, even assisted him in getting some booty, just as I encouraged his wife to stray several times, knowing that he would actually benefit from her improved attitude. She snapped less and always wanted more sex with him after she got some strange. The same was true for him, too, so I helped them both by giving them that push to cheat. Whoever got the crazy idea that to be a good spouse you had to deny and forsake all others was a real jerk, if you ask me. A happy, loving marriage requires nothing of the sort. You can have a dozen lovers and still be a great companion to your husband or wife.

"Oh, when I say that he never learned the truth, I meant except for the very end. His last, few dying breaths, his last moments of life, I appeared to him and whispered in his ear that he had been intimate with a goddess. He was really shocked by this development, especially when I climbed on board his cock and rode him for the last little fuck of his life. I'm afraid that I finished him off, but I knew that he wanted to go that way, right after cumming, so I ensured that he did so. Sure enough, no sooner did he cum then he flatlined and I got to witness his shade leave his body as the doctors pronounced his time of death.

"I'm afraid that what really killed him at the last was the cardiac arrest I gave him, but that brought him pleasure as well as pain and a distraction from his agony. I rather liked the send-off that I gave the old man. He was a sweetheart to the very end, not even trying to reproach me as he boarded the ferry across the Styx and I waved farewell and blew him a final kiss goodbye as he entered Hades. The man adored women, you know. He was a sweet, loving, caring, passionate man, and while homely as fuck, I always had a soft spot for him.

"To be honest, often ugly or plain men can be surprisingly great lovers. My husband, Hephaestus, for instance. We had our quarrels and have both decided to look the other way these days about affairs and infidelity and all that jazz. He's never going to be handsome, but he's sweet most of the time, he's passionate, he's vigorous, and he often fucks whatever lingering resentments he has out of his system, which is perfectly healthy in my book, which as Goddess of Love should matter, right? His other lovers have no complaints, either, lame or not," Aphrodite mused as she took me deeper into her lovely twat and rested her legs on my shoulders.

"It sounds as if Master should also seduce his stepmother, if you ask me. I think that she would enjoy it. I would love to see how she handled being at his mercy, too, under his thumb. She would find new pleasures that could not imagined, I think. I know that nothing makes me happier than serving Master. Yes, I call him nothing but Master these days. That's his name and title both, as far as I'm concerned. I belong to him and it pleases me greatly to service him and serve him in any way that he likes," Madeira confessed as Janine and she helped Heather select her final clothing purchases and try them on ... in public!

"Well, considering that Tracy is actually forty-five to Phil's thirty-eight, that would be logical enough. She's only seven years his senior, which must have been an interesting household situation, especially toward the end. And she also gave Gino a daughter, Phil's half-sister Gina, who is twenty-five now, believe it or not. Born when Tracy was twenty. Sweet, charming young woman, always seems a bit lonely, but other than that, she's a fine young lady. She often spends time with her mother for some company, if nothing else. Yes, I've kept some tabs on your family, Mister. Especially as I harbored fantasies of them someday being my in-laws," Heather admitted as she paid and the three ladies began fondling my ass.

"I'm gonna ... cum ... soon!" I warned Mom with a groan, making her tighten up on me and shout her climax at last.

I exploded inside Mom's divine pussy, making her laugh as she felt every drop of it go inside her lovely snatch.

"Mom, what's so funny?" I asked her, as she rose and kissed me very hard on the mouth with a lot of tongue.

"Well, I have a lot more control over my procreation than mortal women, so I made sure that I could conceive by you twice in the past 24 hours. In short ... I'm having twins and you're the father of them both, you hot, motherfucking stud! Remember, no bad genes, nothing to worry about there. I'm going to love carrying them to term, too, and dropping them off for your ladies to help you raise. It looks like you're set to have a harem, which will make raising a family much easier, I think. So many mommies in our twins' lives.

"I also used my powers to ensure that they're daughters, not sons. I can do that, you know. Why? So that when they're grown up, they can be your lovers and have you breed them, too. Don't worry. You can have plenty of sons from the other women, but I'm only going to give you daughters. I know what I'm doing here, trust me. I think that I'll be visiting you a lot more than I originally expected, just understand that I can't stay with you. Only visits when I can spare the time. Visits where I fully intend to climb onto your lap or bend over for you or lie there as I did on that counter and put my legs on your shoulders as you fuck the hell out of me.

"So, tell me, son ... any of that sound fun to you? Oh, and you absolutely must seduce and ravish your stepmother and half-sister. I would be very pleased to see that happen, especially if you impregnate them both. I also believe that you should fuck Maria ... and Mrs. Cohen. Yes, I know about Mrs. Cohen. That teacher of yours might be fifty-five now, but she's definitely still a looker and still wants it bad since hubby left her years ago.

"Yes, I know that you cheated on Heather with Samantha Cohen the summer after graduation, and I also know that her jealous husband walked out on her when he caught the two of you in the act. She's been holding a torch for you for years ever since. Yes, there's a pattern. Even before the Kiss, you were desirable to women, as noted before. As I told you, it's to be expected from a son of Aphrodite. Women ... and men just plain desire you.

"The Kiss just gets them to shove their inhibitions aside entirely and do your bidding, submit to your dominance and command, to not merely obey you, but wish to obey you. To make them your enthusiastic sexual playthings. I'm going to enjoy watching you in action, seeing you take command of so many lovers. It's going to be the most fun I've ever had as a voyeur, and I must confess to being one.

"After all, as Goddess of Love, I enjoy seeing the results of my handiwork, you see. I take pride in watching people love more often, more generously, more openly, more enthusiastically, etc. You get the picture. Anyway, I must dash now, but not for too long. I have urgent business to attend to in another part of the world. I'll be back before you know it, lover," Aphrodite, aka Mom, gave me some serious tongue action and blew the others a kiss before she vanished into thin air, right in front of us all.

"Well, for the record, I knew about Mrs. Cohen and I made it up to her hubby by fucking him, not that I thought that you would mind. Just clearing that up. I fucked him a few times after that, but eventually, he started to want a relationship with me, so I cut him off. I wasn't interested in a relationship, just in appeasing him so that he didn't go after you or his ex with some crazy, violent, hare-brained scheme. Your mother might have put me to it, might not, but either way, it was a good plan aside from his jealous, obsessive nature. I hear that he had a fatal car wreck a year later or so, but I don't know if that's connected to this situation at all. He was killed instantly in the collision, or so I've been told," Heather informed me, though I smiled and kissed her harder.

"It's cool, babe. Totally not worried about it in the least. Look, I'm going to do all of this, all that I planned, and more. This is what Mom wants and I agree with her. Her plan for humanity, or at least our little part of it. I like it. It works. Part of that is not just me spreading my seed, if you will, but also as I've indicated already, all of us getting a little wild and kinky, and that includes you ladies slutting it up ... quite a bit, in fact. You're integral to the plan. If I may dare say it, I'll be pimping you out a bit, but in a good way. The non-abusive way, if you will. So, how about it, ladies?" I asked, though I already knew the answer, thanks to the Kiss, even as we took the receipt and clothes from Janine and I kissed her goodbye for now.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Janine got the last word and the others simply grinned and giggled in response.

Chapter 6

"Alright, so, now what, Master?" Madeira asked me as we departed for the diner to meet up with Lewis at last.

"Well, now, of course, your former boss loses his primary cherry. At his age, it should have happened a long time ago, though that doesn't excuse him taking his bitterness out on you. It wasn't your fault. It wasn't really anyone else's but his. He could have hired a hooker or done something drastic, but still ethical. Maybe not legal in the case of the hooker, but those laws are bullshit, anyway. Anyway, it's his lucky day, but I'll be present to guide y'all and make sure that he doesn't go all batshit crazy and hurt anyone," I slipped back into West Virginia twang now that I was back home.

"So, in which order does he lose it, then?" Heather asked me, quickly adding, "Master."

"You don't have to call me that, you know. Madeira does it because she wants to ... if you want to, that's different. But just don't feel required to call me that... , " I told Heather before she began locking lips with me to shut me up ... and then Madeira did the same.

"Oh, hush you and accept that you have at least two sex slaves, four if you count Lewis and Janine, and I think that they would want to be included in that. I want to call you 'Master,' dear. I've always wanted you that way, deep down, though I didn't know it yet. Sorry if I'm topping from the bottom here, but I hate to see you doubt yourself. Don't. Be what you want to be. Be the Master, the Top. Don't let guilt, shame, knee-jerk reactions, that Old Time religion of your parents, or whatever else, stop you," Heather grinned as Madeira and she followed me to the diner.

"Well, if you want to be technical, Mom's worship and those of the other Gods is the true 'old-time religion,' isn't it? Far older than Christianity in any form, especially that evangelical claptrap. Certainly older than the way that Dad raised me to be. Yeah, I was raised Catholic, one of a handful in this town back then. It wasn't easy to be in the Bible Belt, with Baptist and Pentecostal churches on every corner. Now, of course, I find out that the whole thing is just bullshit, which I'd suspected for a while, anyway.

"Incidentally, Tracy converted for Dad and Gina got baptized and confirmed just like me. I visited her family's church once. It gave me the creeps. Seriously. All that phony warmth and those plaster smiles. Hypocrites, you could just tell from the syrupy crap that they tried to spoon feed everyone. Our relationship was always tense, as you might imagine. It couldn't have been easy for her, being stepmother to a boy only seven years her junior, after so long of a single father. Then again, she didn't exactly make it easy for me, either. She could be a royal pain at times. So I suppose that we're even," I laughed as we went inside and found Lewis waiting patiently for us at the counter of the diner, sipping on coffee that he had ordered so as not to loiter.

"Glad to see that you could make it, Lewis. Our rendezvous is going to be a helluva good time, if you ask me. Certainly, it will be for you. Come on, let's find us a booth, shall we?" I told Lewis as we sat down and waited for the server to show up so that we could order.

"Hello, I'm Marlena," the short, elfish-looking waitress with the lovely dimples and the nose ring told us, "I'll be your server today. What will you want to have?"

"Well, I'll start by having you," I rose and planted a kiss on Marlena's soft lips, an instinctive move that I hadn't planned, but which felt right almost instantly.

"Yes ... Sir! You can have me whenever you like, Sir. But aside from whatever you want from me, what would you care to order?" the waitress blushed as she felt the change caused by Aphrodite's Kiss take over her body, soul, heart, and mind ... and most of all, her will.

"Well, I think that I'll have the Reuben with the seasoned curly fries. Russian dressing with that Reuben, of course. Madeira will have the meatball marinara and home fries. Heather will have the Philly cheesesteak and onion rings. Lewis will have the Muenster burger and steak fries. Ketchup in all four cases. Oh, and you're to have the Patty Melt and put that on my tab, too. Take your lunch break with me once you've brought it," I ordered Marlena, much to her surprise and delight.

"Damn, you're generous, Sir! I think that I'm going to enjoy being yours. I am yours for good, right? For keeps? Just like these three?" Marlena asked me as she prepared to go place the orders.

"Hades, yes! Look, honey, you were mine the moment that I decided that you were. Oh, and there is one other person so far. Nor am I going to stop there, so just prepare to share, okay?" I warned her now, not that she would want to stop servicing me now.

"Oh, of course, Master ... I'm a sweetheart, you'll see. I always share my good fortune and all of my toys," Marlena blew me a kiss as she got busy placing our orders.

"Okay, it's going to take her a good while to get back here, of course. She has work to do. Heather, take Lewis to the ladies' room, close one of the stalls, and make him eat you out to an orgasm. Don't be patient, either. I want you to boss him around, give him pointers, directions, a fucking cunnilingus tutorial, alright? I think that's only fair and part of his necessary training. Wouldn't you agree to that?" I instructed my ex-girlfriend, who was more than happy to do just, while Lewis followed her in absolute shock.

"What about me, Master?" Madeira asked me now.

"I want you to fish out my cock and start sucking it under the table. I want Marlena to see you do it at one point or another. I want her to crave this in her mouth, too. I want to tempt her to join you on her knees," I grinned, but barely had a chance to speak this before Madeira sank to her knees under the table and freed my dick to satisfy her cravings.

Sure enough, I soon experienced the bliss of Madeira's lips and tongue around the head and base of my cock, along the underside, all over the skin of my circumcised prick. She looked adoringly up at me, quite eager to please, as I caressed her hair and let her suck and lick to her heart's content. She looked to be in Heaven, actually, or should I say Elysium, since the Greek Gods turned out to be real, with that blissful look of gratification on her face from getting to stuff it with my stiff dick. All I knew was that she felt heavenly with her warm, wet mouth on my cock.

Sure enough, Marlena returned to bring us some drinks and saw that Madeira was satisfying her thirst another way. Without batting an eye, our waitress knelt, opened her mouth, and joined Madeira in sucking and licking my dick the way that any healthy man would love. Her dimples looked even cuter with that cocksucker's double chin on her fleshy, elfin face. I caressed both of their adorable faces as they sucked me off, both of them enthusiastic about all but inhaling my prick as they licked each side and from head to base.

Then we heard a scream, of course, followed by a moan, coming from the ladies' room, which made it quite clear that Lewis had given Heather the kind of serious tongue-lashing that she really wanted from him. It was evident that he would catch on faster than even I anticipated, making my ex-girlfriend climax and squirt in his face. There was some slurping action, and I absolutely lost it, spilling my seed all over Marlena's and Madeira's faces as I heard this, neither girl seeming to mind at all as they licked it all up from each other's skin with gusto.

"What do you want, Sir? You know that I will risk getting fired, will even quit my job to service you, Master. Just say the word and I'll quit and tag along. Or neglect every other patron until they fire me! Am I really your girl now, just like Madeira and Heather?" Marlena pleaded with me, tugging my heartstrings as I saw the angry look on her boss's face.

"I have half a mind to turn you in for this! Doing that nasty shit in public like that... , " the shift manager, a rather cranky fellow who noticeably kept snapping and barking at one of the waitresses, growled at me.

"Yes, you're mine and so is she. Call her over. I want to snatch her away from his sorry ass. See how long this diner keeps him on as manager with two of his waitresses up and leaving!" I directed Marlena, who giggled and grinned widely as she went over to her co-worker, took her hand, and then led her over to me.

The waitress in question was a true Desi beauty if I ever met one, pure earthy, dusky sensuality from South Asia. She had curves in the right places, breasts that were firm and full, though more or less average in size, and skin that begged for lips to kiss it and a tongue to lick it. She was hot and sweaty, it being humid as fuck in this part of West Virginia in summertime, but that couldn't take away from her ravishing looks. She also had a wedding band on her left band, no surprises there. It didn't matter. I was going to claim her and if hubby was worthy, I'd take him on, too. If not, I would leave him behind.

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